Sunday Rant – 3521


Joe’s Comment – a memes appreciation post, with a pertinent cartoon reminder that speech, although theoretically and idealistically “free”, has consequences.
This Sunday Rant page has been more or less continuous and non interrupted for 10+ years.  The early postings are emails transferred to this format.  The oldest is titled “Monday Testeroo“, dated October, 2010.  Frustration fostered by TELUS email, which was the method of distribution back in 2010, caused grief.  The various and sundry frustrations manifested themselves repeatedly and frequently.  False distribution.  Undelivered emails.  Tiny email cache.  Keyboard fumbles that erased, sent, or otherwise did what my fingers said to do, but my brain screamed NO YOU IDIOT!  Lack of knowledge about the platform and medium.  Many more….  I moved the entire production to Gmail.  Somewhat more stable and forgiving…. but not enough.
The final straw was learning the hard way the maximum size of an email attachment is 25Mb.  The first time it happened, I ranted and raged like Donald Duck having a tantrum.  A skill set I blush to admit is my crowning ability.
Hence, the creation of a website, with the help of David S., who made it all happen.
The move to the once a week numbering scheme started with Sunday Rant 50/12. Hence the creation of this little bit of personal history, began as a journal to my children cloaked in a desire to write more clearly, coherently, cognitively.  The long term objective was and is (not there yet) to write a personal history of my predecessors for my children and grand children.  My reasoning was so:
I reckoned that by the time I was ready to listen to my own parents, they were long gone.  Dust in the wind, as the song goes.  Perhaps my children would like some sketchy journal entries and a family history from me after my passing.  That was the logic.
Is my behavior normal for this stage of my development, my maturation?
At 72 years of age I am not sure there is a Normal.
My skill set is less and less meritorious, marketable, pertinent.
It is mostly fossil, like me.
I suspect the writing and conscience baring, too, are dated.
C’est la vie says Chuck Berry, and that’s good enough for now.
Despite current events, I feel there will be ample time to complete this task.


Brain Fires
This week our brain has been on fire learning about:
1.  Viruses (virii?).
2.  The Voyager 1 and 2 space program.  Did you know both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are still operational, still communicating with Earth?  They were launched in 1977!  They have both entered interstellar space, but are still with the Solar System.  Joe says we need the Voyager builders (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) to design a few products for use here on the home planet.
3.  Sous Vide – Our continued experimentation with carnivore diet – we eat meat, eggs, cheese, cream almost exclusively – combined with the failure of our convection oven has piqued an interest in “Sous Vide” cooking.
4.  Reginald Victor Jones – World War II – RV Jones worked for the British Scientific Intelligence organization.  His memoir titled “Most Secret War” is a book of his recollections of using science to thwart German aggression.
5.  Mining the Internet for interesting subjects, meaningful quotations, data, analysis, and technical information.  Here’s a good example of an interesting quote – “As long as they do not take him seriously, the man who speaks the truth can live for a while in a democracy. Then, the hemlock.”  We wonder what this quote is talking about?  We have a suspicion.  It does not bode well for us.


COVID ALREADY! (When Will It End…..)

The word means “to claim unwarrantably or presumptuously; assume or appropriate to oneself without right: to arrogate the right to make decisions.”
Is that not what every level of government does in the name of “common good” or “public health” or “universal suffrage” or “emergency measures”?
Joe and I are not sick and tired.
We are not sick and tired of being sick and tired because we are NOT SICK OR TIRED.
A humorous and vulgar expression is attributed to Louis B. Meyers, legendary Hollywood magnate, joint founder of the MGM dynasty.  When asked to support a project he vehemently opposed, he said “INCLUDE ME THE FUCK OUT!”
Well, Joe and I like the sentiment.
We say to our government at all levels, do not tread on me; include us not.
Joe and I (and the 37 others in our head), we make the decisions about our health, our safety, our freedom, our “happiness”.  It is none of the government’s concern.  Stick to your knitting.  Do what you are sanctioned to do – guard the borders.  Incarcerate criminals.  Uphold “The Law” (whatever that means today – to Joe and I it means provide legal apparatus for resolution of disputes, without prejudice).
The set of behaviors that comprise The Human Condition includes a very large helping of emotional response and self directed pandering.
How many politicians and “public servants” and bureaucrats are doing what they do with feckless self rewarding motivation?
The answer is not zero.
That is the tragedy.
If ever there was a “selfless” hero, it is time for his/her/their/its cameo appearance.
As for Joe and me and the gang of misfits in our head, our group identity (at this moment) tends to Sigma Male.  FYATHYRIO. Thanks to Vox Day for his insights.
Right or wrong, insightful or delusional, accurate or fanciful, a helpful meme.

