Sunday Rant – 5219



Joe’s Comment – A little Santa, a little humor.  Best wishes to family and friends!


Christmas Week
Joe and I love the idea of Christmas.
We love the reality, too.
This year grandson Rourke is 8 years old at Christmas; an incredible amount of energy and anticipation, and high spirited activity.
He has three grandfathers, two grandmothers, two mothers (biological and step), and one brother.  Lots of Christmas excitement for him.
Our Christmas perspective: Joe and I were raised Anglican.
From our vantage point, 70 years and (hopefully) many more, we embrace the holiday for the simple good-will that hope-filled citizens shared without provocation everywhere we went during the pre-Christmas days.   Boy did we see some wide-eyed children!  What a joy!  It was fun and oddly rejuvenating to shop for the few gifts we could afford.  Our Christmas spirit was equal to or better than any time before in our life –
If we weren’t raised in a Christian church, wethinks we would be envious.
The structure, the tradition, the meaning – both secular and religious AND spiritual – is a message of love and forgiveness and hope and redemption and charity and giving.  Joe and I believe the inherent value of the individual makes it possible for everyone to be part of the celebration, no matter what your spiritual or religious proclivity.
As we have said many times before, if you had to pick a religion, Christianity is hard to beat.  Hell, we’d be Christian for the music alone.
For example and pleasure, here’s a collection ranging from religious-theme classical composers to popular secular seasonal tunes.
One of many many collections of Christmas / seasonal music.
However nasty and misguided YoubeTube “vision statement” might be, it is a boon to music lovers like Joe and I.  Relax with this smorgasbord of seasonal reverie:

Joe and I wish for everyone (not just gentlemen) the chorus line of a well-known Christmas song:
O tidings of comfort and joy,
Comfort and joy
O tidings of comfort and joy
We hope your Christmas was the best ever.


In past rants Joe and I have expressed our concerns about “democracy”.
At its very best, democracy is the “will of the people”, which should scare the bejesus out of any sane person.
At its worst, democracy is “mob rule”, which requires violence to remedy.
Our point is made quite well in this short video about Socrates (below) produced by “The School of Life“.
An “intellectual democracy” vs “democracy by birthright” – being qualified to vote on an issue / for a leader based on knowledge?  Or by default i.e. qualified by citizenship?  In the U.S.A. in recent years the Democrats have dispensed with the qualifiers of citizenship and in some cases, being alive!
What a circus our betters have created!
We struggle to comprehend what is and what will be done.
Socrates was rewarded for his brilliance with death by hemlock.
Not much has changed.
Joe says the panoply of human nature guarantees the entire gamut of agony to ecstasy be played out continuously and endlessly ad nauseam:


Canadian Energy
The Canadian federal energy policy is an aberration of Avro Arrow magnitude and is a national disgrace.
On the other hand, Rex Murphy is a Canadian treasure.
He has an YoubeTube channel here.
Joe and I have been alive and kicking long enough in Canada to see several tragedies of national magnitude.
One that is enough to make Jesus weep was the demise of the Avro Arrow.  The men (and women, damn it!) who discovered new concepts, produced new technologies, designed, tooled, and built the Arrow, all left Canada and attained amazing accomplishments (US man on the moon, European SST).  That was a failure of the Canadian political elite.
Joe and I learned to despise politicians to approximately n from that time.
Another national tragedy is the absolute abomination of the federal government’s approach to Western Canadian energy development and marketing.
Canadian technological development of oil and gas discovery methodology, mining techniques, and processing/production is world class.  Canadian producers have met and surpassed the most strict environmental standard demands in the world to produce responsible and “ethical oil” products.
The good folks in Texas (and around the world) use Canadian technology to improve their environmental impact AND efficiency.
Rex interviews Lori Ackerman, the mayor of Fort St. John BC in the following video released October, 2019.  Joe and I read many of the comments under the video and we agree with those who say Ms. Ackerman might be a politician we could support:

A lot of Canadian policy burns our ass.
Here are a few points Joe and I use whenever we are forced into a corner where we begrudgingly offer our perspective and opinion (if you think that statement is true, I’ve got a pipeline to sell you!).
Point 1:  If you think a “pipeline” is a sin against all humanity and Gaea too, you’d better be shitting out in your yard in an outhouse, drawing water by hand from a well or lake or stream or river, heating your home with coal or wood or buffalo chips, reading by candle or coal oil lamp at night, and traveling via ungulate express or shank’s mare, or bicycle, or litter.  If not, you, sir or madame, are a hypocrite, a liar, a caitiff, a fiend, a child abuser (if you ever talk to children this way); you are NOT a shaman as you imagine, and need tutelage. PERIOD.
Point 2:  For the very slow (Joe says retarded), we’ll expand the above list of items to be perfectly clear.  Shitting? A sewer system IS A PIPELINE.  Whether it runs to a septic tank or a municipal treatment facility, or into the Pacific ocean (¡hola! Victoria!).  Ergo, if you shit indoors it is either filling the basement (Oh! sweet smell of sewage!!) or it is PIPED via a complex routing system aided by gravity to a processing site.  Water?  Joe and I are old enough to remember Grandma W.’s farm in Saskatchewan.  No running water.  The well was in the yard.  Pump to fill the bucket.  Bucket in the house.  Heat water on (or in if you had the deluxe model) the wood stove.  They never got a pump and a PIPELINE for water and a PIPELINE for sewer to my knowledge.  Try that, city folk.  Heating?  So you say you heat with oil or gas?  Both require a PIPELINE.  Natural gas is a wide area network (like computers) – the gas producer pipes the gas under pressure through a complex network to your house (it is safe, clean, economical).  Furnace oil is a local area network (also like computers) – the tank delivers oil to the furnace via a PIPELINE where it is pumped through a PIPELINE to the burner.  But wait, what’s this?  You say you heat with electricity?  We can hardly contain ourselves…..  Lighting?  Why are you such a bonehead?  Electricity is probably the most egregious example if you oppose pipelines.  The electrical network from source to the outlet in your wall (if you have such luxury) is a complex network of PIPELINES called conductors.  When you use electricity, every single electron is traveling in a PIPELINE!!!  Joe wonders why we bother.  Traveling?  Once again, if you are using something other than human or animal power, or a machine that only uses human or animal power it (by process of elimination) uses a PIPELINE somewhere in the supply chain required to provide the energy for propulsion, either directly or indirectly.
Hell, the very arteries and veins in yer body are PIPELINES!
Point 3:  Joe and I conjecture that if you are not a fiend (as described in point 1) and still believe there is a pipeline problem (other than not having enough of them) then we can still talk.  We believe that the entire issue is political.  The entirety of modern life is dependent on energy.  Ergo, if you control energy it follows that you control modern life.  Joe and I are advocates of cheap energy, because energy is instrumental to quality of life.  Why are millions of people overrunning the most advanced cultures of the world?  We suspect quality of life is a factor.  Q.E.D.?  Not quite….. but a starting point.


Periodic Sequences
Joe and I have always loved math and numbers and number concepts.
Long ago and far away, we thought to become a mathematician.
Our exposure to university level math was what is called a “rude awakening”.
We were good great at math.
In some advanced classes, we met people who were brilliant at math.
So much for a math career (the concept of “working hard” was only to dawn in our consciousness many, many years later – up to then, aka post high school, “study” had been a breeze, a cameo role).
YoubeTube is a source of wonderful information (as long as you stay away from certain topics such as politics and progressive/conservative warfare).
Joe and I were delighted when we found Dr. Holly Krieger, a cheerful knowledgeable math junky (whose video is featured on the YoubeTube channel “Numberphile“).
Just another bookmark in our list that is approaching a large (but rational) number.
Here is a short video where she defines the concept of “periodic sequences”, and demonstrates its special relationship to fractions:

If you spend any of your time at the Numeracy channel, the chances are 100% you will stumble into or be introduced to the “Brilliant” website.
Brilliant is a source of tools to tune-up yer brain: that rusty logic and math and problem solving dangle in your head that you haven’t employed for many long time.  It requires registration.  There is free or premium.
Joe says I’m the quintessential Englishman.
Joe explains by stating that Scotsmen are considered frugal, but they learned by the example of the English.
Which is his way of saying we enjoy the free registration at Brilliant.
Cheap bastard are we…..


