Sunday Rant – 1720


Joe’s CommentChris Madden is an amazing cartoonist from the UK.  The above image is quite poignant to me.  Pardon my gear-head manner of seeing things, but this cartoon reminds me of an engine power graph of torque and horse power vs RPM.  At some point the torque curve crosses the horsepower curve.
I like the old guy’s attitude.
Hopeful and active….. in the face of inevitability.


Joe’s Coronavirus Musings
Is there any good coming out of this mess?
Well, yes, there is.
–  For starters, the spirit of innovation, of cooperation, of good-will, of heroic action is alive and well in the West.  In blushingly copious volumes.

–  The amount of humour I see in everyday social interaction (albeit I’m not a social butterfly), the generous respect for the guidelines, however misguided (or not), is enough to make someone like me (think wheel-chair bound old lecher in the Catch-22 whore house scene) swell with patriotic pride.  This proves what they are finding in Sweden, and Switzerland, and some Eastern European nations, and Japan, and South Korea, and Thailand: a homogeneous population, not a “diverse” population, reacts with a narrower bandwidth of rebellion and broader bandwidth of compliance.  The humor on the Internet is voluminous and ubiquitous.  Here’s an update on COVID-19 from Bubba J, one of Jeff Dunham’s creations:

–  Furthermore, I am fully convinced that our Nazi scientists can kick the ass of their Nazi scientists to an Ivory Soap degree of excellence (99 and 44/100 % pure).
I.e., check out the segment below titled “COVID-19 Mistreatment“.

–  The importance of “supply chain logistics” is being and has been hammered home.  Perhaps the average Joe (and Josephine) will think twice before buying product or service from rat bastard pinko commie thugs who terrorize their own citizens while pursuing a philosophy of world dominance.
–  Modern medicine is a marvel, but it isn’t perfect.  The health of the average individual is also not perfect.  These two facts give much food for thought, subject for study, opportunity for advancement.
–  President Donald John Trump has totally interrupted the Chinese Communist Party’s “world domination” strategies: One Road One Belt, and World economic domination by 2050.  Their strategy, a “30 year plan”, slowly but surely maneuvers China into an unchallenged World economic powerhouse.  Trump has changed the rules.  China has no recourse at present than to comply.  Joe says coronavirus COVID-19 is not a coincidence.
–  I am thinking deeply (as deep as I go) about my economic theory, which I have named “The Milking Stool Economic Theory”, which is three legged.  If you have ever sat on a three legged stool, you know that it is stable on any surface despite how rough; unlike a four leg stool.  But, in a three leg stool, removing a leg is catastrophic.
The first leg of my theory is what Adam Smith wrote about in the “Invisible Hand”, that is, the free market.  “It is not from the benevolence of the Butcher, the Brewer or the Baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest” – Adam Smith, The Invisible Hand.  The invisible hand metaphor distills two critical ideas. First, voluntary trades in a free market produce unintentional and widespread benefits. Second, these benefits are greater than those of a regulated, planned economy.
The second leg is the degree of tilt or the un-level nature of trading.
As soon as tariffs and taxes and caps and government control or regulation of any stripe dictates the parameters of trade, it becomes very difficult to measure the economy of the trade.  A “level trading field” is optimal but rare.
The third leg is the most controversial leg.  It is the leg of virtue and moral action.  Once a person is victimized by a deceptive and criminal party in matters of commerce, they realize that a level of good faith is required in every trade.
Using Joe and my “MSET” parameters, i.e. only do business with 3 legs – free trade, level playing field, good faith.
Our method would exclude China, North Korea, Iran, and probably Russia from trading with us.
This is similar to the “3 S’s” approach to selecting a supplier.  The S’s are: Sales, Service, Support.  An inexpensive price is soon forgotten if the product is not available when required or backed by the vendor when something goes awry.
There are new opportunities just around the corner!


