Sunday Rant – 5220


Joe’s Comment – Winter is here.  A pair of BEK (Bruce Eric Kaplan) cartoons that capture my winter madness and cabin fever.  I’ve been out of sorts since the temperature dipped below zero Celsius and stayed there.  Attitude is paramount.  Lots of work to do, but dreams of hibernation intrude.  The Internet beckons…..
The way time is flying by, less than a week left in the year of buffoons.
Maybe 2021 will be just the ticket to get back to whatever it was I was doing before being so rudely interrupted.
Or not.
Cold weather can be a bummer.


Quick Dick McDick
Christmas spirit with a QDMcD sing-along.
Here’s QD with “Grain Haul”, sung to the tune of “Sleigh Ride“:


Blue Collar Logic
Jason Siler sees and reports.
Joe and I think he sees clearly, and reports very coherently.
Your mileage may differ, but it is obvious to us that the “Honest Elite” store where we can get new and improved politicians has bear bare shelves.
We shall now invoke (once again), Mark 12:17 “render unto Caesar……) with Joe’s amendment “render unto Joe that which is Joe’s”.
Our Libertarian leanings are quite clear and cogent – what we have is ours, not the property of the state.  The fruit of our labor is our fruit.
We yearn for a smaller government, less regulation, liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and all those little things that make life great.  One of the cornerstones of freedom of speech is an honest press.
Joe and I are a Pollyanna of the first order.
Much to our chagrin:


Steve Bannon says “there are no conspiracies, but there are no coincidences”.
A factory that produces ingredients (precursors – ATI’s – active pharmiceutical ingredients) for the manufacture of hydroxychloroquine has exploded in Taiwan.
The existence of viruses predates humans.
A successful virus is a permanent traveler (migrator? illegal immigrant? undocumented occupier?  hostile invader?), occupying a host long enough to trigger an immune response (notice of eviction? service of subpoena? SWAT team assault?) and escapes obliteration by reproducing, mutating, and moving on.
Ergo, a successful virus stays a step or two ahead of the sheriff AND leaves their host in an altered state, mostly not dead.
An unsuccessful virus may succumb to the sheriff and his deputies OR kill the host, thereby limiting future travel opportunities.
It is known from data that HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) is effective in the prevention and treatment of the scourge of the West, the dread pirate COVID-19.
There are methods and methodologies that have been developed (naturally and otherwise) to defeat any unconsciously clever non-sentient dangerous viruses.
Every person has their own laboratory “Skunk Works®” – an immune system.
Your body has a Rolodex file of every viral agent ever encountered in your system.  If a known virus is detected, the Sheriff & Co. are summoned.
When this internal system is successful, the host (our self) may not even know anything happened.  Full autopilot.
There is a catch.
If the virus is unknown, the immune system might not respond, or respond in an undesirable way that leaves the host altered for the worse or dead even…..
Which leads to the conniving ingenious voodoo that we humans do.
Some defenses to infection are man-made (woman made too) in the form of medicines and procedures, developed over years of intense study and data collection.  Which can lead to all sorts of chicanery, especially if politics are involved.
Which brings us full circle.
Who (or was it W.H.O.?) made us believe the dread pirate COVID-19 was a pandemic?
Why did the world react in unison?
How did the “science” get so SNAFUed?
(Joe’s note: SNAFU colloquially means “situation normal, all fucked up”).
Our suspicion is political winds were at gale force around the world, for the machinations of “Orange Man” were bearing poisonous fruit for certain powerful entities.
Remember, there are no conspiracies but there are no coincidences.
The vaccine farce, although an epic and successful endeavor to bring a product to market in apple quick time, will prove a monumental waste of time, money, and talent.  The natural itinerary of viruses (virii? virusi?) is: travel – infect – reproduce – mutate – travel.
Too much coincidence; too much food for conspiracy.
Joe and I are sure there is a legitimate explanation for the factory destruction.
I.e., increased production at the Taiwan plant resulted in compromised procedures which precipitated an unsafe and dangerous action, culminating in a fire…..  Or maybe people were balking at taking a vaccine: don’t trust the government, don’t trust big pharma, don’t believe in Bill Gates……
You are right.
We can’t think of a good explanation.
But now that the “Office of the President Elect” (a total fabrication – no such entity exists in the Constitution) is established, and sleepy Joe, the captain of the ever hopeful new Ship of Fools is blathering with confidence and quasi-authority, all of a sudden HCQ is legit and in demand.
Is that a coincidence?
Or a conspiracy?
Joe and I are developing a headache.
And an immunity.


