Sunday Rant – 3018


Joe’s Comment – The thin line between creativity and survival.  Despite careful planning that disassembled, the trip to northern Alberta came off without a hitch this week.  Paraphrasing Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower, planning is priceless but the plan may be worthless.  Adaptability is the key.  And a healthy regard for last-minute panic solutions.


Sunday Rant – Travel Edition
This week Joe and I traveled to a beautiful farm near Chauvin Alberta to fulfill a promise.  An old but faithful Mercury truck waited for us to bring it home.
Details below in “Joe’s Garage”.
Many thanks to Joanne, Darren, Melvin, and Bob for their generous and warm hospitality.
Just the kind of adventure Joe likes!


Canada and Guns
Joe and I are gun owners.  Or should we say we own guns.
Guns are tools.
We also own a table saw, a hammer, various power and hand tools, a RobertCat (some say BobCat), a man lift, and about 30 (or more) vehicles, operational and not.
We have pots and pans, furniture, scopes and power supplies and meters, cutlery, vessels, books, artwork, tables, appliances….. You get the idea.
We have stuff.  Lots of stuff.
Of all these items, all these things, one particular class of material has the government of Canada soiling their panties, the progressive citizenry too.
That class of thing is the firearm.
Guns expectorate a projectile at lethal velocity ( impulse force = 1/2 mass X velocity squared).
For reasons real and imagined, this is a preposterous fact, unacceptable to many.
Gun law in Canada is different than in America.  In America there is the Second Amendment, which limits the government control of guns.  It acknowledges the citizen right to bear arms.
In Canada, there is no first or second amendment.
Be careful what you say.  Be careful what you do.  Sage advice most Canadians would benefit from following.
Joe says hogwash.  And a lot more expletive riddled sentiment.
A tool is a tool.  The use of a tool in the hands of a theoretical Libertarian like Joe presents no danger to any property or person.  The corollary of course is if property or person IS in harms way, it is an intentional act.   Clearly, the individual is responsible for using tools properly and safely.  Safety is the responsibility of the individual, not the government, not the culture, not the citizenry at large.
The latest infamous Canadian shooting in Toronto has caused The Daily Signal to question Canadian gun law efficacy.  Quotes from the article –
…..”Numerous studies have shown that Canadians haven’t benefited from the stricter gun control measures. According to a 1988 study, the changes in the law decreased the use of firearms in homicides, but did not affect the total standardized homicide rates. In other words, the same number of Canadians were dying, even though slightly fewer were dying from guns.
This conclusion was substantiated again by a 1994 study, which found that “the passage of a stricter firearms control law in 1977 was associated with a decrease in the use of firearms for homicide but an increase in the use of all other methods for homicide.”
More recent studies continue to present a mixed picture of success, with one in 2004 stating that the 1977 Firearms Act had “no discernible impact on public safety” and another in 2012 concluding that the data “failed to demonstrate a beneficial association between [firearms] legislation and firearm homicide rates between 1974 and 2008.”
Canada, like the United States, has a significant problem with unlawfully possessed firearms. A 2018 study estimated that there may be as many as 10.6 million illicit firearms in the country, and they are increasingly coming from sources within Canada, not smuggled across the border from the United States.”
Canada’s gun control framework has failed to have a statistically significant impact on crime and to eradicate mass public shootings. The problem isn’t that law-abiding citizens are able to keep and bear firearms, and the solution isn’t stricter gun control to make it more difficult for citizens to defend themselves and others.
Thomas Jefferson understood this.  He quoted in his “Legal Commonplace Book” the prescient words of famed Italian criminologist Cesare Beccaria:
The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws [based on a false idea of utility].  They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes … Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
But beyond this truth lies a starker reality—even if Canadian authorities could confiscate the more than 12 million legal and illegal firearms in the country and ensure that not one more gun was smuggled across the border or 3D printed in a basement, it is a well-established fact that individuals bent on death and destruction don’t need firearms to devastate communities.”
Joe says a certain percentile of people have mental issues.
Perhaps the more logical approach to civic violence is not eliminating any tools that could be used for living (and havoc and murder) by individuals, but to establish an accepted process for steering mental wackjobs toward assessment.
And leave the citizenry to use tools without restriction.
Joe has such a way with words….


Joe’s Garage
This week Joe and I made a trip to Joanne and Darren’s farm to retrieve an old 1950 Mercury 3 ton M155 truck.
The truck was parked circa 1966, best guess, because the plates on the truck are an Alberta issue for that year.
Melvin H., Darren’s father, parked the truck beside the Quonset hut because the engine was failing.  He had ordered another engine to be built to replace the ailing power plant, but never installed it – the 14 foot grain box on the truck was moved to another vehicle.
And so it sat for 52 years…..

