Sunday Rant – 1020


Joe’s Comment – Stephan Pastis and I view the intrusion of AI and “helper” programs from Google and the other monsters with similar trepidation.
Much like the novelty of the ’70’s when a car would vocally inform you that a “door is ajar”, it wears off quickly.
I’m not a conspiracy believer, and I’m not anti-technology, but I will need some serious convincing that it is in my best interest for some large corporation or some government to know every single detail of my ongoing existence.
Time to disengage from total integration.
Time to go “off grid”, or be anti whatever it is called that 5G is going to be, going to provide.
Fact is, I have enough bandwidth.
I use a cellular phone less than once a month.
I don’t want a driver-less vehicle.
I don’t text or Face Book or tweet or Instagram or any of the plethora of applications designed to steal precious time.
I will continue to use the Internet for research and data and news and communication.
No “smart” appliances for me, no smart cars either.
Me and the alligator are gonna hide behind the curtains for a while……
1949 here I come!


Trump Ads
This here is funny!:


Comic Book Ads
Joe and I remember most of these items advertised in the many comic books we traded and bought.
We (of course!) dreamed to own many of these incredible devices, and imagined us using them in the most comical and entertaining ways.
However, we wuz one of the original “Broke Brothers”.
Most of the time we couldn’t rub to pennies together ’cause we didn’t have two pennies.
For the record, this is the first time we’ve ever seen the actual product that was advertised.
Joe says it is best we were broke.  That way we didn’t become cynical and bitter before our time:


YoubeTube Legal Problems
Our Canadian lawyer of note, Viva Frei (aka David Freiheit), comments on the legal problems YoubeTube has created for itself by use of biased algorithms.
Algorithms biased against you, the user, which filter and block what you might search out or default watch.
Algorithms biased against content providers who do not meet YoubeTube criteria then exhibit extreme prejudice and financial penalties against said content, effectively blocking/quarantining the content from users/viewers.
Viva Frei has been denied “monetization” via algorithms (which was reversed) for some of his legal pontification.
Do up your seatbelt.  Mr. Freiheit talks about the same speed as Ben Shapiro:

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