Sunday Rant – 0420


Joe’s Comment – The Universe Song (Monty Python) is another expression of the above, from a similar perspective:

So remember when you’re feeling very small and insecure, how amazingly unlikely is your birth“.
Much like my religious bottom line: knowing my personal ignorance, lack of comprehension, and dearth of wisdom, the objective is to forge on boldly to the last chapter.
Gotta see how this incredible mystery ends!


Candace Owens
This week Candace interviews Lisa Daftari, an American born daughter of Iranian immigrants.  She is an investigative journalist who’s focus is the middle east.
Ms. Daftari has dedicated her life to educating Americans (and the free world) about the realities of life in the middle east.  In this interview, she and Candace focus on Iran under the oppressive theocratic Islamic regime of the ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
We Westerners don’t know how good we’ve got it.
Do we have to experience the worst of tyranny to appreciate the freedom and liberty we take for granted?
Watch and listen:


Davos 2020
This is the speech President Trump delivered to the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020.
All encompassing.
Worth the time to listen:


Joe Biden
What to think of this person called Joe Biden.
Could he be as dangerous as he seems?
Some see him as a doddering old grandfatherly pervert.
Joe and I have a much darker image in our heads.
How did he become wealthy?
Certainly not by inventing something the whole world demands.
Certainly not by the overwhelming intelligence he exudes with every word and phrase.
Certainly not by hard work.
As a matter of fact, he wasn’t at all wealthy until he left the vice presidency.
After 43 years of nursing at the public teat, 43 years of “politicking”, his net worth was embarrassing – here’s a report from 2011.
Yet, since 2017 he has become a multi-millionaire.
Joe and I think of Shirley Bassey’s great song, “History Repeating“, with the Propeller Heads.  We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again.
Now hear us clearly – Joe and I are Dirt People.  We do not seek fame or fortune or flaming flatulence.  We want to be left the fuck alone to pursue our own interests.
But….. when a lying whoring jack-off perv like Joe Biden could even be a finalist for such an important position (remember your Charles Krauthammer boys and girls), we Dirt People start paying attention, and start getting concerned.
Two more steps and we’ll be getting involved.
Here is a video of Tucker Carlson detailing how the Biden family climbed both the corruption and illicit wealth mountains.
My Joe says not to worry, for Joe Biden is a fool and a pervert.
I tell my Joe that a fool is a tool in the hands of his betters.
At one time Joe Biden passed a bar exam.  We are speechless.
This has got to be a living breathing Irish mobster:


Joe’s Garage

Slave Lake
There are some guys.
And then there are some other guys.
And then, there are some Canadian other guys.
The guys at Zip Ties n Bias Plies are some of those Canadian other guys to the nth degree!
In this very recent video, Peg wanders around his lovely collection of old trucks in -40°C weather, trying to start them at this insane temperature.
All while using a collection of truly crappy used and tired batteries.
Slave Lake is a 1989 F250 with a 7.3L IDI diesel engine.  Using another F250 (or F350) with a Windsor gasoline engine as a push vehicle (it was a bitch to start) they finally resort to push starting old Slave Lake.
After what seems to be a few miles, the engine fires to life.
Diesel fuel, depending on the mixture (#1, #2, ??) can have problems with gelling starting at -9°C and is usually in serious gel territory at -40°C.
Of course, Peg pegs it as soon as it will run with the clutch in – full rpm is de jour with these crazies.
Net result is a snapped V-belt, a torn pinion seal, a loss of coolant, and a cranky 7.3L roaring until it is too hot to re-start.
As one of the commenters posted, “This truck is gonna be running after the cockroaches are extinct.”.
Joe and I agree.
We have a collection of four Ford IDI diesel trucks that run, and another 5 IDI diesel engines without trucks.
A most loyal power plant.
We have been watching Zip Tie videos for years.  Slave Lake takes a kickin’ and keeps on tickin’.
If you enjoy seeing bone yard vehicles getting the ever lovin’ crap knocked out of them, a prime YoubeTube channel is here:

Here’s another from Zip Ties on the proper use of Sea Foam:

A few other channels with similar themes:
–  Deboss Garage:
–  Vice Grip Garage:
–  Whistlindiesel:
Joe and I go to church and prey for forgiveness after watching these channels.

