Sunday Rant – 0820


Joe’s Comment – Alas!  I’m off the 70 step this year.  The above graphic though true in context is drawn “not to scale”.  Sometimes the fall seems much larger.


Quick Dick McQuick
What can we say?
Quick Dick nails the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline protest issues and protester’s hypocrisy.
Joe and I start shouting at the TV when we see the dunder-heads protesting for money or for ideology.
This is hard on our collective health.
Better yet for us to let Quick Dick tell all:


Prager U
Why did The West win?
Joe and I have a few ideas about that subject.
If you don’t believe the statement is true, here’s a video for you.
Niall Ferguson, Hoover Institution historian at Stanford University thinks he has it figured out.
The West had 6 “killer applications”.
What remains to be seen is whether The West can educate its offspring to re-visit and re-employ these apps:


The Battery Fantasy
Joe and I think that solar and wind solutions to energy demand is not scalable.
That is, a small array and equivalent capacity windmill is an expensive option for a remote location with known energy requirements.
Such as a ranch in the Australian Outback.
Or a cabin in the Canadian Rockies.
‘Cause the sun don’t shine at night.
And the wind don’t blow 24/7.
Because of those two facts, the best solution is to have them both produce their maximum output when the sun is, indeed, shining, and the wind is blowing.  Then, through the magic of that-which-has-not-been-invented-yet, store the (surplus) energy for future demand.
The most common way to do this is batteries.  Which are not ideal.
They are expensive, fragile, temperature sensitive, non-mobile, and, depending on type of electrolyte, variously explosive, chemically corrosive, and dangerous to human health.
They also need external control devices such as regulators, inverters, converters, and various and sundry telemetry.  These technologies and materiel don’t grow on trees or come free with every purchase.
Joe and I have dreamed up a number of alternative storage methods, equally unsuitable: e.g. run an electric motor to pump water (fill a large reservoir with water then use the water to run a turbine), e.g. run an electric motor to drive a compressor (fill a large cylinder with compressed air – use the compressed air to run a turbine), e.g. run an electric motor to drive a huge flywheel ( use the flywheel momentum to drive a generator) for example.
Scaling up to run a city or town or industrial endeavour or commercial enterprise however becomes a crippling cost to provision.  And significantly expensive in maintenance and repair costs.  Essentially, wind and solar are NOT DEPENDABLE.  Ergo, a secondary energy source is required as back-up for those NOT DEPENDABLE times.  For example, if you are a “prepper” you have a back-up generator to stand in for conventionally sourced electricity.  Same thing only bigger and way more expensive.
Our fore-or-five Fathers were no dummies.
In a lot of ways they had it easier to see the forest AND the trees.
Their inventions often distilled into a best practice that still holds ground today.
When the next big thing happens – the advancement of light, cheap, abundant, high volume, safe, totally scalable, and portable energy storage – the world will be in a position to scale wind and solar.
Not until then.
Thanks to Ron D. for sending the following video.
Mark Mathis, from Clear Energy Alliance, explains:


Corona Virus Update
Joe and I found this little nugget on the “It Ain’t Holy Water” website.
The Chicom masters are great managers.
After Mao set the bar (est. 30+ million murdered) all that remains to be seen is whether the new guy Xi goes for a new record.
Shout out to Bernie Saunders – Hey Bernie!  Get a load of Xi welding the doors shut in apartment buildings to control a virus that (according to Chicom Central) has only killed a couple hundred folks.  With the people inside!  Nothing to see here folks……  Gotta get some socialism/communism here in the West!
Someone is speaking with forked tongue:


Political Comment
Joe saw this and grinned so hard I thought the top of his head would fall off –

Ayn Rand explains what separates “Rights” from entitlements, and the responsibility of every person to pursue their unique destiny:


Joe’s Garage

Killer T Cells (Cancer Research)
This is promising news for people suffering most types of cancer.
As with many aha! discoveries, the new direction was the result of different experimentation: it is a by-product of the original inquiry.
Although the experimentation is hopeful of useful treatment, trials with real live people are still years away:

Graphene Batteries
Joe and I quacked long and hard above about “scalability” of wind and solar energy.
The next big deal for energy would be an electricity storage device that doesn’t yet exist: very large capacity per weight, low cost, safe to use, scalable, portable, and not a health or environment danger.
A step in the right direction is the use of the miracle material called graphene.
The following video is a primer on the first graphene batteries coming to market.
Sunday Rant – 1013 and Sunday Rant – 4613 both had links to articles about this wonderful arrangement of CARBON molecules.
We are, after all, a carbon based life form living in a world of carbon creations:

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Sunday Rant – 0720


Joe’s Comment – I look at the changes in the world, in the culture, in myself since my time on Earth began.
Some great changes.  Some meh changes.  Some really bizarre changes.
Some downright nasty and evil changes.
There are legion memes on the Internet depicting and comparing Orwell’s “1984” fiction with today’s reality.
Kinda scary.
The forces of evil are relentless.
Especially when the evil doers are cloaked in the garments of righteousness, and armed with the force of ideology.
Strange times indeed.


Tuffnell at Ten
Quick Dick McQuick shows us all something you might not see on the regular, main stream, Canadian version of news.
Gurnsey SK has a giant oil spill (February 3rd, 2020).
Joe and I have expounded many times how “insidious” pipelines are.
So insidious that the pipe that brings the water you use in your home, the pipes that remove the sewage you flush from your toilet, sinks, and tubs, the cables that provide electricity that lights your nights, the pipe that delivers the natural gas you burn for heat and cooking, the fibre or cable delivering your entertainment / communication, AND THE BLOODY VEINS AND ARTERIES IN YOUR VERY OWN SACRED BODY PUMPING BLOOD ARE ALL PIPELINES!!!!!
Talk about insidious.
Joe and I think Quick Dick has a wonderful idea.
Gather all the Indigenous Sacreds, all the Green-at-all-costs (the cost being spite against our species), every and all wadfucks in the Quebec government, every twat and twatter in the BC government and bring them to Gurnsey Saskatchewan.  Once there, on site, they can beat off out the very black oily flames; an oil fire from ANOTHER TRAIN WRECK!!!!!
Honest to doG, this reminds me of Martin Niemoller’s moral statement –
Absolutely analogous.
First they come to take the wealth (our energy).
Then they come to take your dignity (our intellectual capital).
Then they come for the children (our future).
Victoria BC is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada.
They flush their untreated shit into the ocean.
Joe and I give them the benefit of the doubt: they don’t want to flush their untreated shit into the ocean.
They flush their untreated shit into the ocean because the can’t won’t fund the technology that exists so they can flush their treated shit into the ocean.
Bringing Canadian energy to market (via pipelines, you morons!) might improve the economy enough to fund such a basic necessity.
The holy second-only-to-Indigenous-peoples Quebecois don’t want Canadian oil.
Joe reminds you: you lost on the Plains of Abraham (the farm land of a man named Abraham Martin).
James Wolfe, the English general, handed the Marquis de Montcalm (the French equivalent) his ass on a platter. Wolfe used his fucking brain to defeat the enemy in two volleys of musket-ball fury.
Now tell me, Spanky, in all honesty, do you think the French would have treated the English the same way the English treated the French?
Before you answer, think about Algeria, Vietnam, French Congo – just a few of the French colonies.  A more complete list here.  Yes, some of these are more current in history.  Your point would be?
Think of the infamous French Foreign Legion.
Hell, think about Steve McQueen in Papillon.
Maybe instead of sneaky-sneak slit throat tippy-toe stinky pants behavior (I fart in your general direction!), the Kaybeeks should join the commonwealth of Canada.  United we stand and all that horse pucky.
Joe and I think it has something to do with not “speaking” English, i.e. English Common Law, the Magna Carta, the Empire, free trade, private property, the value of the individual, and good genes, too.
All that aside, here is Quick Dick bringing the news of another government sponsored BBQ fueled by Saskatchewan and/or Alberta oil:

Joe’s Math Corner – Do you know the flow rate of oil in a pipeline?  It is mainly dependent on oil viscosity, temperature, inside diameter of the pipe, pump pressure, resistance to flow (friction of pipe).  Information here.
From the link:  GPM = (V x A) ÷ 0.3208, where GPM=gallons per minute, V=velocity of oil in feet per second, A=cross sectional area of inside of pipe in square inches.  The value 0.3208 is a constant.
Railway tank cars are specified in the U.S. of A. as DOT-111 and in Canada as TC-111 (same link).  The maximum capacity is 34,500 US gallons (131,000 L; 28,700 imp gal).
Let’s do some math boys and girls (only two genders can play)!
The above formula is in U.S. measure (U.S. gallons, inches, feet, seconds).
Let us assume a velocity of oil flow in a 36 inch pipeline to be 1 foot per second (60 feet per minute).
A = 18 x 18 x ϖ (Pi symbol) = 1017 sq. in.
V = 1 foot per second
GPM = (1017 x 1 ) ÷ 0.3208 = 3172.93 gallons per minute
At this rate, it would take 10.87 minutes to pump the equivalent of one DOT-111 tank car ( 34,500 gallons ÷ 3172.93 gallons/minute).
How many tankers is that in a day?
24 hours/day = 1440 minutes/day ( 24 hr/day x 60 min/hr)
Tankers / day = 1440 minutes/day ÷ 10.87 minutes / tanker = 132.47 tankers/day
How much oil is that in a day?
132.47 tankers/day x 34,500 gallons/tanker = 4,570,377 gallons/day
Or, 3172.93 gallons/minute x 1440 minutes/day = 4,569,019 gallons/day
Note:  the difference of 1,358 gallons/day is a rounding off error.
Joe and I suspect it would take more than a day to load 132 tankers with oil.
Then it would take days to reach the destination.
Then it would take time to unload and store/process.
On the other side, a pipeline would take years to build but once built the flow is continuous.
Here are some statistics from Enbridge about safety and performance of pipelines –


Mike Pompeo
The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, delivers a passionate and informative statement of American perspective at the Munich Security Conference.
Joe and I think this guy is the real deal:


Blue Collar Logic
Dave Morrison sets the record straight.
There is no way José.
The United States of America will NEVER vote Peter B., an admitted ho-mo-sex-you-all to the highest office in the world.
Glass ceiling be damned.
Besides, Joe argues (a very successful argument) the U.S. has already had a gay president: good ol’ Jug Ears.
Look where that got them.
Joe also says that testosterone is the drug of choice for the rough and tumble world-wide political life and death rugby match that never stops.
You say that Peter B., as the POTUS, and his man-wife will represent the U.S. diplomatically, and be welcome in Saudi Arabia?  Or the Philippines?  Or any country outside of the so-called Western alliance?  Especially when he kisses him/her/it (is Pete the peter or the vagina?) in all the excitement?
Joe and I say again we would NEVER vote for someone who doesn’t have children; biological children.  Children made the good old fashion way.  Even then we are as perspicacious as we can be in assessing the authenticity and merits of each candidate.
Joe (the vulgarian) suspects Donald Trump has more testosterone in his piss than Peter B. has in his entire body.
Never mind Joe’s vulgarity.  How does “sexual identity” affect voting?
Here’s Dave Morrison to explain why 4% of the population does NOT represent the entire nation.  Like it needs explanation?  Jeez and jeepers, Jeeves:


Stephan Molyneux on Jordan Peterson
Joe and I respect the thinking exhibited by both of these men.
Stephan is a philosopher.
Jordan is a psychologist.
That is a vast territory of thought exploration.
In this video Stephan comments on the current state of Jordan Peterson’s health, starting with a recent National Post article and the video release by Mikhaila Peterson on the Peterson family situation.
Very astute observations by Mr. Molyneux:


Dr. Patrick Moore
Dr. Patrick Moore is keen of mind, a true scientist, and gifted with a story teller’s ability to make his scientific knowledge understood by laymen (and laywomen too).
Dr. Moore has the best “big picture” understanding of the history of life on earth that Joe and I have heard, given our lay knowledge and polymathic interests.
The following podcast is rich with large ideas that have been precipitated over many years of study and speculation and research and data analysis.
Because it is thoughts and conclusions based on known knowns, as science, the job is to be critical of the conclusions presented.  I.e., new facts and data may change or alter the deductions: only time and honest study will decide.
Alex Epstein is the author of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels“.
This conversation is from Alex’s podcast, PowerHour, October 16th, 2019.
The best is yet to come from Dr. Moore, and this discussion is proof:


Joe’s Garage

Texas Pride Trailer
Joe and I upgraded our trailer last year.
Something about hauling a heavy load safely more than once was tickling our conscience.
In terms of our previous trailer, our new trailer is an order of magnitude better.
Below is a trailer that is orders of magnitude above ours.
Tilt deck, goose neck, hydraulics, storage, ample tie-downs – the bee’s knees!
Of course Joe could never afford to buy one.
Joe says it doesn’t cost much to look:

Garage Humor
A few images that I’d like to make comments about.  The first is about convenience vs cost vs functionality.  I am going backwards in some areas of technology re: vehicle of preference.  The list of negatives on this beetle door are mostly “money pits” when they malfunction.  Some can’t be avoided depending on which vehicle you own.  Back to the basics for me and Dave –

Presently I am working on two Ford Escapes that I own.  Both are 2001 versions.  Both met the same fate.  The 3.0L DOHC V6 engines destroyed some portion of their valve mechanisms.  They ran low on oil.  Previous owners who didn’t check fluids on a regular basis.  I suspect the PCV valve was stuck open in both cases.  The PCV valve vents directly into the intake.  The recommended oil is 5W20 from the factory – lower viscosity (20 vs 30) is thinner and gives better mileage.  I also suspect this light viscosity oil causes failure of these engines with high mileage.  Hence the following quote from the Mechanic’s Bible –


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Sunday Rant – 0620


Joe’s Comment – I’ve been putting off talking to Dave about productivity.  However, if things don’t improve, the hard choices will be made.
He’ll thank us for our honesty.
It ain’t easy being the boss…..


Save Alberta vs Save Canada
Joe and I love us some Patrick Moore.
Every previous Patrick Moore presentation we have seen is a calm, well measured, well researched, logical explanation of what was, what is, and where the discussion should be in the future.
The video below is Patrick Moore unleashed.
This presentation was at the Freedom Talk November 2019 Conference, Red Deer, AB.
Freedom Talk has a YoubeTube channel here.  In the eventuality that YoubeTube will “disappear” Freedom Talk’s channel, they have a website here.
The stated objective of Freedom Talk is “Alberta’s Options to Get a Fair Deal”.
Sit back, nurse a drink, and enjoy this metamorphic change, this outspoken firebrand, this Dr. Patrick Moore unleashed!:

Note:  The BN800 reactor mentioned by Dr. Moore in the above video will be superseded by the BN1200 reactor.  They expect 8 BN1200‘s on line in Russia by 2030.
Canada developed and marketed the Candu reactor.  According to the linked article from the Canadian Nuclear Association, 15% of Canada’s electricity is produced via nuclear reactors.
Joe has a brilliant idea.  Why not step up the game and double or triple or quadruple our use of nuclear energy?  Saskatchewan has enough uranium to keep us in the game for millennia.