An interesting conjoining of two worlds in this video.
The old “immovable object” meeting the “irresistible force”.
Some people think.
Some people won’t (think).
At the risk of exacerbating more hubris maximus Joseph Mekanicus (more “I told you so”), most folks can reach a sane logical conclusion given all the facts and data available.  And therein lies the problem, ’cause most folks ain’t all folks.
That still leaves some folks.
What can you do with some folks who can’t see what is clearly there to see.
The following video is from Brian (last name ?), creator of
Brian has cleverly presented facts and data that are contradictory, yet all of the facts and data come from the same authorities.
As the Messicans say (hat tip to Tommy Lee Jones – Lonesome Dove), ¿Qué pasa?
What is pasa-ing is a political cyclone, origin unsure, hell bent on destroying the financial and industrial heart of the West.
Joe says someone must pay for this travesty.
I suspect it will be those mud peckers who survive this political blitz:

We grabbed a couple of graphs from the video that define the crux of the argument.  You can see the Power Point Presentation (the first graph – Influenza Burden) at this link

The data shows that influenza is a constant killer, in numbers an order of magnitude higher than COVID.  This is not to diminish the lethality of COVID, but to point out that there isn’t a pandemic.  Hell, the so-called virus hasn’t been isolated to date.  In previous rants we posted government graphs which indicated year-to-date deaths are normal.
Joe asks the question.  If influenza deaths are normal, and year-to-date death rates are normal, where oh where has that little dread pirate COVID gone?
The second graph is data from 2017 regarding the relationship of tuberculosis cases and deaths.  (COVID is a viral infection, tuberculosis is a bacterial infection).  Clearly, TB is orders of magnitude higher in cases vs deaths, yet it is not considered a pandemic.  Not askin’.  Just sayin’.

Conclusions are many and conflicting.
There are now legions of doctors and research scientists in opposition to the official government procedures and proclamations.
The “Great Barrington Declaration” now has over 750,000 signatures, over 50,000 health professionals and scientists.
If any of our writing makes sense, go to the link and add your name.
One last graph to support the argument – there is NO PANDEMIC –



Vitamin D3
This “vitamin” is a hormone.
It has so many vital functions in the human body that the complete roadmap of vitamin D3 usage and functionality is incomplete.
This vitamin / hormone is a multi purpose substance that has a complex interaction with many components of the human body.
The following excellent discussion of vitamin D3 as a COVID therapy and prophylactic that has a demonstrated record of success in this application.
Professor Roger Seheult, MD, is interviewed by Kyle Allred, Producer and Co-Founder of


Cancer Code
Dr. Jason Fung discusses his new book with Dr. Ken Berry.
Joe and I pay attention to these two men.  They (and others such as Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Robert Cywes, Dr. Richard Dawkins, journalist Nina Teicholz, self experimenter Mikhaila Peterson, and many more) were instrumental in me losing 70 pounds physically, and who knows the equivalent in mental gymnastics trying to understand “medicine” and the human body.
Joe says outside of our interest in beautiful intelligent capable women, our life has been a carefree and ignorant romp through time, totally oblivious to what is healthy.
The following video is a discussion between Dr. Ken Berry (once a morbidly obese low energy general practitioner) and Dr. Jason Fung (a Toronto kidney specialist who has been enormously successful in reversing diabetes type II patient’s illness).
Dr. Fung’s new book, The Cancer Code, is a fresh look at the mechanisms of how  cancer develops and invades a cell.
The difference between a eukariotic cell and a prokaryotic cell is central to the argument.
They are talking about a paradigm shift in understanding the genisis of cancer. Spoiler alert – if this theory is valid, each cell in our bodies has the DNA / genetic code to produce a variety of cancers. The cancer “seed” is already there. The “soil” is a controllable variable. The controllable variable is nutrition and life style.
Very interesting food for thought:


