Sunday Rant – 4919


Joe’s Comment – Tom Cheney makes me grin.  Sometimes, especially in nasty non-summer weather, I’m just like that dog.  No explanation possible.  It’s the look on the dog’s face…..  Bad dog indeed!  Another Cheney that makes me smirk, but I can’t explain.  Too many cat videos on YoubeTube?


Pearl Harbor
Joe and I, as theoretical Libertarians, are opposed to war and all things warlike.
However, we are NOT advocates (sorry Jesus) of turning the other cheek.
As a man who is not gender challenged, we realize there are only four cheeks we could turn.
That’s four too many.
Continuing along this line of thought, one must be prepared to oppose an aggressor should one materialize.
Like we said, we’re theoretical.
A lesson the Americans learned with blood and treasure lost.
This year, to commemorate the absolute madness of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941, we will post three images.
First, an image of the USS Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor.  Commissioned in 1911, BB-39 was present in Pearl Harbor on that infamous morning.  She sunk when her munitions magazine exploded, taking 1,177 crew to a fiery, watery grave –

Second, a view of the USS Missouri aka “Mighty Mo“, now a memorial herself ( with the USS Arizona memorial in the background).  BB-63 was commissioned in 1944.  The main deck of Big Mo was the location for the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender in Tokyo Bay on September 2nd, 1945.  General Douglas MacArthur opened the ceremony with this statement: “It is my earnest hope—indeed the hope of all mankind—that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past, a world founded upon faith and understanding, a world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish for freedom, tolerance, and justice.”  Mighty Mo fought in Iwo Jima and Okinawa, later in Korea, and finally in Desert Storm in 1991.  The longest serving battleship in U.S. naval history –
Finally, with all the humor and irreverence Joe and I can muster, some wit’s meme – a well known photo of Emperor Hirohito, with comment, post dated December 8th, 1941 (one day after the attack) –
Joe and I are sipping Dark Horse whiskey, toasting the brave and valiant and honorable dead.
And praying for the end of madness.
Enough said.


Replacement Migration
Joe and I abhor the United Nations for just this sort of globalist tripe: “Replacement Migration“.
What sort of gibberish is this?
The “Replacement Migration” mandate says for countries with declining birthrates the solution is not to celebrate the decline or reverse the decline, or learn to live with the decline, no….
The solution per the U.N. is to bring people from areas of the earth where the birthrate is high (or unnaturally stimulated).
Joe and I have thoughts.
We live in Canada.
The average I.Q. in Canada is ≈ 100.
Joe and I believe that I.Q. is an important factor in “quality of life” forecasting; i.e. extremely low (below self reliant) I.Q. citizens are more likely to be wards of the state, reliant on social programs and welfare and benevolence at a national, provincial, and community level.
We think that immigration should be limited to those with an I.Q. equal to or greater than the average I.Q. value of the culture being “enriched”.
We also think that to vote in a country you must have citizenship, be free (not incarcerated), pass an “awareness test” (i.e. what are the parties, what are the platforms, what is the history of the country), and have an I.Q. equal to or greater than the average I.Q. of the people in the voting bloc.
What possible advantage to a country, especially a Western culture country, is importing lower than average I.Q. people from an alien culture that doesn’t speak the host language?  How will they survive unless they bring great wealth with them?  Why would you poison your economy this way?
Joe and I have thought for years that the best way to improve the poorest nations (choose a metric for measuring “poor” and we’ll play along) is to inhibit their best and brightest from emigrating.  The best and brightest are needed in their native countries.  Intellectual flight to the West only exacerbates the distance between the “have and have not” countries and cultures.
If you must bleed from the heart, let your brain in on the bleeding.
Send aid with controls and accountability, AND a plan for repayment.
There must be an old adage that reinforces the idea that what you earn has more value than what you receive by charity.
A young teacher, Charles Robertson, has decided that the globalist plan is madness, and it is NOT based on logical thinking.
Here is his presentation (how long will he have a job?) called “Irreplaceable”:

How the time(s) flies!
One year to the next presidential election in the good ol’ U.S.A.
Joe asks me, when, if there ever was, did a Democrat make sense to you?
Well Joe, I said, depends.  And not the adult diaper, either.
When I was a boy my father asked me to listen to a politician make a speech on the black and white 19″ TV in our living room.  Can’t remember whom, or even when.  I was maybe 17 years of young.
Dad was disgusted.
He said I didn’t get that the man was lying through his teeth.
What I remember is he was spouting platitudes that no one could disagree with or argue against.  So I told Dad the man made sense.  What I didn’t say was the man offered no substantive reality, i.e. sounds good but how does that reflect life around us?  I wasn’t very sophisticated at 17.
Joe says I’ve gone down-hill since.
The Democrats are dragging all the old dead horses out; they’re digging up all the old tired corpses; they’re charging the electric paddles to zolt the zombies back to life:

On cue, as always, ad infinitum, the spectre of “voter suppression” and voter ID will be is dancing on the Dems platform.
Here is Jason Riley of the Manhattan Institute to set the record straight with data, facts, and reason.
Joe says it’s too damn bad the Dems don’t acknowledge THE FACTS, only THEIR facts:

Joe and I took a great interest in this interview of Doug Wead by Jan Jekielek of American Thought Leaders.  Mr. Wead is an historian, and has recorded the thoughts and statements of six presidents.
In the interview you will hear Mr. Wead describe his bemusement at receiving death threats against himself and his family.  For what you may ask?  The death threateners were trying to force him to NOT publish his book describing his interviews with President Donald J. Trump and his family.  The book is called “Inside Trump’s Whitehouse”.
Joe and I will be reading this book, maybe a Christmas present to Joe from Dave.  Or, if that tightwad Joe would spring, from Joe to Dave.
In my dreams…..
This interview may perk your interest, too:


U.N. C.O.P. 25
The United Nations continues to muddy the waters of understanding for the cogent, logical, realistic world inhabitants who rely on the U.N. to live up to the original agenda and commission of its existence, and give the U.N. authority based on that fact.
In clearer terms, forget politics and manifestations of a global governance scheme where the U.N. or some mutant U.N. offspring controls the wealth of the world.
Joe says let those who create the wealth have that privilege.
Our hero William Happer speaks at the COP 25 hoedown in Madrid, December 2019, and lends reason to the hysteria about the “gas of life”, carbon dioxide:

Further, after his presentation, Dr. Happer discussed the results of his one year commitment to assist the Trump administration with some technical problems (i.e. “hardening” the electrical / electronic grid) and by his insistence, an overview of climate and the government’s role from that perspective:


Joe’s Garage

Joe and I have gone as much as 4 days without eating.
The longest recorded fast to date is 382 days, under strict medical observation.
Canadian liver specialist Dr. Jason Fung has used fasting as part of a low carb dietary regime to cure type II diabetes as well as help patients reduce weight.
Our experiment with diet continues.
In the months since August we have re-introduced certain vegetables, some limited carbohydrate intake, some alcohol (the odd (and even) beer with friends).
The result has been a gradual increase of weight.
We’re so efficient that every extra (beyond operating requirement) little morsel we consume is stashed away as fat.
Time to take a Dr. Fung fast time out.  Or is it a time out fast?
Either way, the ever so clever Mr. Wilder (  Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise  ) reports on his 2019 experiment that delivered excellent results here.
Of course a humorous meme or cartoon is always appropriate (from the above link) –

As Dr. Fung says, unlike other diets, fasting can be done anytime with no preparation required and no clean-up needed.

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Sunday Rant – 4819


Joe’s Comment – Amen brother Bradshaw, amen.