COVID-19 Mistreatment
Joe and I saw this information in several sources over the last week.
Watching yesterday’s task force presentation, the press is not only ignorant of this information, but insists that the president was dangerously misleading when he suggested there was positive response to Hydroxychloroquine combined with Azithromicin (a zinc compound).
Read all about it here.
According to the linked article, published on April 8th, 2020, the real cause of death is NOT related to pneumonia, and the “relapse” is the result of oxygen starvation, i.e. hypoxia.  A summary from the link –
In the last 3–5 days, a mountain of anecdotal evidence has come out of NYC, Italy, Spain, etc. about COVID-19 and characteristics of patients who get seriously ill. It’s not only piling up but now leading to a general field-level consensus backed up by a few previously little-known studies that we’ve had it all wrong the whole time. Well, a few had some things eerily correct (cough Trump cough), especially with Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromicin, but we’ll get to that in a minute.
There is no ‘pneumonia’ nor ARDS. At least not the ARDS with established treatment protocols and procedures we’re familiar with. Ventilators are not only the wrong solution, but high pressure intubation can actually wind up causing more damage than without, not to mention complications from tracheal scarring and ulcers given the duration of intubation often required… They may still have a use in the immediate future for patients too far to bring back with this newfound knowledge, but moving forward a new treatment protocol needs to be established so we stop treating patients for the wrong disease.
The past 48 hours or so have seen a huge revelation: COVID-19 causes prolonged and progressive hypoxia (starving your body of oxygen) by binding to the heme groups in hemoglobin in your red blood cells. People are simply desaturating (losing o2 in their blood), and that’s what eventually leads to organ failures that kill them, not any form of ARDS or pneumonia. All the damage to the lungs you see in CT scans are from the release of oxidative iron from the hemes, this overwhelms the natural defenses against pulmonary oxidative stress and causes that nice, always-bilateral ground glass opacity in the lungs. Patients returning for re-hospitalization days or weeks after recovery suffering from apparent delayed post-hypoxic leukoencephalopathy strengthen the notion COVID-19 patients are suffering from hypoxia despite no signs of respiratory ‘tire out’ or fatigue.”
Once again the investment in time studying the ailment outstrips the crazed frenzy spending.  As if money can solve problems.
Money is an Avatar.
Western medical science, when following scientific process, is powerful stuff.
As our grade nine math teacher, Ms. Morrison used to say to us, “Drover, understanding the problem is 95% of the solution!”
On the other hand, if “science” is conducted by a profit interested pharmaceutical corporation, use the old Teddy Roosevelt approach – walk softly, but carry a big stick.  A helping of Ronald Regan too – trust but verify.
If Joe and I have any criticism of how the Western governments have handled this “pandemic”, it is the quality of the data and understanding of the data before the trigger is pulled.
There has been plenty of “Fire! Aim, aim, aim!”
Anybody want a ventilator?
Sale starts now…..


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan gets better every month.
We vote him as “Dirt People Spokesperson” every year.
The following release is titled “The End Is Near”, April 20th, 2020 or thereabouts (in the event it gets “disappeared” on the Internet):


Joe’s Garage

Joe and I have taken up a new paradigm while shopping.
We found this chart –

Canada is lumped in with the U.S.A. (00 – 13).
China is 690 – 695.
We have sworn for years we will avoid buying Chinesium.
Unless of course there is only that choice.
All y’all take the time to view the UPC bar code when you are shopping.

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Sunday Rant – 1620


Joe’s Comment – This week I’m doing some long overdue renovations on the wee housey.  What with the remnants left by the original builders, the chaffing and wear from 60+ years of occupation, and my feeble efforts to make square that which cannot be square, to plumb the non-plumb-able, and to level the un-level, it is a wonder there haven’t been more mishaps (see above photo).  Of course, I know the real problem lies with management (are you listening Dave?).