Joe and I love this story.
Once more, with feeling:

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Sunday Rant – 0320


Joe’s Comment – the above Anonymous quote must be generic, as it or variants of it have been part of the lexicon all my life.  The key is to define “trouble”.  My sliding definition ranges from “total chaos” to “unforeseen annoyance”.   The antidote is wide and deep risk management.  An image sprang to mind – a bungee jump we saw on YoubeTube where the bungee broke and the unfortunate thrill seeker plunged to their death.  A memory came to mind as well – in the days of our youth we worked at the Calgary Stampede one summer.  We remember a girl thrown off a carousel ride into machinery – she lost an arm.  Another Stampede memory is of my young brother, not much more than a toddler, in the little boats going around in a circle.  The boats stopped.  He stood up.  The boats started.  He fell into the water.  Dad jumped over the barrier fence into the boat pond to retrieve my terrified brother.  When he grabbed the fence to get out of the water, he receive an electric shock that paralyzed him and he dropped my brother.
Damn close to loosing them both over a ride put together by toothless tattooed low-lifes (my opinion at the time – not much changed today).  Needless to say we never went on a ride since.
You won’t catch me seeking thrills where my physical being is beyond my personal control.  I can get my adrenaline flowing plenty good just by imagining….


Queen Elizabeth II was 23 years old the year Joe and I were born.
She was an English beauty, no lie.
This year she will be 94, doG willing (and the creek don’t rise).
We stumbled into this amazing video – some sharp tack used a “metamorphosis” program to morph pictures of The Queen from an infant to her present day self.
In light of the absolute madness happening in the U.S. congress (the congress writes the law; if you are a majority party, consensus can rule – the “Dark Side™” of democracy), the general tenor of slightly off balance sanity in the Western world, and the complete madness found in the many tyrannical, dictatorial, theocratic, and/or corrupt nation-states: some stability, some tradition, some continuity would be appreciated.
And here we have it.
The longest reigning monarch in the history of the Western nations.
A woman who was NOT destined to be Queen: her uncle abdicated in order to marry a commoner (shades of today’s Harry and Meghan).
Queen by chance.
What a wonderful chance it has been.
Joe and I are happy we grow old with QEII for we have never been called to war or been impoverished (outside of poor choices we made) or went to bed hungry.
How much of that is QEII or The Commonwealth, or English Common Law, or the English Speaking Peoples we will never know, nor do we care to know.
We’re willing to give her (and all the monarchy entails) full credit:


Joe and I have been aware of “Q” as an entity for better than a year.
The criptic messaging and early warnings and record of reporting facts has spread throughout the world.
So what is “Q“?
The link is an introduction.
Here is a series of video presentations that tackle “Who Is Q?”:

“Q” as identified by the above nom de plume “PrayingMedic” is a small group of individuals with very close ties to President Trump and his administration.
Joe and I don’t know much about this entire concept, but what we do know is a Google search is heavily biased toward those links that accuse Q of conspiracy and lunacy, not necessarily in that order.
Joe says that is a tell (à la poker).
Q is therefore worthy of our attention.
Here are some links to “Q” posts, histories, collections, discussions, in no particular order.  Joe and I will be exploring further –
These all were found via the above video (which is over a year old).
More research will be followed by an update some time in da fucha.


Jericho Greene
Joe and I get a kick from Mr. Greene’s rants.
This one is specially outrageous because he criticizes Little Gay (Chief Rainbow Socks).  Any time Canada’s PM gets a tongue-lashing berated Joe smiles.
Joe and I cringe that the Canadian leader (and by proxy the Canadian People) would blame America for Iran being so panicked they shot down an Ukranian civilian airliner flying out of Tehran en route to a civilian destination.
And why were they hysterical?
They (once again, ad nauseum) were caught poking the bear to see what they could see.
And they blinked.
Enjoy Jericho’s expletive-laced monologue that demeans our fearless bearded leader.
So refreshing!:


Blue Collar Logic
Joe says Jason Siler of Blue Collar Logic trusts his “lying eyes” more than the copious quantity of bovine excrement that passes for “news” being spread by the Main Stream Mediocrity.
Jason couches his argument about freedom by contrasting the stated ideology of modern feminism with the actual deeds performed on behalf of that “ideology” by its acolytes and sycophants.
Joe says the facts that accompany “breaking news” are like contrails and vortices and turbulence left behind a heavy aircraft’s wings.
Will you see “news” about this top Iranian athlete defecting?
Sorry, the accepted story is “Orange Man Bad”.
Ergo, all that reflects positively on the POTUS is verboten to disseminate.
You will see no news about tens of thousands of Iranians risking their lives to protest the tyrannical religious autocracy squelching their desire to live free.
You will see no news about hundreds of thousands in Hong Kong risking their lives by protesting against the CCP, by demanding liberty, by demanding the freedom to determine their own destiny.
Ergo, any accomplishment, any truly astounding news (such as signing a trade deal with China where the Chinaman is locked into a “tariff for honesty”, or signing the new USMCA) is buried or not reported at all.
This suggests to Joe and I that a “free Internet” is a vital tool in bringing truth and facts to the “great unwashed”.
That would be we, the Dirt People.
Anyone with a cellular phone or a digital camera can, by accessing the Internet, deliver the contrails of fact and truth that precipitate from large events:


Kevin O’Leary
Once again Joe and I find ourselves agreeing with Mr. O’Leary.
To summarize, American forces in Iraq end the career of a vexing Iranian state sponsored terrorist (with a long career of terror), an action taken by the U.S. of A. to stem escalating, aggressive terrorist activities planned, directed, and implemented by this man.
The Iranians retaliate by willy-nilly firing expensive missiles in the general direction of American bases in Iraq.  Reminiscent of a certain Monty Python sketch (i.e. the concept of non-specifically vectored flatulence).
Then, fearing American retaliation or escalation, in a moment of panic or misdirection or ineptitude, in their own country of Iran at the capital city of Tehran, the Iranian military shoots down a Ukrainian civilian airliner.
Who to blame?  Runny poop down somebody’s leg for sure.
At first, denial.
Next, an attempt to “disappear” the remains of the crash.
Then, scapegoating some one or more minions.
Finally, begrudging admission, weak apology, sound of crickets.
The uproar around the world was binary – condemn America or admonish Iran.
Our very own beloved Chief Rainbow Socks put another of his seemingly infinite number of feet in his mouth.
Little Gay seems to think our American brothers are more than obliquely implicated in causing the tragedy.
Once again the Prince of Pretend uses illogic to further exacerbate an already tenuous relationship.
Mr. O’Leary continues critiquing Mr. Happy Pants in his unique style.
As Mr. O’Leary states, “Justin Trudeau is the gift that just keeps on giving,” O’Leary told Kitco News. “I’m sure that taking your largest trading partner and saying something like that to them wasn’t well thought out.”
Joe says the bonus is looking at and listening to Daniela Cambone field a question or two:

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Sunday Rant – 0220


Joe’s Comment – Sometimes I forget who is who in my zoo.


