Sunday Rant – 4320


Joe’s Comment – This image made me laugh out loud.  I’m 71 years old.  My idea of trouble is converging with what I imagine the young rebel in the picture might have in mind.  A cold glass of milk, some warm cookies, and an afternoon nap.
Big trouble!


Jordan Peterson
The great man returns.
Only time will tell if he is totally healed:


War Room: Pandemic
Steve Bannon interviews Rudy Giuliani in this tour de force centered around the Hunter Biden laptop revelations.
Once again, a Democrat caught in the spotlight with a hand in the cookie jar.
Once again, all question and interrogation is suspended, all allegations shrugged off, all revelations not reported.
Once again, substantial and immutable evidence and corroboration and depositions prove the case.
Once again…..
Joe says a wee bit of poetry is appropriate –
Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” – Sir Walter Scott:


Carbon Taxes
Joe and I love carbon dioxide.
If Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is laughing gas, then Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is “Life Gas”, for all life requires carbon dioxide.
Show me a politician and I’ll show you a tax law generator.
After all, someone has to pay the generous pensions of those “who have served”, even though the serving we got may not have been ample or enough….. or at all.
Joe and I point out that those who truly serve, those who put themselves in harms way to protect our way of life, are not the beneficiaries of generous pensions.
The political talking heads and the Dark Wing Duck bureaucrats take larger portions of the pension pie.
And so it goes.
Don’t get us started on the public hysteria surrounding carbon dioxide.
It should not be a surprise that taxing CO2 emissions has turned out to be a political windfall but a policy blunder – read here.
The Fraser Institute conducted the study.  They concluded that in advanced countries there was no net positive effect in meeting the objective of the “Carbon” taxes. “The reason, the study says, is that carbon taxes only work if they lower income and business taxes by an equivalent amount, replace rather than add to existing emission regulations and end alternative energy subsidies.
Read the article at the link.
Once again, the emotional need to do something, anything, to save the weeping widows from destitution and the raggedy-ass scrawny pickaninnies (now considered an offensive term) from starving has unintended consequences that outweigh the do-good do-goodery goodness graciousness.
In true “straw man logic” terms, none of this tax gibberish addresses the question: why is a carbon tax necessary?
CO2 is the life-blood of existence.
We need more, not less.
Stop cruelty to plants!


To Mask or Not to Mask
Joe and I have a short fuse for stupidity on parade.
If you are sick a mask won’t protect you or protect others from spreading or contracting whatever it is you or they are having a runny shit about.
If you are sick, keep your sorry ass home!
Flouncing around town with a mask on your mug, virtue signaling like a bright red baboon ass, indicates you are feeling more than thinking.
And who made you the arbiter of the emotional ease of others anyway?
Jesus mercy, Joe and I see people, righteous earnest sober people, driving around alone in vehicles with a mask on their face and fear in their eyes.
It makes a groan grown man weep.

