Sunday Rant – 0721


Joe’s Comment – The Winter heebie-jeebies still have a hold on me.  The double digit below zero Celsius continues.  My mind says “Go!” but my body checks out.
The number of choices I make is fruitless; the wrong or unwanted choice is my forte.  I don’t know if I can force a solution, but the following cartoon from Marion Kamensky outlines my dream of a Spring break-through to quench my intellectual thirst –


Quick Dick McDick
Every Monday morning there it is, another Saskatchewan QDMcD sparkle of brightness to cheer a Canadian winter suffering fool.
Today’s episode celebrates the word “Nippy”.
According to the words of the tune, the fine folks in Saskatchewan are enjoying -40°C temperatures.
No argument from Joe and me.  That there is some nippy weather:


Fall of Civilizations
Joe and I wonder sometimes, about the ruins we have seen in person, or recorded on video or canvas or photo paper.
We wonder how such wonders so old were built.
In our darker reflections, we wonder how they crumbled into decay.
What happened?
Every once in a while, we wonder, is it happening now in the West?
The Ub2b channel Fall of Civilizations has an excellent series of documentaries that study how the mighty civilizations of the past fell to ruin (11 to date).
Following is Episode 1, “Roman Britain – The Work of Giants Crumbled”:


Biden ROI
The wonderful consequences of this new administration.
This young woman is a recipient of the flurry of “executive orders” and the crony appointments the Biden crime family has graced the U.S. of A.
The Big Boys got their way.
Big Pharma is back with a vengeance – anal rape without Vaseline.
My dear beloved left leaning friends, who precisely, does your preferred political bent favor?
Not the average mud pecker, not this distressed lady with an ill child:

In the dark recesses of your mind, how important do you feel?
How secure do you feel?
We’ve included the following meme before.  It is gaining veracity –


Joe’s Garage

Sir Stirling Moss (RIP)
In 1952, Stirling Moss won the Rheims Grand Prix in France driving a “C” type Jaguar.
The event was heralded around the world because this was the first race won by a car equipped with disc brakes.
The Dunlop company had been working with Jaguar to perfect what many thought a dangerous and foolhardy braking system.
Stirling lapped the entire field on his way to victory.
The next year, 1953, the Jaguar C Type ruled at Le Mans – finishing 1,2, and 4, lapping the entire field by 5 laps.
This video titled “The Racers That Stopped the World” documents the development and implementation by Mr. Moss, Norman Dewis, and many other dedicated individuals.
Joe and I owned a 1959 Mk.I Jaguar, equipped with 3.4L DOHC in-line 6 cylinder engine, featuring Dunlop disc brakes.  A bit ahead of the times for North America.  We watched this video for its historic information, and to hear those lovely Jags roar:

Here’s what our 1959 Mk.I Jaguar sedan looked like  –

Owning that wonderful Jag kinda ruined it for Joe and me for quite a few years –

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