A Pledge
Joe and I have designated (à la the Chinaman) this to be the “Year of the Carrot”.
You’ll figure out the pun eventually (think Beta Caretine, Vitamin A, Good Vision).
With this perspective, this vantage-point, “I can see for miles and miles” vision, we pledge to distill our thoughts better, to precipitate facts and wash away fictions diligently.
Let’s get started!
For the year 2019, our outrage memory is mostly tranquil.
Unlike 2017 when we spent an evening in jail for beaking off at the poling booth, 2019 was almost uneventful.
One incident that bubbles up happened on the way to swimming lessons with young Rourke, 8 years young at the time.
Driving the back roads from our house to the pool zig-zags through various neighborhoods on the way.
We were stopped by the constabulary – no seat belt on Grandpa, no front license plate (it was on the dash).
A ticket was issued.
Joe and I thank our lucky stars that young Mr. Rourke was with us, for as sure as the sun rises we would have ended up in jail.  Or gaol if yer a traditionalist.
It took great will-power to restrain Joe’s big fat mouth.
Hell, it was within a hairs-width of wild-eyed mouth-frothing unintelligible, guttural uttering of his name; we almost summoned Olaf the Berserker.
A link to a brief description of Olaf the Berserker (Sunday Rant – 2516).
The point?
I’m 70 years old.
Growing up we rode in the back of trucks with the other kids and dogs while the dads drank beer in the cab and drove us all over town.
We had a driver license before seat belts were mandatory….
Before you start moralizing shut your pie hole and reflect on a few words from H.L. Mencken.  We suggest that you employ your imagination to understand the terms “American”, “constitutional rights”, and “liberty” while reading the following:
The American of today, in fact, probably enjoys less personal liberty than any other man of Christendom, and even his political liberty is fast succumbing to the new dogma that certain theories of government are virtuous and lawful, and others abhorrent and felonious. Laws limiting the radius of his free activity multiply year by year: It is now practically impossible for him to exhibit anything describable as genuine individuality, either in action or in thought, without running afoul of some harsh and unintelligible penalty. It would surprise no impartial observer if the motto “In God we trust” were one day expunged from the coins of the republic by the Junkers at Washington, and the far more appropriate word, “verboten,” substituted. Nor would it astound any save the most romantic if, at the same time, the goddess of liberty were taken off the silver dollars to make room for a bas-relief of a policeman in a spiked helmet. Moreover, this gradual (and, of late, rapidly progressive) decay of freedom goes almost without challenge; the American has grown so accustomed to the denial of his constitutional rights and to the minute regulation of his conduct by swarms of spies, letter-openers, informers and agents provocateurs that he no longer makes any serious protest.”
Joe and I know this to be true over our time in Canada from the ’50s to now.
H.L. Mencken wrote these words in the preface to the first edition of his book “The American Credo : A Contribution Toward the Interpretation of the National Mind” in 1920!
The loss of personal liberty, the “progressive” dream of big government as the source of all succor, the destruction of the nuclear family, the loss of moral compass (the Golden Rule / Platinum Rule), many more “fish nibbles” slowly and surely eroding liberty.
We refuse to comply.
Joe reminds us, we refuse to comply as much as a 70 year old of dubious repute can.
Rebel without a clue.


Blue Collar Logic
Jason Siler has a valid perspective.
Not flaming left or right; a perspective based on facts.
In retrospect, the Iranian “authorities” who shot down a Ukrainian civilian airliner, then tried to cover up what happened, and finally admitted to a “tragic mistake” were most likely in a panic mode, living a nightmare anticipating American retaliation for the missile “strike” (in quotes ’cause they really avoided striking a human target).  The Iranian lying liars are saying some low-level person pushed a button and poof! there goes one of Boeing’s best, down in flames with all on board.
Meanwhile, the Iranian people, fresh from the slaughter by their own military of 1,500+ citizens, are courageously continuing their protests against the theocratic dictators, knowing damn well that they may be murdered by their government.
All in the name of Allah and the “Religion of Peace®”.
Back home in Canada (there were 63 “Canadians” on board) and in the U.S. of A., the progressive forces keep reminding us why they are not trustworthy stewards, unworthy to lead a country.
Go fish…..
Joe likes how Mr. Siler gathers the wool and knits a damn fine sweater.
After all, it is sweater weather here in Vernon BC:

Dave Morrison is the other Blue Collar Logic principal.
Joe especially enjoyed Mr. Morrison’s take on the same incident.
Much like our own experience with bullies in the distant past, a lesson learned in grade school is no less a lesson, is every bit as valid as a lesson learned as an adult.
The difference is the stakes for adult conflict are more consequential when the principals are countries:

A Twitter comment from Dan Bongino –

And a very concise comment –


Joe’s Garage
Big Red
In 1966 Ford was engaged in transportation research and development that spanned most categories of vehicular design.
This film features “Big Red”, a heavy transport truck designed around the Interstate highway system.
Big Red is powered by a gas turbine.
Overall length just over 90 feet.  What a beastie!:

Quantum Locking
A visual demonstration of the quantum concept.
Done with a type 2 super conductor cooled by immersion in liquid nitrogen.
The super conductor can be “locked” into a vector and it will remain there (until the super cooling warms).
Joe’s eyes didn’t comprehend what they were lying about.
Totally WTF, in a curious and curiouser way:

Millenial driver instruction –

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