Sunday Rant – 1320


Joe’s Comment – there are few tangibles which I derive more pleasure from than the product of cartoonists.  The old expression is “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  However, I’m not aware of how many thoughts a picture is equivalent to in value.  This is another way to say each individual has their own path in life.  And that conformity in whatever context is less than honesty if it ain’t so, Joe.


Coronavirus Thoughts
Joe and I have discovered ourselves (and the other 35 lunatics in our head) to be extremely adapted to “self isolation”.
We have found another passion!
Just how many passions can 37 souls suffer?
It is a story well known by “Baby Boomers” raised in North America; the story of Brer Rabbit and the briar patch:

Please, oh please Mr. big government know-it-alls!
Please don’t throw Brer Joe in da house all alone!
Cruel and unusual it is.
Yet, somehow, mighty satisfactual.
Again, from Song of the South (Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah):

Joe and I took a long hard look in the mirror.
We are at the cusp of danger danger Will Robinson! – we turned 71 years young a few weeks back.
Not really old, but definitely approaching the nastiest target demographic in age.
The Coronavirus® is particularly deadly to old men, especially old men with existing health issues; more specifically respiratory problems.
However, we don’t have any health issues to speak of – no pills, no debilitation, no great yearning to turn the clock back (or forward either).
Our mental state is another kettle of pig iron entirely.
We blush to admit we haven’t changed a thing we did to a thing we now do since the arrival of the dreaded XYZ (in our short 71 years there have been countless hysterias).
We are still here, though many succumb every day – naturally!
An estimated 56 MILLION people will die this year.
Meanwhile, all is well at Droveria.
To anyone reading this who has a reason to be concerned, remember that losing your composure or panicking will not be productive.
An old joke Joe and I have known for years goes this way “did you know that half of the people on earth are below average in intelligence?”
This is (of course) is more a definition of “mean” than “average”.
However, making a joke of it doesn’t change the fact.
In our little piece of Heaven, Vernon BC, those below average folks were out and about, stripping the store shelves bare of whatever they thought might save them from the COVID-19 scourge.
We wish everyone everywhere serenity and calm while this whirlwind of Chinese-born pestilence poisons the land.
This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last.
Joe and I are not biblical scholars.
Not even close.
But a few verses from Matthew 24:6 – 8 sum up our existence in this “vale of tears” succinctly –
6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
Use your head, minimize your risk(s), and we’ll see you at the other end.
If there is one….. for me or you.
Please remember that it is how you behave in times of trouble which reflects your true character.
Do your best.
Meanwhile, the humor (and the humour, too) keeps a comin’ – the Internet is a never-ending cornucopia of comedic brilliance.
A few of Joe’s picks here (and many more below the fold) –


The Z Blog
Once in a while, Joe and I go to thinkers who keep their cool when the stress makes other folks go bonkers.
A nice calming analysis from a nice American boy.
Joe says he’s a little left of centre.
I say the points he’s making are valid:


Blue Collar Logic
Jason Siler makes a good point or two about our latest sky-is-falling light your hair on fire and jump out the window medical panic, COVID-19.
If not musically polished it is more than clever lyric-wise:


Dennis Prager uses clips of Jordan Peterson to make the point that the progressive left and the so-called right (conventional terms with little meaning for me and Joe) are at loggerheads because of basic foundational beliefs.
Wouldn’t it be loverly if all it took was pointing out facts to make the world a better place:


Patrick Moore
This is a presentation from the “Doctors for Disaster Preparedness” Conference in Tucson AZ, July 20th, 2019.
This is the first time Joe and I have heard him present all of the 12 fake/invisible catastrophes on his short list of hogwash promoted by the press and special interest / lobbyist groups.
We would have loved to be there.
He is very relaxed with this crowd; his people.
The audio and video aren’t Hollywood caliber, but the content is pure gold platinum diamonds:


Dr. Karlyn Borysenko
Joe and I have stumbled into Dr. Borysenko’s YoubeTube presentations before.
She was a stalwart bleeding-heart Democrat.
Joe says she is probably a progressive too.
The first video of hers we watched (to the end) was her declaration of “walking away” from the crazies on the left.
At the time, she was still a “blue pill” gobbler.
She was appalled by the lies and corruption and the violence of the so-called progressive left when she walked away.  In her heart of hearts she hoped sane centrist Democrat heroes would rise to the occasion and return the party of her youth and longing and passions to its rightful former prominence.
Alas, those particular Democrat heroes missed their ques.  If they ever existed.
Joe doesn’t think this lefty gal is full on red pill.
Not yet.
There is hope.  Her eyes are seeing what her brain rejects.
Joe says we’re seeing someone struggle with cognitive dissonance and emerge wiser:


Joe’s Garage

Joe thinks this kid is awesome!
In the true spirit of AvE, ZipTiesandBiasPlies, and ViceGripGarage, test to destruction, resurrection, and maximum delta MacGyver is the rule.
Testing the “Military Grade” aluminum box of his SEMA show F350, our young experimenter orders 3 yards of concrete.  The box overflows, but that is some load!
The previous video his wife attacked the aluminum body with a framing hammer and a large pry bar.  He helped.
As McWatt said in Catch-22, “Oh well, what the Hell!”.
The truck apparently was worth $100,000 USD at one time:

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