As you can see from the trees growing around and between the frame rails, time from then to now changed the mobility status of the truck –

There was plenty of manpower around to help extract the beast.  Here is grandpa Bob and Greg posing for a “before” picture –

After removing several restraining trees, one with the “picker” (a Mack truck with an 18 ton crane), Darren hooked on to the front of the truck and lifted the truck over, front and back, until it cleared the remaining trees.
Then, using the same picker, he pulled the truck out of the bush, then lifted the truck front and back to place it on the trailer –

This was just the start.
Bob had measured the wheelbase of the truck for Joe and I at a previous visit.  We measured the trailer.  3 inches to spare!
However, the truck is so long that resting the front AND back wheels on the trailer created a very low (maybe negative) tongue weight on the trailer, because the “center of gravity” of this long wheel base vehicle was too far back for good trailer balance.
Heads were scratched.
Thoughts were thought.
Ideas were presented.
Darren thought the weight of the truck should be placed over the axles, thereby increasing tongue weight (and avoiding a dangerous trailer sway at speed).
Mel said let’s block it up.  Let’s use wooden pallets!
As in hot damn…..
With some expert advice from Darren about securing the load, and a few changes (i.e. using 4 X 12 dunnage for stability / load spreading, letting the air out of the front tires, and pulling the nose down by the axle with a ratchet binder until it could not budge) the load was ready for a trial run –

By placing the pallets and dunnage over the trailer axle, the rear-most weight of the truck was hanging above the trailer deck; the rear wheels had a few inches clearance.
This created a fulcrum point on the frame of the M155 – bouncing down the road placed a heavy impulse force on the pallets because the rear axle and frame was suspended, creating a moment about 6 feet from the fulcrum suspension point to the rear axle.
Joe felt if anything let go, it would be the pallet(s) due to bumps and lumps in the road bouncing the rear axle and exerting downward pressure on the fulcrum.
The only way to find out if the load was secure is to drive it down the road.
The test drive was from the farm to the small town of Provost AB.
So far, so good.
No wibble, no wobble, no shifting, no swaying.
On to Calgary to visit brother Dennis, Lynne, and Nicole on Friday.
Wonderful to see them and enjoy their company.
Saturday morning Joe and I headed for home in Vernon.
Other than crazy bastard drivers (mostly Alberta plated vehicles – couldn’t tell you the “port of origin” of the drivers) risking life and limb to be one or two cars ahead at the next road construction pause (there were 9 between Golden and Vernon, 6 between Calgary and Golden) all went well.
We arrived in Vernon about 2:30 p.m. local time, refueled, then home again, home again, jiggidy jig.
Thank you, again, Bob, Joanne, Darren, and Melvin for the fun and excitement, and adventure.  And especially your warm hospitality.

Some data for us data wienies.
After refueling in Calgary on the way home, Joe and I used the weigh scales near the Petrocan station on Hwy 1 and Hwy 22.
Weights with full tank and driver on board:
Front axle – 2140 kg
Rear axle – 2390 kg
trailer axles – 2530 kg
Total combined weight = 7060 kg (for white folks that’s 15,564.64 pounds)
Total kilometage = 2,057 km (mileage for us white folks = 1,278.16 miles)
Total fuel burned = 330.89 litres (gallons = 72.79 Imperial, 87.41 American)
Total fuel cost = $421.78 Cdn
Best mileage was from Vernon to Calgary:
571.0 km, 82.04 litres = 6.96 km per litre
In white man talk, that is 19.66 miles per Imperial gallon, or 16.37 miles per American gallon.
Not bad for a truck that weighs over 3½ tons with a tank of fuel and no driver.
The average for the entire trip was 6.22 km per litre.
Again, in white man talk, that is 17.56 miles per Imperial gallon, or 14.62 miles per American gallon.
During the trip we drove at the speed limit.
Those are very decent numbers.  Long live 6.0L Powerstrokes!

Norah, the F350 Crew Cab 4X4 automatic.  Damn good truck.

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Sunday Rant – 2918

Joe’s Comment – Some memories of 50 years ago are as fresh as today.  Other facts from the past are missing or denied, vehemently.  An infinite work in progress contained by finite time.  Deep in the 3rd quarter and the score ain’t too promising.
One step at a time, eyes wide open, seems prudent.

