Sunday Rant – 1321




Joe’s Comment:  A big huge giant thank you to David S., for resurrecting this website today.  During the week there was a Firefox update.  Our login to Droveria no longer worked.  Were these events related?  Not sure, but everything we tried to recover administrative access was SNAFU.
You can surmise which of the above cartoons was me in action, and which cartoon depicts David’s ability.
Thanks David!  Couldn’t do it without you.


The Tytler Cycle
The Scottish people had a century and more of maximum overdrive.
Great scientists, great philosophers, great economists, and at least one great judge, Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee.
Lord Woodhouselee was no fan of democracy.
Joe says that makes him a BFF!
Mr. Tytler was also an historian.
His studies of early civilizations which shouted Democracy! over the objections of the masses AND the elite led him to believe there is a natural cycle in the growth and decay of any society which implements this odd form of governance.

The words of the great man –
A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.
The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”
When you hear politicians blathering on about “Democracy!”, you know they are lying evil weasels.  Even a so-called “Republic” cannot remain untarnished by the base nature of Man (and woman, if you must).
Back to the Tytler Cycle – Joe and I find this to be extremely interesting and pertinent.
One curiosity we have is how many phases can occur in a single generation, a lifetime?
Joe says World Wars I and II could be described as a struggle against the Bondage phase.
Some we have read say the West is now deep in the Dependence phase, and all is lost.
However, we believe that nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is written in stone.
Red Pill vs Blue Pill.
Woke vs Joe and me (some great definitions in the comments at the above link).
SJW vs Mud Pecker (Joe and me, again)
We have observed that our foundation belief that “most folks will make a good choice if given enough facts, data, and truth” needs review.
Because human nature.
Logic works in a logical world.
As Thomas Sowell says “an expertise in one field is exactly that” (OK, we paraphrased – sue us!); just because you are a terrific singer doesn’t make you a good drywall hanger.  You might be, but one is not a condition of the other.
The latest bullshit from Kbec is so outrageous as to defy every foundational principle of the Western Civilizations – all children must comply because even one case of ChinkFlu transmitted by a child is too much!)
The latest bullshit from Europe is equally outrageous.
Trick question –  how many people died of tuberculosis in 2020?
Trick answer – more than one!!!
In previous rants we have pointed out that approximately 158,000 people die in the world EVERY SINGLE COTTON-PICKING DAY!
Humans are social animals.
The Progressive asshats have finally realized if people are denied the necessity of socializing, it all collapses economically, socially, culturally, and any other “ally” that walks, talks, or crawls (swims too).


Joe and I are most definitely “racists”.
How could we NOT be racist?
We are white.
We are male.
We are heterosexual (fuck off with the “cis” shit).
And we like other white people!
Joe says if the left is right (that’s punny!), when we die we are going straight to hell.
I say probably, but not ’cause we’re racist.
We are going to hell because we never learned to play a musical instrument, or sing, or dance.
Just look at these folks (not Hollywood, not celebrities).
Close your eyes and listen.
Simple, clean, absolutely delightful.
The real kicker of this particular tune is the title: it is called “Indian on a Stump”.
We’re ALL going to Hell!:

We’re not finished making our point.
What is that word in the music video below?
Is that word “tit”?
What in the world would inspire a tit to galop?
Man oh man, the train to Hell is getting full!:

Across the pond to Ireland.
Same folks we reckon, because it is the same music.
Remember, the first slaves in the Americas were Irish (excluding all the indigenous hi-jinks, of slavery, genocide, and especially the torture).
Same music because it just may be these are the progeny of the same people.
Same simple rhythms, happy faces, joy and peace.
They be mud peckers says Joe:

Here is the queen of the mud peckers.
Another heroine to Joe and me.
You don’t have to be Vlad the Impaler to be successful:


Dr. Shawn Baker
Another week of excellent motivation from Dr. Baker.  This is Wednesday, March 24:


Social Media Addiction
Joe and I have a mobile phone somewhere.
We saw it as recently as just before Christmas.
It was in one of our vehicles, but has since gone missing.
That’s quite common.
We get approbation from some – they admire our courage to NOT BE CONNECTED, even though their phone is always on their person: when it summons, it takes precedence over whatever is happening.
Joe and I answer the “land line” when near the phone.  Otherwise, leave a message.  We check for messages almost every day.
Others bitch a fit.
Apparently Joe and I must be accessible every moment, every day, even at nighttime.
We don’t understand the calculus……
Here is a short story about Sarah.  Social media dependency is nefarious, and runs deep:


Joe’s Garage

Faster Than….
Joe and I made our living in the analog and digital multiplexer world for many years, working in the engineering department of Okanagan Telephone, BC Telephone, and TELUS.
Electronics is the fastest game there is – top speed is that of light (almost).
We like to keep an eye on the latest and greatest developments in our areas of interest.
High speed transmission is key to broadband spectrum.
In August of 2020, a very bright engineer, Dr. Lidia Galdino, a Brazilian native, managed a world record in transmission speed.
Working at the University College of London (that’s in Jolly Old Anglais!), she and her team were successful in transmitting (and receiving) at the astounding rate of 178 terabits per second.  Tera is 1,000 times faster than Giga.  Giga is 1000 times faster than Mega.  Mega is 1,000 times faster than Kilo.  Kilo is 1,000 times faster than 1 cycle per second.  A quote from the link –
Galdino’s team used amplifiers to improve the way light carries data through fibre-optic broadband. By using a greater range of colours than that typically deployed in fibre optic, the bandwidth increased.
On a test in a 25-mile loop around the laboratory in Bloomsbury, London, a speed of 178 terabits a second was registered. That’s equivalent to 22,250 gigabytes a second—or, given the average film is 1.5 gigabytes, 15,000 films in one second.”
Get that, Sparky?
Fifteen thousand movies in one second.
According to current understanding in physics, that is approaching the theoretical maximum transmission speed that is possible.
The work of Dr. Claude Elwood Shannon predicted that information (data) had an upper limit.  Dr. Shannon’s wife and work partner Betty Shannon (nee Mary Elizabeth Moore) was involved in much of his research and discoveries.
Heroes and heroines all.

De Boat, Boss!  De Boat!
What to our wondering eyes did appear,
A magnificent cluster fuck in the Middle East, so severe!
Never was given a care or a thought
‘Til a boat named Ever Given gave the canal a big clot.
All the Kings horses and all the King’s men,
Couldn’t float de boat off the shore again!
Quacky-doodle they cried, while wringing their hands,
The world will end! screamed the big money men,
But us mud peckers know who will pay in the end.

Joe and I can’t help but laugh and snort and wheeze….
These are the same donkey cocks who believe they can change the climate, or put out a forest fire, or stop a deluge and flood.
A classic example of the audacity of humans to underestimate the possible severity and impact of chaos when the three conflicts (man vs man, man vs nature, man vs himself) join forces to deal a hand not anticipated.
Think Titanic.
Think Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
Think Exxon Valdez.
We watched a number of videos, trying not to laugh to hard.
Here are two we thought quite informative.
First, an analysis that identifies the truly ginormousness of this floating monstrosity:

The second is a semi-serious look at whom will pay for this FUBAR event:

Sorry to be a spoiler, but if you don’t know who is going to pay for this arrogant unnecessary and dangerous caprice, Joe and I will tell you…..
The bottom of the food chain will pay.
The poor, the stupid, the truly disadvantaged, those struggling to get by; these are the holders of the broken promise IOU that can never be collected.
Us mud peckers will pay, for we can’t not pay.
And life goes on….