American Thanksgiving – Several Perspectives

Blue Collar Logic
Joe and I think along the lines of Dave Morrison, who observes in the video below that the health, wealth, and prosperity of all humanity (in general) has never been better.
Despite this FACT, many folks are bleating loudly about those who are “less fortunate”.  Joe and I don’t argue this FACT either.  However, less fortune is certainly a relative metric with many dimensions.
For example, Joe insists he’d rather drive an old junky Ford truck (oh wait, what’s this? – he does! (thanks to Mark Dice for the meme))  than the most expensive Mercedes.  Would this mean that Joe is “less fortunate” even though he feels nothing of the sort?  And if Joe is “less fortunate” is it not a matter of translation of value systems?
Ingratitude is a conceit that only the truly wealthy (especially the uber deluded) can indulge to a self-promoting maximum.
The squeaky wheel SHOULD get greased.
The squeaky adult not so much.
“No one is free until everyone is free” is a feel good statement attributed to many, many, well meaning modern “liberals”.  As with many feel good statements, it is so vacuous as to suck your breath away when analyzed.
Perhaps it serves some ideological function or moral yearning?
Joe says for more analysis refer to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, or Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, or Franz Kafka, or George Orwell, or Anne Frank, or for some humor to lighten the heavy burden of understanding, Joseph Heller (Catch-22).
Your analysis may differ.
I’ll add to Joe’s blathering thus: that “fortune” along with other relative (yet separate and distinct) terms such as “liberty” and “freedom” and “free speech” has few objective attributes that all people would agree to embrace.  Hence the application of the “Platinum Rule” (do unto others what they would have you do unto them”) is on some occasions, necessarily more appropriate than the “Golden Rule” (do unto others what you would have them do unto you”); i.e. more granular, more specific, more exact.  And more rewarding, more satisfactory for all.
Murky waters indeed.
Here is Mr. Morrison to un-murk the H2O (or is it HOH?, or H-OH?):

Mark Dice
Joe and I love this guy.
Sharper than a tack, focused like a laser, funnier than Rodney Dangerfield (this might be argued).
Mr. Dice observes that the progressives / leftists can’t take a single moment to be thankful because of their mind-numbing obsession to be the dictator of the world.  Before breakfast, even.
Joe says nothing irritates a lefty more than a happy conservative with an excellent sense of humor:


The topic of this mini-lecture from PragerU is “Framing”.
Framing is an irritant to Joe and me when employed by “journalists”.
Not so much when employed by “pundits” or “teachers” or technicians.
For clarity to make our point we watch as much political scrimmaging as we can stomach.
Joe and I have found that our tolerance does NOT increase with exposure, especially exposure to political machinations as presented by the “main stream media” in the good ol’ U.S. of A. or here in the true frozen north strong and free fee (simple).
Our favorite meme about the entire shemozzle is direct and to the point –
When the “News” tells you what to think about something, that is “framing”.
Presenting ideas or facts or details or events or whatever in a “framed” manner means they (ideas, facts, details, events, etc.) are cloaked by an identity perspective or selected and/or isolated to support an ideology or cause or viewpoint meant to eliminate discussion or argument or analysis.
Joe says “framing” isn’t necessarily bad.  For instance, when you first learn trigonometry the geometric frame (triangle, circle, cone) is essential to understanding and teaching.
Joe also says “framing” can be incredibly bad.  Try watching CNN for one measly hour (if you can) for a primer.  That is, a primer on “how to” really piss people off.
Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries, explains the concept of framing and what to do when you recognize that a “framed” jumble of information is broadcast your way.  Here is Mr. Myers with “The Dark Art of Framing”:


Joe and I have plenty of heroes (and heroines too).
One of the intellectual giants we admire is William Happer.
This is a follow-up interview of Dr. Happer by Stewart McNish (Conversations That Matter).

We posted the first interview some time ago.  Here it is again:

The Mark Steyn Show recently (November 2019) hosted a forum of very astute and (in our mind) famous “climate deniers”.  At Glacier Bay.  This should be mandatory viewing.
The panel is Mr. Steyn, Anthony Watts of, and the two guys who dismantled the fraudulent “hockey stick” graph, Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick.
Three Canadians and a Yankee.
The progressive weenies employ criminal means to attain their global objectives.
Thank doG there are men like these (and hundreds more) who know better and are not afraid to say so:

Another down to earth assessment (one that we’ll show to our grandchildren) was a tip from David M. and found at the website (not on YoubeTube):

An excellent video that repeats the message a goodly number of times to penetrate the thickest fog of inattention often found around children.  Or those souls so focused on themselves that the external “real” world is a black and white snapshot alongside their internal Technicolor® CinemaScope™ Vitaphone© fantasy.


Joe’s Garage

Racing Legend Carroll Shelby
This is an incredible interview from 1997.  Age 74.
Joe and I are 70…..
The Carroll Shelby story told by his own self:

The History Guy
Joe and I have watched many of the History Guy’s short histories of important times, people, things, and events.  The History Guy YoubeTube channel has over 360 interesting vignettes.
The following video about the Avro Arrow reminds Joe and I of how much Canada could be if certain things were different:

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