Sunday Rant – 4721


Joe’s Comment – Another “wasted” week.  Along about this time of year the infinite engine that powers me runs out of a certain type of fuel.
I think my genetic sources came by the bear or squirrel family: I’m inclined to “hibernate” when the weather goes South.
That is to say, I am an outside kinda person who is disenchanted with freezing weather.
In cold times, I’m quite happy to read a book, listen to music, do research for the pleasure of it, dream my dreams, think my thinks, plan my plans, and if any time is left, actually do something.
When I look in the mirror, when I reflect, it hasn’t changed my mind for decades.

When I look in the mirror, it is a jolt of reality.
How in the name of Heaven did I get here?
Time for advanced reflection, I reckon…..



COVID Miscellaneous


Kyle Rittenhouse
Joe and I have a few thoughts we’ve been fermenting about the tragedy that befell a 17 year old boy trying to do good.
Our Sunday Rant – 4120 expressed our feelings at the time.
We wonder what were his parents thinking, if they were thinking at all?
We wonder how young Kyle could be so ideological in our modern world and so naive at the same time?
Joe and I abhor crowds and mobs and people in large numbers.
After all, “free will” is a myth; we are nothing more than meat puppets at best.
Joe points out that there are some mighty fine meat puppets wandering around like they have free will.  Life is a mystery…..
Our thoughts about the unfortunate events culminating in a not guilty verdict are as follows.
–  Kyle Rittenhouse has every right in the world to defend himself
–  There should not have been a trial
–  The world will not miss the two men he killed in self defense
–  The lawyers smell blood in the water, and will be circling, looking for a payday for years to come
–  The MSM is an evil consortium of callow and vapid scum who feed off tragedy and deceit
–  The jury did the right thing
–  As Canadians, Joe and I admire the clarity and strength of the American Constitution.
There are a large number of memes and information circulating.
Here is some of it that we approve –


Joe’s Garage

Homemade Hydroxychloroquine
Joe and I are coming to a conclusion in our medical education that goes like this – simple solutions with a “natural” source are the Occam’s Razor equivalent of healing.
For instance, here’s how to build a COVID fighter, the HCQ mentioned as a successful prophylactic and treatment by doctors worldwide:

Flathead Follies
Today Joe and I unloaded two flathead Ford V8 engines in the shop that we got from Landon H. following a local auction a month ago.
The engines are in terrible shape, and we’re hoping the blocks will be able to be salvaged.
Vintage engines are a look into the past that always impresses us.
The original Ford V8 has a long and storied history – the first mass produced V8 engine block cast in one piece.
The following video demonstrates just how fast engines rotate.  A visual demonstration of what happens inside an engine.
The flathead is idling with one cylinder head removed, and the speed the valves and pistons are moving is a visceral reminder of the ingenuity of human inventiveness:

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