Joe has used ratchet devices for a long time.
The cool aspect of a ratchet is it is incremental, with awesome mechanical advantage.
A 50 tooth ratchet gear is 360/50 = 7.2 degrees per click.
A 60 tooth ratchet gear is 360/60 = 6 degrees per click.
It follows that a 360 tooth ratchet gear is 360/360 = 1 degree per click.
Like the proverbial metaphor of the frog (toad?) in a pot of water who doesn’t notice the gradual heat increase until he/she/it is doomed, citizens also don’t notice the “click” as the ratchet of government, of authority, tightens, limiting your liberty, but more critically, relieving the individual of the responsibility to understand and moderate their individual behaviour to meet the prevalent conditions.
Control yer own damn life!
In the olden days, when something wasn’t right, the folks said to themselves and others, I must do something, we must do something.
That is, they took personal responsibility.
In modern days, when something isn’t right, the folks say somebody should do something.
C’est domage…..
Experts Clown Mask.jpg
Everyone we ask, who isn’t miffed by our questions, tells us they don’t want to wear a mask, but they feel they have no options, because their employers mandate wearing a mask as a condition of employment.  When we ask the business owners, they say that their business cannot keep the doors open unless they follow the government guidelines.
This is tyranny.  Fucking feeble and cruel and demeaning.
Food and shelter for most is gained by time serving others – the average mud pecker has little choice.
What the fuck does the government or the RCMP or the thugs or the security guard know about viruses?
From what we’ve seen, damn little.
What Joe and I tell folks is WE ARE NOT SICK!!!
What the fuck is not clear about that?
We add that were we sick, we would STAY HOME!!!
Imagine, if you will, a virus so deadly that no one knows they have it…..
Joe and I have discussed what to do if he gets sick and I don’t.
We were not in accord, but we did agree if does happen, the wheels have come off our personal bus….. but that is another subject altogether.
We ask people what would happen if a potato was jammed into the exhaust pipe of their vehicle.
Well, duh, they say.
We say same same with yer face.
The pretty little upturned nose holding your cheeks apart and your cute bee stung red lips are your lung exhaust pipes.
It is best to not hinder the efficiency of respiration, which in my humble opinion, is a blessed miracle, similar to the flight of a bumblebee.
About 158,000 people die every day on earth.
Do you really think those dead folks give one tiny shit what they died from?
Methinks no.
In the words of that drug addled fuckwit Jim Morrison, “no one gets out alive”.
Cheese and crackers…..
Here is some new information, not previously posted in this Sunday Rant.

Two government trained OSHA mask experts Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan tell all (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher):

These people are not wearing tin foil hats.
They are not saying that COVID / SARS class viruses don’t exist, nor are they saying it is not dangerous or deadly to one and all.
They are saying that the use of masks, including the revered N95, causes more harm than they prevent.
And from the “Technocracy News & Trends” website, more damning data in an article titled “Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary of the Science“.

There is ample evidence and data and statistical proof to be found, if only one had more than a passing interest.

However, all is not doom and gloom.
Indeed, there is ample proof that the COVID hysteria has had an unintended beneficial consequence – it has literally saved hundreds of thousands of lives.
How can this be?
Quacky-doodle, COVID is a world-wide pandemic!!! (three exclamation points means really really really!!!)
The short answer is We The People are not seeking hospital treatment.
Either by choice or by dictum, the hospitals are not being fully utilized.
The grim reality is death by doctor is a staggering statistic –
Sarah Hucklebee - Annual Deaths.jpgAn immensely important study by Dr. Barbara Starfield titled “Is U.S. Health Really the Best in the World?” focuses on medical practitioners, medical institutions, medical policies, and cultural influences that cause of death to many people in America.  Dr. Starfield has since passed.  Her work is largely ignored – much like whistling past the graveyard.
Journalist Jon Rapport talks about “The Medical Holicaust No One Wants to Expose“.
An average of 230,000 deaths per year in America by malfeasance at the hands of the hallowed institutions bound by the Hippocratic Oath is a mockery, a tragedy, a reality.
Let’s face it.  Doctors are on average not geniuses.  Most are high in empathy, perhaps above average (by a standard deviation or two) in intelligence, generally well meaning.
They are meat puppet mechanics, no more no less.
That is, sometimes they mess up; they are a wild card in managing risk.
We wouldn’t think of NOT having the marvel of modern medicine, but the “science of medicine” is not all knowing or infallible.
At best, lives are prolonged, not “saved”.
We all know and live with the risk, which is akin to driving a car, or drinking a beer, or smoking a cigarette.
However, when a politician is guilty of the same malfeasance, of betraying the solemn oath to defend and protect the public health, heads should roll.
Fuck Chicken Little and all his Doppelgängers.
Politicizing medicine and health is a dastardly deed.
When Joe and I go to a store or business, we refuse to wear a mask.
Sometimes we’re allowed in, and we conduct our affairs.
Sometimes we’re not, and we leave with our money in our pocket.
It is an inconvenience to NOT wear a mask.
Then we see more silly buggers driving around in a car or truck by themselves with a fucking mask on their face.
Jesus wept.
This is an IQ test.
The strong shall survive may not be Darwinian, and you couldn’t prove it by us.
We got in an argument with a mask wearing retard the other day – he was all masked up and buying cigarettes!
Jesus take us now…..
Jesus Loves You.jpg