Joe’s Garage

Chuck Yeager
Chuck Yeager died on December 7th, 2020, 79 years to the day after Pearl Harbor.
He was a few months short of 98 years of age (born February 13th, 1923).
He became a test pilot after World War II and was the first man to exceed the speed of sound in an rocket powered aircraft.
An amazing life:

An interview:

Ford FE Series
The Ford-Edsel engine series began in the late ’50’s with a 332 displacement.
This engine did service in Ford cars, light and medium duty trucks, marine applications, and industrial applications.
It also won LeMans overall, and was competitive in all motorsports.
News flash – it still is competitive.
Lots of folks think this engine series is obsolete.
It is true the FE series cannot meet current government pollution requirements.
But to consider the FE series non competitive or incapable of producing reliable durable power just ain’t true.
Here’s a story from Survival Motorsports about their 433 FE engine they ran in the Hot Rod Magazine sponsored Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge two years in a row (2013, 2014).
The engine was used in a drag racing vehicle after the 2013 competition, then re-entered in the 2014 competition.  Minor changes and adjustments were required to meet the competition rule changes for 2014.  After a year of racing, and over 200 dyno runs, it produces over 600 dependable horsepower at the flywheel:

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Sunday Rant – 5120


Joe’s Comment – Wiley Miller is an accomplished cartoonist.  He balances cynicism and vitriol quite handily.  And so it goes…..
These two drawings illustrate a common problem in the world today.
I’m often angered because the “law” and “the right thing to do” seem at odds.
And when your perception is schooled by reality, that’s what they call peripeteia.
For the movie buff, this sort of alarming jerk to your senses, dragging you into a real reality, is akin to the final scene in “Vanishing Point”.  Reality exists, if only in the real world:


Merry Christmas!
Joe and I are on the 5 day countdown to Christmas.
We hope everyone has a safe and joyous holiday.
There will be time ahead to continue the struggle.
We suggest some R & R is well deserved.
Lord knows the bull shit and misery will be there when we get back to it.
2020 has been a cornucopia of crap.
Our fearless leaders and moral guides have defined a new low.
As Chubby Checker said, how low can you go?:

It seems the people who should know better don’t, and they took Mr. Checker’s question as a challenge.
This year, the antics of government and authorities reminds me of an exasperated parent disciplining an unruly child – not with logic but authority.
Do as I say (with no logical authority)!
No good comes from such idiocy (but every parent, sooner or later, goes there).
Here’s hoping that everyone can put the troubles of the world in perspective during this holiday season.
Enjoyment and appreciation of what you have may be difficult this year, but each of us has blessings to count.
Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” is worth reading.
The second verse seems pertinent to what many have experienced this year –
If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;   
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;   
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:”
Here in Droveria things will go on as they always do.
It will be a celebration of family and friends, and thanks to doG, for family and friends are the most important things in life.
And eggnog with rum is in there somewhere, too.
Best wishes to everyone everywhere!


Conrad Black
Mr. Black is an educated man.
His view of the travesty engineered by the Supreme Court of the United States last week is well worth the read.
The SCOTUS used a technicality to avoid hearing a  lawsuit from Texas, concerning the conduct of the legislators of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin during the 2020 presidential election.  17 additional states thought the matter of such importance that they joined with Texas.
SCOTUS decreed Texas had no “standing“.
Even a mud pecker like Joe and me can see this is a frivolous charge.
Mr. Black’s opinion in the Epoch Times here.
If Joe and I understand his argument, the power of government in the U.S. of A. rests with an ingenious triumvirate, three allocations of authority: the judiciary (courts), the executive (president), the legislature (Senate, Congress).  If one or more branches of the government renege their responsibility, the balance of power is no longer balanced.
Ambitiously cunning individuals are difficult to keep in check.
If that isn’t a definition of most politicians, make up your own.
Our point is if they are not honestly motivated great damage can be inflicted in the system, for any imbalance will not auto-correct.  There are no vacuums in power.
A quote from Mr. Black’s article –
If the Supreme Court and lower courts won’t exercise their full responsibility, the judiciary ceases to be a coequal branch of the government, the Constitution cannot function, and the political direction of the country is determined in an increasingly lawless contest between political factions in the executive and legislative branches, with no determining regard to the legality of their conduct.
The role of the judiciary is then demoted to being fought over for the criminalization of policy differences—it then ceases to be just a matter of legislating, but of driving the opponent from office after a partisan conviction of “high crimes,” a term that can be redefined to suit the occasion…..
…. This may all seem a bit remote, but when the Supreme Court creates a vacuum by abdicating as it did last week, the vacuum created doesn’t cozily await the return of justice; the vacuum will be filled by the power-accretive politicians in the legislative and executive branches and there will be no one to mediate or arbitrate between them.
The judiciary’s task is to assure that the Constitution is upheld. If it doesn’t play that role, the Constitution won’t be upheld. The United States could ultimately replicate Rome, where 22 of the 30 emperors elevated between Tiberius and Diocletian died violently. Presumably, there have been, in these 17 centuries of intervening decadence, enough refinement of political thought and practice, that hasty departures from the presidency won’t be violent.”
Joe and I are quite certain that the entire first term of Donald Trump was an example of Mr. Black’s analysis, up to and including the post election turmoil.
Joe and I are mystified that this isn’t worthy of front page news.
Collective good be damned.


Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
This retired doctor has worked around the world for 50 years.
From his perspective, the PCR testing is invalid.
Masks are invalid.
Social distancing is invalid.
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is willing to confront anyone saying anything different with facts and data, including Dr. Fauci, the waffling White House spokesman.
A quote from Dr. Bhakdi –
Implementation of the current draconian measures that are so extremely restrict fundamental rights can only be justified if there is reason to fear that a truly, exceptionally dangerous virus is threatening us. Do any scientifically sound data exist to support this contention for COVID-19? I assert that the answer is simply, no.
The link (above) with his name has Dr. Bhakdi’s letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel with 5 important questions for all to see.  The letter is dated March, 2020.
Joe and I have scoured the Internet for information and data re: the dreaded pirate, COVID.
This doctor makes sense, as do the dozens and dozens of professionals who have tens of thousands of patients in their data collection.
Dr. Bhakdi co wrote the book “Corona False Alarm?” with Dr. Karina Reiss.
We’ve included three videos of Dr. Bhakdi.
As my mama used to say, David you never know.
We’ve come to appreciate her adage, and we use our excellent research team to get to the heart of any topic.
You can bet that’s what we tell all the girls:

Cases don’t equal infections.

Remember what Kary Mullis said?  He invented the PCR test, which was never intended to prove illness.  The PCR test is a multiplier.

Laura Ingraham of Fox News interviewed the good doctor, and he shocked the audience by saying if you take the vaccination, you are doomed:

Dr. Bhakdi says there is little or no science involved in the government over-reaction to this virus, which doesn’t meet the definition of “pandemic”.
Joe and I take his word for it.
This time, Occam’s Razor isn’t applicable.
Virology is a complex multi faceted study.
We’ll leave it this week with a cartoon from Wiley –



Fight for Trump
Joe and I stumbled into this video while surfing the Web today.
The entire world is watching what (if anything) happens.
January 6th, 2021 will be an interesting day all around the world:


Comedy Hour
Joe and I like to laugh.
We had never heard of Ross Bennett until we clicked a wee click on Ubee2bee, and proceeded to laugh until our eyes were moist.
What great medicine!
Mr. Bennett has been a comedian for long enough to call this performance “Old Person Voice”.
That is what caught our attention:


Joe’s Garage

Quick Dick McDick
The “Saskatchewan Substitution” isn’t unique to Saskatchewan.
Joe and I have 6 tool boxes full of tools, but can never find the tool we need.
We do SS, too.
QDMcD is taking a break for a few whiles (thanks Donald) to reset and destress.
A great ambassador for Canada and the fantastic province of Saskatchewan:

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Sunday Rant – 5020


Joe’s Comment – Joe Dator is hilarious!
Each of these cartoons crack me up and make me think…..
The meaning is a personal reflection that changes with attitude, mood, ability.
I’ll have to check back tomorrow to see what changed.



