Sunday Rant – 2221



Joe’s Comment – I’ve been replacing the engine in a ’72 Ford F100 XLT Ranger for a while now.  The old engine came out almost a month ago.  The three possible replacement engines quickly became a choice of one.
Then there was the brake issue.  And the carburetor issue.  And the 14 year old 1/2 tank of gas to pump out issue.  And lots more issues, too numerous to enumerate.  I’d like to get on with the other 30+ projects in the yard, but the shop is full of this –
Maybe this week will be the ticket…..



Quick Dick McDick
Well, QDMcD really did it this time.
This man should be running the country.
Strike that thought – he’s doing great work as Canada’s and Saskatchewan’s ambassador of common sense and good will.
He’s a little off key (like many of us), but right on time.
Musically too:


Eva Vlaardingerbroek
That is quite a handle to read.
Joe had to sit down and rest after trying to pronounce it.
Despite our puny attempt at cultural humor, we think this young woman will be a force to reckon with in coming years.
Joe and I will add her to the short list of folks we access to hear about the death of European culture.
Her challenge to European governance will be delivered through the Ub2b channel “Riks“.
What is special about Eva Vlaardingerbroek?
She is Dutch, living in Sweden.
Her English is very good.
She is anti-woke, anti-feminist, and pro West (as the West once was, and still is in many minds – not as it is declining into).
This video is her Riks introduction to her platform, which is a program called “Let’s Talk About It”:

The following video is her “red pill” moment discussion, from episode 2:

We also found her on BitChute, but not to the extent of the Ub2b Riks channel.
Nothing in Rumble.
Joe and I are white and heterosexual and male and old; all the things the Woke like to hate.
We have an affinity to and for Europe.
Although we have never been there, our family lines, both paternal and maternal are of European origin.
Because of our own limitations (we speak a primitive form of English and try to write it too), it is a treat to find European news that we can understand, outside of England.
Blame it on the Bossa Nova.




Dolores Cahill
Professor Dolores Cahill is interviewed by Mike Ryan of Asia Pacific Today.
This is the latest Joe and I could find from this renowned virologist.
The camps are divided.
Joe and I will NOT take this “vaccine”, for it is not a vaccine.
We refuse to participate in this world-wide guinea pig “trial” of an unproven biological technology.
Others we know have taken the “Fauci prick”, and are anticipating their second course.  (Joe says “Fauci prick” is a double entendre).
Professor Cahill is the president of The World Doctor’s Alliance (150,000 medical professionals), and president of The World Freedom Alliance (110 countries).
She is vehemently opposed to this pogrom undermining the health of the People.
She believes this world-wide effort to vaccinate everyone is immoral and illegal, the coercion is inhumane, and she is working diligently to stop it through information sharing, organizing, and through the legal apparatus.
Joe and I listen to her.
Christ on a Moped, she’s a fan of Dr. Patrick Moore!
That’s enough for us.
We will go with the science, so bring it on!
Let free speech, debate, and data lead the discussion:

Hidden Agenda?
Dr. Peter McCullough is interviewed by Tucker Carlson.
The good doctor talks about treatment.
And the two papers he and colleagues published about their COVID data analysis that are the most referenced in the world.
He seems a very decent sort, with an ethical backbone.
It is very hard for him to even suggest there is some political hanky-panky pulling the strings on the “you’re all gonna die if you don’t do as we say” puppet show:

Here is the same interview on BitChute (for posterity, and because Ub2b):

Tucker Carlson
Joe and I think Mr. Carlson cannot last much longer at Fox News.
Fox has turned hard left from our perspective – we saw it happening a step at a time since the Murdoch boys took over their dad’s toy.
In the following short segment from Wednesday evening’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program, he manages to expose Fauci (aka Fraudci) for the despicable political serpent he is, cast aspersions on the Biden Administration for protecting China, prohibiting an on-going investigation into COVID-19 origins, and for ignoring their own “subject matter experts” by keeping them ill advised.  All while presenting the work of others with no dog in the hunt in a positive light.
Not bad for 10 minutes work:

Angela Lanyon’s COVID Experience (to date)

Mrs. Lanyon is 90 years old.
She became a teenager during the Second World War.
Her husband died when she was 36, leaving her with 3 boys to raise, alone.
In a declining England.
She is not rich, or powerful, or “important”.
Joe says she’s an honorary mud pecker – a person doing the best she can in difficult times.
I think she’s well above average.
She is not afraid of COVID, and her memories are a danger to the powers that be, the powers imposing draconian measures to “manage” a slightly nasty flu virus.
She knows what life was like then and now.
She is cognizant of the imposition on free will and liberty.
AJ Kay interviewed Angela.  The bits of the interview can be read here, at Collateral Global.
Here is a quote that we found most poignant, very human –

I do know three people who have died.  They were all very old, they all had something else wrong with them, and they all caught it in hospital.
I know it sounds awfully hard, but if you’re old and you’re sick, you’re going to die, and trying to keep people alive indefinitely is not necessarily a kind thing. Especially when keeping them alive requires social isolation. Social isolation is horrible.  We used to put people in solitary confinement for punishment. Now they put them in to protect them. It doesn’t make sense. I dare say, in the times to come, people will look at this as a form of physical abuse, just the same way they did when we were chaining up mentally ill people in the 18th century. It’s abuse and neglect.
I have one friend who is in a situation like me; she lives on her own and she hasn’t seen anybody.  She has been completely left alone. And since she was supposed to be specially shielded, they just would leave a parcel of food at her gate once a week. Now, if that isn’t abuse and that isn’t cruelty, I don’t know what is.”

Joe and I are 72 years and counting.  Angela’s words ring loud and true to our ears.  The meaning of life is not to stay alive at any cost, for all lives end.
That is a waste of time.
We all know that life’s end starts at our birth (Roger Whittaker ref. “The First Hello, the Last Goodbye“).
Strip away the qualities that make human existence divine, to constrain dimension, curtail emotion, abandon freedom, isolate and divide – all to prolong life – is to reduce human existence to a simple measure of endurance.
Life is precious and rare (nowhere else in the known universe), simultaneously ubiquitous and common.  A bit conundrum-ish, or conundrum-y.
We side with Angela.  Freedom is a personal metric.  Age brings experience, and if you are lucky, wisdom.  At 90 years of age, if Angela be of sound mind and sound body, are not the choices of how to live her choices alone?
Another quote from Angela about civil liberties denied –

I’m very concerned about what are known as civil liberties – and you’re very hot on civil liberties in America, and quite rightly so, and once you lose them – and we did lose them and are losing them – it’s very difficult to get them back.
My husband fought in the war, and he didn’t fight for me to be locked up.”

Her personal feeling about the reaction by government to the “pandemic” is skepticism, and her reflection on the damage done is sobering –

I think it was a whole load of rubbish, to be honest. Because older people ought to be able to make our own decisions. This is what democracy’s about, isn’t it? Why am I not allowed to decide what is right for me? I’ve lived this long. You’d think I could manage.  The feeling that I couldn’t actually contact my children and I couldn’t cuddle them, and I couldn’t put my arms around them, and no one could put their arms around me was unbelievable.
I get a bag of books from the library once a month because, of course, I can’t get there now. One time, the library lady delivered them and was standing on the path and I was standing in my doorway. Along came a police car and it stopped and watched us until she went away. I think that’s awful.
There are lots of freedoms and civil liberties for which people have died, not just in this last war but in wars reaching back a long time ago.  It goes all the way back to the Magna Carta. Those principles are what I’m afraid that we have forgotten in this country, and I wonder if we should ever be free again. We are not being governed by elected representatives.  We are being governed by so-called ‘experts’, who are medical experts, and they don’t even agree with each other.
The Witchcraft Act, which was enacted in year 16-something, was not repealed until 1954. That’s a long time to have an Act there.  How long are we going to hang on to this one before we can have our lives back? How long until people start demanding them back?  What’s even more frightening is that we have willingly given them up. And this is such a huge mistake.  A huge mistake.
And I think we will regret it in future years.”