SARS-COV2 (aka Beer Virus)
Coronavirus  / China virus / Kung Flu, lots of other aka’s, is something special!
The entire world is taking a time-out.
How much of this is real, and how much is fakeroo?
And of the fakeroo, to what end, we query.
Joe says us Dirt People won’t know, maybe ever.
The best thing to come out of the whole shemozzle for us is less feeling guilty about getting nothing done.
We have found a hidden talent.
Paraphrasing Chrissy Hind and the Pretenders, “It’s a thin line, between do and wait“.  As Joe is fond of saying, “can’t get off the planet!”
Meanwhile, back at le Internetski, those who must know, and those who must question, and those who must know whom to question, and those others who must question those who know (did we forget anyone?) have all been busy bodies.
Stefan Molyneux and his research team always deliver.
You may not like much of what they deliver, but there it is.
From all the available information, Mr. Molyneux has compiled a timeline, some data, some questions, and some opinions.  Here is his “Case Against China”:

A lot of the data in the above video (The Case Against China) was provided, clarified and embellished by Dr. Paul Cottrell.  Dr. Cottrell makes an interesting case that the virus is genetically modified by human beenz.  The following discussion with Q and A shines a light on the breadth and depth of this pandemic.
Very interesting information, some of which is a quantum level above “layperson” talk.  Dr. Cottrell is well versed in the biology:

Meanwhile, many lawsuits are being filed in an attempt to gain recompense from the Chinese Communist Party for their complicity in obfuscating, destroying, and withholding vital data about the history of the virus.  The “mother of all lawsuits” is a whopping $20,000,000,000,000 USD class action suit.
Gee willikers, Batman!  That’s T for trillion!

Joe says at minimum wage that will be a while to pay down, should the case be heard and a judgement awarded.
Like the CCP would pay……
Also meanwhile too, the Chinese Communist Party is falsely pointing fingers every which way but home.
Joe asks, why haven’t we heard one single word from the P4 level bio lab in Wuhan?  Why would there be bats in a sea food market?  There were bats, bat viruses, and the “bat lady” Shi Zheng-Li, in charge of the horseshoe bat virus studies at the P4 lab.  Why no word from Shi Zheng-Li?  Why no word or sighting of the first doctors to notice the phenomenon, the same doctors who tried to warn the world?  Why the heavy disinformation propaganda from the CCP?
As good ol’ Willy said, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” – Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 2.
The Chinese Communist Party is comprised of gangsters, thugs, murderers, and evil intent.
Joe would like to know where they are hiding their personal wealth…..
Joe has fondly stated with great pride in the past and presently that “our Nazi scientists will beat your Nazi scientists!”.
And so it goes.
For little miss Shi Zheng-Li used to work for the US of A in a similar capacity until the funding was withdrawn (a treaty was signed by all but China re: biological warfare research).
Joe and I heartily agree: we are cheering our Nazi scientists onward to victory!
If anyone is going to exterminate the entire human race, let it be we!
Here are Joe’s COVID-19 picks of the week –


Power of the Avatar
When Joe and I think of it (and we do), the complexity of life combined with our limited ability to process let alone comprehend just WTF(!) is going on, we have been forced, yes forced we say, to adopt a series of Avatars to represent our interest(s) in what Mongo called “game of life” (for we all are but pawns):

It is a subject we will return to with frequency, hopefully without monotony, with alacrity but not mendacity.  This Sunday Rant we will talk briefly of one big cheese Avatar, known far and wide as “filthy lucre”, aka money:

A tourist walks into a quiet hotel in a quiet little village in back of nowhere. He walks up to the reception desk and asks the hotel owner for a room. Hotel owner says, “Certainly Sir.” Tourist says, “But first I’d like to look at the room to see if it’s suitable.” Hotel owner says, “No problem, but I’ll need a $50 deposit, because some people use the toilet, come down and then leave. “Tourist shrugs and nods, hands over the $50 and goes up the stairs.
Hotel owner then walks into the kitchen where the butcher has just delivered some meat and says, “Here’s $50 towards the delivery.” Butcher thanks him, goes outside and gives the $50 to his apprentice as part of his wages. The apprentice says, “Thanks boss, I’ll see you back at the shop.” The apprentice goes around the corner to the local ‘Lady of the night’ and says, “This is for the wonderful company last night.” She thanks him and walks over to the hotel, steps inside and says to the hotel owner. ” Thanks for letting me be late with my rent, business is a bit slow lately, here’s $50.”
Hotel owner thanks her just as the tourist comes down the stairs shaking his head. “This hotel isn’t up to my standard.” he says. With that the hotel owner passes over the $50 note and wishes him well.
That, my friends, is how money is supposed to work.
It is a valueless Avatar representing materiel or service with an agreed value.
How does it get all SNAFUed?
Let us count the ways, hording, thieving, swindling, life in general, poor choices (eg Jack and the Bean Stock), false promise, failure to complete what was promised, the delta between smart and dumb people, add your points here _________.
An Avatar defined is “an embodiment or personification, as of a principle, attitude, or view of life.
Money is an avatar for an underlying good-faith representation of wealth.
In the story above, the various exchanges would have been overly complicated, improbable, even impossible to conduct so quickly in a barter system.
Money is like electricity – it is useful when circulating.  Here’s a picture of money in Venezuela –
Q.  Is it still money?
A.  Yes.
Q.  Is it still an Avatar?
A.  Yes.
Q.  WTF?
A.  As Snopes (those lying commie bastards) says, it is complicated.
As Joe says, it ain’t that complicated.  There has been a break-down of good faith in Venezuela.
Their money (like all money) is not real wealth, but a representation, an Avatar, worth no more than the value of the paper and ink of its composition.  When people, engaged in mutually agreeable commerce (capitalism), settle on an exchange value for goods and services (e.g. two spears traded for seven hot dogs), a mutually chosen currency can be accepted to represent the spears and hot dogs in their absence.  This implies that the Avatar chosen IS A GOOD-FAITH AVATAR, i.e., is guaranteed by a recognized guarantor or a mutually agreed guarantor.   However, if the parties involved are using a proxy, an Avatar to represent the actual good or service exchanged, and that Avatar is not backed by materiel / services equal to or greater than the agreed value, or an equivalent guarantor, well, it is a simple Scottish expression – shite!
Q.  What broke down?
A.  It doesn’t matter how many times you explain it, the culprit exhibits no good-faith and is often depicted as follows –


Joe’s Garage
Texas Mile
Just how high a speed can a car attain from a standing start, in one mile?
That is the order of the day at the Texas Mile.
Joe and I have watched with great interest over the years as various vehicles set the bar.
The results for 2019 were released to YoubeTube on April 1st, 2020 – Joe insists it was not a fool’s day exercise.
The M2K Motorsports Team has set the mark in the past.
In 2019 their highly modified GT40 Ford broke the 300mph barrier.
As some wit in the comments stated, “No Chevys were hurt during The Texas Mile. Only their Feelings LOL!”
Because of the hysteria around COVID-19 the event has been postponed in 2020: the record will stand for some time.
Joe is busy with his slide rule trying to figure the centrifugal force on a 32 inch (estimated) tire traveling 300 feet per second.  He’s scratching his head, wondering how much tire pressure they run to keep the bead seal.
Joe said even the mighty heavy aircraft (747, giant monster Airbus, etc.) don’t land or take-off at those speeds.
Last I talked to Joe, he was curious how light a solid tire might be possible to make.
I didn’t bother calculating.  I reckon if a wheel came off at that speed in Vernon it would travel to Oyama sooner than I’ve ever done the same, including the days when we flew single and twin aircraft around the valley.
Totally awesome!  Joe and I agree we wouldn’t have the balls to try for the record, even on a bet (Joe says not even for a date with Betty Brosmer):

Spirit of Texas
Joe and I love boats and boating.
However, this video isn’t about drifting with the wind and tide with a cooler of beer on a sunny day and a wackydoodle spinner on a 10 pound test line trailing along.
This is a nitro fueled crazy motor twisting a propeller (in water!) running so damn hard the “g” forces must have been in the range of 6-8 for some time.
How in the world can a propeller do that?
Joe is busy with his slide rule (again).
Once more, with feeling, we wouldn’t drive this one either, even for a date with Robyn Hilton (think Blazing Saddles, Governor’s secretary):