COVID-19 Vaccine
Thanks to Brian S. for sending along the following testimonies from 33 people, most of whom are doctors, with a few journalists, and a nurse.
Joe and I did not know that the vaccine touted about and being implemented utilizes nano technology and synthetic DNA/RNA engineered components.
We are unclear as to the veracity of this approach.
The human DNA/RNA code sequences are the product of untold centuries and a googol equivalent number of mutations.
The net result is, on average, a creature that can reproduce, is conscious, cognizant, and can live for a span of 80 years, give or take.
It doesn’t sound like much in a 14.5 billion year old universe, but there it is…..
What happens if this natural experiment as old as life itself is paradigm-shifted with a mass influx of possible genetic material altering “medication”?
Joe and I see the outline of a (hopefully) science fiction genre, where the “super man” or “supra man” emerges from such a well intentioned implementation.  Of course, in the sci-fi novel, the good intentions are over shadowed by the reality of an unintended consequence – a genetic change which creates a smarter, stronger, more capable being, but it ain’t human anymore – it creates a monster!
Artificial intelligence be damned.
Supra and/or super humans?
We’d take our chances with AI.
We know how utterly monstrous humans are.
What clemency, what quarter, what mercy, at the hands appendages of the supersupra?
Once more the mud peckers are the guinea pig in the eternal laboratory of life, at the hands of their “superiors”.
Joe is afraid that this time our Nazi scientists WILL prevail:

Furthermore, the Senate testimony of Dr. Pierre Kory from St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center, Milwaukee WI, details the efficacy of IVERMECTIN (aka Stromectol, Soolantra, Sklice) as a prophylactic in the treatment of COVID-19.
From the link – “Ivermectin is currently being investigated as a treatment for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. The trials so far have shown ivermectin reduces the number of cell-associated viral DNA by 99.8 % in 24 hours. Further studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of this medicine in humans with COVID-19.”
Dr. Kory and his team’s assertion is a person CANNOT CONTRACT COVID-19 if they use this already FDA approved drug.
He backs his assertion with clinical data in a paper he and his colleagues collaborated to produce.

Seems like the vaccine creator business has the politicians in their pockets.
Joe wonders, if given a choice between taking known FDA approved treatments such as Ivermectin and / or Hydroxychloroquine which now have a proven track record of efficacy and safety, or a new, unproven and untested vaccine with nano technology and synthetic DNA / RNA components, novel and new approaches largely untested, whom would choose the unproven and untested path?
Certainly not us mud peckers.
We may be at the low end of the totem pole of society, but we certainly don’t consider ourselves “cannon fodder” for our Nazi Scientists©.
You know damn well every country and culture has them – those willing to experiment on others for the “common good”, or “scientific advancement”.
Joe says let them go first (and second, et cetera, ad infinitum).


Website of the Week
Jim’s Blog has an excellent analysis of the current corrupt state of the union in America, culminating with the 2020 election for president.
His analysis is a mix of knowledge of early recorded history and his perception of what has happened, what is happening, and what will inevitably happen.
All supported with logic and historical examples.
The Fall of the Republic
–  Where We Are and Where We Are Going
The Republic Died at 20-11-04
His contention is that the forces of evil, of incivility have been let run loose and wild without restraint.
A fatal grace.
With the country more or less 50-50 in either camp, the spineless politicians have been kicking the can down the road for so long long without tragic consequence that they failed to see the dead end ahead.
According to Jim, there is no way forward for the republic as is.
Joe and I remember Andrew Breitbart saying
We also remember Charles Krauthammer saying
From Jim’s Blog, an introductory paragraph to whet your curiosity –
Today in America it is the year in Rome fifty eight years before Christ. We are here. The mob is on the streets, which the courts decline to put down, courts and legal processes of the Republic politicized and defunct, carrying out political vengeance and refusing to enforce law, elections blatantly fraudulent and discredited.
Caesar crossing the Rubicon was the culmination of more Rubicons than you can shake a stick at. Before Caesar crossed the Rubicon, Clodius and Pompey crossed the Pomerium.
And before they crossed the Pomerium, Rome had the grossly dysfunctional courts, the undue process, and the rigged elections, that we have right now.
Soros and Hunter Biden are Clodius. Trump is Pompey, Cato, and Cicero. The Insurrection Act is the Senatus Consultum Ultimum.”
Some of the claims about malfeasance in history are clear.
Malfeasance in the current election, real legal or affidavit supported anomalies, similar curiosities, are being gathered on line in a crowd source manner.  The link is Here Is the Evidence.
Currently there are 1,327 entries.
Might want to check out this site before it disappears.
Joe and I can’t believe that this is not evidence.
Where the hell did we put that legal dictionary?