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Sunday Rant – 1221


Joe’s Comment – Ah!  The vagary of aging!  I’m finding that a sunny Spring day more than compensates for all the bits that are failing, are failed, and those which soon shall.  There is no equivalent feeling to the warm Spring sun on your face in the morning.  Big smiles!  Grinning like the oldsters racing to the bottom in the David Sipress cartoon above, there ain’t nothing like being alive…..
Happy Spring to one and all!


Safety Engineers
What yer seein’ here is the early years of several budding safety engineers.
Or maybe one safety engineer and one doofus.
On second thought, two doofii (doofuses?)
You are seeing an experiment on the protective ability of a snorkel mask.
Joe and I have been there, along with the 37 other wackos in our head.
Thank doG we weren’t able to hurt ourselves as much as we deserved.
Our conclusion?
We all start life on the Blue Pill side of the equation.
All emotion, dreams, fantasy, feelings (lots of feelings), and wishing.
A lifetime of trial and error, failure and break even, two steps ahead and one back, that’s what puts hair on your dreams and feeds you the Red Pill.
It’s easy!
All you have to do is stay alive long enough to know how damn lucky you were!:



Ode to the Irish
Joe and I like the idea of Ireland.
And we like the idea of the Irish people.
The first slaves in North America.
Is it coincidence that St. Patrick himself was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave – or was it more common an occurrence in  the past than we admit.
The past, not forgotten, gives lessons on how the world was, how it became what it is, and an idea of how it could be.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day all you lovely Irish men and women!
Beautiful brunettes and stunning red heads.
There are some men there too.



Virus vs Mask
Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson, neurologist, neurophysiologist speaks.
Dr. Griesz-Brisson talks about oxygen deprivation and masks in a video.
Unfortunate for us, we do not speak German.
Thanks to Claudia Stauber, we watched this ad hoc translation video.
Quoting our narrator’s interpretation of Dr. Griesz-Brisson:
Who’s responsible for this crime?
The one’s who want to enforce it?
Or the one’s who let it happen?
The one’s who play along?
Or the one’s who don’t prevent it?
Wake up Germany!
It’s not about masks, it’s not about viruses, and it is certainly not about your health.
It is about much, much more.  I’m not participating.  I’m not afraid Ms. Merkel.
I came from Romania, I survived Ceausescu.”
Joe and I have (so far) been able to function without a mask in our home town of Vernon, BC.
It isn’t getting easier: the teams are self selecting, and the stress is rising.
Our personal experience says those who walk and drive alone with one (or more!!) masks on their face might actually believe the government.
The government is NOT our doctor, nor is the government our leader, our superior, our commander, our dictator, and in general, is not particularly proficient at anything.
Au contraire, mon ami! as our Quebec brethren might utter with tongue planted firmly in the cheek (not such good the English): the government has very fundamental and limited functions, which they persistently refuse to perform to the benefit of all Canadians, while frittering away tax payer dollars by the billion on whimsical endeavors not endorsed by the public at large.
Joe and I (and the other 37 souls in our head) will be the arbiter of our health, and as much as we understand, our destiny:

Dr. Greisz-Brisson’s remarks have been transcribed.  You can read her address in English here, or here.
The Great Barrington Declaration , as of today (21 March21) has 819,768 signatories, of which 55,686 are medical professionals and the remainder are, like Joe and me (and the 37 other mutts in our head), concerned citizens of Earth.
As much as online declarations can influence or change anything, we heartily endorse endorsing this declaration (link here).
If nothing else, it will make it easier for the readers of the list to find and extinguish everyone on it.
On that paranoid and conspiratorial note, we move on, with objections expressed.


COVID Politics
Dr. Shawn Baker is the founder of
Joe and I believe him to be an island of sanity in a world gone mad.
Each morning he takes his dogs Sasha and Maximus for a walk while recording a short video for his followers.
Today (Wednesday – St. Patrick’s Day) his message addresses the political theater regarding COVID/virus shenanigans (a little Irish ref.).
It is no surprise that filthy lucre is at the end of the rainbow.


