Sunday Rant – 1218


Joe’s Comment – The snow is gradually disappearing.  All the projects that were in production when the snow hit last November are slowly re-appearing.  Plus the projects from the previous years that never were completed.  This is the year of the clean-up!
Says the greatest procrastinator ever…..

Bill Whittle has a proclivity to peel the onion logically and thoroughly.  What he accomplishes is a logical step-by-step dismembering of all the layers.  In the end the facts revealed are for all to see.
His observations about California complement those of Victor Davis Hanson; there is a dichotomy so real and so deep that there really are two states, not one.
Joe and I find his rationale compelling.
How do you enlighten someone who is Hell bent on continuing to enjoy their ignorance?  And their good fortune….:

Musical Interlude
The subject matter in this week’s rant is on the dark side.  What better accompaniment than dark soulful music?
No better, says Joe.
What say you?
Here’s Lucius with “Goodnight Irene”:

A chilling rendition of Great Gig by “Brit Floyd”, featuring Angela Cervantes:

The original Great Gig with Clare Torry from the ‘way back machine.  She had to sue PF for a share of the royalties (they only paid her “musician’s scale” for her performance in the studio – an amount less than 50£).  She did not receive credits on the album.  Pricks come in all shapes and sizes…..:

Another great song about time and space – Tom Russell and “Blue Wing”:

John Prine says it straight – “Some Humans Ain’t Human”:

Speakers Corner
Last week (Sunday Rant 1118) the plight of Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, and Martin Sellner was presented via several YoubeTube videos and embellished with our comments.
All three were banned from entry to the UK.
Their “crime” was wanting to speak at Speakers Corner, or talk to Tommy Robinson.  In Lauren’s case, she was deemed “racist” and denied entry for future time for past utterances regarding the Religion of Peace™.
Tommy Robinson interviewed Brittany and Martin in Calais.  During the interview, Martin gave permission for Tommy to deliver a speech he had composed, reason being he was denied entry to Britain.
Below is a video of Tommy delivering Martin’s speech at Speaker’s Corner.  The Sellner speech starts at 13:20.  The preamble is the turmoil of Tommy’s bodyguards helping make his way to the presentation podium.  FYI there were Muslims with weapons in attendance.  Those who used the weapons were NOT apprehended by the “police”.  This is a big deal:

Not familiar with the background of Mr. Tommy Robinson?
Following is a speech he delivered to a gathering at Eaton University.  It is an old video – from time following his release from prison, from leaving the English Defense League.  He is a working class British subject who decided to do something about the negative influence of Islam in his community.  This is a history of who Tommy Robinson is and where he came from:

A follow-up to Tommy Robinson speaking at Speaker’s Corner is this interview with Stefan Molyneaux.  As a man with children, I cannot understand what has happened to the men of Britain, of the UK.  When you hear Tommy describe what has happened to the young women girls who are pressed into sexual slavery by Muslim gangs and what the so-called authorities have done in response, you will shake your head in disbelief.  Rape jihad…..  It is time to invade Britain:

Violence, Murder, and Insanity
These three words are by their nature descriptive of ungovernable states of being.  Three pillars of the darkness of mankind, of chaos.
The recent events in Florida and Texas are undeniably clear examples of the evil that resides in every human, in every person, no matter what their disposition or dispensation.  If you don’t understand that, you aren’t a fully conscious human being.
Bill Whittle made a speech as the “virtual president” back in 2014 that still rings true today.  It is a valid defense of the 2nd amendment.  More generally, it is proof of the natural law of self defense.  The problem is not the tool it is the mind behind the action (Texas FedEx bomber didn’t use firearms, did he).  A person’s right to life and their right to defend the same (their own or others) is not negotiable, nor should it be restricted:

The Gong Show of gun control in the U.S. of A. continues.  It is a complicated issue that is exacerbated by emotional reaction (totally understandable) to horrific events and government slap-stick Keystone Cop response.
The following video from Collin Noir describes the reality of what exists in our culture, our reluctance to see it, and a first step platform to enable the change required:

Our Pal Karl Marx
A short but very sweet analysis of the cultural value imbued on the world by the implementation of the theories of Karl Marx:

Interview of Jordan Peterson
The following interview is very interesting.
Wendy Mesley is a CBC employee, host of the program “The Weekly Insider”.  She does a credible job of interviewing Dr. Peterson, considering her strong left leanings, and the suspicion Joe has that her researchers are fucking clueless Marxists.  Did you know that Ms. Mesley was once the wife of Peter Mansbridge?  How now brown cow.
We are SURE she earned her position on her own merits:

Trudeau Beater
Joe listened to this several times.
Is there hope for Canada?
In our opinion, Dr. Jordan Peterson might be cut out for something more than to be the Prime Minister of Canada, or a Member of Parliament.
Joe and I would vote for him, but we think he should think long and hard before he rides this particular tiger.  We think he has a greater calling:

Joe’s Garage
Your Lying Eyes Department
The following is labeled a “7D hologram”.
Whatever happened to !D to 6D?
Kidding aside, this advanced technology makes Star Wars look as old as it is.
A fantastic hologram:

Running, Just Running
Joe says this is paramount to certifiable lunacy.
Why oh why would you do something so patently retarded?
This doesn’t prove manhood…. sorry Ernest Hemingway.
1/2 M x V x V = how hard the bull will impact an object in this universe at this time.  (One half mass multiplied by velocity squared)
To say nothing about those nasty horns.
This DOES prove you are looking for a Darwin Award while pursuing YOLO stupidity of ridiculous magnitude:

Drag Racing Legends
Pamela “Jungle Pam” Hardy was the sexy side of “Jungle Jim” Liberman’s funny car show.  She was the first “back-up” girl and had a much different role than Linda “Miss Hurst” Vaughn or Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney.  Shirley was a driver, Linda a sales representative / product promoter.  Jungle Pam was on the tarmac with Jungle Jim, helping him stage the funny car for each race.  She was (and is) a cheerful extrovert, bringing flair and flamboyance (without a bra) to the nitty-gritty noise, smoke, and smell of nitro fueled racing.  Needless to say the men (and boys) noticed her.  A documentary about a time of wild drag racing before sanctioning bodies brought the dollar boys and corporate support in while ushering out the average Joes.  A video filled with memories:

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Sunday Rant – 1118


Joe’s Comment – This Spring (3 days away) is progressing well within the Bell curve of standard Spring weather in Vernon.
Unfortunately, Dave and I are not so “normal”.  This week has seen a number of “ham sandwich” events in our behaviour.  On Sunday, we walked all the way from the truck to our bedroom to get the keys to the truck.  The keys were in our pocket already – we couldn’t find them in the bedroom.  On Tuesday we had to come back into the house four times to make sure we had the list, the right keys, the “turtle eggs” (Scotch mints), and Rourke’s back pack.  We should have come back five times, because we forgot the “leprechaun trap” materials Rourke needed for school.  We have misplaced our cell phone again……
This means projects will take much longer to complete due to the “dreamed” status of each.  How much farther to dementia?  Can you make a list if you have dementia?  If so, how do you know you’ve completed a list item?
This getting old has challenges….

Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman is back on track with new hardware, new funding, and the same old most excellent attitude:

Pat Condell
Mr. Condell’s message to feminists all  over the Western World.  This was delivered on International Women’s Day (8th March).
Joe and I wonder mightily where the voice of feminism is regarding the moral melt down in Islamic society:

Lauren Southern
Joe and I have seen and appreciate Ms. Southern’s journalist work.
Level headed and detail oriented, her presentations / documentaries are replete with facts, figures, data, and the point of view of a fearless seeker of the truth.
She is a Canadian citizen with no criminal record.
Last week she was detained in Calais FR on her way to the UK to interview Tommy Robinson and work on a few projects.  She was denied entry to Britain!
The charge?  Racism, inciting hate speech.  The actual document denying her entry is shown in the videos below.
Here is Lauren being interviewed by Tommy Robinson regarding this travesty.  Tommy had to travel to Calais FR in order to hear her story:

Get this straight.  Lauren Southern, a Canadian citizen, with a job and career, with no criminal record, is now denied entry to a Commonwealth country, the United Kingdom.
Let that sink in for a minute.
The same country which has allowed ISIS fighters to repatriate.
The same country which has the shame of government covering up the “grooming gangs” action of forcing into prostitution thousands of young English women in places named Peterborough, Newcastle, Rotherham, Telford, Roshdale, and others.
The same country that acclaims free speech – the home of “Speakers Corner” – a 150 year old tradition (1866) in Hyde Park, London.
This is the country which, under Winston Churchill’s sterling leadership, withheld the full force of Nazi Germany’s war machine for over a year all alone.
Below Paul Joseph Watson offers his ascorbic comments:

A European Parliament panel discussion about this abhorrent action against a Commonwealth citizen below (from Lauren’s YoubeTube site).  This is an outrageous action.  Sharia Law in Britain?  Bet your ass.  Time the whirlwind of the just touch down in the West:

Lauren’s detainment lasted 6 hours.  She was denied entry under the Tony Blair terrorism legislation – Schedule 7.  The charge was racism!  Even Joe knows that Islam is not a race.  Here is an example of the unabridged Lauren Southern:

Two other persons, Brittany Pettibone (American) and Martin Sellner (Austrian) in a not related incident, were also attempting to enter the UK.  Martin to speak at Speakers Corner, and Brittany to interview Tommy Robinson.  They were detained for 3 DAYS before being released.
This is absolute bull shit.  The two of them are journalists, pundits, and politically active on the conservative side of the ledger.  Neither has a criminal record.  Gavin McInnes interviews them both with his irreverent and humorous style in the following video:

The foundation of Western “democracy” is being shaken.  This will not stand.  Joe and I will resist.  Our heart and mind is with the English citizens who are being steam rolled by a political sickness that denies their heritage, strips their natural rights, and suppresses their freedom to speak and assemble.  This must not stand…
Rule Britannia!!

