Sunday Rant – 2118

PNJoe’s Comment – I might be a Buddhist.  In fact, I’m sure I am!


Drum Delight
Nothing better than a tattoo of the drum kind:


Dr. Ben Carson
The dearth of real information on how the Trump administration is performing lies directly on the shoulders of the MSM.
How about Trump’s “racism”?
Does anyone remember who Trump appointed the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?
Joe and I remember the GOP presidential debates.
We remember being mightily impressed with the accomplishments of Dr. Ben Carson.
He is the same well spoken gentleman as Secretary of HUD.
Since the main stream media are so invested in Stormy Daniels and “Chicken Little” screams of the sky is falling, they have little time in the daily news cycle to report what is happening with his cabinet appointments.
This interview is an update of Dr. Ben Carson’s progress to date:


Dr. Jordan Peterson
JBP keeps giving and giving.
It has been our experience that when promoting an idea or concept, the more often you plead your case, the sooner you become cogent to the max.
Joe and I approve the following message:


How I Spent My Winter by Joe Mekanic
Joe M. is a seriously pessimistic optimist.
Spring is near finished, and he can just now talk about old man Winter.
It was a winter of reflection and learning.
Spent a lot of time watching lectures and presentations on YoubeTube.
To reiterate, we learned that playing “Free Cell” while listening seems to be a symbiotic activity.
Not so reading other information while listening – that is an either / or situation.  That is, either listen to the presentation or read the information.  Can’t do both and retain much at all.
How much time did we spend / invest listening to lectures and presentations?
Although the above is truthful, we did NOT always play Free Cell while listening.  Those presentations and lectures with a lot of graphs, pictures, lists, diagrams, and other non verbal support documentation were watched without Free Cell.
Here’s where we are (21 May 2018) –

As of today, the actual number is 1984 and growing.  The start of Winter the number was 150.  That is 1834 games since last November (Joe calculates winter from the first snowfall).  If you look at the “success” rate it is 100%.
The game has a “failsafe” feature – if you exhaust all moves without winning, the game gives you an opportunity to “dial back” the moves as far as you wish.
So far, after 1984 games, we haven’t not completed any.
I expect the game is designed to only present doable games, games with a solution.
Joe says we will review that theory in another thousand or so games.
I wonder how many games there are, and if it has a message at the end?
Joe says if there is a message, it will be QUIT WASTING TIME!


Joe’s Garage
Not too much happening on the shop front.
The ’49 F47 pick-up truck is half assembled in the main bay.
The rest of the shop is clutter.
10 engines (six on stands) and a couple of transmissions take up floor space, along with 5 rolling cabinets.
Tools scattered everywhere.
Joe says it’s a wasteland.
Our desire has flagged for playing mekanic with broken Fords.
There is literally more work than we can do.
Maybe a well spring of passion for future projects will bubble out of us.
‘Til then, we will plod on clearing out the yard.
There are close to 30 vehicles to process.
We will need a good dose of vitamins, intensive training, and a serious shake of the head (what were you thinking?) to proceed.
Or a winning lottery ticket.

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Sunday Rant – 2018


Joe’s Comment – Retirement is an interesting concept.  EOW (end of work) is more accurate in my case.  The body fails.  The mind fails.  Nobody is perfect.  No mind is perfect.  What was I saying?…..
Oh yeah!
A mission statement is a valuable tool.  Picking appropriately is the ticket!
That’s what!


Canada’s Chief Rainbow Socks

How Joe and I miss Stephan Harper.
The man had an understanding of international events.
He also knew the difference between right and wrong.
Who in the world is Canada (internationally or domestically) under a Liberal leadership spearheaded (is that racist?) by Mr. Dressup, RS?
Why would the Canadian government boycott attending the US move of their diplomatic embassy to Jerusalem?  It was a perfect opportunity to affirm support for justice.  How could you call for “International impartial review” of the Gaza idiot uprising, spurred on by the lying liars of Hamas?  The doG-damned so-called “Palestinians” admit themselves that most of those killed in the border fence assault were Hamas agents.  This had nothing to do with moving an embassy.
What do you see, Chief?  Are you so “politically” in-tune that you would sacrifice the Israeli people to further your political ambitions (as pitiful as they are)?
It is time for Canada to find a new leader.  Jesus wept…..(John 11:35)


Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro
A viable alternative to watching sitcoms on TV.
Ben Shapiro is a political pundit.
Jordan Peterson is a psychologist.
The conversation is pertinent to current events.
Ideas abound.
The first in a (hopefully) long lasting series of “Sunday Special” episodes:


Presidentially Yours
What ho!
The man actually talks to the people?
Who does he think he is?
Is this the first roundtable?  Not by a long shot.
Word is getting out about how he performs his duties.
Word is getting out about how serious he considers those duties to be.
Joe and I opened YoubeTube and typed into the search box “President Trump Roundtable”.  The result was an astounding 139,000 links.
Not bad at all for 17 months on the job  (Obama roundtable returned 229K for 8 years in office).  Not that there is causality in play, or that the number of links suggests number of “roundtables”.  Joe and I watched a few other than this one.  What we saw was encouraging: the man gathers large amounts of data then digests the data to determine policy.  As he stated in this roundtable, the political impact (votes) doesn’t enter the calculation when the rule of law is threatened.
We stand with that analysis:


Mad Dog Mattis
Joe and I agree.
This man is THE MAN.
He is intelligent, well read, practical, and focused on the job at hand.
We agree that the Western philosophy of open dialogue, mutually beneficial alliances, and the focus on individual (vs collective) rights will prevail in the coming years re: China’s economic growth and China’s global initiative:


Australian Hero
Peter Ridd speaks truth as he knows it.
His truth is backed by data and statistical analysis.
Not enough for the James Cook University.
It seems that the Great Barrier Reef©®™£ is changing.
Dr. Ridd has questioned the screams from the sky is falling crowd that “global warming” “climate change” is responsible.
The JCU administration fired the man!
For an education on the issue, a link to a thorough documentation of the story, with video clips.
Peter Ridd has studied the GBR for 30+ years as a scientist.
To disguard his research says much about the politically correct climate in Australia.

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Sunday Rant – 1918


Joe’s comment – Someone knows!  This is the exact reason I have a house and yard full…… now all I need is a neighbor Bob!


Subject vs Citizen
Can it be any more clear?

Canadians are subjects.
Americans are citizens.
Joe hopes that is perfectly cogent to all y’all.
I on the other mind, feel a cold stare accompanied by a cool breeze…..


Axe the Beer Tax
Joe felt it appropriate to insert a political message right here.
Why do Canadians pay 47% beer tax?
Bet you didn’t know, did ya?
Did you know it is 5 X more tax than our brothers and sisters to the south pay?
When Joe and I were long haul trucking we found that a 12 pack of Labatt’s Blue in a Wal Mart in Phoenix was less than half the price (including exchange) you pay in BC, and a 30 pack of Budwiser was much cheaper than a 12 pack in BC.
Did you know the government has imposed an automatic beer tax increase that has no end?
Time to get a clue.
There is a website called “” where you can read all about it, and e-sign an e-petition addressed to our political masters.
I suspect signing an e-petition is even more useless than walking around holding a stick with a sign attached to it.  Time will tell.
Joe says cheap beer is the well-spring of innovation.
Make Canada great again….. with cheap beer!
You say where is the proof?
Egypt was once a great society.
It was built with beer!

What is the proof of this outrageous theory?
Joe says look at Egypt now and tell him what is the best selling beer in the entire country.


Dept. of Heros
Charles Murray is an icon in Joe’s and my world.
His landmark study “The Bell Curve” identified the elephant in the political room (the influence of IQ in society).
This interview by Ronald Bailey ( with Dr. Murray is revealing in the depth and breadth of his social policy thinking.
The interview is from 2012 when he published “Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960 – 2010”.
His observations and recommendations regarding societal failings are, in our opinion, accurate and as yet not implemented.  An interesting thought provoking interview:


Intellectual Frog Legs
Joe Dan Gorman does it again….


Reactor Update
If it wasn’t for the weapon critical nuclear energy development of the 1930’s the clean energy technology research might have taken a different path.
Kirk Sorensen is a one man band playing for the further development of thorium / salt reactors which are safe and do not produce radioactive waste.
Such a reactor ran for many years in the US of A but the program was terminated.  China and India are going to eclipse the US in thorium technology.  Canada isn’t in the picture.  Kirk Sorensen is president of FLiBe:


Mystery of Music
Joe was never able to master the bass and treble clef method of writing music.
To him, it is too complicated and intricate.
Much to his surprise, he is not alone in thinking that way about written music.
The system was devised at a time when the use of different keys was not common.
The same writing system was modified to accommodate key shifts, but doesn’t do it well.  There is a better way!  Watch and learn:


Cause vs Correlation
There are few coincidences in life according to Joe.
Consider the following map of the USA which denotes the county vote in 2016, red for Republican, blue for Democrat –

The second map is the murder map, showing the number of murders committed by county –

This map shows the racial disbursement –

Finally (for this topic), the USA population density by county –

Joe and I don’t jump to conclusions with much enthusiasm.
There seem to be a lot of coincidences in the above data.
Yeah, that’s it!  Coincidences!

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