Blood Type (and Personality)
Joe and I have been advocates of Social Styles, a precipitant of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) that was based on the psychology of Carl Jung and used in WWII to match people to jobs in the military.
We have also used the more current “Big Five Personality Traits” aka FFM (Five-Factor Model) or OCEAN (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism) to get a more thorough understanding of personality types expressed in observable behaviour.
How a human mind works and how a person behaves are intrinsically connected.  How you interact with other humans: knowing how to interact would benefit from any analysis which allows quicker/easier/more accurate communication between individuals.  That’s why Joe and I have taken an interest beyond curiosity.
The video below is new stuff for us.
Did you know that in Japan children are organized and educated according to blood type?  And Korea too?  Joe always loves him some crazy!
But, is it crazy?
After all, what is it that promotes the very observable big five personality traits or the Myers-Briggs or the Social Styles in each person?
Autonomous self-replicating meat robots (aka human beings) are very complex organisms that are an infinite source of curiosity and study:


Steve Bannon
Joe and I think the world of Steve Bannon.
He sees a much bigger picture with more moving pieces and granularity than most pundits we listen to and read.
Since YoubeTube recently changed their modus operandi we have been pissed off about the entire mess.
Most days (up to the change) the YoubeTube algorithm would give us the latest from our favored list of “Chatty Kathys”.
Today, not so much.
Joe says Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
I said let’s see the latest Steve Bannon contribution.
Here’s a quote from Mr. Bannon from the video, talking about Donald Trump (before the election in 2016): “He’s a very imperfect instrument, but he’s a armor piercing shell, OK?  And here’s the other thing, they’re scared to death (the Republican apparatus, the American political elite, the permanent political class)”.  This is an incredible behind-the-scene testimony from an advisor (at the time) to the POTUS.  A name Mr. Bannon mentions frequently is Stephan Miller, who did an incredible job of analyzing the political environment for the Trump campaign leading up to the election victory.  (note: I tried to link to a Stephan Miller website but couldn’t find one.  All the links I did find were incredibly biased.  This leads Joe to think the man is worth his salt).
The video is titled “Zero Tolerance – Steven Bannon Interview”, an interview with Mr. Bannon by the Chinese Free Beacon news channel, posted December 15th, 2019:


Joe’s Garage

The following video is from 2013 at Goodwood England.
The driver is Kenny Brack.
The car is a Ford GT40, equipped with a 427 cu. in. engine.
The track is damp with rain.
This vehicle cannot get traction!  Every time the throttle is depressed the drive wheels go nuts.  Not a ballet in the rain – more like a 500 horsepower spasm…..
The driving skill of Mr. Brack combines lightening quick reflex with a fearless focus on maximizing performance.
We got worn out just watching.
Joe says we would have to wear Depends for this ride:

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Sunday Rant – 5119


Joe’s Comment – The best part of this week was the solstice.  The days are longer now!  Notice in the above graphic the conflict of chaos and order as traced by my actions this week concluded in progress, but at the expense of time, treasure, and personal effort beyond our expectations (What I planned).
If only I could dance that well!
As my lovely mama used to say, you never can tell….