Good Viruses
It seems to Joe and me that big government / big pharmaceuticals are trying desperately to get all citizens “hooked” on the idea that they know best about your health requirements, about what to inject into our bodies.
The Uber Doctor©.
Doctor Democracy™ (51% dictates to 49%)
Our personal version of “a unique snowflake” cannot abide.
Very scary.
The current focus, one of many, is the so-called virus COVID-19.
This “enemy” gives those in responsible positions the mistaken belief that they can ignore the rule of law, the constitutional framework, the will of We The People, the obvious conflicting data, and do whatever they damn well please.
Under the guise of “common good” and “public health”, or whatever their hallucinating legal team can conjure.
Joe and I will cede there is something making people ill, but we are more inclined to think it is more complex than a single virus, especially one that has not been “isolated”.  Illness and death have been integral sub-sets of the Big Set of Life® since the start, da?
We also think Reality Over Time® which includes Relevant Meaningful Data® trumps computer modeling, ivory tower theory, Chicken Little hysteria, and premature medical ejection of prophylaxis and treatment.
We also point out that the data for world-wide deaths is statistically “normal”, i.e., within average variance.
So what exactly is this “pandemic” causing governmental foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria?
Is there an honorable objective?  (Accent grave or oblique on honorable – your choose)
By the way, we consider the profit motivation outside the venue of “honorable” in this context.
Could it be a Don Quixote style crusade to eliminate all viruses for all time henceforth?  Let’s kill this damn thing forever!
Which caught Joe’s attention.  Could viruses (virii?) be eliminated?
If so, what would be the damage?
What would happen to life if there were no viruses?
Which begs the question: are there good viruses?
If we manage to interfere with a good virus doing its goody two shoes goodness, what up with that?
Oh boy!  Our favorite activity!  Let’s research!
Viruses, not technically alive, have been around since the earliest forms of life.
Long before primates like us.
There are studies which contend that viruses have been instrumental in the development of mankind, for better and worse, for good and bad.
Like an experiment in Life®.
We will go further, for we are risk takers and dangerous to the nth.
Viruses, like carbon dioxide, are essential to life.
Let that sink in.
Joe says it is a parallel argument, an analogy, to understanding the function of cholesterol in the human body.
The entire set of functions performed by cholesterol is unknown.
It is a Don Rumsfeld type conundrum “you know you don’t know”.
Which is one step better a position than “you don’t know you don’t know”.
One function of cholesterol in the body is as a transport mechanism, a delivery system, a conduit.  You know, Cannonball.
Research indicates that viruses (virii?) perform a similar function in the Promulgation of Life® – viruses provide new genes.  Viruses infect you.  Viruses mutate.  Mutation is gene changing.  Viruses are the research lab of gene development.  Next visit (often fall and winter) you might get a “virus upgrade”.
You might not.
In the human genome, it is estimated that 8% of our DNA is a gift from viruses.
Fancy grapefruit, fancy that.
What Joe and I see is a coordinated effort.
Who in the wide wide world of sports is behind the effort (Blazing Saddles Slim Pickens ref)?
Who (or was it W.H.O.?) organized the response that ignores, with impunity,  doctors on the front line and real world honest to doG actual data?
Who (or was it W.H.O.?) repressed and misinformed and stopped doctors from using known prophylactic and therapeutic techniques and solutions?
Who (or is it W.H.O.?) is continuing to obfuscate the real world honest to doG actual data?
What is the objective?
A “scorched earth” policy begets, “unforeseen consequences” that will bloom and ripen.  Remember the tragedy of Thalidomide?  Thalidomide wasn’t scorched earth.  Thalidomide was released before thorough testing (as we now know it) was completed.  Indeed, testing procedures were improved because of Thalidomide.
The big question is could the Thalidomide tragedy have been avoided?
If you don’t think “YES!!!”, or you think tragedy is a mandatory part and parcel of “progress”, you know nothing about risk management.
This problem requires thinking at a Linus level, not Charlie Brown level –
Joe and I have come up with a crazy idea.  Why not tell the truth, why not let the doctors / scientists / subject matter experts / concerned citizens / all others participate in a no-holds-barred open forum to discuss the problem, with all evidence and data present?
As Ms. Morrison said (grade 10 and 11 math teacher, bless her soul), understanding the problem is 95% of the solution.
What “prize” is worth so much devious and unethical behavior?
Surely to Christ (and Mary on a Moped, she riding side-saddle) this can’t be about filthy lucre….. or “power” (whatever in Christ’s Name power represents or means).
That is a cognitive dissonance Joe and I have big trouble accepting.
Big moral troubles.
Big ethical troubles.
Only Time will tell, for dead men tell no tales…… when an autopsy is verboten.

