Sunday Rant – 4719


Joe’s Comment – this de-motivational statement reminds me of the story of Ferdinand the Bull.  Ferdinand and a young bull are under a cork tree at the top of a hill grazing in the shade when the rancher opens the pasture gate at the bottom of the hill to herd in a dozen or more “in season” heifers.  The story punch-line comes from Ferdinand when he responds to the young bull’s energetic and hastily formulated statement “come on, Ferdinand! Let’s run down the hill and mount one of those heifers!”
Ferdinand calmly states “I’m going to walk down the hill and mount them all”.
A quote also comes to mind from Ernest Hemingway who said “don’t confuse motion with action”.
During my years of managing people (from highly motivated to “deadwood”) I found that the most productive employee I ever had was very lazy and very very intelligent.  Paradoxically, the most weaselly sneaky unproductive employee I ever had was also very lazy and very very intelligent.
That there is a conundrum.
Be that as it may, my conclusion is simple: high motivation is of little value without a worthwhile and well defined goal.  And a good plan complete with risk analysis.
Our profuse apology for the following copyright infringement, but it followed us home from the Internet –


And In This Corner
An informative perspective from Leland Miller about the standoff between China and the U.S. of A.
Mr. Miller is the CEO of China Beige Book, a financial investment advisory company which offers advice to prospective businesses.  CBB purport to have proprietary information about China’s economy, markets, and cultural currents.  They offer their services to prospective investors in the maelstrom of Chinese Communist Party economics.  Risk management as it were…..
In relative-speak, understanding trillion dollar economies involving billions of people and diametrically opposed ideologies, spanning the globe, Joe and I are piloting a biplane.
Mr. Miller is flying overhead us in a pressurized supersonic matrix machine.
We, on the other hand, adore our silk scarf (thank you China worms) fluttering behind, as we throttle our Tiger Moth to a three-point landing.
Rotts of ruck, round-eye!:


Parody Ad
Joe and I think the GOP should use this ad.
Nothing in it is in the least bit untrue.
Kinda sounds exactly like Denis Leary – maybe it is!:


Blue Collar Logic
An interesting story from Jason Siler of Blue Collar Logic.  Perhaps there is some real limit of lunacy from the Democrat party that honest people will not tolerate, no matter how “left” or “right” they be.
Joe is encouraged by this story.
Our joint belief that most folks given facts and data can formulate an informed, even intelligent conclusion despite peer pressure and political alignment and personal interest.  Take a listen to Jason describe how liberals are turning their backs on Democrats:

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Sunday Rant – 4619


Joe’s Comment – A picture is worth a thousand words is an old adage.  I no longer believe that people will come to a common conclusion even when given the same facts and perspective.  It’s just human nature.  Born with a BIOS (basic input-output system), each of us is programmed via time and experience.  The dream of a high enough IQ to understand life might be a nightmare.


Poppy Day
Aka Remembrance Day, celebrated originally by Commonwealth countries around the world.
Joe and I heard some absolute bullshit about a 17 year old Canadian school girl who refused to wear a “rainbow poppy” and was consequently suspended from school.  We were totally gobsmacked that it is a true story.
Joe and I are usually smirky laughy dismissive regarding many events and traditions in our culture.
Not this one.
The so-called LGBTQRSPVWZ (hold the mayo) critters have some brass.
We say back off.  You are way over your head on this.
Take your self identity issues back into the closet.
Next you are going to insist the Muslims settled the North American continent.

It has been our custom to post an essay commemorating Remembrance Day.
Here is what we wrote in 2018, and 2017, and 2015.
Our belief is torn between our Libertarian ideology and the reality of the human condition.
To do nothing in the face of evil is to succumb to evil.
We believe it to be a great sin for a country to send young men to their death.
We believe it a great act of heroism and courage to volunteer and fight for your country freedom and liberty.
This conundrum will never be resolved in our minds.
Meanwhile, the mob drifts farther from the reality of history –


Don Cherry Fall-out (Poppy Redux)
Joe and I didn’t watch much Grapes even when we watched hockey.
That’s because we stopped watching hockey about the time Wayne Gretzky began his amazing career.
We loved playing the game, not watching others play the game.
Also, we were die-hard Toronto Maple Leaf fans.  The days of Eddie Shack, Frank Mahovlich, Johnny Bower.  We kicked the frog ass in my hockey fan hay day.
When Toronto no longer won, we lost interest.
We were a young rebellious shit.
Nonetheless, without our interest or notice or support, Don Cherry and Coach’s Corner with side-kick Ron Whatshisname became an icon in the Hockey Night In Canada during the following decades.
Don Cherry and sidekick Ron Whatshisname rose to prominence.
Then came the fatal utterance of two words.  A slip?  A “racist” statement?  An 80+ year old hockey analyst waxing poetic?
As Joe says, who the hell cares?  Let him be!
A meme sent to us by Robert G. illustrates the irony –
Joe says the above is an example of child abuse when parents program a troubled child (defective hardware) with bad software.
Joe also says it is cultural abuse when the entire adult world is commanded to attend to the ramblings of a child.  Even Jesus had to get through puberty.
There is political analysis that attempts to look behind the scenes at possible motivation(s).
The following video was sent to us by cousin Delsie.  It is commentary by a woman who calls her YoubeTube channel “One Godless Woman“.
She is an activist escapee from Saudi Arabia.  Her immigration to Canada had a caveat – she signed a paper declaring she will NOT marry a white man.
Joe and I listened to her declaration at the above link to her channel.
Very sobering.
Here are her observations about the disgraceful treatment thrust upon Mr. Cherry.  She doesn’t even bother with the hand wringing and hand washing of sidekick Ron Whatsisname.  She insists this drama is part of a larger subversive movement changing Canada.
Her video is titled “First They Came for Don Cherry” (in the event YoubeTube blocks or removes her channel and this video):