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Sunday Rant – 1520


Joe’s Comment – I grinned my silly grin reading these gems from Stephan Pastis.  In my world, not a damn thing changed with social isolation, social distancing.  Call me Rat!  Or Rat Bastard, if you think it appropriate.
Rationale for my behaviour (if you like such stuff) is down below in the “Echo Chamber” segment (INTJ).  Yes we are fond of socializing on occasion.  We like people as individuals (we abhor mobs).  Our hot pursuit of personal interests takes first consideration most of the time.
Rub my wooden head for luck, outside of a few shortages at the Wholesale Club (wholesale groceries), and Amazon withdrawal symptoms, I am enjoying the counter-balance of cheap fuel (although I drive less than 100 miles in two weeks (160 km. for the measurement handicapped)), and very little traffic.
No one I know has contracted COVID-19, or been ill, or been tested; a few have no work at present but not under duress: all is well in Joe’s world.
Your CCP virus (Chinese Communist Party) experience may be different.
I sympathize with you should yours be tragic or inconvenient.
My sympathy to all who are affected and effected by this current pandemic.  The world averages 3 to 4 pandemics a year (watch the “Sunday Sermon” below the fold).  If that be so, there will be 2 or 3 more to come in 2020.  Roughly 56 million people die each year (modern times).  Will this year be different?
Better stay alive to find out!
Meanwhile, the economy, like electricity, is only useful when it is flowing.
I hope the geniuses who are “in charge” have a plan….. not a short circuit.


Happy Easter – Redux
That time again.
Hopefully, we will have many future Easters.
Imagine if you will, the earth not spinning, not orbiting the sun, but in a state of stasis, no night, all day……
It has dawned on Joe and me that annual observations, celebrations, milestones, and miscellaneous repeating events have a subliminal affect on us – a calming, a metronomic effect, a sense of time unfolding according to a rhythm or plan.
Not chaos exempt.
More like chaos tolerant.
Every year we get older there are new fashions, new inventions, new technology, changes, new people, new hope.
Every year there is calamity, disorder, tragedy, unspeakable horrors (Joe says like the Obama administration), death, destruction, pestilence, and environmentalists.
More succinctly, it is situation normal: all fucked up (SNAFU).
Except Easter.
Easter is different, not just to Christians and the ideology of Christianity, but to everyone around the world.
Easter is the same story every year.
The mysterious story of a man doing what no man before or since has done.
Joe and I take a slightly different tack, our sails set hard against the eternal relentless wind (Joe says hot air); voices demanding physical evidence, scientific proof, data, data, more data!  We are cynical: to those who consider this extremely important (on both sides of the argument), even if they saw it, they wouldn’t believe their lying eyes.  As Yogi Berra said says, “there are some people, if they don’t already know, you can’t tell ’em” (as long as the English language exists, and a human is able to read them, Yogi’s amazing quotes will be alive, hence present tense).
Some folks abhor the word “hope”: they advocate action not emotion.
We understand their perspective, but it is not without flaw.
There is a very thoughtful Easter 2020 post by “The Silicon Graybeard” here.
His Easter post is worth reading every year, but this year has additional meaning to Joe and I.  Is this our understanding, our knowledge, our maturity making a difference?  We’ll go with the Yogi Berra quote for now…..
A selection from Mr. Graybeard’s excellent post –
The other religions of the world are about ritual and ultimately about self, about proving yourself worthy; Christianity is about grace.  You’re not worthy on your best day; you’re saved by Grace.  No other religion teaches Grace.  Islam teaches that Allah is unknowable.  Christianity teaches that not only is God knowable, he wants us to know him.  Islam doesn’t teach salvation, it teaches servitude to a fickle, arbitrary, distant Allah.  Christianity teaches forgiveness by Grace; that you’re given a gift you don’t deserve by a God who wants a close personal relationship with us.  I like the way the Message translation talks about being saved by Grace (Ephesians 2: 8) –
It’s God’s gift from start to finish! We don’t play the major role. If we did, we’d probably go around bragging that we’d done the whole thing! No, we neither make nor save ourselves. God does both the making and saving.”
For Joe and I, the concept that ideas are viruses, are memes, is staggeringly intuitive.  Richard Dawkins is given credit for the concept in his book “The Selfish Gene“, 1976.  Here is a link to an essay “Viruses of the Mind“, published in 1991.  Richard Dawkins is an adamant non-believer, an atheist supreme, a denier of doG.  Joe and I thank him for his memes and mind viruses, for that concept is the core of Easter every year for us.
Jesus is our Avatar.
Christianity is a meme.
The bible is a gang of viruses.
And every Easter Joe and I are reminded that, through the grace of doG, with renewed hope, we strive to be a better man, to be worthy.
And that is good enough for us.
No way is it Charlie and Lucy –

