Sunday Rant – 3719


Joe’s Comment – The modern “day of infamy” had an anniversary this week.  When it happened I was at work.  The first images made my knees weak and hollowed out my chest.  After the shock, I felt anger.
Really big anger.
Looking at this picture today, I realize anger has not abated.
However, anger has been joined by resolve.
I will never forget.
Nor forgive.


Another Time
Joe and I had visions of a rambling lifestyle after retiring.
We bought a GMC (steady on Morton!) PD4905 Parlor Coach (highway bus) with the intention of converting it to a motor home.  A cold wintery idea it was (the picture below was taken one day after driving Phoebe (the bus) home from Tacoma WA) –
As we have always said, planning is priceless but the plan may prove worthless.
Time, that relentless bastard, moves on irregardless.
There are a lot of unsolved and undiscovered problems: in the world, with the peoples of the world, ergo with every person everywhere in the world.
Sometime it seems things are constantly going from bad to worthless worse.
Joe was searching for info regarding our Rockwood Ambassador diesel pusher motor home (it will be in Kitimat by the time we post this rant, per Hank Williams (doG willin’ and the creek don’t rise)) and stumbled over this wonderful wonderfully recorded and edited video journal of the Mortons traveling from California to the Arctic Ocean in a truck-camper combo.
All sorts of visions danced in our head.
– The movie “Idiocracy” came to mind (these two are beautiful, intelligent, capable, full of life – they should be reproducing!!!).
– Joe and my abhorence for veganism/vegetarianism cutsyness was stretched to breaking.
– Caitlin’s Social Style is Analytical, Tom’s is Expressive.  A great match-up!
– These two are so white bread American upper middle class it broke Joe’s heart (Joe is American to his core).
– No matter how bad life seems, how monstrous and unmanageable chaos appears, taking a while to watch these two naifs live and breathe will calm your soul.
– Another movie came to mind – Beetlejuice – and the ghostly couple’s relationship.  That’s Caitlin and Tom to a Tee.
Joe and I watched all 11 (so far) episodes on line.  You can find them at “Mortons on the Move“.
We’re embedding number 5 “Learning Canada, Cold Water Wake Surfing, and Avalanches” for your enjoyment because it documents crossing the Canadian border and their travel from the lower mainland to the North Okanagan and beyond.
Joe and I have been to many of the places that are documented (including the tippy-top of the Yukon).
We recommend this project for leisure viewing.  It shows the beauty of western North America, the incredible infrastructure we have created, and some of the very finest people that live here.
Also a very fine Ford F350 diesel dually.
Maybe Joe and I will go a ramblin’ yet:


Country Music
Joe and I are not big time country music listeners.
Nor are we country music snobs.
We are fans of the ’40s to ’60s and a smattering since.
Our Internet stumbling found this recent piece with Roy Clark and others reminescing about the HeeHaw days.  Roy plays dueling banjos with Buck Trent near the end of the discussion:

It just so happens that Joe and I remember long long ago (and far away) watching and listening with awe the incredible talent of Mr. Clark.  Seems Mr. Trent is a tad younger (and still supple).
We went looking and found this version of Orange Blossom Special with a very gifted 12 year old Jimmie Henley and a smiling laughing Jack Benny imitating Roy Clark:

Joe and I enjoyed that so much we spent a couple of hours clicking links to more and more old country music.
Here’s a ’90’s list of whose who:

Sooner or later (this time) it leads to the spiritual Steve Earl:

This version with Emmilou Harris too:

Which, sooner or later (this time) leads to John Prine.
Love his hairdo:

Time well spent.
And so to bed……


Trudeau Bashing
Joe and I like the analysis of Canadian politics by Mr. Kevin O’Leary.
I don’t think we’d like the man.
We’ll probably never meet him, so QED.
Daniela Cambone is a perfect foil for his keen analysis.
Enjoy as he (one of oh! so many) eviscerates Trudeau, not as a person but as an incompetent leader:


Gun Crime
Joe and I will clarify again and again we are theoretical Libertarians.
As such, we are in favor of unlimited and unlicensed open carry across all provincial/state lines.
Hell, around the world!
Before you foul your panties realize we said “theoretical”.
In a true Libertarian world the people would have to be as like-minded as virtuous informed citizens can be.  I.e., theoretically possible, realistically impossible.  Ergo, Libertarianism is an ideology, a goal, something to strive toward.  Think Yogi Berra (if you don’t set goals you can’t regret not reaching them).
We think “crazy people” shouldn’t have firearms, for their own good.  For if everyone was armed, the crazies (who are outnumbered (we pray)) wouldn’t survive long if they misused their natural right (to defend themselves) by creating mischief and mayhem with Mr. Colt’s equalizers.
Consequently, the following news item doesn’t faze either Joe or me, for it has been common knowledge for a very long time among rational (regarding firearms) individuals.
We saw an article penned by Thomas Lifson in American Thinker, dated September 5th, 2019 with the following headline:
Four years after allowing universal ‘concealed carry’ law, Maine rated the safest state in the nation for crime.”
Simply put, most criminals are not Albert Einstein level thinkers.
But they aren’t stupid.
Their success as criminals relies heavily on having an advantage over their prey to ensure the outcome meets their evil goals, not the desires of the victim.
If the subject of criminal focus might possibly be armed with even so much as a single shot derringer pistol in .22 caliber short, the calculus (or perhaps arithmetic – consider the brain involved) of the malignantly obsessed evildoer’s intent – changes.
Joe says all you have to do is watch any “duster” movie from the ’30’s up to now to catch the drift.
Why so much brouhaha about something so obvious?
Like so many subjects in the news today, the discussion can only be had outside, for there are so many elephants in the room there is no space to talk.
Such as, you say?
Abortion, IQ, drug use, differences between men and women, human nature, immigration, race, culture, religion, and “natural” or doG given rights to name a few.
Read the article here.
A few quotes for the link-clicking handicapped –
Since 2015, residents of the state of Maine have been allowed to carry a concealed firearm without any special permit, and now the results are in: crime has fallen to the point where the state is now rated the safest in the nation from the threat of crime.”
Of course the bleeding-heart liberals, the progressives, the pansy people forecast lawlessness and destruction and total collapse of civility.
And just as of course, that is not what happened.
Need we quote Yogi Berra endlessly?
Why yes, we must: “There are some people who, if they don’t already know, you can’t tell ’em.” – Yogi Berra
Guns in the hands of honest citizens decrease crime. That is fact that has been statistically demonstrated by John Lott’s pathbreaking book, More Guns, Less Crime, a rock-solid statistical analysis showing that when states pass “shall issue” concealed carry laws, crime goes down. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors should take note.”
Too many elephants.
Not enough honest discussion.
We made too many wrong mistakes.” – Yogi Berra


