Sunday Rant – 4421


Joe’s Comment – a few reminders that Joe Friday (just the facts, ma’am) had a grasp of the situation.  A further reminder that history is a fact, but re-writing history is treasonous, treason against the entire human race.
Ill informed irrational and emotional thinking seems to be in vogue.
Not so much of a rant this week.  I was so busy there was no time for Internet cruising.  I had the opportunity to do some trucking.
I helped friend Landon H. by driving a truck for him on a couple of trips to the Slocan Valley (Winslow).  The first trip was on Wednesday.  A very heavy load.  On the second trip, hauling 20+ tons of scrap on Friday I encountered snow for the first time this year.
Not impressed.
The truck I was driving, pictured below, is a ’96 Peterbilt with an Eaton Fuller 18 speed transmission and a Cat 500+ hp powerplant, hauling a giant end dump.  Here we are at the “loading dock” –

It took many tries for me to get backed in there, with help from Rick, a very experienced driver.  The loading went smoothly.  Then the trip home…..
Some of the hills from Winslow to Silverton, and Needles to Cherryville had me so far down the transmission (2nd gear low was the farthest down – that’s about 8 miles an hour) I thought I was going to run out of truck.
Throw in some nasty precipitation.
Snow is just another way to scare the shit out of yourself.
A pictorial representation of my efforts this week – I accomplished quite a bit, but there was much more work waiting to be accomplished.
I had the correct attitude.
I put in the time.
Just a little short of meeting the target(s).
I’ll have to try harder and longer and smarter next week!



Ivor Cummins COVID Analysis
A much needed analysis of data from Mr. Cummins.
The COVID “pandemic” was no such thing.  The push behind the tyranny shall be revealed.
The offenders will be persecuted at the Nuremberg Trial II:

Masks Are A No-No
Hypercapnia is a condition caused by inhaling your CO2 rich expelled breath.
Wearing a mask exacerbates this phenomenon.
To make a child wear a mask is abuse.
Stop frightening and abusing the children!
Pick on someone your own size –


Some Musical Whims

You must click on the link that says “Watch on YouTube” in the box below:


Joe’s Garage

Wint-whore Is Nigh!
And what do you need to keep Jack Frost at bay?
The answer is energy, converted to heat, in quantities enough to make the inside air toasty.  Baked domicile a la carte.
For all us hands-on we can do it if we try kinda guys, take a look at this easy to build from cheap bits and pieces wood stove.
Two barrels, a drill, some drill bits, a measuring stick, various metal bits and pieces, a welder……
Just for posterity, Joe and I wouldn’t use the fancy bits and pieces from the “kit”.
We would take the time to make our own brackets and door and legs etc.
Now all you need is a forest.
Here in the Okanagan we burnt lots of our forest down this Summer (we have full time forest “management” managers managing our forests to the last burning ember).
But thanks to extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, our trees grow faster and better than ever!
There is still plenty of wood for your new wood stove:

Here’s another made from a furnace oil tank.
Joe and I have a couple of these that we can’t afford to fill with heating oil.
We might build both and have a heating competition.
Maybe a Swedish sauna?
Joe and I like this one best:

Make It Kustom
A Canadian metal artist, Karl Fisher, proprietor of “Japhands Kustoms“, from Aldergrove BC has done an incredible custom rat rod with this ’38 Dodge truck.
He has a Ub2b channel, Make It Kustom.
I would never build anything with a Chev motor in it.
Joe is in awe of the ingenious solutions Mr. Fisher devised to build this streetable car – it sports a BC license plate (watch the video to see).
Canada has incredibly talented people:


Bellos Kustoms
Joe and I watched like we were hypnotized.
We HATE videos with cheezy crappy music….. but we couldn’t stop watching.
Mike Bellos does a 3 inch chop on a ’37 Ford, a three week job condensed into 25 minutes of pure custom artistry.
Mike Bellos Ub2b channel is here.
His fabrication shop is in Chula Vista CA.  What an amazing skill set:

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Sunday Rant – 4321


Joe’s Comment – Another interesting and tiring week.  Lots of different challenges.  Varied results reached.  Fight the good fight is an old expression I struggle to comprehend.  Not much of a follower or sheep.
My big fat mouth can get me in enough trouble as quick as a wink.
The best I can muster, the best I can do is all I have to offer.
Send this clown in, stand back, prepare for raised eyebrows.

NOTE:  A very short above the fold this week.  Too busy to explore the Internet.
Too busy to worry about COVID or any of the conspiracies (or not conspiracies) kicking up virtual dust-devils in the various media, virtual and otherwise.
Too busy getting ready for the onset of hibernation season.
The countdown is on.