Viva Frei
The subject of this machine-gun speed legal chatter is a legal battle on the horizon: Rebel News (Ezra Levant) vs the Canadian government.
Canada is becoming more of an Orwellian state every passing moment.
Ezra Levant is being interrogated by the Trudeau government for the crime of releasing his book “Libranos” before the election that saw Chief Rainbow Socks re-elected to a minority government.  The focus is the Canadian election law which restricts partisan expenditure during an election cycle.
Did Ezra break the law, or is he being intimidated by the Little Gay henchmen?
He met with two government employees without a lawyer; unbeknownst to them Ezra recorded the meeting.
You can watch the “hidden video” here.  Warning: lots of Ezra theatrics and drama, with more to come.
This is where Viva Frei enters the picture and produced the following video.
Legal eagle David Freiheit outlines the issue, the government position, the Rebel News position, some problematic facts, and an explanation of why lawyer Freiheit’s keen interest in this most Canadian twist of political law:

Joe and I were disappointed in Ezra Levant when, a few years ago, in his efforts on behalf of Tommy Robinson in the UK, some $$$ pledged via crowd-sharing was misused.
Joe and I are a collective hard-ass when it comes to lies and deceit and “politics as usual”; we stopped following Mr. Levant and the fledgling Rebel News.
However, this battle is as important as was the fight against C-16 (lost), as the SNC – Lavalin jiggy-poke (on going), as the marvelous kangaroo “Human Rights Commission Commissars” (won a battle or two, lost the war so far).  Hell, this battle is as important as the entire bull-crappy regarding CO2, the gas of life.
What is happening in our country, in the West, is an incremental hardly noticeable sneaky Pete ratcheting take-away of personal liberty and freedom (as little as ever was).
Us Dirt People must be alert.
Keep your eyes on the snake(s).
And Little Gay, too.
Never under estimate a desperate man.


We Build the Wall
An alternate to the American government building a wall to control illegal immigration, human trafficking, and the flow of illegal substances / materiel is private citizens building their own wall.
An update and a commercial all rolled into one:


Mark Dice
Could South Africa happen in North America?  (Kill the Whites).
Could Germany happen in North America?  (Open border “migrant” dilution).
Could Caligula happen in your home town?  (Who gave the depraved power).
Who knows.
Mark Dice mocks the Democrat obsession with race / gender / minority as an elixir for all that needs remedy:

Joe and I are unabashedly unapologetically guiltlessly White.
Not proud about it.
Not ashamed about it.
Don’t think much about it.
Popeye got it right – “I am what I am and that’s all what I am” –

Joe says there are bigger fish to fry than worrying about the intensity of melanin your body produces.
A caution to wanna-be Popeyes; eating 5 pounds of spinach contains enough toxin to kill the average person.


China – Land of Lotus Blossoms
I don’t like it.
Joe don’t like it.
The fact is, we all don’t like it.
Chinese Communist Party.
That’s the truth.
The “smartest people on earth” (avg. IQ 103 – 108) seem to have a rogue government.
Smart people are our betters.
If we had our druthers, Joe and I would spend much of our time with smarter people, hoping we could learn something (anything!) that would improve our situation, and our ability to improve the situation of others around us.
It seems the CCP has decided there is only one path to the future.
That path is festooned with rose petals and happy horse-shit spread by the CCP:


Joe and I just now (Wednesday) finished watching President Trump’s celebration speech with his cabinet, many Republican senators and congressmen (and congress women!), his legal team, and his family.
We are getting better at listening to his speeches.
His speaking style and accent and general demeanor not withstanding, the man is genuine in his praise for his team, folksy, personal, and humble in his own unique Alpha way.
Joe gives this a “perfect speech” endorsement.
Just like the call to the Ukrainian Prime Minister:

Down the week lots of controversy about the above speech.
Also lots of controversy about Nancy Pelosi tearing up an official government document in impotent childlike protest.
Here is the fabulous Brigitte Gabriel (hubba-hubba!) with the official (fully supported by Joe and me) rebuttal:



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