Dr. Michael Yeadon
This man is an ex-Pfizer chief research scientist.
He advises that most of the government approved information is gibberish, is lies.  He maintains that governments promoting COVID jabs (the NOT vaccine injection) have an objective other than public health.
Furthermore, he believes the future of freedom and liberty is threatened.
He is not a politician.
He is not a public speaker.
He is scared shitless that there is no way back from this insanity.
Joe and I listened intently.
We researched points he made that were unclear to us, or beyond our ken.
He is speaking truth as far as we know or can ascertain.
Joe wonders why the government officials will not engage this man and his peers in honest debate?
Or any of the very successful professionals he calls peers:

Dr. Anne McCloskey
An heartfelt testimony from an Irish GP who has been working with her local hospital, tending to victims of the “jab”.
She has been suspended by the health board (HSCB) for uttering criticism of the “vaccination” program in Ireland.
Joe and I wonder what causes these professionals to sacrifice their career and reputation by rocking the boat?
The government tells us the “vaccination” is the solution to a problem, a health risk, that very few have…..
There is something dreadfully wrong in the medical world.
We suspect it might be politics:

Sanity 4 Sweden
Stefan shares a Swedish homily and relates it to the current world government COVID fiasco:

The Lancet
This is a screen shot of an article that has drastic data about the vaccinated –
To read the article go here.
Sometimes when you peek under doG’s skirt and think you understand what you saw….. you are mistaken.
As “Chef” (Jay Hicks, played by Frederic Forrest) said in Apocalypse Now, ” You can have the whole goddamn fuckin’ shit, man! You can kiss my ass in the county square cause I’m fuckin’ buggin’ out!  I didn’t come here for this!  I don’t fuckin’ need it, I don’t want it!  I didn’t get out of the goddamn Eighth grade for this kinda shit!  All I wanna do is fucking cook!  I just wanted to learn to fuckin’ cook, man!”  Precursor to a nervous breakdown, an inability to cope with the reality, the facts, the chaotic randomness of situational being:

And so it goes for the rest of us.  We didn’t ask for it.  We don’t want it.  We just wanted to follow our own dreams.  But there it is.  You can disassemble like Chef, or you can do your best to evade and avoid, as did Johnny 5 (“flee!, escape!”).  The Internet is flooded with stories and advice about leaving the Big Cities for the countryside.  To Joe and I, it is analogous to a retreat from Progressivism to a more realistic less ideological Conservatism.  Remember too, that facing the bear (or the tiger), challenging and confronting, does NOT imply success or grant impunity.  Your choice.  Make it wisely, for it will be life changing:

Medley / Montage
The following video is a compilation assembled by Vlad Tepes.
Joe and I have seen most of the original videos these snipets were derived from.
Once again, we wonder why all these professionals would sacrifice their careers and put themselves in a dangerous spotlight.
Once again, we direct you to The Great Barrington Declaration.
Once again, Joe and I wonder WTF is going on….:

On Vlad’s website, there are a number of videos about the upcoming election in Canada.  There is a terrific video of a Canadian citizen giving holy hell to Liberal canvasers who ring his doorbell.  There is speculation about the honesty of an election in Canada.  Great stuff here.


