Sunday Rant – 1621


Joe’s Comment – What could the above sentiments have in common?  I say they exemplify the greatest part of individuality.  The number of clever, witty, thoughtful, and free thinking people who create these treasures is a blessing!  This level of sarcasm, irony, and humor is available 24/7 on the Internet.  The few examples I posted above tickled my fancy, as did the many below the fold.
I wonder: how many more excellent folks are there who don’t post to the Internet but have these marvelous insights?
When I come near the edge and think I’m losing control of my behavior, all it takes is a few minutes (OK, OK, more like a couple of hours) on the Internet to defuse my counter-productive tendencies.  It is addictive!   The brilliance of humanity is scattered everywhere, for all to see (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher).
Personally, I’m still working on my first cartoon.  It has taken 72 years.
That might be the punch line…..



CORONA Ad Nauseum
Joe and I have some desk time today (Saturday) – it is an auction day at our favorite on-line auction house – Dodd’s Auction, in Vernon BC.
Why our favorite?
‘Cause it’s in our home town (don’t need shipping or cartage costs on top).
On line auctions are fun: you needn’t dress up or go anywhere except to your computer to guard your bids and defeat the evil snipers.
Which spares up time for a Joe and Dave summary of what we personally believe is known….. about the dread pirate COVID.
Facts we know from data:
–  it ain’t a pandemic, by definition
–  “normal” flu deaths have mysteriously dropped to near zero
–  the “virus” hasn’t yet been isolated
–  the PCR process does NOT test for illness – inventor Dr. Kerry Mullis
–  no one is dialing in the influence of the aging Baby Boomer population
–  if you are elderly you are more susceptible – especially with “preexisting” medical issues
–  young people and children are virtually immune (barring preexisting etc.)
–  the use of vitamin D3 and hydroxychlorquine has been very successful as a prophylactic and treatment around the world – banned in North America (???)
–  N95 and lower “masks” do NOT stop viruses, but they DO have negative health effects
–  any one of the “vaccines” does NOT guarantee immunity
–  adverse effect data is mounting: stop vaccinating orders in various countries
–  politicians are NOT doctors
–  good people are being harmed irresponsibly and coercively by bumbling bureaucracy
What to do?
Watch the following two videos for starts.
First, Dr. Ryan Cole explains what we know as science about COVID:

Second, Dr. Ryan Cole explains (a few weeks later) what we know about the law, the risk, the factors involved:

If you watch both of these videos, you will know that what is happening is not a “vaccination” – it does not meet the definition of vaccine.
If you still think taking a chance (natural immunity 99.98% vs 95% with vaccination) with this “investigational study” and you have watched the above videos, good luck.  You are taking a chance that you need not take.
Instead, make sure your vitamin D levels are sufficient – take a supplement if not.
Ensure your magnesium and zinc levels are sufficient – take a supplement if not.
If there is an onset event that tests positive, find a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin.
It’s the immune system, stupid!
One last thought.
The cowards who are mandating children must wear a mask are guilty of child abuse.
Joe and I hope to live long enough to see them punished.
Who will save the children?


Dr. Eric Berg
Joe and I have been watching videos from Dr. Berg for quite some time, and as recently as Sunday Rant – 0221.
I watch Dr. Berg, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Robert Cywes, Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Jason Fung, and many others trying to understand just exactly what diet makes our “mature” body perform at maximum.
Knowing damn well that our 72 year old maximum is a far cry from our younger year outputs.
Here is Dr. Berg with some excellent information about fasting (also Dr. Fung’s specialty):


Joe’s Garage

Australia Gear Heads
The following video is mainly a discussion about building a Ford “Barra” in-line six cylinder engine for high output.
In this case, the high is outstandingly high: approaching 2000 hp!
The Barra I-6 is 4.0L in displacement.
The engine is on the dyno at Dandy Engines, Carrum Downs, AU.
Frank Marchese is the engine builder.
Joe says automotive performance in Australia is alive and well!:

Here is another Barra video.  Joe included this one because the car and engine are basically stock.  It has an aftermarket crank and rotating assembly, and a big, nasty turbo.
It produces in excess of 1,300 rear wheel horsepower from 4.0L.
Joe and I love us some Australia!:

Otter Madness
Is nothing sacred?
Furry little fellas that eat shellfish and crabs and float on their backs with stomachs as rafts for babies.
Cute as can be.
And killer, too.
This video is about giant otters, and their kin.
Joe and I are amazed, impressed, and totally aware that Mother Nature® is a mother, no doubt.
Joe is fearless, but I won’t be swimming in the ocean ever again:

That’s right, we said it!
Although we didn’t say watop man, which should earn us some credit.
Joe and I stumbled upon an amazing Ub2b channel named “We Are Top“.
We will literally watch most of these incredible videos about the animals and plants in the world, because most of the information is unknown to Joe and me.
The following is an example.  We have never EVER seen a deer eat a bird.
Joe says that’s a gaggable moment.
Would that be Bambizilla?  Or Deerkong?
And look at that friggin’ goose.  Is there no safe harbor anywhere?:

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