Africa – White Man’s Burden?
Joe remembers a poem by Rudyard Kipling.
We always thought it referred to strong cultures helping lesser cultures – specifically we thought African cultures.
The poem “The White Man’s Burden” was written by Mr. Kipling in 1899 as a plea to the United States during the Philippine – American War to emulate Great Britain’s model of Imperialism.
If you read the poem while trying to understand the culture of the day, Joe and I think it is as we expressed above.  Some cultures are superior.  Superior cultures according to Kipling have an obligation, a noble obligation, to aid and reform the inferior.  Despite the negative reactions that may arise.  All cultures are NOT equal.  Moral “equivalence” is hogwash.
Joe and I are ambivalent about the political correctness of this poem.
Zoom forward to today.
Of the countries and peoples “colonized”, those countries and peoples which “suffered” under Imperialist Overlords™ in the past, those whom Britain possessed have fared better overall than those subject to other nations.  We site India as a prime example.
Since the “liberation” from colonialism, the fate of many African countries has denigrated into hell hole status with rule of law, sound infrastructure, and social stability being vague concepts.
The following two articles from the website “ToThoseWhoCanSee” discuss the re-colonization projects the global/progressive masterminds have for Africa’s worst behaving societies.
From March 12th, 2018, “The Progressive Project: Re-Colonizing Africa
from May 29th, 2018, “Diversity Means Difference: The Case of Africa“.
These two essays are well researched and presented.  Well worth the read time.
The question of the future of black African nations is a thorny query.
The following video asks the question “is this a cover for racism” of various race realists: Henry Harpending, Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer, Derek Turner, Paul Gottfried, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow.
Joe and I believe the scientific investigation of the differences between the “races” is valid and important research.
The truth shall set you free:

Deconstructing Islam
Joe and I watch too much polemicizing about world affairs and conflicts.
The website “therelgionofpeace” was created to document Islamic terrorist activities since 9/11.  We are saddened to see there have now been 33,492 deadly terror attacks since that horrific event.
We admit to not understanding Religion©™®.
Joe and I do not comprehend how you would kill in the name of a doG, no matter how you define him/it/her/the/they/???.
Conversely, we do understand how you would kill in self defense, whether personal or familial, or communal / national safety was in jeopardy.
This is the first exposure we have had to the powerful presentation and rapid-fire delivery of Jay Smith.  His depth of knowledge is orders of magnitude beyond Joe and my comprehension.
This video is from 2016.  We tried to find more current information, and we did.
We suggest you start here:

Then listen here:

Carmina Burana
Stumbled across this video of Carl Orff’s master work.
Curiosity got the Joe.
We both enjoyed the music, but couldn’t make much of the “acting” or “interpreting” or whatever.
Nous sommes gearheads.  Worth the listen:

Carnivore Diet
Joe and I are under doctor’s suggestion to loose some weight.
We have tried various and sundry; most notably South Beach and long ago Atkins.
While putzing about watching Jordan Peterson’s latest interviews and presentations, we discovered an interview with Joe Rogan and Dr. Peterson re: the diet he is following at the suggestion of his daughter Mikhaila Peterson (her web page here).
The following is a clip from a longer interview (located here):

Our interest piqued, we watched a second carnivore diet interview with Joe Rogan and Dr. Shawn Baker:

Needless to say the appeal of an all meat (and fat) diet is hugely attractive.
There is no discussion of beer in either video.
Joe ain’t in for all meat and no beer.
Life is filled with cruel ironies…..

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Sunday Rant – 2818


Joe’s Comment – Philosophy seems less ominous when the weather is fine.  Shades of the grasshopper, forget the ant.

Brexit vs Eu
The excellence of Peter Robinson interviews is evident in the following discussion with Daniel Hannan.
Daniel Hannan is an intellect Joe and I have featured in this Sunday Rant in past postings.
In this interview, Daniel and Peter explore the fact of the Brexit referendum and the post vote actions and results:


Oh! Canada
Joe is a fan of Conrad Black, although he isn’t exactly sure why.
I am interested in Lord Black’s political and historical view.
In the following video he discusses the history of Canada from his unique perspective.
We found it an informative view:


American Media at War
Joe and I enjoyed this presentation by Conrad Black.
He discusses the American media “civil war” by way of a review of the state of affairs during the Richard Nixon administration.
An illuminating perspective:


CO2 Is Us
Did our fearless leader Chief Rainbow Socks sign on to the carbon dioxide as evil deadly world ending gas so tax it program?
You know damn well he did.
Joe says Mr. Dress Up wants to be a “global” player so bad his jaw aches (that’s a defamatory statement inferring non-normative sexual behavior).
What, then, is the record of the stately state statesmen, the nabobs of nations, the leaders of lands home and abroad in their ever noble crusade against the engine of life?
Here’s a little chart to help clear up any ambiguity of comprehension –
How can this be?
The United States of America didn’t sign the Paris Agreement!
How reckless…..
But wait!
Without donating billions of tax payer dollars into Rube Goldberg futures our southern brothers managed to lead the world (again!) in reducing emissions.
Joe points out that we actually need more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to ensure life on the planet continues.
Despite Joe’s point of order about the efficacy of CO2 “control”, how did the good old US of A show the world how to do it?
As with most solutions regarding complex systems, the answer isn’t pat.
Joe and I shake our collective head(s) at the jackals who intend to change our lives with or without our consent.
We aren’t collectivists, not much.
And the ever so superior Canadian clan?
Read and weep.

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