Provincial Election
Joe and I voted on the 24th of October to continue the time honored tradition, the farce of choosing by “we the people”, our political elite, our fearless leaders.
We have had a cognitive rupture, a disconnect, a dissonance.
We used to think that almost all and invariably so, politicians were, as a class, lower than snake shit.
Joe says that was “wrong think”.
We now believe it is refreshing that in a nation of 35+ million citizens there are so few good choices, so few clearly capable leaders among the political “elite”.
Joe has concluded this is proof than Canada doesn’t have a cornucopia of berserk psychopaths who want to control others, who want to bask in the glow of power prestige and purloined pulchritude.
We’ve got a shit load of Casper Milktoasts….
What we saw was a ho-hum field with pathetic platforms and platitudes.
Makes us kinda proud to be Canadian!

The really good news is when we wrote this after 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturday night, we hadn’t heard the dread RCMP knock on the front door.
No salutation, no greeting of “you are under arrest!”
Yes my friends, Joe and I changed our behaviour.
We learned from our previous experience a few years back when an offhand remark landed us in gaol.
Instead of “uttering a threat” (a joke it was, Joe swears!), we merely speculated on what sort of Socialist agenda we were going to receive from our new overlords (or same old same old) – would it be an arm shoved up our ass, or merely a pinky tease and tickle?
No one seemed to know.
Joe and I are still walking and talking in freedom, Vernon BC style.
Ain’t Canada great?


Joe’s Garage
Julius Franklin Howell
The following is an interview with an American who fought in the civil war – Corporal Julius Franklin Howell.
He fought for the Confederate army.
The interview was recorded in 1947.
Mr. Howell died in 1948 at the age of 102.
Joe says if we are lucky enough to survive to that age, we hope to doG we are as cogent and awake as this man.
Mr. Howell does not believe the war was fought to “free the slaves”.
Nor do Joe and I:

This is a Case 150 (150hp.).
It generates over 5,000 of torque.
At zero rpm…..
Good grief!
Not at all shabby for a machine over 100 years old:

The same Case 150 (only one in existence) setting a record – pulling a 36 bottom plow.  They had to make the plow by joining 3 John Deere 12 bottom plows, because there just ain’t no such thing as a 36!
Joe says the old timers knew much more than the average bear:

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Sunday Rant – 4220


Joe’s Comment – There are some problems that you just aren’t designed to tackle.  You may not be aware there is a problem.  The old “unknown unknown”.
The dawning knowledge that you are in over your head or out of your depth must overcome the internal chatter of consciousness – i.e. you gotta communicate clearly, out loud, just what you think the problem might be.
Cognitive dissonance is a cold shower alarm bell that informs you that, once again, you are changing.
Despite your intention or desire…..


The Great Barrington Declaration
Joe and I can’t stress enough the illogic and immoral behaviour the governments of the world have engaged in the name of “pandemic”.
We have used the only platforms we can to spread some truth to offset the hysteria:
–  we talk to anyone who will listen
–  we talk in adverse or even hostile environments
–  our “Sunday Rant” is replete with data and information and reference
–  we comment on forums, add our name to lists, and sign (electronically) petitions
That is what this is about – read The Great Barrington Declaration and sign if you agree.  A quote from the declaration –
As immunity builds in the population, the risk of infection to all – including the vulnerable – falls. We know that all populations will eventually reach herd immunity – i.e. the point at which the rate of new infections is stable – and that this can be assisted by (but is not dependent upon) a vaccine. Our goal should therefore be to minimize mortality and social harm until we reach herd immunity.
The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection
Joe and I concur.
Caution is part of risk management.
Hysteria is one of the steps to chaos.
Here are the three principals, Dr. Martin Kulldorff (Harvard), Dr. Sunetra Gupta (Oxford), and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford) making their case:

Please, if you are reading this rant, click on this link, read the declaration, and sign if you agree.
Conversely, if you read, don’t agree, and don’t sign, we suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror.
Who, precisely, is staring back at you?
We hope it isn’t who we suspect…..


American Election Shenanigans
It is nigh on time for “October Surprises” to entertain us, insult us, infuriate us, or bring cognitive dissonance a la Jack in the Box.
A few examples of the hokey-pokey –
1.  Here’s a nifty from a Latino sports celebrity; you decide which category:

We tried to confirm this video was up and available.
Alas, each time I embed the video, it disappears on refresh.
If, when you come to this section of the rant, the video is no longer link-able, you can be assured Twitter has stuffed it down the black hole of you don’t need to know.  If it is here when we publish, well, isn’t that swell!

2.  Rudy Giuliani opens the Biden closet, lifts up the edge of the carpet, lets the maid talk when drunk…..
The difference between what the Dems did and what Rudy is doing?
What Rudy is doing seems to have some semblance of fact supported by data.
If good old Rudy is perpetrating a hoax on the good old Dems, why, won’t they be aggravated! :



Blue Collar Logic
Jason Siler is spot on.
The Left (aka the progs), given time and a platform from which to pontificate, will invariably, without fail, be “hoist by their own petard“.
It is inevitable.
Their “true colours” will blind you.
How do you initiate this display?
Simply shut up and let them talk.
QED (as a professor said to me many years ago, quite easily done!).
Joe says the real conundrum, the real tragedy, is emotion need not be thoughtless but it most often is:


Paul Joseph Watson
Joe and I haven’t posted anything for months from PJW.
Not because he hasn’t said anything of value (or anything that has confirmed our belief).
PJW has been banned from most social platforms.
In Joe’s World™, that is a badge of honor.
PJW opines on the character of those who wish for the death of the President because….. orange man bad:


Joe’s Garage

The last couple of Sundays we’ve had some mighty fine and powerful Ford machinery doing incredibly powerful maneuvering on some race tracks in very competitive company.
Joe isn’t sure of what category of racing this is, but it is at the Spa, and the car is a very well balanced and powerful Ford Escort, an RS1600, driven by an incredibly adept and skillful driver.
This machine is very fast.
More impressive is the balance.
In previous weeks the heavier and much more powerful Cobra and GT40 machines were unable to put down full power without the chance of breaking loose.
Cornering in those cars is a thin line between control and chaos.
This little bastard goes like Hell, and corners on rails!
What a fun machine this would be to fetch the groceries:

Blue Origin
When Joe and I were young, the space program wasn’t.
Our favorite space adventures were Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck go to the Moon.
Later it was Tom Corbett Space Cadet.
And the work of Azimov, Andre Norton, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlen, and a host of others.
Then came the wild and crazy ’60’s – men land on the moon!
More than once.
A space station is established.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, our reality of getting out on our own, finding work and a career, raising a family…. the space dream took a second seat.
Where are things now, we idly query.
Here’s Blue Origin with a test of their launch engines.
Tune in at 36:50 to watch the launch, the flight to apogee, and the controlled landing of the booster as well as the payload capsule.

Joe says we’re almost at the Tom Corbett stage!

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Sunday Rant – 4120


Joe’s Comment – Once more Calvin tells the entire story in four frames.
There is an old English adage: necessity is the mother of invention.
I think Calvin takes it a step farther.
Perhaps it is “Joy is the precipitate of adaptation”.
Or maybe “Innovation leads to success”.
On second thought, “youth seeks happiness” might be closer.
I am a soul who wakes each morning happy as can be.
Surely that is the spirit of youth, the spirit of Calvin (not Calvinism).


