Sunday Rant – 1320


Joe’s Comment – there are few tangibles which I derive more pleasure from than the product of cartoonists.  The old expression is “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  However, I’m not aware of how many thoughts a picture is equivalent to in value.  This is another way to say each individual has their own path in life.  And that conformity in whatever context is less than honesty if it ain’t so, Joe.


Coronavirus Thoughts
Joe and I have discovered ourselves (and the other 35 lunatics in our head) to be extremely adapted to “self isolation”.
We have found another passion!
Just how many passions can 37 souls suffer?
It is a story well known by “Baby Boomers” raised in North America; the story of Brer Rabbit and the briar patch:

Please, oh please Mr. big government know-it-alls!
Please don’t throw Brer Joe in da house all alone!
Cruel and unusual it is.
Yet, somehow, mighty satisfactual.
Again, from Song of the South (Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah):

Joe and I took a long hard look in the mirror.
We are at the cusp of danger danger Will Robinson! – we turned 71 years young a few weeks back.
Not really old, but definitely approaching the nastiest target demographic in age.
The Coronavirus® is particularly deadly to old men, especially old men with existing health issues; more specifically respiratory problems.
However, we don’t have any health issues to speak of – no pills, no debilitation, no great yearning to turn the clock back (or forward either).
Our mental state is another kettle of pig iron entirely.
We blush to admit we haven’t changed a thing we did to a thing we now do since the arrival of the dreaded XYZ (in our short 71 years there have been countless hysterias).
We are still here, though many succumb every day – naturally!
An estimated 56 MILLION people will die this year.
Meanwhile, all is well at Droveria.
To anyone reading this who has a reason to be concerned, remember that losing your composure or panicking will not be productive.
An old joke Joe and I have known for years goes this way “did you know that half of the people on earth are below average in intelligence?”
This is (of course) is more a definition of “mean” than “average”.
However, making a joke of it doesn’t change the fact.
In our little piece of Heaven, Vernon BC, those below average folks were out and about, stripping the store shelves bare of whatever they thought might save them from the COVID-19 scourge.
We wish everyone everywhere serenity and calm while this whirlwind of Chinese-born pestilence poisons the land.
This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last.
Joe and I are not biblical scholars.
Not even close.
But a few verses from Matthew 24:6 – 8 sum up our existence in this “vale of tears” succinctly –
6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
Use your head, minimize your risk(s), and we’ll see you at the other end.
If there is one….. for me or you.
Please remember that it is how you behave in times of trouble which reflects your true character.
Do your best.
Meanwhile, the humor (and the humour, too) keeps a comin’ – the Internet is a never-ending cornucopia of comedic brilliance.
A few of Joe’s picks here (and many more below the fold) –


The Z Blog
Once in a while, Joe and I go to thinkers who keep their cool when the stress makes other folks go bonkers.
A nice calming analysis from a nice American boy.
Joe says he’s a little left of centre.
I say the points he’s making are valid:


Blue Collar Logic
Jason Siler makes a good point or two about our latest sky-is-falling light your hair on fire and jump out the window medical panic, COVID-19.
If not musically polished it is more than clever lyric-wise:


Dennis Prager uses clips of Jordan Peterson to make the point that the progressive left and the so-called right (conventional terms with little meaning for me and Joe) are at loggerheads because of basic foundational beliefs.
Wouldn’t it be loverly if all it took was pointing out facts to make the world a better place:


Patrick Moore
This is a presentation from the “Doctors for Disaster Preparedness” Conference in Tucson AZ, July 20th, 2019.
This is the first time Joe and I have heard him present all of the 12 fake/invisible catastrophes on his short list of hogwash promoted by the press and special interest / lobbyist groups.
We would have loved to be there.
He is very relaxed with this crowd; his people.
The audio and video aren’t Hollywood caliber, but the content is pure gold platinum diamonds:


Dr. Karlyn Borysenko
Joe and I have stumbled into Dr. Borysenko’s YoubeTube presentations before.
She was a stalwart bleeding-heart Democrat.
Joe says she is probably a progressive too.
The first video of hers we watched (to the end) was her declaration of “walking away” from the crazies on the left.
At the time, she was still a “blue pill” gobbler.
She was appalled by the lies and corruption and the violence of the so-called progressive left when she walked away.  In her heart of hearts she hoped sane centrist Democrat heroes would rise to the occasion and return the party of her youth and longing and passions to its rightful former prominence.
Alas, those particular Democrat heroes missed their ques.  If they ever existed.
Joe doesn’t think this lefty gal is full on red pill.
Not yet.
There is hope.  Her eyes are seeing what her brain rejects.
Joe says we’re seeing someone struggle with cognitive dissonance and emerge wiser:


Joe’s Garage

Joe thinks this kid is awesome!
In the true spirit of AvE, ZipTiesandBiasPlies, and ViceGripGarage, test to destruction, resurrection, and maximum delta MacGyver is the rule.
Testing the “Military Grade” aluminum box of his SEMA show F350, our young experimenter orders 3 yards of concrete.  The box overflows, but that is some load!
The previous video his wife attacked the aluminum body with a framing hammer and a large pry bar.  He helped.
As McWatt said in Catch-22, “Oh well, what the Hell!”.
The truck apparently was worth $100,000 USD at one time:

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Sunday Rant – 1220


Joe’s Comment – I see this is a graphic representation of the “Red Pill vs Blue Pill” meme (first presented in the movie “Matrix“).  The movie “Brazil” also comes to mind.  Is it merely an attitude of “making the best of a bad situation”?  Is it being totally oblivious to the reality around you?  Is it reality itself……
I’ll go with Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies”, written for the Broadway musical “Betsy” as sung by Charles Kaley:

I was blue, just as blue as I could be
Every day was a cloudy day for me
Then good luck came a-knocking at my door
Skies were gray but they’re not gray anymore

Blue skies smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies do I see
Bluebirds singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds, all day long

Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When you’re in love, my how they fly

Blue days, all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies from now on

I should care if the wind blows east or west
I should fret if the worst looks like the best
I should mind if they say it can’t be true
I should smile that’s exactly what I do

I should care if the wind blows east or west
I should fret if the worst looks like the best
I should mind if they say it can’t be true
I should smile that’s exactly what I do



Coronavirus (aka COVID-19, Kung Flu, Chinese Flu, Beer Flu, Wuhan Flu)
Because Joe and I are good at math, because Joe and I can read a chart, because Joe and I can read…..
for all these becauses, here’s our understanding of COVID-19 response efforts.
A Bell Curve is a useful graphic analysis which gives much information, should you know how to digest it and extract such knowledge.
Here is a picture of three Bell Curves –
The curve in red is steep; the curve in green is somewhat flattened; the curve in blue is flat.
All three curves have one thing in common: they all have the same “area under the curve”.
Now, imagine each curve represents the total population of Canada, or the U.S., or the world.  I.e., the area under the curve is the population in question.  That is, each curve represents an equal population, just spread over the “x” axis (horizontal axis) differently (the “x” axis could be time).
Further, imagine these curves are the possible infection curve of a virus such as our new villain, the dreaded pirate Kung Flu.
Lets stretch our imagination even further – let’s say that there is a known historic statistic, such as 1% death rate.
Knowing the population and the statistic and the area under the curve, no matter which curve you are on, the end result is the same number of dead people.
If that be so, Joe, why oh why try to “flatten” the curve?
Several very good reasons.
1.  Humane treatment of seriously ill or terminal cases.  By stretching the time dimension of the response as the virus infects us all, and it will, the finite amount of materiel and technology and workforce required at the peak is lessened.  The existing medical infrastructure will not be overwhelmed by volume if you can flatten the infection curve significantly.  One research source states 1 million ill people would break the American system.  In our view, the Canadian system is already broken (if 14 days is critical).
2.  Development of new anti-virus medicines and cures.  By stretching the time dimension (flattening the curve) the people who analyze and innovate and discover solutions in this field have more opportunity to gather necessary data, experiment, test, and devise preventive strategies and/or cures.  Anyone with a hint of Pollyanna in them can understand that this effort to understand the virus in order to defeat the virus might lead to fewer total deaths in the entire population due to invention of effective weaponry (i.e. vaccinations, preventative tactics, helpful medications).
3.  Keep vital supply chains intact.  By stretching the time dimension (curve “blue” above) the many supply chains required to provide for millions of people living in high density areas (cities) are less likely to break due to lack of qualified labor, or dearth of product.
4.  “Save” lives.  By stretching the time dimension (delaying time to exposure) any useful outcome from point 2 above may alter the outcome for many individuals.  We have argued in the past what we argue today: everyone dies.  You can’t really “save” a life, but you can prolong a life.  With that said, we are both (and the other 35 loons in our head) 100% pro-prolong.
Joe and I have been watching the daily American Coronavirus Task Force updates all week.  They are all (still) on YoubeTube.
We have embedded the last three – below was Friday, March 20th:

Here is the Saturday update:

Here is the Sunday update:

We find these briefings information rich and surprisingly calming.  If you take the time to look up the names of the people involved the skill set and depth of experience is world class.  From the briefing it is evident that the entire world’s nations are in touch or being touched by this team.
They are gathering data.  They are leading research.  They are leading the globe.  From the presentations, corporations big and small are re-tooling and re-purposing to meet the materiel and technical and innovation needs required to conquer this virus.
Joe and I find the planning and strategy they are pursuing flawless.  We have always said that “Planning is priceless; the plan may be worthless”.  For clarity, if you know how to plan you can make a new plan or modify an existing plan based on how reality changes/affects/effects the plan.  We think this team is all of that and more.
The criticism we have is the bloody idiots in the press.
You can tell they are trained Progressives: their focus on things big and small is totally warped.  They can’t tell the difference between a mountain and a mole hill.
Joe and I more than believe; we know; – that the American ability to mobilize during a threat and/or challenge of global magnitude is unparalleled.  We know there is no other country that can carry their water.  They are orders of magnitude above and beyond in capacity, reach, materiel, skill sets, technology, McGiverism, mobility, or any other metric you wish to use.
Joe and I also know that the Israelis are also extremely able.  They have top level technology, years of front-line experience, high motivation, but they cannot equal the sheer volume capability of America.
We also know that in the West, sharing of vital information and data and technology and even materiel is more or less free-flowing.
Joe says he wouldn’t want to be the President, especially presenting to these mostly hostile press morons.  Joe says as president, he would carry a pearl handled 1911, bored for ACP .45, and would shoot the dumb question askers.  Ergo, after some time, there are no stupid questions.
Some quick wit out there somewhere on the Internet remembered a passage or two from a Dean Koontz novel of the ’80s titled “The Eyes of Darkness”.  Damned if Mr. Koontz didn’t call it almost verbatim, 40 years ago –

Joe and I also find great solace in the deep well of humor that exists in the West, and is easily found, via the marvel of Internet searches.  There are two “H’s”, Hope and Humor, that are arm in arm on the front lines of any conflict.  Here are a few that we found irresistible –


Patrick Moore
One of our Canadian heroes.
You have a pledge from Joe and I that every new video of Patrick Moore presenting his argument will find its way to this rant.
Dr. Moore is becoming more lucid with every presentation:


Pat Condell
Joe and I haven’t seen anything from Pat Condell for a long time.
We thought he might have been ill, or grew tired of reporting on the United Kingdom and European culture.
What to do?
Just because we haven’t seen anything new, doesn’t mean his older observations are not as valid or even more valid today.
We like Mr. Condell not for his politics (he leans left – and in England that is waaay left) but for his humanity.
Joe says he’s like a ’60s Democrat.
In this video from December 2018, he addresses some of the differences between “The Land of the Free” and European progressive-think.
His observations are spot on in calling out those pursuing “The Anti-American Dream”:

His YoubeTube channel does have more recent commentary.
Shame on Joe and me for thinking Pat Condell was over.
If you watch the following, you will know two things at the end: Pat Condell is as ascorbic and fiery as ever he once was, and secondly, he has nothing but scorn and derision to heap on the Chinese Communist Party and their gangsta leader, Xi Ping Walla Walla Bing.
Here is his take on the “Kung Flu” aka COVID-19, in true Pat Condell form:


Steve Bannon
Joe and I think highly of Mr. Bannon.
We also like Ms. Bartiromo for her passion and guest lists – she does try to get the scoop.
Joe likes her for much more shallow reasons (a great Roman nose).
In this segment from her Saturday show Mr. Bannon lays the hammer down about the “war” status of the United States:


Quick Dick McDick
Where else can you find a Saskatchewan farmer who tells it like it is?
Why, anywhere in Saskatchewan!
Here’s Quick Dick to shed some light on protester diets:


Maura Moynihan
Ms. Moynihan is the daughter of (deceased) American Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
Unlike Canadian Prime Minister Chief Rainbow Socks, she did not get her position or authority because of her surname.
Unlike Canadian Prime Minister Little Gay, she took heed of her unique lineage and made the most of her opportunities to become an expert, an authority, on the culture and affairs of Tibet.
She has spent her life studying, exposing, and vocalizing her disdain of the Chinese Communist Party, especially the Chinese occupation of Tibet.
Joe says if you think the CCP deserves any admiration or lauds for their actions or goals you are a danger to yourself and those around you.
This should be mandatory watching for everyone in the Western nations.
The CCP is, like the COVID-19 virus, a threat to the entire world, civilized or no.
Here is Maura Moynihan asking the question : where’s the outrage?
Ms. Moynihan says, in accord with her father’s pronouncement, the Chinese Communist Party exhibits “Stalinoid Dementia”.
She professes great love and admiration for the Tibetan and Chinese people, but has nothing whatsoever other than condemnation for the Chinese Communist Party.
She also suggests that ANY INFORMATION from China (aka CCP) is (gasp!) bogus.
Who knew?
After watching this video, Joe and I are indulging in a bit of conspiracy porn – the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic was planned in the inner sanctum of the CCP.
This interview is conducted by Jan Jekielek for American Thought Leaders and is a presentation of The Epoch Times.
Take the time to watch:


Dave Brat
Mr. Brat is a former American congressman who is the dean of the Liberty University School of Business.
This interview was conducted during the CPAC 2020 Convention.
Mr. Brat is proposing what President Trump has been proposing for decades: a level playing field.  His focus is reciprocity with China.
Very level headed challenge to the CCP.
This interview occurred before the above interview with Maura Moynihan.
Joe and I visit The Epoch Times as a go-to source for comment on current events.
We think so highly of The Epoch Times we are petitioning the purser-in-our-head (McScrooge) for funds to buy a subscription.
This is a short thought provoking presentation:


Andrew Klavan
Joe and I check Mr. Klavan’s outpourings frequently.
We like the fact that he is a deep thinker.
He is a mentor to Ben Shapiro (although Mr. Shapiro might think otherwise).
He is a writer.
The best part is he is resolute in his belief that freedom and liberty are indispensible.
He also loves sharing ideas.
This video is a recent address to students at the University of Iowa, with the title “Is God a Conservative?”.  A wonderful Q & A follows:


Joe’s Garage

Duratec 3.0L Ford V6 DOHC Engine
Joe has been seeking solutions to sour-running Ford Escape V6 engines in two of his beloved possessions.
Or maybe threatening to junk two Ford Escapes is more accurate.
No codes, or inconsequential codes.
“Fish nibble” misses (sporadic and weak).
Since Joe and I started “collecting” Ford Escapes (we’ve owned about 6 to date) with the 3.0L Duratec V6 DOHC engine, three of them have had engine problems in the neighborhood of 210,000 to 250,000 kilometers.
One had the temerity to push a piston rod through the crankcase.
Two have had rattling timing chains, missing idle, clattering valve-trains, weird noises.
Joe thought for sure the chain tensioner(s) had failed and the timing chain(s) had skipped (to my loo my darlin’).
We’ve now torn 4 engines apart – down to the timing chains.
Velly intellesting!
None of them had skipped teeth – all were correctly timed.
One had stretched timing chains, and a failed tensioner.
We pulled the spark plugs out and spun the engines with a Milwaukee “Hole Hog” reduction drill.
Lots of oil flow, and no chain noise after replacing the chains and tensioner apparatus.
Next step is to remove the camshafts and inspect the cam followers for bad rollers.

A well laid out engine.  Easy to work on.
Joe speculates the failure(s) have to do with light oil viscosity.  In an attempt to improve CAFE mileage, these motors are recommended to use 5W-20 oil.  The above pictured engine showed lots of sludge and signs of overheating.  We suspect late or no oil changes.  The chains were stretched – both chain tensioners were fully extended (one had a failed seal).  New timing chains and tensioners installed.  Gonna put the engine back in the vehicle and see if we made it all better. Continue reading Sunday Rant – 1220

Sunday Rant – 1120


Joe’s Comment – Ah!  The eternal journey of the progressive.  Defining, exactly, the parameters of one’s minority status.  S. Gross is a master of the taboo cartoon.


Alain Lambert, Canadian entrepreneur from Montreal, compares the Canadian and American health care systems from his perspective.
Joe says this is all personal testimony and as such is not conclusive.
I say that a country of 320+ million souls with the same average IQ as a country of 35+ million souls has more very bright people.
If math and statistics are friends, and assumptions aren’t asinine, the quantity would be 10 X more very bright people in America.
Joe would argue that the brightest in Canada probably migrate to America for the increased liberty and opportunity it avails.
But we digress…..
Very bright people don’t take kindly to stupid.
The point?
You don’t see too many Americans fleeing America with serious health issues, searching for remedies or solutions in foreign lands.
Joe says Canada is a foreign land.
Joe also says Canadian mucky-mucks finding medical succor in America is not unknown.  Second Street, a Canadian government watchdog, has a PDF document titled “The Flight of the Sick” which documents the ever increasing number of Canadians who seek timely and often life saving necessary treatment outside the borders of Oh! Canada!
Au contraire mon ami, the overwhelming majority of people with serious health issues (and deep financial pockets) who don’t find relief in their native land tend to try America.
You can look it up:


Leaving California
Joe and I haven’t been to California as a tourist or a worker since 2006.
Even then, it was a weird feeling to arrive at the California border and be interrogated by the California State busy-bodies about the 5 W’s and H.
Hell, our beloved Phoebe (a 1972 PD4905A GMC parlor coach, aka Greyhound bus), had we driven her there, would be denied entrance to the Sunshine State because her engine was a 318 Detroit – a very common 2 stroke diesel back in the day.
PragerU has a “digital short” about the shortfalls of living in California.  The statistics of businesses failing and people leaving are very sobering.
As a counter example, the Lone Star State statistics are compared to California.
This video reminds us that which Charles Krauthammer stated: that good politics makes for a terrific environment for citizens but bad politics can destroy countless lives and fortunes.
Andrew Breitbart stated that politics is downstream of culture.
Joe says California must have had some wacky cultural goings-on to go so sour.
Joe would also like to know the average IQ of the largest cities in California, and whether the entertainment industry attracts low IQ good looking people or high IQ not so good looking people or average blokes and dirt people – something must have happened for them to poison themselves with a one-party legacy.
The interior valley of California is mostly conservative/Republican.
An interesting PragerU video with Will Witt, worth the price of admission:


KT McFarland
Ms. McFarland has a resume that is deep and extensive.  She has been working in, around, and with the American government since the ’70s.
In this interview with the Epoch Times she discusses American national policy.
At the link there are more links to similar conversations concerning the Chinese Communist Party vs THE WORLD:


Political Paradoxum
Strange times, indeed.
We snagged this list from a website called “Nobody Asked Me” –
Echoes of George Orwell.
The common perception is this is the difference between so-called “Left vs Right”, which is really not so (Joe and I don’t follow the L/R argument because they are both – in extreme – the same side; think parabola – the apex is Libertarianism) it is the difference between “emotional logic vs rationality”.
In the progressive mind there is no confusion with this apparent plethora of paradoxes, for the infinite number of victimized groups each requires a unique “solution” to guarantee equal outcome, or “equality” (whatever the fuck that might mean).


Michael Anton
As “yoots” (My Cousin Vinny reference), Joe and I wondered why globalization.
Sure, it made sense for Canada to import oranges and bananas, because the cost of production in Canada is orders of magnitude greater than in other countries, even when including the cost of transportation.
And we know the thinking of the average “dirt people” Canadian (because we are one); we were trained to spot a “good deal”.
If all things are equal (quality, availability, utility, etc.), then pay as little as possible  – it only makes economic sense.  Sense in a national, regional, and especially personal frame of reference.
Further, with bananas and oranges, Joe and I do not know of any case, anywhere in the world, where a person has died specifically because they didn’t have a banana or orange.  Or both.
Bananas and oranges can then be considered as “luxury items”: i.e., not necessary for survival.
Not so with items or products or services or raw materials required for national, regional, community or personal defense, health, safety, economic stability, or threat management.
Was the coronavirus (aka COVID-19) timely in the reminder it is and has given?
Joe and I don’t believe in coincidence as a prime motivator.
In this video Michael Anton, a former American national security advisor, is interviewed by the Epoch Times about the “Dangers of Outsourcing”.
At the link there are more links to additional discussions of this and other aspects of globalization:


Abortion Perspective
As young socialists Joe and I had a devil-may-care attitude about abortion.
Our usual bull in a china shop approach, upon reflection, was a type of despair, a false dichotomy; fear vs ignorance.
Things have changed.
It is true that an egg and a sperm are a “collection of cells”.
It is also true that it is the start of a human being.
Which do you believe, if not both statements?
If not both, please don’t waste our time doin’ some ‘splainin’.
American Senator James Lankford tells it straight:


Larry Elder
Mr. Elder is one of our American heroes.
He has a friendly and humorous exterior disguising a steel-trap mind  backed up by peerless logic and data.
His easy going demeanor does not deflect from his foundational arguments, which are conservative to the core.
If you hadn’t noticed, he is also a “POC“.  We just love acronyms…..
In the following video, Mr. Elder documents just a few of the high visibility promises made by candidate then president Donald J. Trump, and brings evidence of promises kept.
Joe says Mr. Elder is a voice of sanity and logic in a wilderness of quackydoodle:

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