Oh! Canada
Joe and I don’t like Kevin O’Leary’s persona.
Joe and I do like his observations on the Canadian culture and political reality.
Here are some of his reflections about the tragedy of re-electing a Trudeau “junior varsity” cabinet:



Mark Dice
Joe and I check in with a (increasingly large) number of Internet personalities on an almost daily basis.  These are people whose opinions we have grown to respect for the content they exhibit – rational, fact based, with a very low conspiracy hysteria.  Joe and I expect the best.
Another we have grown to grin and enjoy is Mark Dice.  We are liking him so much we are considering buying a tee shirt.  Our conundrum is should we choose the “2 + 2 = 4” shirt (from Orwell’s “1984”) or the “Oh wait, what’s this?” shirt (a Mark Dice meme).  His shirts are available here.
The clown parade farce of “impeachment hearing” proceedings which began yesterday (Tuesday) and is consuming the main stream media on-line segments wholesale is the brunt of Mark’s acerbic humor.  He has titled it “The Circus Begins!” (in the event YoubeTube takes the video down you can look it up elsewhere).  Joe says the bug eyed look of Adam Schiff tells the entire story:


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Sunday Rant – 4519


Joe’s Comment – Indeed, there were problems.
On Thursday night, 7th of November, my TELUS ultra high speed Internet service and optical television service stopped working.  Four days later, all is well.  First time in 5 years we’ve missed a Sunday evening release of the rant.  As the cartoon above indicates, and McWatt (Catch-22) said, “Oh well, what the Hell”.
What did I do?  Just call me Frank –
When this rant is posted, it will appear in the appropriate date-order.
Wordpress allows me to publish on whatever date I choose.
The miracle of computers….


Masculinity and manliness are constantly under attack.
It is true that there are evil men.
To blame evil behavior on male traits is ludicrous.
Testosterone is a hormone.
Behavior and merit and belief and ideology are valid sorting generalities, not gender.
Note:  Joe insists that there are only two genders.
It is ridiculous to assume that boys (aka “young men”) are guilty (generally, as a group) of anything other than being male.
For the most part boys are vulnerable and malleable and not yet programmed; this is no difference from girls (aka “young women”).  It is natural.
The hysteria of the radical feminists is misdirected.
Abigail Shrier does a yeoman job (or is it yeowoman? yeoperson?) of explaining what manly men, masculine men, do by nature.  No matter how you slice it, or dice it, men have a noble function, if they step up and “carry their cross”.  Who else will stare down evil and laugh in its face, and back it up with blood and steel?:


Jericho Green
Joe and I are still using JG (thanks again, Delsie!) to get a morally justified energy boost every week.
Joe says Jericho rants so we don’t have to.
This video Mr. Green addresses the “monsters” in Mexico who shot up a family traveling to a wedding.
Like Joe said last week about Al-Baghdadi, the chameleon-like transforming act of some creatures, masquerading as human, is betrayed by their behavior.
Joe would gladly trip the trap door, push the hypodermic lethal injection plunger, pull the trigger, flip the switch (fry baby fry!) or drop the bomb on these broken-brained “monsters”.
And sleep well every night after:


Blue Collar Logic
Joe remembers events in the past when he and I were accused of behaviour that we not only did NOT do, but that the accuser actually did!
That frosts Joe’s differential.
Jason Siler explains the Democrat tactic of projection:


Libertarian Radio – MoJo 5-0
Joe and I spend a lot of time searching the Internet for information and data and ideas and technology and entertainment and teaching and did we say data?
In our wandering we found the amazing MoJo 5-0 Radio Network.
Quelle surprise!
Touting their motto “Born out of love for this great country, MoJo 5-0 is a spoken word, 24-hour digital radio platform brought to you from a Libertarian perspective!”
Sounds like just the time-waster for Joe and me, ’cause we consider ourselves theoretical Libertarians.
We clicked on the “Shows” tab and selected a station called “Americanuck“.
My goodness me! (and us!)  Host Mike Filip gave us an hour of data!

There is a connection between the Canadian government of Little Gay and the Ukranian government suspected of aiding and abetting the “get Trump” Deep State actors.  We listened to the November 5th, 2019 episode.
Joe and I call him “Chief Rainbow Socks” and “Little Gay”.  These guys call him “Mr. Gay Socks”, which endears them to us, and caused us to listen closely.
They call Little Gay a predator for knocking-up an underage girl, then paying her hush money (the link is from October this year!!!)
You might want to listen to an episode or two.
Canada is being used by some very unsavory “humans”.
Another featured station is “A Conservative’s Perspective“.
We listened to the November 3rd, 2019 episode.


Gone Fishin’
An amazing ability, displayed by a flock of blue foot boobies:

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