The Great Mask Hoax
Thanks to Dan J. for forwarding the link to the following exposé of how insane our system has become.
In one of the “freest” countries in the world, there is sober contemplation to require federal mask mandates – an idea spawned by the Democrat lunatics.
Joe and I lose our cool when interfacing with masked individuals.
We tell them we are not sick, and we intend to stay healthy by NOT wearing a mask.
Furthermore, we say if we were sick (and we are not) we would STAY HOME.
Friends, acquaintances, and even family say oh, well, what is the harm?
There is health (physical and mental) harm.
There is behavioral harm.
There is insidious political harm.
Watch this video and see if you don’t agree:

A few more comments we heartily endorse –


Canada COVID-19
Joe and I think the data speaks for itself.
Here is the data speaking –


Kenosha Redux
Joe and I think that if Kyle Rittenhouse wanted to be safe, wanted to manage risk, wanted to sit on the fence, he would not have journeyed to Kenosha.
He is on record stating that he was attending for two reasons: to defend businesses from rioters, looters, or arsonists, and to provide medical assistance to ANYONE who might need help.
The story of the three unstable men who attacked him is known.
Joe and I admire young Mr. Rittenhouse.
We are honestly introspective when we say we would have stayed home.
Joe and I do not like jail, gaol, prison, incarceration, the lock-up, the crow bar hotel, the brig, the slammer….. you get the drift.
We have a spastic reaction to so-called Authority (notice the upper case).
As Joe often proclaims, we are not a fighter, we are a lover.
We watch enough Jordan Peterson to know that we are also a monster; but we are a monster under control.
Best not to loose the monster until absolutely necessary:




Joe and the Dragon
Not Joe Mekanic – we mean Joe Biden, aka Lunch Bucket Joe.
Mr. Biden, Mr. Ex Vice Pres., has a shady past, and family shenanigans with the CCP (aka Chinese Communist Party) are there for all to see (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher).
Think it’s OK?
Think nothing is out of the ordinary?
After all, aren’t all politicians crooked?
Well, you might want to review your thinking.
Pollyanna is known for her positive outlook, her optimism, and her ability to see good in everything (by extension, in everyone also).
Joe says if you think you are being “Pollyannish” wishing for a Lunch Bucket Joe election victory, you are not – you are being stupid.
Mr. Biden is the outcome of 4 frantic years of Democrat leadership searching for an electable candidate for the 2020 election.
Let that sink into yer noggin.
Then, watch this well crafted, chronological and factual history of a man who has been milking the American political system for 47 years – all for personal and family gain.
This makes the Mafia look like amateurs:


Joe’s Garage

GT 40
Let’s face it.
Joe and I would rather be driving these awesome cars than watching a video.
Or (for Joe), seeing them in real life to admire the mechanical genius of it all.
In this case it is a GT40 lapping Le Mans in 4 minutes 30 seconds (2018 Le Mans Classic).
The Le Mans circuit is 8.467 miles long.
With that time, his average for the circuit was 112.9 miles per hour.
We snickered at the sun glasses flopping around as the g forces changed.
Joe noticed the very tall gearing in 4 th, to reach maximum speed down the Mulsanne Straight (before 1990 it was 3.7 miles long – too dangerous).
Joe also noticed the rear of the car getting very loose in 3rd and 4th while exiting corners!!!
As commenter Alastaire SD stated, “Race cars , were real race cars before tons of downforce became the norm. Nice low C of G and roll centres make I imagine a nice car to drive at 9/10 for a few laps , any more than that and I’d need a good lie down and a massage.”
For Joe and me, it would be a huge grin, a stiff drink, a good lie down, and a week off for good behavior:

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