Megan Kelly
Joe and I have been a MK fan for over a decade.
Her release / firing / escape from Fox News took her out of the Main Stream Media for almost two years.
She now has her own web presence.
Joe and I find her a tough cookie as a journalist.
We also find her very (very!) easy on the eyes.
A recent discussion with Hugh Hewitt:


Dave Chappelle
Joe and I aren’t fans.
But his recent controversy over stating a biological fact gave us pause.
Here is a diatribe from Mr. Chappelle: subject matter the alphabet folks and the dreaded transgender disorder:

Another, because the first one wasn’t so bad….. was it?
Joe doesn’t know why profane and vulgar speech is necessary to make a point.
I say when Joe talks like that, he’s borderline racist.
Comedians “of color” can say what they want.
The other kind of comedian not so much.
We will work it out some other time:


Joe’s Garage

Old Ford Trucks
Truly a one of a kind:

Boice Jet Boat
In May (of this year) an interesting boat came to our shop from Landon H.  The boat is all aluminum, powered by a Ford 460 cu. in. engine driving a Berkeley Jet Drive.
Landon asked us to repair the trailer light wiring, and clean up the wiring in the engine bay – it was a rat’s nest.
Joe likes jet boats.
The trailer wiring was straight forward – all the lights / connectors were malfunctioning because of corrosion.  The trailer is very well made, with rectangular box tubing.  Why would the wiring succumb to corrosion?
The answer is no exhaust port for water trapped in the frame.
We rewired, relighted, and drilled some drainage holes on the bottom rear of the trailer frame.  QED!
The engine bay wiring was a different problem.  All the ignition and telemetry wiring was at the back of the engine up against the transom.  Covered in oil.  The split loom “protection” sheath was full of water, sand, and oil.
Worse yet, the double Cardigan joint connecting the engine and jet drive has two grease Zerks only accessible via a bell housing opening, and the input of the jet has a rope packing that also needs grease – both of these grease points were not accessible with the wiring at the end of the engine.
We asked the owner if he had ever heard it running.
We decided to do a compression test, for we found water in the sump.
Two dead adjacent cylinders, 7 & 8.
The jet pump impeller bowl had a crack in it – disassemble the pump.
No oil drain on the engine pan!
Rust on the pushrods, lifters, and camshaft.
Joe and I informed Landon it was a bit more than a quick wire confirmation.
It is now late October.
The Boice Jet Boat left on Friday last.
Anyone who has owned a boat knows that there is never an end to the number of things to improve or replace or maintain.
Here’s a picture of the boat waiting to go home –
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Sunday Rant – 4221


Joe’s Comment – Another week of bleh.
Waiting for a sign.
Waiting for an indication of sanity.
Australia lost?
Canada in the CCP’s pocket?
The US of A, our hero-state, a clown car with thousands of nuclear weapons?
And COVID, precious COVID: ruin all the children, kill all the old folks, decimate the economy, collapse the West, make impotent all citizens, anything at all.  But please don’t throw us in the influenza patch….. (Song of the South reference).
Now we anticipate huge inflation, broken supply chains, more welfare, more government intervention.
Jesus H. Christ!  Leave us the hell alone, and quit frightening the children…..
Are there no adults left anywhere?


Musical Interlude
Joe and I prescribe music.
Whether you are ill or not, happy or sad, rich or poor, awake or woke.
Here’s some of what we were listening to today, Sunday:

Click on the Ub2b link in the graphic below.  Some folks don’t play well with others:


Dr. Gary Fettke

Last week a recent dietary information presentation from Dr. Fettke on the subject of how much carbohydrate is acceptable in a proper human diet inspired Joe and me to see more Dr. Fettke presentations.
This is an older presentation on the subject of fruit.
Is fruit good or bad for you?
Joe says that is un-Canadian to say!
Especially here in the Okanagan Valley, where the local economy evolved from fruit production and tourism.
You might want to know just exactly what is in fruit, why the fruit plant grows it’s product, and refer to the previous video posted last week as a refresher.
It may not surprise anyone that the fruit we eat today (or don’t eat today like Joe and me) is not particularly healthy and is nowhere near the same fruit our four or five (or 100th) Fathers ate way back before recorded history.
Watch and learn:


Canadian COVID

Professor Julie Ponesse
This short passionate video was released by Professor Ponesse before she was dismissed for not taking the COVID vaccination.
Joe and I support her position for the same and many other reasons.
If Canada were more like the US of A, there would be high-priced lawyers working on her behalf pro bono just to get the high-level exposure.
Lawyers are ALWAYS interested in graduating from Porsche to Lear Jet to King of All Domains.
Unfortunately for Ms. Ponesse, she might end up being a barista at the local Tim Horton’s.
My contempt for big shot universities is deepening.
Joe thinks they have been possessed by demons.
This event happened in Canada, at Huron College, a campus of the University of Western Ontario.
Politics may be downstream of Culture, as Andrew Breitbart famously stated.
Joe says Politics, like Big Money, poisons every stream it touches.
A nice well spoken civilized woman.  It will change her perspective:


NZ and ZA COVID (New Zealand, South Africa)

Dr. Sam Bailey and Dr. Tim Noakes
This is an important interview.
The old adage “The Truth shall set you Free” has no sub-title that cautions the hazard of retribution by people who are adverse or antagonistic to exposure of “Truth”.
Professor Noakes has been dragged to the highest courts in South Africa for telling the facts.
And that is the truth.
This is important to Dr. Bailey: she is facing similar legal battles for telling the facts, which also happen to be true.
The erosion of free speech is a matter of concern for all people.
Only equaled by the irresponsible use of the legal apparatus to discourage, cripple, or end the careers of truth-tellers:

Which brings to mind a Samuel Clements quote or two –


American COVID

8 Doctors +
A panel conversation, round table style, moderated by Rob Nelson.
The doctors are (in order of introduction):
– Dr. Robert Malone
– Dr. Ryan Cole
– Dr. Pierre Kory
– Dr. John Littell
– Dr. Heather Gessling
– Dr. Mark Mcdonald
– Dr. Brian Tyson
– Dr. Richard Urso
Entrepreneur and statistician Mathew Crawford rounds out the panel.
For people like Joe and me, this group of individuals confirms what we have suspected, and brings new information, data, facts, and statistics to support our understanding.
The question that hasn’t been answered is how could the most advanced society on Earth mislead their citizens so tragically, so fatally?
Joe speculates the Big Pharma players have been courting, or been courted by Big Government to ease financial deficits across the globe by increasing the wealth differential between have and have-not countries.  Joe’s not too clear on how that would work.
I speculate there is a political motive in addition to a financial motive.  I’m not too clear on how that would or is working.
What is totally clear to both of us is that this wasn’t a medical emergency, a “pandemic”.  It is also clear that government cannot be trusted with anything of critical import to the individual.
Each person (of sound mind and body, having attained the “age of majority”) is totally responsible for themselves.
The reason there are subject matter experts and discrete fields of endeavor, careers focused on specific disciplines, is to be available, in part, to supply the “informed” portion of an individual’s “consent”.
Look back to the origin of this Sunday Rant, over 10 years ago.
Joe and I have been adamant – the average Joe and Joette can make good decisions if given information, facts, data, and pertinent detail concerning any issue at question.
This BS about COVID-19 is a supreme example of Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Media conspiring to advance an agenda that is NOT specific to treating a medical concern.
Shame on them all.  I say the slow wheels of Justice will grind those responsible to dust in time.  Joe has a darker less optimistic opinion he will keep to himself:

Dr. Peter McCullough
A recent presentation by Dr. McCullough at the AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons) on October 2nd, 2021.
This man is brave.
His stellar career was lauded and celebrated until he took up the challenge to treat COVID infection.
The authorities are attempting to discredit him, and ruin his livelihood.
As he says, there is something else afoot, not a medical issue:


Swedish COVID

Stefan is continuing his underground attack on Ub2b.
A few weeks ago he was barred from Ub2b for content – he asks verboten questions about COVID.
Stefan did not lie down and give up.
If you listen to his speech he “condemns” anything and anyone who doesn’t toe the Ub2b censor line.
Quite brilliant, actually.  He is on a roll, showing the names of people he says not to watch.  Then he flashes the names while speaking in approved Ub2b lingo, following their guidelines.
The number of videos he’s done this way is gathering volume – so far so good.
To date there are 13 names for a novice to research.
Joe and I found two new names to research.  It is a good list, which we now repeat –
–  Vladimir Zelenko
–  Michael Yeadon
–  Roger Hodkinson
–  Wolfgang Wodarg
–  Suneel Dhand
–  Peter McCullough
–  Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
–  Magnus Burling
–  Robert W. Malone
–  Dolores Cahill
–  Sucharit Bhakdi
–  John O’Looney
–  Geert Vanden Bossche
We suggest BitChute or Rumble or DuckDuckGo to begin searching.
As Stefan says, you won’t find much if anything on Ub2b.
Brilliant counter intelligence work Stefan!:


COVID Commentary


Joe’s Garage

Parser / Passer
How in the world do craftsmen make tools, objects, and artifacts that feature various inlays of dissimilar materials in non-round shapes?
Joe never thought about it much.
He assumed sharp knives and tiny chisels and lots of patience.
I suppose there are many ways to do such a thing, and now we know one method for sure.
The Ub2b channel “Pask Makes“, owned by Neil (an Australian bloke), demonstrates the old technology of “Parser drilling” or “Passer drilling”.
He actually manufactures a drill, builds some patterns, and demonstrates what can be done – if you know how:

Feeling Good
There are many things that can make a person feel good.
Maybe feel ecstatic.
Here’s one for anyone who has ever successfully removed a broken bolt or stud from whatever they were fixing –


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