About the picture above of our favorite flower, found with his buddies on the east (sunrise) side of the attached garage.  This flower is one of three that appeared this year; in previous years there have been more.  Joe and I have lived in this house since January, 2005.  We have never, ever watered these daffodildos, fed them, or weeded around them.  Yet every year, just like clockwork, always at Easter time, here they come again.  Last fall the cold caught us by surprise; our failure to put things away is evident.  As you can see below, the daffodildos don’t care about neglect.  They have their own agenda, their own lives.  Lilies are not Easter flowers to us – our special Easter flower is a bright yellow daffodildo –


COVID-19 (aka Kung Flu)
Echo Chamber
Joe and I have bookmarked an immense number of web pages.
Really, like 500 or so.
Why do such a thing?
To help remember details and data.
To assist coherent communication of ideas.
To amuse our little pea brain.
It is our Nature©.
We shall explain…..
Bottom line, speaking Social Styles®, we are a very (very very) strong Expressive.
Myres-Briggs Personality Type™ INTJ or INTP, based on the weather (or not) (49-51 on the Judging and Perceiving).
Big Five Personality Traits©, our strongest core is Empathic Idealist, followed by Analytical Thinker.  Practical Caretaker is third, and pulling up the rear is Logical Mechanic.  Joe always jokes that this last one is why we have 30+ Ford vehicles in our yard (Empathic Idealist – gotta save the whales Fords!), have a solution/application in mind for each one (Analytical Thinker – love devising plans), but we spend more time helping other people with their “problems” (Practical Caretaker) and have little time for our own projects (Logical Mechanic – lacking the real-world goal accomplishment gene).
In short, we have spent many “cycles” learning who we wuz (we thought), who we am (we think), and most importantly, how to catalog/interpret and communicate with those who aren’t like we/us/Joe and me and the other 35 (so far) in our head(s).
Of these three “personality” tests, (I’m leaving out many others we have tried but found wanting (i.e. “Colors”), we think Social Styles is the easiest to quickly comprehend, so here’s our argument, à la Social Styles.

Expressives are intuition oriented,  relationship oriented, risk taking, competitive, communicative, quick to responder, poor time management folks.  In short, Expressives are Tell and Emote focused.  Great people for spawning new ideas, generating interest, inspiring others.  On the down side, Expressives must be careful to manage time, focus on completing projects.
Joe says a picture is worth whatever, and a video is worth X times a picture.
Here is a short video of an Expressive doing his (sorry ladies) thing:

Hint – in the above example, Elmer (a very early Elmer at that) is NOT the Expressive.
And again for the Analyticals (who always need more data):

Porky is also not the Expressive.
From the real world of our yutes, a TV example.
Once again for the Analyticals (the Amiables got it right away and the Drivers are getting bored):

The four Social Styles are Driver, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive.  The Social Styles are plotted like so –
Back to the hundreds of bookmarks.
Joe says it consumes lots and lots of “cycles”, lots and lots of time, when you know you have a link, but who didn’t bookmark with a good indexing system, Dave?
Later dude, later.
Joe says that’s enough “proof of concept”.
We’ve proven our “Expressive” credentials to all readers with the exception of the Analyticals who have read this far so far.
Any Analytical worth their salt is never satisfied there is enough data….