Joe’s Garage

A-10 Warthog
An amazing solution to a long standing problem – how to supply effective front line air support without sacrificing aircrew or air-frames?
During the Cold War this hypothetical question became an actual requirement.
Various proposals were examined.
The solution selected was the Fairchild Republic A-10 Lightening Bolt, “The Hog”.
An example of excellence in form and function:

Making Things With Machines
Joe and I think tool and die makers are doG’s right hand men.
We would spend an eternity before we devised such incredible machinery.
This video is about machines that bend materials.

One more, ’cause we’ve been good.
Joe is in awe that someone somewhere calls 160mm steel plate a “sheet”.
That’s 6.3 inches!:

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Sunday Rant – 3421


Joe’s Comment –  Tom Cheney is a cartoonist often featured in The New Yorker magazine.  These three appealed to me for their incipient faux pas implication.
Or “situational awareness” – take your choose.
How many times have I stuffed both feet in my mouth by misinterpreting the basic question implied by a situation I’m experiencing until it’s too late – I’ve spoken my lack of comprehension?
The real question is how many times today?
The list is long.  The gaffs are ridiculous.  The laughs colossal.  Mia culpa.
I don’t think I understand at all.
Not when I should in any case…..
Still, life goes on.


Fire in Our Neighborhood
This video is a follow-up to the original, produced by Simon Hergot, a resident of the area directly effected by wildfires.
The lack of help received by the locals will be a political football for years to come.  The criticism heaped on those folks who stayed to fight the fires and protect their own and neighbor’s property is shameful.
Joe and I believe that government is a pox.
There is no government.
There are only people.
Mr. Hergot has recorded the failure of a large organization (local, provincial, and federal government) to respond to local issues:

This is the first video released by Mr. Hergot:


Quick Dick McDick
We were quite sure that Quick Dick was not a Liberal supporter.
Hard to imagine, him being a Saskatchewan farmer.
In this short video, nothing but truth is presented.
QDMcD has come out politically with a pre-election plea:


Patrick Moore
Another interview we missed.
This is an interview with Jim Deeks of “Canada Files“.
Of great note to Joe and me was we learned that Dr. Moore has never been invited to speak to any Canadian parliamentary counsel or expert testimony forum.
This interviewer and the Canadian government are part of the infuriation we feel about Canada’s narcissism – it reminds us of Aarfy in Catch-22.
On first blush, Aarfy appears an innocuous bumbling “fair thee well” ex-frat boy social animal.  With his murder of the whore Michaela it is apparent Aarfy is a sadistic sociopath – one of the darkest characters in the book.
So it is the seemingly benign aspects of Canadian society are dark and dangerous.
As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story:


COVID Ad Nauseum

Dr. Janci Lindsay

Joe and I saw this statement and thought we’d do a quick bit of research on who this person might be, and if what she has stated is factual.
We conclude that as far as we can ascertain, it is fact.
More of her in this audio interview by Rose Unplugged:

Dr. Sam Bailey
Joe thinks New Zealand is a strange place inhabited by socialists.
Joe took one look at Dr. Bailey and fell in love.
He loves her lower lip intensely.
And her strange pronunciation.
Or is it a speech defect?
Joe still thinks New Zealand is a strange place inhabited by socialists, and an angel.
This video is about chicken pox.
Why include this video in the weekly COVID ranting?
Because, as the beautiful Dr. B. will explain, it is ascribed to be caused by a virus, yet the virus has not been found.
As Dr. B. points out as she smiles charmingly, how can you make a vaccine that contains chicken pox if you don’t have any chicken pox?
Joe and I like her down to earth explanations for mud peckers like us.  She is an honorary mud pecker in our pea brain:

Sanity 4 Sweden
Stefan discusses the absence of politicians in the discussion about side effects from the so-called COVID vaccine.  In his searching, Stefan believes he has found a Danish politician with balls.
Joe says we’re all interested in finding politicians who actually aren’t animals of social pressure but are intelligent people intent on doing what they were selected to do.
If they have the balls to do what needs doing, all the better:


Alex Jones
Our pal Alex says the Biden administration is poised to declare anti-vaxers as terrorists.
Mr. Jones is known for two things: 1. making outrageous statements so hyperbolic no one believes him and, 2. being right more often than not.
He has read government policy documents, that if adopted, will make this not-so-humble correspondent a terrorist!
Joe is getting very pissed off.
Me too.
All we ever wanted was to be left the fuck alone to pursue our interests without prejudice.  Apparently that is not good enough for some entities who seem to think they have the right and the onus to determine the outcome of other’s lives.
We’ve posted the link here:

For some reason unfathomable to us, it will not embed in WordPress the way we usually embed videos.  There it is.  A “glass ceiling” in our WordPress ability.
We can imagine the outcome we desire but can’t find the path to get there.
Check out the link.
Alex is very agitated.
As usual, he is more right than wrong.

Mathew Crawford (Rounding the Earth)
Mr. Crawford is a man with an immense ability to research and analyze data.
We learned of his website, Rounding the Earth, from Robert Barnes (a very accomplished constitutional lawyer).

Once again, no video embed that occurs automatically with Ub2b and other platforms.
Copy the address, paste it in the browser URL box, hit “Enter”, and there you go.
Seems primitive but still works.
For how long is unknown.



Joe’s Garage

Pakistani Roadside Mechanic
Joe and I watched this without prejudice.
We were envious of the climate, and the fact that the main man was fixing this truck roadside – in the dirt.
Then we became fascinated.
We learned some stuff about making do, about innovating, about Rube Goldberging.
Joe and I have had episodes similar, when breakdowns were accompanied by an empty wallet and no bank account.  Never with such a large machine.
Joe wonders what the man could do with a fully equipped shop?:

Flathead Ford
Joe and I have a weakness for “The People’s Engine”, the first mass produced V8 engine, affordable on a mud pecker’s salary.
This engine established a dynasty and became an icon.
Henry Ford developed it in secret – not even his family knew what he was doing.
This wasn’t the first “V” engine, but it was the first cast as a single block.
The video is a treat!:

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Sunday Rant – 3321


Joe’s Comment – So far my financial plan has held together.  But, as Gahan Wilson’s cartoons suggest, I’m nearing the end of impromptu plan building.
I’m an advocate of self sufficiency.  Sometimes my idea bank is underfunded.
Time to do some research…..


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan and Canada’s ambassador at large tears our illustrious leader, Chief Rainbow Socks, a new orifice in his perineum, gently nestled between his AH and his scrotum.
Joe and I would rather this Saskatchewan farmer run the country.
We’d vote for a potato, even a Prince Edward Island potato, before we’d vote for Castro’s Boy, aka Pierre’s Mongrel.
Joe agrees with friend Ronaldo D.; we’re gonna write in Stephan Harper on our ballot:


Kary Mullis
This is the man who received a Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR process to magnify samples.
This is the man who says PCR “testing” doesn’t prove illness or infection.
This is the man who says the PCR process can amplify a sample accurately and quickly.
This is the man no one in charge will listen to or take advice from, mostly ’cause he’s dead.
Joe says life isn’t fair:

More advanced thinking from Kary Mullis.  Along the lines of Jason Fung’s new book “The Cancer Code“.
Joe and I consider Dr. Mullis to be a genius:

Kary Mullis history from the horse’s mouth:

Dr. Sam Bailey
The following video is a brief overview of Kary Mullis’ life, from Dr. Bailey’s perspective.  Of particular interest in light of the COVID hysteria starts at the 10:00 minute mark, with specific reference to Kary’s “multiple cause” theory at 14:00 minutes.
Despite her strange accent (she’s from Christchurch NZ), she is an amazing woman worth spending some of your precious time to watch and glean some of her insights.  She has been the target of Ub2b censorship for espousing her views on various topics.
You can see her videos at her odysee channel:

Here is another example of her commentary, titled “Once Upon a Time in Wuhan”:


Once more, with feeling.  The beautiful intelligent and excellent researcher, Dr. Samantha Bailey, educates us on the known data about Influenza.  And, coincidentally, data of the practical side of Nazi Scientists™.  Using healthy incarcerated “volunteers”, the good Nazi Scientists tried their damndest to infect these healthy men with the dread Influenza, the scourge of the World, the Spanish Flu.   A screen shot from the video –
The good doctor goes on to tell all (thank you Ms. Thrasher) that is known about virus transmission, healthy people, and the absolute bull shit you have been fed regarding your involvement in the public health.
Of course, and without saying, Joe is once again head over heels ga-ga in love:



Dr. Roger Hodkinson
Dr. Hodkinson is an Albertan.
He is credentialed, experienced, dedicated.
His anger is white hot.
By speaking out as he does, his career is definitely threatened.
He does not endorse COVID vaccination and says everything the government has said is lies.
Joe likes this man:

The Emperor Has No Corona
This recently released video was taken down on Ub2b within an hour of posting.
The chances of it surviving on BitChute are not good.
There has been no isolation of the so-called Corona virus because it cannot be isolated – it is not a single virus operating alone.  As Kary Mullis stated, it is a complex alignment of multiple conditions and pathogens that is similar to pulling the lever on a “one-armed bandit” in a casino and coming up with 3 grim reapers.



Dr. Shawn Baker
What about the kids?
Recent data indicates that children in America (doesn’t say everywhere) are getting 2/3 of their nutrition from processed foods.
That is truly shocking.
Joe and I think about our youth.
Mom prepared almost everything in our diet from scratch.
The exception was breakfast cereals.
Everything else she would source from local suppliers and make it at home.
When we think about our grandparents, they were even more raw ingredients to prepared food at home.
Perhaps their longevity and the absence of nutritional disability and illness is more than coincidental?  Dr. Baker explains:



Musical Interlude

Janis Joplin
Long ago, far away, Monterey CA.
Pure passion.
As a commenter states, “When Mama Cass (from the Mamas and the Papas) is setting in the audience watching you in stunned awe, as you sing, you know you have been complimented!
Them was the days, my friends:

Post Modern Jukebox
Joe wonders if anyone under the age of 50 would know what a jukebox is?
This tongue-in-cheek tune is delightful.
Yes, we have included this song by this group in the past, the “European Tour Version”.
A wonderful performance:

The Nortons Singer?
We heard this song and loved the passion in this woman’s voice.
Next, who dat womens? (Joe’s version of bluesy talk).
Listen to this!:

Danielle Nicole (Schnebelen)
Turns out the Nortons singer is Danielle Nicole.
She is an award winning left-handed bass player.
With a sultry voice that conveys passionate conviction.
Or some such.
Here she is with Samantha Fish, singing Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind”:

Here she is again, in an earlier iteration, with the band Trampled Under Foot, singing “It’s a Man’s World”:

The genius of Stjepan Hauser – Croatian cellist – playing Albinoni’s “Adagio” with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra at his classical solo concert at the Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, October 2017.
Joe was trying to lip read his speech – Stjepan is mouthing something as he plays.
I pointed out to Joe that Stjepan’s native tongue is NOT English.
Joe was relieved.  He says Stjepan wasn’t coherent (in English):



Joe’s Garage

Fireball Tool
Working with metal is cool.
Joe and I have often said if we were to pick the trade of all trades, we would pick tool and die maker.
Jason at Fireball Tool is crazy about machines that work metal.
In this video, an incredible Cincinati mill he owns runs an eBay cutter he bought for $150 USD.  It cuts 7 inches and makes a 1 inch pass.
Try that with a flat file you bastard.
Or is it try that with a bastard file you flat bastard?
Either way, the mill has 50 horse power.  Amazing!:

Wilkins RY45
There are engine builders who are at the pinnacle of development in their technology.
Sandy Wilkins is one such man.
Working with Roush Yates Engines, Mr. Wilkins is taking a proven technology – the Roush Yates NASCAR Cup FR9 race engine – and has modified it to incredible output levels with rock-solid dependability.
This video shows Wilkins Motorsports Racing Engines assembling an RY45:

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