Tweet o’ the Week
Joe and I don’t know much about “Tweeting”.
You can look up a definition, like this one here.
What Joe and I got from the above definition is that Twitter is an application in real time on the Internet that does a shotgun broadcast of your “tweet” to all of your “followers”.  A “tweet” is restricted to 280 characters.
Our take away is that it is a tool for those who really like to stay current with certain broadcasters and events.  Like texting on steroids.
The POTUS has used this platform brilliantly to by-pass the MSM (main stream media) and distribute his pearls of (280 characters or less) wisdom directly to his more than 67 million followers.  FYI, according to the link, Barry Soetoro has over one hundred million followers.
Of the hundreds (literally) of URL’s Joe and I have bookmarked, there are only two Twitter accounts we visit (not follow – get the diff?).
Those two are James Woods and Dennis Miller (if you’ve read any of our rants, you understand why).
Joe and I had a meeting with the other 35 wackeroos in our noggin and decided, under protest, (it wasn’t unanimous) to post our favorite “tweet o’ the week” in recognition of dry humor, wit, ironic and sarcastic raconteur-erie (280 characters or less), and vicious political vindictive.
Our entry this week is from a tweeter whose nom de plume is “Educating Liberals” –

Now that is one helluva powerful tweet!
Tea shot out our nose…..
Gotta admit this short message packs a punch that meets almost all of our criteria for recognition and celebration.  I.e. whatever your opinion of Donald John Trump as a president, as a business man, as an entertainer, as a husband and father, as a sinner or saint, and whether you know him personally or vicariously (does the “6° of separation” theory merit inclusion?) is of little consequence.  The results he produces speak, hopefully with more volume than the POTUS channel, the POTUS meme, in your head.  As Ben Shapiro is quoted as saying –
Victor Davis Hanson expresses it in movie terms.  DJT is Shane in the movie “Shane”: the answer to a problem but NOT a virtuous or moral answer.  Necessary nonetheless.
A man who has the skills to solve the problem at hand, but a man who will not be welcome once the problem has been resolved.
Gary Cooper in “High Noon” has a similar utility.
Or, to say it a different way, one of our favorite Yogi Berra quotes, which might just undermine some of the so-called “logic” in yer head that makes bad choices –


Blue Collar Logic
Jason Siler provides some damning evidence that (in a sane world with a level playing field) incriminates Joe Biden (aka Quid Pro Joe), Joe’s son Hunter, and the Obambi administration.  Along with a large supporting cast.
Indeed, Joe’s campaign bus motto should be changed as Jason suggests:

Dave Morrison of Blue Collar Logic chimes in with his assessment of the propensity Democrat strategy has historically gone “A Bridge Too Far” (WWII Operation Market Garden – a tragic failure of General Montgomery’s hubris).
Mr. Morrison and I and Joe too, have similar thoughts.  Well spoken, Mr. Morrison:


Inspector General’s Report
Joe and I can’t watch any more of the impeachment lunacy.
After the IG report and the Mueller report, there is no impeachment.
Other than a bunch of bullies abusing their solemn office for political advantage.
We hope the whole damn house of cards collapses soon, because to an old man like us it is freakin’ scary.
Why would we say that?
A thorough analysis of the IG Report is available here, authored by Glenn Greenwald and posted to The Intercept website.  It is a long and very detailed examination, partisan from the outraged citizen’s perspective.
What the IG Report reveals is criminal activity by the FBI, the DoJ, the “Deep State”, and a media complicit in the obfuscation of facts or the generation of outright lies.
This show isn’t over.
Very scary that the entire government is losing credibility and the “Dark State” is furious about the coming unmasking.
Hence we (Joe and I) invoke the Stefan Molyneux clause.
An hour of his excellent research team’s findings:



Rex Murphy and Conrad Black
Joe and I love the Internet.
How else could we enjoy an hour conversation between Rex and Conrad without leaving our desk?
I say as long as the voices of men like these are not stifled the future looks bright.
Joe says I’m a dupe.
Either way, this is a lovely conversation:


Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Joe and I haven’t made disparaging remarks about the insanity of Islam for months.
Our opinion has not changed despite our silence.
Current stats on the foaming at the mouth rabid Islamic Jihadis running amuck in the world are: 36,100 deadly terror attacks since 9/11 (per TheReligionOfPeace website).
We watched an interview by Dave Rubin of Canadian ex-Muslim Yasmine Mohammed, conducted December 2019.  You can see it here.  Joe and I encourage you to take the time.
Yasmine hails from Vancouver BC, and was raised in Canada as a Muslim, and suffered indignities against her physical person, her personal liberty, and her individuality.  She won her freedom; no longer a Muslim, not murdered, living the life.
Joe and I say bravo!
However, the interview was typical of two “Classical Liberals” moaning and pissing about the demise of their liberalism in the real world today, and why it has no teeth.
Joe filed this one in the wastebasket titled “someone should do something”.
They talk the talk, but have no solutions that carry water.
C’est domage.
Joe says it is a form of Liberal genital wart.
After watching the Dave Rubin / Yasmine Mohammed interview, we had a negative reaction in our tiny pea brain, hence the desire to view more better.
Why did we title this segment of our Sunday Rant after one of our heroines?
Because she is rational, and beautiful, and heroic, and intelligent, and brave beyond Joe and I.
We thought listening to an interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali would cheer us up and dispel the negativity.
We are posting an interview of her by Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution.  This interview was recorded April 17th, 2019.
Her perspective on the “Religion of Peace©” surely has gravitas based on her personal history.
Joe mourns her loss of clitoris, for reasons he would gladly discuss.  Suffice it to state that Joe and I are theoretical Libertarians.  We believe a human life starts at conception.  We believe that all humans have inalienable rights.  The adage that “I brought you into this world and I can take you out” is an obscenity whether uttered as a threat or guffawed as a joke.
Here is Peter Robinson applying his usual wonderful interview skills to explore the life of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, her political and cultural perspective, the history of Islam and its animus toward Western cultural norms:

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Sunday Rant – 5019


Joe’s CommentMartin Heidegger was a German philosopher, known for his thoughts on existentialism.  I think that the quote above was indicative of his philosophy (more quotes).  In the tradition of “Cool Hand Luke”, what we have here is a failure to communicate.  Raw materials to finished product.  Potential vs kinetic.  Or Yogi Berra –


5019 – The Tidsoptimist Edition:
a. an habitually late person
b. Someone who overestimates how much time they have and is rarely on time as a result


Hong Kong
Joe and I have been using “China Uncensored” to keep abreast of developments in the Hong Kong struggle for freedom (if not independence).
Chris Chappel has the acerbic humor and keen sense of irony Joe likes when absorbing bad (or any other kind) news.
Joe ponders: if Asians test at a marginally higher IQ level on average, how come they are commie bastards politically?
When there is a popular demonstration of over 800,000 people in recent days (in a country of <7.5 million), after 6 months of protesting, yet China continues its heavy-handed control of Hong Kong (despite agreed liberties granted to Hong Kong), that is news-worthy.  But ya gotta go to another source than the “main stream media”.   One such source is here.
This is the China Uncensored video from December 13th, 2019:

In the video there is brief mention of the “Belt and Road Initiative“.
The Belt and Road Initiative is indicative of Chinese Communist Party racism.
They will not be at ease until they control the world.
What arrogance.
What brass!
Joe and I are IQ elitists.  Joe’s argument is that for every time a retard made the world a better place, a thousand brilliant people (probably more) made it a better, better place.
Let we (Joe and I) remind you that the Chinese people are under the control of the Chinese Communist Party.
But are the minds of the Chinese people under the control of the CCP?
We know what Hong Kong citizens want.
What will Hong Kong look like in 2047 when the “Hong Kong autonomy agreement” (aka “one country two systems“) expires?
Tune in next Hong Kong update.


John Stossel
Joe and I have been fans of Mr. Stossel for many years.
This video is an event sponsored by the Heartland Institute, moderated by Mr. Stossel, who also acts as “agent provocateur” by mouthing the most common arguments offered by climate alarmists.
Why would a moderator do so?
Because the distinguished panel of “climate science consensus” scientists unfortunately did not materialize.  Joe says their email responses (shown in the presentation) indicate that theirs is NOT a scientific position but IS a political stance.
The distinguished panel of “climate deniers” (not their own label) are Dr. Willie Soon, Dr. Patrick Michaels, and Dr. David Legates.
Mr. Stossel performs a yeoman task trying to encourage these knowledgeable men to share their wisdom in a manner that lay people (Joe says that’s us Dirt People®) can understand.  This presentation was given in New York City on September 23rd, 2019:

Three notes about the above:
1.  Joe and I are extremely conscious about the limitations of Wikipedia.  When the subject at hand is “politically benign” (Joe’s coinage), we often use Wikipedia as a link-source, knowing that the “open source” format (almost anyone can “contribute”) can and is abused, especially for political warfare.  Our analysis is that the Wikipedia entry for all three scientists above is tainted and biased.  Indeed, the DuckDuckGo (we no longer use Google) entries were either “pro” or “con”.  We couldn’t find neutral so we went with pro.
2.  Joe and I haven’t found a permanent replacement for YoubeTube.  With Wikipedia people can corrupt what is on line.  With YoubeTube, there are areas of human activity that are either omitted or blocked entirely from being posted to YoubeTube, and the propagators / creators of video recordings of that behavior are “banished”.  Hence, Joe and I try to include enough information about the video we are trying to link in the event that YoubeTube sends the original link into limbo.  You know what we are talking about.  It looks like this –
3.  Dr. Willie Soon is passionate about his craft and his calling.  Joe and I have been embedding links to his lectures in our rant for years.  In the comments below the video, there is an entry from “Kevin2742” which quotes Carl Sagan’s observation about “consensus”.  The quote is echoed by Dr. Soon in the video, and bears repeating here:
I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.
Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.
There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.” – Carl Sagan (more quotes here.)
Albert Einstein said it differently, more terse, with a similar meaning when he was confronted by a group of “100 scientists” who published not an argument of why his work was wrong, but a “consensus” of those who disagreed:
Why 100 authors?  If I were wrong, then one would have been enough!” – Albert Einstein.


Kevin O’Leary
To reiterate, Joe and I don’t know Kevin O’Leary but we have the feeling that we wouldn’t see eye to eye on many subjects outside Canadian politics.
Regarding Daniela Cambone, we reserve judgement.
Joe is in love with her nose.  What a profile!
Nevertheless, I think Mr. O’Leary is going soft on Chief Rainbow Socks.  Perhaps he does have “feelings”, and thinks picking on the P.M. is child abuse.
Joe says minus 70,000 Canadian jobs in November should have been the death knell for this Liberal government.  The American economy for the same period is up 260,000+ jobs.
Mr. O’Leary’s comments in the following video (about Little Gay being called a lightweight) are spot on.
And yes, Joe and I despise that another gang of ne’er do wells will retire with lucrative pensions at the tax payers expense.  Political office SHOULDN’T BE A CAREER!!!
Our fears of life-long “bureaucrats” is even more cause for hyperventilation.
What say you to the hard-edged O’Leary observations?:


70 Ways
Joe and I stumbled into the following article via a terrific website Thomas W(h)ispered.
The article is in the Epoch Times, and lists 70 ways President Trump has changed the U.S. of A. in the last two years.  The article is here.
Joe and I read most of the article, and saw all of the headers.  All 70.
Note that this list is ancient: last updated in April of 2019.
Joe asks, how many items have been added since?
– Economy
– Tax reform
– Stock market
– Record-high oil production
– Robust jobs market
– GDP growth
– Low gas prices
– Surge in manufacturing activity
– Opportunity zones
– Rise in middle class income
– Fixing workplace skills gap
– Tax reform benefits
– 2 million Americans off food stamps
– NAFTA replacement: USMCA
– Trade war with China
– Steel and aluminum tariffs
– A new phase with Europe
-Ending TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
– Deregulation
– Net neutrality rejected
– Rolling back Dodd-Frank
– Cutting red tape for infrastructure projects
– 2-for-1 deregulation plan
– Expanded private care options for veterans
– 4300 VA employees punished
– Veterans accountability and whistleblower protection act
– Signing the forever GI bill
– Taking a moral stance against communism, socialism
– Promoting traditional American values
– Protecting America’s sovereignty
– Fighting the deep state
– Fighting corruption
– Fighting the leaking (national security issues)
– Defending religious freedom
– National security
– ISIS caliphate destroyed
– Improving nuclear arsonal
– Allowing military to fight back in cyberspace
– Establishing command for military operations in space
– Ending the Iran nuclear deal
Foreign policy
– Transformed relationships with Saudi Arabia
– Preventing war with North Korea
– Suspension of aid to Pakistan over aid to terror groups
– Moved US embassy to Jerusalem
– Securing release of American prisoners overseas
– Started withdrawal of troops from Syria
– Targeting corruption in Venezuela
– New national security strategy
– Scrutinizing Chinese investments
– Rewriting the relationship with China
– Fighting intellectual property theft
– Tariffs to penalize China
– Pressure at the WTO
– Sanctioning Li Shangfu, arresting Xu Yanjun
– Actions against ZTE and Huawei
– Promises from Xi Jinping on Fentanyl
– Increased funding for military
– Modernizing of military equipment
– Changing military rules of engagement
Border Security
– Focus on border security
– Shackles off ICE
– Border wall
Law and Order
– Combating human trafficking
– Criminal justice reform
– Taking down
– Signing the Save Our Seas Act
– Ordered forest management to reduce wildfires
Cutting Waste
– Reducing UN spending
– Slashing use of government time on union work
– Reducing the White House payroll
– Cutting costs on new Air Force One
– Withdrawing from universal postal system
Mama mia…..
Which brings Joe to ponder all the slime that accompanies the Alien™ as she extends her nested chomper-jaws, or the slime that her egg pods ooze.  Joe wonders, is that political grease?  Is it tar-baby residue?  Is it inherent to the (political) species?  You canna be one of us if ye nae hae the slime!
If so, Joe and I thank doG for a non-politician such as Donald J. Trump.
And heaven help us from his ilk should he become a “politician” of the Alien™ persuasion (such as those total idiots behind the Democrat “impeachment” agenda).
Joe feels “politician” should not be a profession.


Victor Davis Hanson
Our favorite historian, Victor Davis Hanson, recently discussed the “Arrogance of the Left”.
Dr. Hanson is extremely knowledgeable on classical history and draws the parallels between ancient Rome and Greece with current political culture.
In this video, Dr. Hanson explores a number of subjects, including the successful dismantling of the “Progressive Agenda” the Trump administration is achieving.
An excellent interview conducted by Jan Jekielek of  American Thought Leaders:


Joe’s Garage

Joe says it is a damn good thing we weren’t older in the ’60s.
Being a gear head we would have had more $$$ and more inclination to do absolutely worthless things that make you smile like a fool.
One such dream would include the “hemi killer” Ford SOHC motor – single overhead camshaft 427 cubic inch monster that easily exceeded 500 horsepower in “stock” trim.  This one is tuned and running Hillborn injection.
The following video is priceless to watch.  A ’55 Ford sedan that lifts the left front wheel going into 3rd gear?  A ’55 Ford sedan that jumps right off the ground with a particularly hard hook-up second gear shift?  The damn thing wiggles like a puppy happy to see you all the way down the track.
It is called “Skairlaine”.
A beautiful child of technology for all to see (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher):

Diet a la Carnivore
Joe and I have recently (late October to now) introduced a few carbs, a few beers, a few vegetables and fruits back into our consumption.
Net result?
We’ve gained almost 15 pounds.  That would be approximately 7 kilos for the Imperial Measure challenged.
What do we think about what we’ve experienced during that time?
1.  Those few (and not so few) beers were with friends, and were valuable socially.  As for health, not so much.  Parching.  Drunk-ing.  Headache-ing.  And the additional weight must partially be from our old friend Al C. Ohol.  Aka -OH bonded to an hydrocarbon.  Ethanol looks something like this: H-O2-CH2-CH3
2.  It is easy to slip into the old way of eating.
3.  We only had two butter tarts.  It isn’t fair!
4.  Christmas!  What a wonderful holiday time!  The music, the food, the sharing.
5.  Back on the diet in January…..

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