The sentence in bold above is our insertion.  The f-ing police watching a 90 year old woman talking to a library book deliverer with what particular intent?
Our heart goes out to Angela.
She is writing the last chapters of her life.
The intrusion of government bureaucratic heavy-handed tyranny shouldn’t have a role to play.  Life is hard enough without dangerous and stupid twats meddling about.

Kary Mullis (R.I.P.)
The PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) is NOT valid to determine COVID illness, or any other illness.
Says who?
Says Kary Mullis, who won a Nobel Prize for his invention of the PCR process.
Celia Farber is a journalist who happened to interview Kary Mullis years ago.
You can read her article about why she knows Kary Mullis would NOT endorse the use of PCR testing for COVID here.
She quotes Dr. Mullis saying “Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.” –Kary Mullis, Inventor of Polymerase Chain Reaction
Ms. Farber says “True “science” (the nature of the natural world) is never bad news. Globalist science is nothing but bad news.”
Follow the link.  Read Ms. Farber’s article.
You will be better informed for doing so.
Here is Celia Farber in two videos with more information about COVID and the “mysteries surrounding it”:


Jason Siler
The city of Chicago has a radical black lesbian feminist as mayor.
Her name is Lori Lightfoot, and she’s a humdinger extraordinaire (heavy sarcasm alert).
Joe says she’s scary looking, too.
Ms. Lightfoot has a habit of making headlines with poor legislation, politicization of racism, ignoring facts and data and science; she’s an angry mess of a fearless Democrat leader.
Her latest crusade, her latest gaff, is decreeing there are not enough black journalists at City Hall.
Joe says using that logic, Chicago needs a ton more white murderers and assorted criminals.  Maybe adjust the Bears (football) and Bulls (basketball) and Blackhawks (hockey) populations accordingly.  We aren’t familiar enough with the philharmonic or opera company to make a comment.  Our conjecture is that UofC might need a bunch more black folks to adjust their population demographic.
Joe considers her to be a silly twat, which is strong language for Joe.
I, on the other hand, will keep my own counsel.
Jason Siler, of Blue Collar Logic takes her actions and logic apart.
You might feel the onset of schadenfreude.  Dismiss that feeling; Ms. Lightfoot believes she is noble and righteous.  She just doesn’t see things the way we do:


Alex Epstein
Mr. Epstein is a philosopher.
We have featured him interviewing Dr. Patrick Moore as recently as Sunday Rant 2021.
He was given an opportunity to address the American Congress.
This is his 5 minute presentation, given to Congress on 19th May, 2021, and posted to Ub2b on the 26th of May, 2021.
You can read his testimony here.  We post both because Ub2b.
His website is called “EnergyTalkingPoints“:


Musical Interlude

Lanie Gardner has a terrific voice.
She appears to be an amateur.
I had to listen to Stevie Nicks right away to figure if it was a pantomime or lip-sync.  Stevie has an interesting vibrato.  Lanie does a fabulous cover with no obvious “chemical assistance”.
Joe wonders if it is the cranberry juice that gives her that amazing clarity.
We both raised our eyebrows at the total views – over 16 million!
A DuckDuckGo search revealed her version of Dreams has been viewed over 44 million times across social media platforms.
Seems Joe and I have popular taste, for Lanie’s version is every bit as good as Stevie’s:

Total views is a magnetic indicator – does it denote quality or talent?
Here’s a little song that was recorded by “The King” over 50 years ago.
Some smartypants (his estate?) posted it to Ub2b in 2013.
It has been viewed over 282 million times.
We had a cousin Jackie who was completely stricken with Elvis fever.
Joe and I understand:

Another dead guy who made a huge impact with his powerful lyrics and unique delivery.
If you thought Elvis’ total views was impressive, check out this John Denver classic – over 372 million views.