Joe and I thought (as deeply as we are capable): how could we help others during this very stressful time of communist/socialist levels of government control/tyranny (for some more than others – read above comments)?
Oh! Corona! (Doo-da-dee, doo-da-dee) (the drummer’s mask cracks Joe up to pieces).
Long ago and far away (in Galactic measure) we were told that “violence is the answer – what is the question?”
Joe and I beg to differ.
Humor is the answer, no matter the question.
Humor and Hope.
The fact that there exists music, art, literature, architecture, technology, and all the many wonders around us, creations of the human mind, is proof that despite the tragedy and grief of life, people persevere regardless.
We don’t know if it is a test of character, a signpost on the road to insanity, a cowardly act of submission, but we hope with all our shared heart to laugh in the face of Death no matter which direction the Grim Reaper approaches our personal node of energy in the space-time continuum.
Death can’t touch me, can’t touch us, can’t touch this life.
Our father (Donald Lloyd), who art in Heaven (we pray) was singing that old Sunday School fave, “Jesus Loves Me” on his death bed we’re told.
Can’t confirm (we weren’t there, to our shame).
We’re hoping we’re cogent enough to have an extensive litany of wonderful music, memories of art in all its forms, the glory of civilization, the warmth of humanity, and humor, blessed humor, to take with.  Be a good Scout!
After all, it must be a long trip, for only one (according to scripture, heatedly debated) has returned to “tell all” (thank you Ms. Morrison), and most people don’t believe (it).

All the preamble above aside, Joe and I offer the following somber analysis: as with the plethora of viruses now occupying your corporal self, unless your immune system has tackled the task of creating antibodies specifically for COVID-19, you will react when exposed.
Our analysis in Sunday Rant – 1220 is still valid.
The “area under the curve” represents all the population under study (national, world, local, etc.).  Flattening the curve in the absence of any mitigation or medical solution/miracle will only stretch the time for the population to be infected or exposed.
Once infected, the only variables that can change the number who die are your personal health (immune system/antibody vigor), population-wide mitigation strategies (“social isolation”, masks, vigorous and thorough cleaning, etc.), and the development or application of new or existing medications to treat a persons viral infection.
In short, Joe says you won’t know until you get it.

To take your mind off the problem (if it was ever a problem for you) here are some sources of never-ending belly laughs, guffaws, snorts, grins, with a side dish of culture, politics, and whatever, baby, lights your fire (this last musical reference for James Aubrey C. – the first time you told me the name of the album these “Les Ports” people released, I laughed and laughed and laughed as if the cow had jumped over the moon).
Them was our days.
The Babylon Bee
We start grinning just thinking about clicking the BB link.
Jesus and Mary on a Lambretta (she sits side saddle), eating a taco!
A few BB snarks –

If you don’t think the above is spot-on side-splitting ascorbic humor, here’s another –
If you think funny is better than money (we do! we do!), go see the Bee.
Earl of Taint
The Earl is nasty and wickedly funny.  Really.  Tears of laughter –

Joe and I peek in on Woodsterman every week.
Great memes.
Great humor.
Great examples –

Another laugh-fest.
On the snarky side.
Not too political, but when it is, Libertarian for the most part –