Gun Reality
The article titled “Dear Mr. Security Agent: When It Comes To Gun Confiscation…” written by Matt Bracken which we saw posted at the Feral Irishman website is verbose, pedantic, tinged with unspoken emotion, and one hundred percent “dead on balls accurate” (thank you Ms. Tomei, from My Cousin Vinnie):

Joe and I have praised the federal documents that formed and comprise the foundation of law governing that great country, the U.S. of A.  The Constitution and the Declaration of Independance, combined with the Amendments is the best to date in known human history for governance.
Governance being a nasty but necessary requirement for an orderly society.
The number of examples in modern history and current history of people first disarmed then coerced against their will should caution any conscious curious virtuous citizen.
This is the path of the informed person, or those seeking informed-ness.
It has been our experience that “Joe Average” cares little for politics.  The daily cycles of Joe Average revolve around making a living, raising a family, pursuing “happiness” (personal appetites, desires, objectives).  Most don’t hear the cries from the abatoire until they are being herded up the loading dock on a one-way trip.
Jesus H. Christ the evidence is there to be seen in today’s world!
North Korea.
Everywhere in the Middle East except Israel.
Most of Africa.
And that amalgamation of people known as the PRC (People’s Republic of China) which is nothing more than a Mafia operation run by tyrants (ask Tibet or Hong Kong or Mongolia or the Uigher people).
Joe adds not-so-Great-anymore Britain to this list, and our own failing state of Canada (whatever happened when the RCMP kicked down doors and confiscated firearms totally without reason or law in High River AB during the flood 6 or so years ago?).
The essay written by Mr. Bracken addresses the “Security Agent”.
That security agent is the armed and deadly force of government – police, military, secret (and not so secret) agents.
The Second Amendment to the U.S. constitution spells it out in no uncertain terms.  It is because government is armed the citizen is also armed, as he or she desires.  Specifically to deter a tyrannical government.
It will be a very sad event if that modern day Rubicon is crossed.
To those who say it couldn’t happen here Joe says look in the mirror, watch some Jordan Peterson lectures, read some history, give your big fat head a shake, for you are wrong.  All the evil ever promulgated lives in every single human heart.
To think that you wouldn’t, couldn’t, won’t is naive.
As Dr. Peterson says, we all believe we would behave as did Oscar Schindler.  As Dr. Peterson explains, a cursory knowledge of history (and if you are honest, a review of your own life) tells you that it just ain’t so.  For every Schindler, there are thousands and thousands and thousands who go with the flow, and in an obscene farcical twist, some who rise to profane levels of evil competence, given the lawless and malevolent opportunity.  Like an inverse Schindler!
Joe and I think the essay is an important read if for no other reason than to be appraised of the commitment of liberty-loving people who will defend their natural right (some say doG given) to be free, or as close to free as you can be in a hostile world with over 7 billion inhabitants with IQ’s ranging from vegetable to super wizard.  It takes great will power to resist the urge if you have the force.  It also takes great will power to resist the force if you have none yourself.


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman is getting better bester.
Visit Intellectual Froglegs here.
The bestest yet titled “The Last Straw“.  You can also get to it using the following URL:
Note: Joe Dan has been ostracized from YoubeTube.  The above link is to BitChute.
Joe and I are all in favor of leaving the YoubeTube platform until the powers that be determine whether or not it is a “publisher” (i.e. legally responsible for content ergo acting censor) or an “open platform” (not legally responsible for content, not censorous).
We endorse Joe Dan Gorman as dean of Frogleg University.


Blue Collar Logic
A sample of this week’s offerings from Blue Collar Logic.
Dave Morrison talks about the affect on males that the cultural decimation of the nuclear family has wrought.
Boys are not “defective girls”.
Shame on the feminist movement, the progressive movement, the secret influence of Marxist doctrine peddled by the far Left.
Boys are different than girls.
Learning how to be a “good man” is critically important to a stable society:


Jericho Green
The Democrat “debate” (WTF? Joe says if that is a debate, a pencil is a carrot) on Thursday evening set Jericho off.  He is close to angry.  Mucho passion.  Joe says Jericho does the best Bernie Sanders imitation.  And he mentions Joe’s biggest beef: politicians who do not have children.  This one is A-OK:

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