Sunday Rant – 0919


Joe’s Comment – Every once in a while a compliment is appropriate.
Leo Cullum never fails to amuse.

Corrupt Politics
Joe and I argued about this title.
Joe says the use of the word “corrupt” is redundant.
I says almost always.
Every once in a long while, like a blue moon, or an epoch, perhaps a generation, along comes someone that CAN walk and chew gum and know what the fudge is going on who isn’t a coward and tells it like it is!
Joe says nice theory.  How about an example.
I says here’s our new knight in shining armor, Jim Jordan, kicking the crap out of Ellijah Cummings the moron presently chairing the House Oversight Committee:

Joe watched and listened.  And laughed his ass off.
We decided to leave the word “corrupt” in the title, but put a strike through the word.
Very political of us.
As for Ellijah Cummings, his very existence proves that human nature is NOT “basically good”.
That has never been a fact.
Lots more interesting stuff you won’t see on Main Stream Media® at John Ward’s channel.


Being a Cop
Joe and I freaked when we watched this video.
The highway patrol woman stops a beaner in a car.
Beaner is a deprecatory ethnic slur.
In this case it means a baaaaad Messican (hat tip to Tommy Lee Jones).
While the officer is questioning him, trying to ascertain what in particular he is up to, the man pulls a revolver at point blank and fires at her.
She has presence of mind above and beyond.
His shots miss her.
Simultaneously she moves out of harms way and calls in the details.
Next she begins discharging her firearm into the car.
She empties her magazine – Joe counted 15 rounds.
Net result is one very dead bad man.
Jesus H. Christ.
One cool head.
What a way to make a living:


Colin Quinn
Joe and I think Mr. Quinn is the ultimate comedian.
His long story short is a tour de force of history from a comedic perspective.
Fast paced, interwoven, brilliantly creative, hysterically stereotypical and sarcastic observations delivered at break-neck speed.
Fasten your seat belt:


Joe and I have a short list of t-shirts that we intend to make someday.
They are messages meant to amuse in some cases.
Others are messages meant to startle, to cause deep reflection.
One such is a t-shirt that says “I Survived Birth”.
An obscenity of our modern life is the wanton destruction of the most defenseless.  The unborn.
While stumbling around the Internet we found an article at American Digest titled “On Infanticide In a Time of Demons“.
A stated fact is that “one in thirty aborted fetuses lives”.
In light darkness of the latest laws in New York and Virginia, this seems proof positive of a time of demons.
Another fact from Candace Owens (CPAC speech 2019) is in New York City, more black babies are aborted than the number of black babies born.  Black women in America represent 6% of the population, but they have 40% of the abortions.
These are unholy times.

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