Viva Frei
Our favorite Canadian lawyer.
Joe says that is an oxymoron.
I rephrase.
Our favorite Canadian lawyer if we favored lawyers (which we do not).
A lawyer is an unfortunate gadfly circling about the body of law, seeking sustenance.  Much like a buzzard, with the exception that the law isn’t dead or dying.
C’est dommage…..
For reason that the law often makes political decisions, not lawgical decisions (see what we did there?).
Our distaste for lawyering runs deep with us (the profession wouldn’t be necessary if only the law was clear, i.e. “black and white”/logical, not 50 shades of gray).
Joe and I like a good argument for the same reason we like Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles – if you sacrifice the time you will learn something.
Bonus time if you learn something useful.
Our critique of senor Frei is he talks like Ben Shapiro (tiger turn to butter speed). Our admiration?
He is beyond Polyanna in his weltanschauung, for his enthusiasm about law, and he exhibits no discernible measure of schadenfreude toward bad actors.
An early Christmas rant from Viva Frei:

On Sunday evenings, Viva Frei and Robert Barnes knock the legal ball all over the court (see what we did there?).
Tonight’s livestream was very informative.  Lawyer Barnes has a depth of understanding re: the American Constitution, and American jurisprudence that is very impressive.
In this episode they discuss the Texas legal brief, and why the SCOTUS did not give it “standing” (cowardice), and the hundreds of millions of Americans they left at the altar.  An entertaining and informative video.
Joe and I watch these guys every week.
Maybe we don’t hate all lawyers individually and specifically.  Maybe it is we hate wasting good minds on legal crack:


Joe’s Garage

Ford Stationary Generator
Could it be the Ford Motor Company is actually listening to their customers?
Joe and I are outfitting (constantly) for various projects and work we do away from home.  Sometimes the entire truck load of tools and equipment must be replaced with a different set of tools and equipment, reliant on the proposed work.
Almost every job we discover that no matter how many tools we brought, the tool we need right now is still at home.
We are in need of a perfect work truck.
One constant for almost every type of work is electrical energy.
North American vehicles are almost all 12VDC standard with negative chassis ground.  Most corded hand tools are 120, a few 240 ACV.
With AC current, hand tools, welders, compressors and a myriad of useful appliances become useful timesavers.
Joe and I are constantly choosing between portable generator sets (how much power = how much weight / bulk), or various inverters that must be wired into the truck battery set.  Verily we say to you it is a pain in the nether region(s).
Check out this new Ford F150.
It supplies over 7,000 watts of 120/240 AC power!
You can reallocate the portable generator to standby status.
Simply pull up to the worksite, or park your camper / trailer / 5th wheel, and plug in to the truck.
Joe says that is better than sliced bread.  Even sliced rye bread.  That is saying a mouthful:

Opera Moments
Joe loves opera.
One of his favorites is Carmen, by Georges Bizet, first performed 1875.
Anyone who can hear and lives in a western culture has heard this music.
The following video features an opera soprano we adore – Maria Callas.
She sings “Habanera”, from Carmen.
She is a beautiful presence, and her voice is angelic.
To say nothing for her poise.
Her moniker was “La Divina” (the Divine One):

As Mike Haws said in the comments “Ok a French opera about Spain sung in French by a Greek national to a German audience.. It was superb!”
Joe adds Ms. Callas was born in America…..
In the following video she sings “Casta Diva” in the role of Norma, the druid priestess in Bellini’s opera “Norma“, first performed in 1831.
The jewelry she wore in this performance (1958, Paris Opera debut) was valued at one million dollars.
Joe doesn’t notice the glam.
He is mesmerized by the purity of her voice:

Her beauty is a cross of Audrey Hepburn and Anjelica Huston.
Her website is here.  Check it out.  Lots of divine listening, no advertisements!
Joe says if he could sing like she did, things would be different.
That Joe is a wordsmith to be sure.


Cancer Theory
Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Ken Berry share the current paradigm shifted theory of how cancer cells are “turned on”.
If Joe and I are understanding this theory, every cell in your body has the potential and the DNA/RNA capability of regressing to a self survival mode that promotes a cancer – one of literally hundreds that it could manifest from its own genome.
We might have to listen multiple times to get the drift.
This new theory explains a lot of cancer treatment failures:

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