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Joe’s Comment – There is wisdom in the words of others.  The Catch-22 is you must be smart enough to identify the wisdom, do some analysis, then reflect what the wisdom means in respect to your own life, your own situation.  I’ve got a bit of work to do…..



Eric Zemmour
The French are approaching an election cycle.
Joe and I saw this video from Mr. Zemmour, announcing his candidacy for the position of President.
We like his rhetoric.
We don’t think it is racist.
We side with Anne Coulter when she said as much: “When I travel to France, I want to see French people”.
Most of the world’s countries have a large population of people who think their culture is being decimated by political winds out of control.  Not all of these people are indigenous.
Breitbart famously said “Politics is downstream of culture”.
It seems the French “culture” is giving rise to political candidates that the Left just can’t tolerate.
Here is a Ub2b video of monsieur Zemmour declaring his intentions, with English subtitles for we who do not parler la française.  Better watch it now, for the powers that be may disappear this at the click of a mouse, or the touch of a finger.
As you can see below, the Wizards at Ub2b have already cast a spell on it:

Since when is reporting the facts “age-restricted”?
The Left-leaning Internet has its hair on fire.
Monsieur Zemmour’s political rallies are replete with violence, all delivered at no extra cost by the world’s conscience, Le Gauche, The Left, with all their screaming, ranting, slobbering hatred on display for all to see (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher).
Here’s a short clip from The Telegraph, a British paper, that tries to lay out all the issues, including the status of Marie LePen and the Right’s interest in her.
It is an emotional battle, with the “soul of France” in question.  The comparisons to the Trump campaign are rampant:


COVID Tidbits

Dr. Peter McCullough
Over the course of the Sky Is Falling!!! COVID Pandemic Inc.® most folks like Joe and me, the Mud Peckers and Dirt People, we have been seeking some truth and some data and some facts.
Joe and I are big fans of Dr. Peter McCullough for that very reason.
MP’s and DP’s are closer to the go / no-go boundary – not by choice, but for inclination.  Fame and fortune are not prime directives in our planning calculus.
Our compass points at adventure and learning and self sufficiency – activity which seldom provides fortune and infrequently attracts fawning sycophants.
Joe and I have not worn a mask through this charade, nor will we start.
Not to stop a virus, because it just doesn’t work and jeopardizes your health.
We will not get vaccinated.  We are “pure-bloods” as the meme goes –
and we don’t mean Nazis propaganda style.
Alternatively, Joe and I are not fans of Joe Rogan.  For obvious reasons we shall keep to ourselves.
That doesn’t prevent us from tuning in to his podcast / interviews from time to time.  He does interview very special people from time to time.
On December 15th Joe Rogan interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough.
The interview is over 2 hours and is packed with COVID information.
Anyone who has followed the drama of COVID pandemic balderdash for the last two years knows that Dr. McCullough has been apolitical and totally focused on the well-being of patients.  He is guilty of seeking the truth, then broadcasting the truth.  He is a brave and courageous man.
There are Good Guys out there.  This man is a hero during the on-going COVID catastrophe.
We thank him, and wish him good fortune:

Note:  The above video, if you can actually view it, is on Rumble.  The first place we found it was on Vimeo, but within the day (Thursday/Friday) it had been removed.  Not crying “conspiracy!!!” here.  Just the facts.  There may be extenuating circumstances like lawyers, bureaucrats, judges, copyright law, lawyers, crony capitalists, Big Pharma, lawyers, sleazy politicians….. and filthy lucre plays an enormous role.  You get the idea.  There may be a very good reason it was removed from Vimeo and lasted less than a few hours on Ub2b.
Joe just snorted tea out his nose.
We would respectfully request that the IT Wizards stick to wizarding IT and leave off with the “molding society” interventionist efforts.
If Joe and I have learned anything in Life©, we have learned that the truth will out.
The truth outed by this video is Dr. Peter McCullough is an exemplary instance of a “Good Man” (yes, we said it, a man – and he’s white, too!).
He is also extremely humble, cooperative, learned, and well spoken, focused, capable.
In the words of Jordan Peterson, Dr. McCullough is a “Dangerous Man“.

During the COVID insanity, some very effective and useful medications were available for prophylaxis and treatment.
The MSM (main stream media) and almost every governmental authority acted counter to the public interest by obfuscating the facts, not presenting the data, or outright lying about the efficacy of these medications.
Ivermectin was targeted: it became “illegal” to dispense Ivermectin to combat COVID.
How and why this happened will take years to unravel.  It is sufficient to note that there are good people who are dangerous paying attention to the problem.
Here is the story of Ivermectin (thanks Daniel J.):

Natural Immunity
There is a website named “TheDailySceptic”.
Their motto is “Question everything.  Stay sane.  Live free”.
Joe and I agree in principle – a motto to live by.
They recently published an article which claims another study has substantiated that natural immunity is superior to being “vaccinated” against COVID.
The article is here.
What does it mean?
It means those of us who have been exposed to the so called COVID  19 virus and have recovered without medical intervention (the use of ventilators, the denial of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide et al.) are in no peril.
It also means that what we should have done (help the vulnerable, leave the rest be) is still not an option for most bureaucracies / governments / big pharma / “esteemed” health organizations.
It means that anxiety and fear along with isolation is a powerful psychological weapon, and that weapon was and is being used against “We The People”.
Joe and I feel the tide is turning.
We mourn the damage done to all the citizens of the Earth.
We grieve for the children.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
This brave man was swimming against the government dictates from the outset of the faux pandemic.
In no uncertain terms he identified the bad guys, condemned them, and fought hard and wisely to help COVID sufferers.  He devised a prophylaxis / treatment regime that is very effective.  He hasn’t spared the “officials” his condemnation.
The following video is a segment of the Dallas TX December 9 -11 “ReAwaken America Tour”.  Many powerful speakers making emotional and logical sense:

Dallas TX ReAwaken America Tour
The above segment with Dr. Zelenko was part of a three day conference.
Here is the entire conference.
It takes over 8 hours to watch the entire event.
Joe and I did!:

We are not much for overly zealous “Praise the Lord!” extravaganzas.
This one had Dr. Zelenko and Dr. McCullough as presenters.
We give them an “A” for effort, trying to get the truth and facts exposed.
Invoking the name of doG every second sentence is almost blaspheme in Joe’s mind.  Let sleeping doG’s lie…..
Here is Dr. Peter McCullough’s presentation on Day 2 of the same event:

COVID Inspired Humor
Both of these videos are on Ub2b.  Will they be there by the time Joe and I publish this rant on Sunday midnight?
Who knows but the Wizards at Ub2b.
Protecting the World™ is more difficult than they imagined:

A few comments and criticisms that caught our attention this week –



Joe’s Garage

Allen Millyard
Joe and I are gobsmacked by this incredible man.
He builds one-off motorcycles from damn near scratch.
His Ub2b channel is here.
This video is the first of seven that document the history of his replica Honda RC374 six cylinder racer build.
He has more talent using a hacksaw than Joe and I can muster any other way, by an order of magnitude.
Joe reckons Mr. Millyard’s biggest tool is his brain.
Next come his very talented “hands-on” skills.
Part 1:

The rest of the videos are at his Ub2b channel playlist here.
The man is a genius.

Humor for Mud Peckers

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