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Things of Beauty
It is the sweet spot of the year for Joe and me.
This year has been extraordinary weather-wise.
Despite the constant threat of fire always present during a warm summer in the Okanagan, even the smoky days are fat-of-the-land special.
The question that idly teases our mind: is it a perfect Summer?
Time to break out the Vivaldi.
Here is Mari Samuelsen, with her peerless interpretation of Summer from The Four Seasons.
Perhaps perfection is only an ideal, a goal, always sought, never attained.
We would argue otherwise.
At 4:39, one of the tenderest expressions in the music is flowing from her supremely talented self, her face is portraying her emotional interpretation….. and some jag-off coughs.
It is perfect.
You can’t escape the human condition.
Thank you Mari Samuelsen, for reminding us that perfection is in every moment, even when people cough, children screech, the insects buzzzzzzz.
Not to mention the genius of Vivaldi…..
It is a humbling realization for Joe and I to know that although we listen in awe, we struggle to hear.
The kind of hard work we seek.
What a delight!:




Joe and I have had fantasies about Australia our entire life.
We are attracted to hot weather, cloudless skies, deserts, and did we mention no snow?
Over the years we’ve gained an appreciation for the diversity of Australia.
Our obsession with blue skies and high temperatures, Fahrenheit or Celsius, blinded us to the incredible spectrum of life on the oldest land mass on Earth.
A wonderful Aussie bloke (note the vernacular shift?) named Reese Mac put together a short tour guide of spectacular Australian geography – you can see it here.
We knew Australia was a large country, but we had no inkling it is similar to the U.S. of A. in land mass.  The population is only 24 million, which makes Australia similar to Canada in terms of density – 3.33 people / sq. km. vs 4.1 for Canada.
Canada is mostly unarable: only 4.4% vs 6% for Australia.  The irony is one country is too cold with a short growing season, while the other is too hot and dry.  Guess which is which?
Here are a few excerpts from the Reese Mac entry in Quora

Very awesome country.  An inverse Canada climate wise – very little snow, very much hot desert.  A similar to Canada sparsity of humans, incredible natural resources, and part of the English Commonwealth (speak English, parliamentary system, rule of law, constitutional monarchy).
What’s not to like?
Joe and I are pondering a move……



Australian COVID News
MP Craig Kelly makes the case for Ivermectin in the Aussie House of Parliament.
This presentation is from late June, 2021.
Joe and I are appalled by the empty chamber.
MP Kelly must be speaking to include his data in the record, for very few are there to hear is words.
Perhaps, some day, “science” will become science, will shuck it’s political cloak:

Another Ivermectin dataset (graphic below) is supportive of the data MP Kelly presents –

Washington State COVID News
Seems the data the government is using and persists in using is “garbage data“.
So says Dr. Clifford Knopic.  The good doctor is not a medical doctor but he has a doctorate in computer science and a masters in information systems.  His analysis of government data provoked his response.
Joe and I say that if a learned professional analyses the data and sees a serious problem, when mud peckers like us do the same, when there is an uproar around the world about what in the wide wide world of sports is going on (ref. Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles), it behooves the “authorities” to resort to that dreaded alternative known as transparency.  A large portion of mea culpa would be appropriate, too.
It is overdue time to discuss the scientific facts in all public forums without prejudice.
Joe says the “without prejudice” part will be difficult…..

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler COVID News
This is an explosive presentation.
Dr. Lyons-Weiler made this information publicly known in October 2020.
Why is this not being disseminated by all the media to every citizen in every country?
Joe is cynical.  I am too.  There are political forces at work that appear evil:

Canadian COVID News
Joe and I did not wear a mask. (period)
Joe and I will not wear a mask, unless there is a logical, scientific, real reason to do so. (period)
Here is a link to a document that lists the Canadian and International “law” that supports our position.  A graphic summary (first page) –
Of course, the mere mortals who govern are the first to abandon “the law” in any adverse or anomalous situation.
For example, Chief Rainbow Socks and company forcing returning Canadians into “internment hotels”.
For example, the January 6th “assault” on the U.S. Capital Buildings – there are still people interred, 6 months later, who have not had their day in court.
It is a fact of “civilization”.
Joseph Conrad was brutally honest in his epic novel “Heart of Darkness”.
His view that the veneer of civilization need not be scratched deep to reveal the savagery beneath.
Aldous Huxley had a darker view of civilization –
What does it all mean?
Of the three conflicts (man vs man, man vs self, man vs Nature), the most deadly and poisonous is man vs man.
It sets the smallest minority against itself.

Ivor Cummins and pals reflect on the past year.
COVID and politics is a bad combination they conclude.
The beer looks excellent:



Dr.  Shawn Baker
A short but important rant from Dr. Baker.
Joe and I have varied opinions about the efficacy of doctors, doctoring, medicine, and the medical community.
It should not be alarming that we judge efficacy by results.
In no circumstance do we believe that doctors are supra or super human.
They are not gods.
At the lowest common denominator, they are mechanics for meat puppets.
Dr. Baker identifies the straw man illogical fallacy of the “doctor as god” argument:

Dr. Baker was prolific this week, with stuff meaningful to Joe and I.  Here is a video talking about the real ranchers and farmers who care for their livestock:


Sanity 4 Sweden
Stefan is a rock star.
Joe and I have gone back an entire year on his Ub2b channel.
Consistent.  Reliable.  Great sense of humor.
And, most important to Joe and me, not anger driven like we are.
News from the Continent, a la Stefan:

More from Stefan regarding COVID / Vaxx politics in Europe:


The gentleman at We Are Top shows the capricious nature of Nature.
Joe and I have long understood that Nature is NOT OUR FRIEND, and that Life is a frenzied experiment in mutation.
A group of unique human beings who have amazing constitutions: they celebrate their uniqueness:


Joe’s Garage

Major Dick Bong
America’s highest scoring ace in World War II flew in the Pacific campaign, piloting the Lockheed P-38 twin engine interceptor.
The History Guy does an admirable job of telling his story:

Moon Walk
On July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon.
That’s right.
There are people around town who do not believe it happened, that it was staged or faked somehow.
To those people Joe has a comment: just because YOU cannot conceive of or contribute to such a technological accomplishment is not a validation that it never happened.
Those who doubt may not have been alive in 1969, but Joe and I were; we were 20 years old.  We saw it on television (black and white).
Here is a link to a very patriotic opinion piece about the Moon landing and moon walk, at the Raconteur website.  Meanwhile, from the Silicon Graybeard website, a graphic that sums it up to our satisfaction –

Can You Catch a Baseball?
Joe and I used to like playing scrub – a game with no teams (each player is independent).  You start in the outfield and by putting the batter out, you advance a position at a time, until you are a batter.
The objective?
Most folks like to bat.
Joe and I liked to bat too, but mostly it was a “fun in the sun” summertime activity without the overbearing presence of adults, organized sport, competitive pressure off the scale.
The adults in this video are like us kids playing scrub.
They wondered if a baseball could attain 1,000 mph, could it be caught?
The answer is yes and no.
Watch the video to understand:


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