The above Elvis and John Denver songs are posted on Ub2b channels, and their total views were garnered over 8 years.
Here’s an impressive total – over 243 million in under 5 years.
Joe and I are responsible for at least a dozen (maybe more) of those views:

We had a think….. what are the biggest numbers?
We had another think….. do the big numbers count for anything other than a big number?
So we asked a question or two, and got an answer or two.
Here is a Ub2b video that counts down the top 30 “most viewed” videos as of December 31st, 2019.  We watched the countdown for as long as we could stomach.  The number Uno, the Big Cheese, the Top Dog (et cetera) was a song called “Despacito” by a Louis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.  A blend of salsa and latin rhythms.  Sit down for this – 6.5+ BILLION VIEWS.
Joe and I have never heard it.  It is not memorable.  It is full of people and movement and not much talent or message.  WTF is wrong with them?  Or is it Joe and me…….
We looked it up as of today, 30th May, 2021.  An astounding 7.3+ BILLION VIEWS!!!  We thought we should watch the entire video…. and here it is:

The song is sung in Spanish.  The English translation reinforces what we suspected from watching the video: it is banal and sexually charged.  All the happy boys and girls are horny.  Joe says low IQ stuff.  I say the average IQ of the world population is approx. 88 based on the info here.
The prison population of America has an average IQ approx. one standard deviation below average.
Joe and I have concluded that the most popular song on Ub2b (by views) is “thug music”.  And we admit, the women in the video are very appealing – healthy, sexy, perhaps fast too! (a Gordon Lightfoot reference).
We are too tired and lazy tonight.
We’ll have to find out the truth at a later date.
We expect there is a connection between IQ and music preference.
And that my friends makes us a RACIST!!!


Joe’s Garage

Dr. Pran Yoganathan
Joe and I always like to learn a bit more about our four or five fathers.
You know, the early people that we came out of millenia ago.
The following video is a presentation made by Dr. Yoganathan about his expertise: the human gut.
Who knew?
Evolution has been kind to us humans:

Tim Allen
Joe and I have been fans of Mr. Allen for decades.
“Last Man Standing” was especially meaningful to us, although his early stand-up comedy set the bar quite high.
An honorary mud pecker.
We also have great respect for Hillsdale College, a bastion of conservative based education.
Tim Allen gave the commencement address this year, the 169th commencement at Hillsdale.  Joe and I think it touched his soul:

Joe and I stumbled upon this interesting graphical representation of what atoms look like.
Of course, they don’t look like this at all.
But if they did, this is what they would look like.
Having cleared all that up, there are more interesting videos about physics at the Ub2b channel created by Henry Reich – MinutePhysics:

Next Generation Space Station
Joe Scott gives a brief history of man’s success in building habitats in orbit around the planet.
Then he discusses known future projects and plans to expand into space from all the major players and prospective others.
Joe and I wonder what our blood pressure would be living with the best damn view in all the universe?
Mr. Scott has a Ub2b channel  – “Answers with Joe“:

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Sunday Rant – 2121


Joe’s Comment – How much chaos is too much chaos?  That is this week’s question!  How much adversity is too much adversity?
I’ve gotta book an appointment with Lucy.
This week has been a jumble of activity on many projects with limited progress.
Akin to an advancing horde of things to do.
Busy from dawn ’til dusk is fun in the sun.
No end in sight…..


What more can a couple of mud peckers like Joe and I say about our home and Native’s land?
Not much.
We’ll leave it up to some unbiased critics from long ago and far away.
I wonder if our fearless leader, Chief Rainbow Socks, wears high heels.  And a “brawr” :


COVID Ruminations

Ivor Cummins
Joe and I saw Ivor Cummins in an interview with Dr. Ken Berry nearly a year ago (Sunday Rant – 2420).
He is a biological process engineer who asked 4 doctors what his flawed blood tests were indicating and how to fix it.
All the doctors failed his challenge – none of them could explain what was wrong or how to correct/treat the problem.
Which lead Mr. Cummins on a journey of investigation and discovery.
His analysis of the existing data has led him to world level expertise (a current interview is in the “Sunday Sermon” section below the fold).
Joe says an engineering perspective is always refreshing.
His Ub2b channel is here.
You may appreciate his 3+ minute explanation of COVID-19 hysteria:

In the likely and plausible event that Ub2b “disappears” the above, you can watch it here, at TheFatEmperor. (Ivor Cummings’ website).  Joe says it is also the “Fate Emperor”, ’cause you gotta have control of your life/self, right?
Current information about the origin of the virus from Sun News AU.
This may disappear due to Ub2b sucks (but Ub2b is good for swearing parrot vids):

Alexandra Hartley
This young lady is on fire.
She talks fast.
She makes sense.
Her comments make us snicker and grin in agreement (“the Fauci ouchie”, “it’s been over a year, I’m not responsible for your fears”, “I’m tired of being lectured about caring for others by people who wish me dead in the same sentence”).
This young woman will be someone to contend with down the trail, for she makes a big wave now.
Her Ub2b channel is called “LivingLifeLikeAlex“.  Lots more short and very acerbic commentary there:

Pay the Piper
An old expression which means yer done runnin’ and the bill is due.
Seems like Anthony Fauci has done dastardly deeds before – it is a cameo role for him.  This article about the aides “epidemic”  ( here on LifeSiteNews) has suspiciously Faucian behavior on display.
If you click on the link, you will read how the good doctor managed to mismanage the HIV/Aids hysteria of 1988.
The open letter addressed to Dr. Fauci was written by Larry Kramer, a gay activist.  He says, addressing Fauci, “You couldn’t care less about what we say. You won’t answer our phone calls or letters, or listen to anyone in our stricken community. What tragic pomposity!”
Joe and I remain unmasked, unreticent, questioning.
What the rest of the world did and what the West did are miles apart.
How many innocents died due to political meddling?
Joe says more than one is too many.
Now for some gratuitous Fauci bashing.  Tons more at your Internet store –


Good vs Evil
Bill Whittle’s “Right Angle” with Scott Ott and Steve Greene hits the mark in this short opinion piece.
Here is a screen capture of the Iron Dome projectiles (left of image) launched in defense of the Palestinian rocket barrage (right of image) –
The historic approach to aggression is to utterly destroy the aggressors.
This Israeli methodology demonstrates the night and day difference between the two parties.  The following meme is still valid to this day –
Who would think, in their right mind or not, that the defensive strategy of shooting down the aggressor’s rockets would bear fruit?
Joe and I are totally gobsmacked by the technology on display.
This is a demonstration of finesse, a tour de force, the triumph of genius over B.S.&I. (Brute Strength and Ignorance).
There is a Charlie Brown panel that sums it up nicely –
The Iron Dome technology will, for the present, offer the Israeli people a level of security, if not total safety.
Joe says true, only because the Iron Dome has forced the ass hats behind the terrorist activity, the Iranians, to pause, to contemplate.  Maybe even to think.
If the Israeli’s decide to go on offense, the odds in Las Vegas will be 100:1 against their antagonist, no matter how ideologically driven.
The State of Israel has had 71 years to develop defensive and offensive strategy, tactics, and materiel.  They take it seriously.
No one in the world believes the Israeli’s are the oppugnant force, although some in the world would like to see the demise of the nation of Israel and their people.
Here are Bill Whittle, Steve Greene, and Scott Ott to make the point:




A great channel for interesting stuff:


Joe’s Garage

Tie Down Straps
Joe and I do a lot of trailering and trucking.
We use cam straps or ratchet straps to secure loads most of the time, because they are convenient and quick to employ.
Also, Joe isn’t very good at tying knots, nor am I.  In all the collection of random characters in our head, we suffer a dearth of knot tying skills.
Give us a length of rope and we will quickly hang our inability out for all to see (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher).
The following video from Fireball Tool tests some ratchet straps to breaking point.  Straight strap, twisted strap, really twisted strap, wet strap, and knotted strap are all strained to break.  An interesting video.
Joe points out that the published break tension for the straps is higher than any of the straps actually attained.  Buyer beware!:

Volcano Porn
This video captures a moment when a wall of the crater collapses, book-cased by a fanfare of lava geysers.
Joe says we are living on a thin crust covering a hot and creamy center.
The volcano is located in Iceland, 18.6 miles southwest of the capital city Reykjavik.
Joe was surprised to learn that there are approximately 120 active and/or dormant volcanoes in Iceland.  A list of the “top 10” here:

Wind Energy
Joe and I are adverse to three-bladed wind turbines.
Maybe that’s not a strong enough statement.
Joe and I hate three-bladed wind turbines.
We hate the look, we hate the size, we hate the cost, we hate benefit ratio numbers.  187 tons?  WTF???
We hate the damn things.
Joe likes this video of failures:


Scuzz Twittly
What can we say?
What’s in a name?
Scuzz Twittly sings about his ’69 Ford F250 – the scuzzmobile.
Lots more NSFW on Ub2b, check out Over the Line Comedy.
Very country with a crass vulgar and delightful delivery.
Joe says this is a nice straight F250 in baby blue:

Mechanical Advantage
What happens when you use gears to multiply force?
Glad you asked!
Here is a short, powerful demonstration of the limits imposed by physics.
What are the limits of a 1:65000 gear ratio?:

From a very interesting website about 3D printing, called “3D Printer Academy“.

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Sunday Rant – 2021


Joe’s Comment – Life has taught me that my little pea brain isn’t as spectacular as I wish it were.  I have a long history of doing it wrong before I get it right.  That is A-OK in matters of finance or materials or the inanimate world of stuff that surrounds a North American sovereign man (not gender challenged here boss!).  That is called learning from your mistakes.
However, I do regret botching relationships with other people, with kindred souls, even with the very few I hold in contempt with extreme animosity.
Not very Christian of me.
My reality is that all the weak and evil and low-life characters hiding in my head constantly clamor for a share of the spoils.  This strains my relationship with myself.
The struggle for self control is at constant odds with the struggle to attain goals.
Despite it all, I am a happy mud pecker.  ‘Nuff said.


COVID Smarts
The latest from that angel of medicine, Dolores Cahill, 15th of May 2021, from the Freedom Rally in London UK (World Freedom Alliance).
She puts the globalists on notice that the top 10 in each country will be facing legal charges for suppressing information, banning or prohibiting known prophylactics and therapies, and marginalizing expert but divergent testimony.
There are Guardians, there are Angels, and the Globalists best re-calibrate:

From the HighWire, an actual scientist who explains what the vaccine does and why it is the wrong weapon for this war.  (hat tip to Brian S.)
Geert Vanden Bossche talks about how the immune system works.  There are “non specific antibodies” and “specific antibodies”.  The vaccine will cause our bodies to produce a specific antibody that will be ineffective against mutated versions of the virus.
But, that is not the real danger.
The real danger is the vaccine will compromise our natural immune response.   At the population level and the individual level, both levels, the vaccine will make people virus shedders, it will make each of us a production factory for the virus and it’s variants.
Further, on an individual level, you will lose the most precious part of your immune system – your innate immune antibodies.  The antibodies created as a result of the vaccine will out compete your natural system.  The problem is the vaccine antibodies are specific antibodies.  Our innate immune antibodies are non specific – they seek and destroy with the aid of our “NKT” cells (natural killer T cells).  Ergo, our immune systems will be neutralized, commandeered by the vaccine instruction set.
If you have any comprehension of the basic biology discussed here, this information should stop you in your vaccine loving tracks.
For the record, Joe and I weren’t the best or brightest in Biology 101, but it was fun cutting creatures open and staring
DVM Bossche insists that the science is as good as it gets in the year of our Lord 2021.  You read that right.  Mr. Bossche is a veterinarian.
Some folks discount his theory because he is not a human specific doctor.
Joe says it doesn’t matter where the truth comes from, but our culture does favor the man (or woman or other) with the most medals on their breast chest.
The open letter to the W.H.O. Dr. Bossche wrote can be found here.
Joe and I think it takes big balls to warn the world in the face of current cultural “norms” (we’ve accepted that phrasing, but it often refers to aberrational behavior).
We also think that humans are a big deal: we certainly like being one.
It would be a shame if the Progressive thinkers of the world rush to save us all, only to doom humanity by doing the wrong thing while doing good in the name of us all.
Come to think of it, wasn’t that sort of thinking part of “Mein Kampf“?
It takes special people to think they have a final solution.
Our advice is to read and watch and listen and research, and most importantly, THINK!
Thinking is hard work (George Bush II comes to mind as we write).
If enough people think hard, there is a good chance truth will emerge:

If you are unsure about the vaccine solution to a non problem, but feel pressure from the main stream (media, government, “health authorities”, “friends and family”) to participate in the largest guinea pig ensemble ever imagined, watch the following.
Yes, it is biased.
Joe and I are biased, too.
Because research.
A graphic from the video –

This summary of some of what is known is a broad overview.
You might want to watch and listen carefully, take notes, then do some research of your own:



The Land Down Under
Great Scott!
We have never seen so disgusting a sight as the plague happening in the land of our dreams.
Joe and I cannot process what we are seeing in this video:

We hate mice.
We hate the smell of their little furry bodies.
We hate the stench of their piss.
We hate the sight of their turds and urine stains.
We don’t care that mouses are a food source for snakes and owls and other fanged hunters.
Joe is breaking out in hives.
Disney can have the little bastards.
How in the wide wide world of sports can you kill off so many mices?
We will officially have nightmares about this…..


Tucker Carlson
Joe and I have watched Mr. Carlson for two decades.
We first saw him as half of the “Crossfire” show on CNN in 2001 – we were attracted to his passion and logical analysis.
We also like that he has Libertarian leanings.
He is on Fox News.
His perspective is not always conservative, but always family oriented; i.e. what is good for you and your family.
The following video excerpt is from his daily show “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.
Joe thinks his time at Fox is growing short.
We both enjoyed this uniquely Tucker string of critiques, especially of Tony Fauci.
We chose BitChute because there is a good chance the video will be available for a while (not like Ub2b):

Another from Tucker where he absolutely roasts the Woke Progressive Lefty operatives trying to limit your choice, your freedom, your right to make informed decisions.
Joe and I think Mr. Carlson is the only voice in the main stream cable crowd who hits a raw nerve of the retarded left every single show.
Chosen from Rumble, because Ub2b sucks the big one:



Anticipatory Compliance
Bill Whittle explains the meaning of the above term in relation to what is currently happening in Western culture.
The pot is coming to a boil:


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman has spruced up the production of his show.
The content remains consistent.
This is a good thing:


Rex Murphy (RexTV)
Our favorite historian Victor Davis Hanson has a conversation with Canada’s own Rex Murphy.
Two people Joe and I listen carefully to whenever they speak or write:


Joe’s Garage

Desalination – Solar Dome
The technology of desalination is a subset of the processes required to separate dissolved substances from solution.
Typical desalination plants consume large quantities of energy, typically fossil fuels or electricity.
The following video is a discussion of how to make industrial quantities of fresh water from sea water by using sunshine, unicorns, lollypops, and no fuel.
Joe says it’s a wonderful concept, but we’re still waiting for a flying car:

Space X Milestones
Private / commercial milestones in space continue to be established by non governmental entities.
Nice to see.
Joe and I are vicariously living again our youthful fantasy of being Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.  Up until puberty screwed us up, that was our big dream:

A short video of SN15 launching and LANDING!!!
This is big time stuff:

The evolution (progression) of starship (SN–) development and testing:

A modern “miracle” material.
10 X stronger than steel, it is the strongest material on Earth.
Works at one molecule thick!
What is the holdup?
Well, like all miraculous materials, a bit of wizardry is required to produce commercial quantities at a price that makes it economically feasible.
This video is from May 2020, produced by Undecided with Matt Ferrell:

From last year, here is a quick overview of how graphene is produced, and what the drawbacks are to mass production.
The introduction of graphene in commercial products will begin the next technological age, the Graphene Age.
Here is an update from “The Limiting Factor” from July 2020:


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