For more of a literary snarky humor, there is a website we check weekly.
It is called “WilderWealthyWise“, the thought chamber of one John Wilder.
A recent rant from Mr. Wilder titled “How I Learned to Love the End of the World” is well worth the read.  Here’s a quote to whet your interest –
I think I’ve always thought about what’s known today as “prepping” – even at a young age. When I was young, we lived deep in the mountains. How deep? The next closest kid anywhere near my age was ten miles away and probably 2,000’ lower in elevation and was actually a yeti that had moved there from Tibet to get away from the crowds. The nearest grocery store was twenty miles away. The nearest movie theater? Fifty miles.
When you live nearly so far from civilization that tourists try to pay you in beads and pantyhose, you have to think ahead. Ma Wilder did. Ma had designed the house with remoteness in mind. Her pantry was always full, and it was huge. She built in a pantry that consisted of one entire fifteen foot wall, floor to ceiling, a foot deep.
The pantry was always (and I mean always) stocked from floor to ceiling with canned goods. Freezer? Not one freezer. Two. And they were always packed to the brim with food. Well, with the exception of when Pa would let the inventory go down so there would be room to fit half a cow. Literally. He’d buy a “side of beef” which was half of a cow. Minus the hooves, of course.
Ma Wilder had also designed a root cellar that the contractor built. For those of you not in the know, a root cellar is a small building (8 foot by 8 foot by 8 foot) that is 90% buried to keep vegetables so they will neither sprout nor spoil. In order to do that, the cellar is dark and cool, like Nancy Pelosi’s heart. Ma Wilder kept hundreds of pounds of potatoes there. I should know – I was often the guy taking them down in fall and hauling them up in winter. And to be clear, we kept the potatoes in the cellar, since Nancy Pelosi’s heart isn’t big enough to hold a French fry.”
Joe and I remember how our parents and grand parents canned and stored provisions.  Not because they anticipated hardship.  Both sets of people came from a time when refrigerators, deep freezers, electricity, running water (in the house!), and supermarkets simply did not exist.  For the most part (even in New Toronto grandfather Thomas made a huge garden every year), they ate what they grew.


Jericho Greene
Damn, Joe and I like Mr. Greene’s ranting.
Always passionate, always consistent, almost always well informed.
In this rant where he comments on Bernie Sanders closing down his bid for Democrat nominee, his overall criticism of the Democrat Party is sparkling water to a parched listener.
Joe grinned so hard the top of his head damn near fell off.
Mr. Greene continued with a full head of steam to offer opinion on the “coronavirus bail-out $$$”, and was quite opinionated about the “four whores of the apocalypse” (AOC and her cadre).
All in all, a loud, angry, profane reflection on the very emotional and illogical progressive movement in American politics:


Joe and I were arrested twice in our short, sweet life (so far).
Book him, Danno!
Spent a drunken night in jail on one of the arrests – in Dawson City, Yukon, of all places.
We didn’t like it.
We didn’t find Jesus there, like so many on death row do – our crime was fighting while drunk.  The patron saint for drunkards is St. Martin, and we didn’t see him, either.  Joe argued that we weren’t fighting.  We were trying to fight while drunk, ’cause we are terrible at fighting – sober or otherwise – hence it wasn’t really a fight.  The RCMP felt that a moot point and let us free in the morning.  Our fellow cellmates were all Indians / Indigenous People / Assholes (Joe wrote that last one).
We also weren’t innocent (we were trying to fight, AND we stole blankets from the even drunker Indians).  But we were grateful the next morning when we sobered up that none of the policemen (they were ALL MEN) took up my offer to fight them with their “hats off”, let alone an assaulting a police officer charge.
Joe and I thank doG that Olaf the Berserker was too drunk to make an appearance.  We would have been dead or in prison (our dear sweet Olaf is a different story).
One thing we are convinced of is had I acted that way in today’s world, our path in life would have been altered for the worse.
Rafael Mangual, Deputy Director of Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute, explains how “plea bargaining” often is responsible for reduced sentences and charges.  He actually has data to support his argument that there are bad people in jail.  And the progressive jackals who are lobbying to release up to 50% of the incarcerated in America don’t live in neighborhoods where these bad boys and the much fewer bad girls (deficient in testosterone says Joe) will return to if released.
Joe and I have personally brushed up against this end of our culture twice.  We have friends with direct experience as well.  Our position is for the most part you don’t go to the slammer for picking daisies in the park.
Most of the time.
What say you?:


Joe’s Garage
Hydraulic Press Channel
Joe loves wackyness.
The Hydraulic PressChannel on YoubeTube squishes stuff all to pieces.
In the following video some cubic inch samples of pure metal are squeezed between an anvil and a hard piston to the tune of 110,000 Kg force.
As an added extra, a blue gumby like figurine gets the same treatment.
Go to the channel link above for lots of squeezyness.
What’s not to love?:

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