Sunday Rant – 5221



Joe’s Comment – A good Christmas.
Rent paid.  Food in the pantry.  Furnace roaring.  Fire place radiating.  Christmas tree absolutely perfect this year – picked out by grandson Rourke – and the cat hasn’t knocked it down!  Lots of gifts.  Lots of snow (for the snow enthusiast).  Nobody sick.  Well, an upset stomach from too much of something or other.  Over in a day, and time for more of the hair of the dog.
All the grand kids and their parents healthy, happy, busy.
Enough $$$ stashed to make it another couple of months.
Life is very good.  So much to be thankful for and to celebrate.
Best wishes to everyone on this close-out week of the dread 2021.
Some years are diamonds; some years are stone (sentiment borrowed from John Denver).
I hope this final rant of 2021 finds you healthy, prosperous, safe, happy, and determined to conquer the trials and tribulations of the coming months.
Spring isn’t too far away: the days are getting longer!



Human Nature™
Joe and I are becoming fanboys of Elon Musk.
He is a true polymath, with a bonus sense of humor.
He sat down with the Babylon Bee for an interview!
Entertaining and informative:



COVID Info – Wheat vs Chaff

Lawsuits vs Real Time Lives
Joe and I are insignificant mud peckers.
We haven’t done much with our life, haven’t contributed greatly to the advancement of Civilization, of Humanity, of Right and Nobility and Honor.
We are also 72 years old.
When a real live significant person who has contributed greatly in all the listed categories (and more!) has major concerns about the veracity of the government course of action, we bloody well listen.
Bret Weinstein interviews Dr. Peter McCullough, specifically discussing what an appropriate response to a “pandemic” would look like or should have looked like in the case of the dread COVID.
Mr. Weinstein begs to differ when Dr. McCullough states that “gross incompetence” is evident.  Mr. Weinstein insists that the correct term should be “nefarious”.
Dr. McCullough elaborates on the risk to young children and minors.  Spoiler alert – the incidence of myocardial problems in the young is historically 4 per million (under 50 years of age), or approximately 640 for the entire U.S. of A.  The CDC reported numbers since vaccination of the young started has leaped to over 11 thousand.  And the number as reported is very conservative (as much as an order of magnitude or more).
The major medical institutions of learning have done no research.
Very very few autopsies of ” death by COVID” corpses has been done.
Every government has crafted its own response – a sure sign that it isn’t about medicine.
A data rich interview worth the time:

One thing that concerns Joe and me is how many innocent children will be permanently or mortally damaged while the political wheels come off the bus?
And the medical profession grows some balls.
And the judiciary does its one and only job.
This isn’t the culture we want to be a part of, or to be a participant.
Any culture that sacrifices the young to prolong the elderly is rotten to the core.
It seems worse than sacrifice.

Damage from COVID “Vaccine”
The insanity continues.
Politicians making decisions for all of the people.
People who disagree are persecuted, prosecuted, punished.
The number of deaths per year of the human population remains more or less constant – 58,000 per day.
Scientists muzzled instead of invited to discuss their ideas and speak their concerns in a public forum.  Get two (or more) subject matter experts to debate two (or more) subject matter experts on the same subject with different perspectives.  WTF?
Isn’t that how to get it done?
The “MSM” – main stream media – totally in control of the message.  When Joe and I went to school (formally) the media was defined as the gadfly that challenges the policies and actions of those in positions of influence, and as such are given special privilege.  An old expression comes to mind – give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile.  Who is taking the miles now?
There are so many “they’s” in today’s culture.
An article in LifeSiteNews, titled “The most detailed evidence yet of the devastating damage COVID jabs can do” is a good example of someone trying to provide food for thought.
Is it provocative?
Here is the first quote under the title –
The COVID jabs are the ‘most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history’ said Dr. Peter McCullough.”
Seems like such a respected medical expert as Dr. Peter McCullough making such an astounding statement would be headline news everywhere.
But wait!
The next paragraph is not as terse, but equally pejorative in nature –
(The Conservative Woman) – Injecting millions of people with countless copies of a gene that instructs the body to produce a toxic protein might not seem very sensible. But it was hoped that this approach, the basis of the COVID vaccine, would help minimise damage caused by the protein – the ‘spike’ that the genetically engineered SARS-CoV-2 uses to invade our body cells – when we meet the actual virus.
Where is this information on the MSM, on their daily broadcasts over TV, radio, Internet, and that quaint but stalwart medium, newspaper?
Here is another medical expert, Andrew Kaufman.
Dr. Andrew Kaufman is a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and Molecular Biologist who received his training and degrees from Duke University, MIT and South Carolina Medical University. He says there are no such things as “viruses” and the “Coronavirus Global Pandemic” is a “manufactured event.”
What think you?:

COVID Feedback


Joe’s Garage

Extreme Engineering
Joe and I often yearn for a simpler time, albeit with a few caveats.
I.e., we’d love to be a “hunter gatherer” without the risk of starvation or dying by being trampled by a mastodon.
Also, we’d love to be an entrepreneur that risked blood and fortune without the spectre of failing miserably by creating an unwanted or unnecessary product or service.
Here’s another.
We’d love to have unfettered competition in all aspects of life without the risk of losing all means of survival.
A common theme in the above is risk.
Risk for most mud peckers devolves to “risk management” and “risk avoidance”, which is a different mind-set.
Risk management involves analysis of risks known and unknown, accepting a potential exposure position, then proceeding with the activity or involvement despite possible risks to success.
More succinctly, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.
Risk avoidance is more “head in the sand”.  Risk avoidance prohibits any activity or involvement wherein the risks known and unknown might occur.
Risk avoidance is on the cowardice continuum.
A philosophical prelude to introduce an amazing yet common phenomena – smart and talented people, huge amounts of capital, leading edge technologies in a variety of fields, adventurous explorers in the “unknown” – all happens to create something no one person could ever produce.
This ain’t communism or socialism or capitalism.
It is cooperative humanism – folks working together to do what no one man can do (or woman if you must):

Craftsman Extraordinaire
Joe and I admire people whose skillsets are an order of magnitude above average, who can craft truly magnificent yet useful (is it art?) creations.
The Ub2b channel named “New Yorkshire Workshop” features the work of Russ Collinson, a master carpenter.
If you watch this video you will see a sheet of birch plywood turn into the beautiful plinth you see below.
Working with your hands is a most pleasing activity.
Mr. Collins produces practical pieces of Art©.
In our web search to discover his name, we found audiophile websites and woodworking websites that mentioned his work.
Some commenters thought they could produce the same level of quality and craftsmanship in their garages/workshops.
Joe and I say to those folks doG bless and good luck – all the power to you.
As a man who has worked with his hands for over 50 years, we’ll take the “full Missouri” on this one (Missouri is the “show me” state).
If you know any audiophiles, you know that thirteen thousand English pounds for a plinth and high-end (very high end) accoutrements is “fair dinkum” as the Aussies used to say.  Some commenters thought the plinth cost that amount.
Spoiler alert – the plinth is the cheapest part of this assembly.
Mr. Collinson is not a one trick pony.  His video on making a sawdust to wood pellet producing machine (makes briquettes) was how we got interested.
A true English craftsman (that island is infested with them!):

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