Dr. Baker Declares War!
This video is passionate.
Dr. Baker says some bad words to get his point across.
The government has no business telling you how to eat or what to eat.
The government at any level should include itself the fuck out of our lives.
Joe goes further and says the government has no business in business.
Wouldn’t it be loverly if they stuck to the task given them by the Constitution and the citizens who voted them into office?:

Wouldn’t it be loverly!:

A meme to describe my and Joe’s contempt for those who cannot do their own thing without preaching to everyone what they can and cannot do –

Meanwhile, being the little angels we are, the order of the day is to follow doctor’s orders (Dr. Baker’s of course) –
A thought to round out the thinking.  If meat is so bad, so evil, WTF? –
Saving the last word for John Cleese –


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s foremost ambassador doing what he does best:


Joe Biden’s Little Boy
Centuries ago, Greek philosopher Sextus Empiricus wrote:
The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind small.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow translated a poem by Friedrich von Logau (Göttliche Rache) thusly –
“Though the mills of God grind slowly; Yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience He stands waiting, With exactness grinds He all.”
In modern times, a coinage about justice rings the same –
The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.”
However, there is another phrase that is almost a corollary of this –
Justice delayed is justice denied.”
So what is it going to be?
Will justice or doG ever settle accounts with the Biden crime family?
Joe and I will quote Ludwig von Mises to salve our indignation and outrage –
According to the man being interviewed, Jack Maxey, the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2019, yet nothing negative ever surfaced.  Or was “leaked”.  Or was “whistle blower” revealed.  According to Mr. Maxey, the FBI suppressed information.
Watch and formulate your own conclusion (or opinion):


Joe’s Garage

Acceleration Tutorial
This video is old.
But the data and facts are not.
The adage is – how fast you want to go is directly proportional to the $$$ you have to spend.
The brute force method is awesome:

Jeep in a Box
In WWII a new vehicle was more like a Lego challenge.
Here’s how the venerable Jeep was delivered to customers in every Allied theater around the world –

The following video shows how some able bodied soldiers can disassemble and reassemble a Jeep in apple quick time.
They zoomed ahead in the parade to give themselves a 3 minute window:

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Sunday Rant – 1121


Joe’s Comment – Another year around the Sun.  Never thought I’d last so long.
Kinda getting used to being here.  Let’s see what another year brings!  I’ll have to settle down one of these days…..


Back on track with Quick Dick McDick, Saskatchewan’s greatest ambassador.
As you can see, the nanny’s at Ub2b have stuck their proboscus where it isn’t welcome.  Just click on the link in the link.
High time to suggest to QD that he move to Rumble, BitChute, Vimeo, AIR – anyplace but the place that won the game:


COVID Guideline Summary
This is the best, most concise summary of what you can and cannot do during this pandemic of almost insignificant magnitude:


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman is a Chuck Berry (playing guitar like ringing a bell).
The latest installment called “DC Versus America”.
Sourced from anywhere but Ub2b.
About time!:


Joe’s Garage

The GTO Story
Joe and I are not known for our love of General Motors products.
Maybe it’s the history of things, way back in the early 1900’s.
That old kak William Crapo Durant doing the money thing – his passion was $$$.
The Dodge brothers and Henry doing the gear-head thing – their passion was machinery.
Me no know.
Joe too.
However, we took on a project for friend Doug J. almost a year ago, a GM marque of excellence, a 1971 GTO convertible.
It started with can you get the top and the windows to work?
Even with a steady flow of cold beer, that task was only a couple of hours to complete.
Some days later, and some beers down, we (mostly Joe) made an agreement to wire the car.  That is, get the fuse panel working, the instrument cluster working, the lights and horn and signals working.
Me big chief electronics dude!
No problem……
Except it was a problem, a big problem.
The car hadn’t been licensed for about 20 years.
Some crack heads put it together.
Someone (no one is volunteering names) ran the transmission cooling lines from the transmission RIGHT THROUGH THE PASSENGER SIDE COIL SPRINGS!!! en-route to the radiator.
Trez chic!
The brake pedal swing arm had a rusty old bolt as a pivot, no nut, no fit, no good.
The steering column must be dropped or removed to get the dash out.  We bitched a fit (our forte – if we have one – is working on Ford junk), dropped the steering column, and discovered that we had been driving it around the yard WITH THE STEERING SHAFT NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERMEDIATE SHAFT!!!  Bongo-bongo.  Or is that bong.oh!bong.oh!
Days later, totally frustrated with tracing wires and checking connectors, and reading GTO/Tempest/LeMans circuit diagrams, we hadn’t got a damn thing on the dash to work!
After a whole bunch more hours, in frustration, Joe pulled the dash board out of the car.  It was the only way to remove the instrument cluster!!!!
The connector to the instrument cluster printed circuit was corroded.  There were no light bulbs in the dash at all.
The heater control was pooched, and the heater blower motor is hidden up against the firewall on the passenger side fender just where you can’t get to it from here – you must take the fender inner liner off to change the motor!!! (I don’t think three exclamation points are enough to convey our exasperation, but Joe says I’m a drama queen).  There was no diverter from the heater box to the defroster outlets.  Two out of three heater cables were kaput.
The fuse panel was corroded too.
The horn didn’t get here from anywhere.
The list was long and never ending.
Every time Joe thought he had a problem licked, an issue resolved, another problem or issue would kick him in the balls.  Very hard.
Many sore balls ensued.
Two final events showed Joe and me who was boss.
One sunny day, there was a very loud bang! heard throughout the neighborhood.  Several neighbors called, several came to the house, all thought something had happened to end our sweet sojourn on the blue planet, third from the sun.  Joe and I swore we didn’t know anything (we were in the house).  We came outside and looked around – didn’t notice a damn thing.  A few whiles later (thank you Donald!) neighbor Nancy and I were exchanging greetings when we noticed that the front right side of the GTO was a lot lower than the left.  On inspection, a 10 square inch chunk of the front right tire sidewall and tread was missing – it blew out so hard it bent the fender.  Joe never did find the chunk of missing tire.  We thought it prudent to check the other tires.  The average pressure was 70 psi.  Some fun Bambi!  We couldn’t blame it on the Bossa Nova – must have been the crack heads:

The final humiliation was Joe let me drive the riding mower.  Right into the passenger door of this ride from Hell.  Dana M. owns the car with Doug J.  Dana calls her “Scarlett”.  How appropriate.
We should have listened to Scott M. – he insists the car is evil and haunted.
Enough bitching.
Here’s a picture or two of the 8 month ordeal.
This is what we saw after wrestling the dash out –

This is months later (about 7 months later), all organized, all identified, ready for the dash to be installed –

This is one happy Joe Mekanic.  Just before installing the dash (in and out 4 times).  Joe kept asking why oh why would they ever build anything like this?
There were no reasonable explanations at hand.
Joe ponders….. was crack cocaine invented by GM? –

A picture of the dash in place the last time Joe will be installing it.  Burning bamboo splints under the fingernails would be preferable to dancing with Scarlett again –

Scarlett showing her best side.  Joe cried when she left.
Like that happened.
Joe drank a few beers and swore to make no deal ever again while drinking.
Like that will happen –

All in all, a regrettable experience.  Joe says we learned way too much about something that should never have been.  Time lost.
The best part (besides saying adios?) was the next vehicle in Brian’s Big Tent was our $20.00 CDN 1989 F150 4X4 e/w 351W and C6, getting a fresh oil filter and oil change.  We won her at Dodd’s Auction!
Now that put a smile on old Joe’s mug!

Trick Driving
Joe and I hate Hollywood “action” movies as a genre.
Steve McQueen did the penultimate car chase.
Hollywood keeps trying.
Here are a couple that Hollywood couldn’t orchestrate in a 1000 years –

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