St. Patrick’s Day
The beer wasn’t green, but the appetizer was….
The whiskey washed it all down.
Some fine modern Irish music from “Flogging Molly”:

A couple more from the “Dropkick Murphys”:

From “The Killdares”:

Patty Gurdy playing her hurdy gurdy:

Some traditional Irish drinking songs from Dolan’s Pub in Limerick, Ireland:

Joe and I have a love of Ireland and the Irish people.  A great day for the Irish!
What about St. Gertrude of Helfta?

Her day is also March 17.
She is the patron saint of cats.
Joe says to put in a cat video.
Who am I to argue?

Joe’s Garage
This year we received a lot of snow late – in February especially.
Could have used this man’s home-made snow blower.
Power by big block Chevrolet:

And for those cross country jaunts, what better deep snow vehicle than a Cummins powered ’67 Ford truck?  The answer is (of course) nothing better!:

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Sunday Rant – 1018


Joe’s Comment – Sargent Rock was our childhood hero.  This week’s rant is fraught with man’s inhumanity to man.  The Rock will fix things if the words and kumbaya can’t.  As I used to say to my employees – do your best to resolve your issues among yourselves, for you will not like my solution should you bring your problem to me.

Word o’ the Week
Ergophobia: noun – an abnormal fear of work; an aversion to work.
Ergasiophobia: noun – a fear of work of any kind.
Great words to go with the men of the week – Joe and me!

Spring Is Sprunging
J & I are excited.
We smell the green.  Sun, lovely sun.  Vitamin D production waaay up!
Time to celebrate!
Boyos and Goyles celebrating life, the hope Spring human breast thingy (apology to A. Pope for garbling the message):

We wrote the above on Tuesday.  Lovely prelude to a Spring day!

On Wednesday and Thursday and Friday it snowed another 4 to 6 inches.
February is such a pissy poor sport. March aides and abets:

Chief Rainbow Socks has made quite an impression in India.
Joe and I couldn’t craft a better batch of vitriol than that penned by Ajit Datta.
Thanks & hat tip to Jim and Grace C. –


Mindful of the words of Charles Krauthammer regarding the affect and effect of politics on society at large, from the introduction of his book “Things Which Matter”, a quote of same can be read in Sunday Rant – 0717.  The fact that the joys of life, those things which matter, are subordinate to the political wind.  Look no further than the horrors of the 20th Century, and in this brave new century the examples of North Korea and every Muslim shithole in Africa.  The Founding Fathers of the US of A stated it poetically and elegantly in the Declaration as examples of natural rights being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
A free society is a productive and joyful society.
Since Christmas in Tehran more than 30 women have been arrested for removing their head scarf in public.  One woman has been sent to jail for 2 years.
The charge?  “Encouraging moral corruption”.
Joe can’t believe it is so.
A fucking head scarf?
Joe says what if the woman in question was carrying a bag in each hand and the wind blew off her scarf.  Would that strike every male who saw with a Medusa-like engorgement, license to subjugate, a “sexual emergency” satisfied by slaking their lust with this wanton slut whose scarf came off in the wind?
What a crock of shite (Scottish for shit).
This is akin to rolling the Scrabble dice and it spells out a curse word, or some other poor arrangement of letters that have a socially negative connotation.
Do you arrest the dice thrower as a moral deviant, punishable without defense or parole?
Joe has one thing to say about the politics in Iran, well put together by some brilliant political pundit somewhere in the universe of the Internet –
This tragedy is being acted out all over the world.
Plato spoke the corollary to Charles Krauthammer’s observation of politics and the health of society.  His observation is the quality of leaders is always circumspect –


The Tragedy of South Africa
Joe and I weep for the people of the world.  There really doesn’t seem to be an acceptable solution.  So much for our Libertarian stance, theoretical or not:

How anyone could justify the torture and murder of innocents for any political or cultural rationale evades us.  If this is how the black society of South Africa seeks “justice” we see no possibility of reaching the holy grail of “diversity”.
Peace is just another word for no one gives a shit…..  more of the same below –

The Holodomor
What pray tell is the Holodomor?
Good grief, what school did you attend?
Joe and I knew some of what Stalin & Co. did to the people of the Ukraine but weren’t aware of it’s name.
We didn’t learn it in school.
Supreme Commander Eisenhower was right to document the Nazi horror of the Holocaust at the close of WWII in Europe.   There is a United States Holocaust Museum.  As SC Eisenhower stated when visiting a  death camp –
Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”
Unfortunately for the Ukrainian people under Lenin and Stalin, there was no third party witness or “free press” to document what was to be the starvation of millions of people by government fiat.  Holodomor means “killing by starvation”.  Blonde in the Belly of the Beast has released the first of her “Skipped in School series – The Holodomor (pt1):

Joe and I are perpetually perplexed by genocidal / homicidal maniac behaviour running unchecked and supported by the might of a nation.  The fact that all humans have the potential to behave this way is truly frightening.
Stalin makes Joe want there to be a Hell after death, because Stalin certainly created Hell on earth for millions of people, and has earned an infinity in the real thing.
I’m more atavistic.
If it comes down to fight or flight better watch out.  My genetic material is as old as any other person alive.  I can revert as required.  Is it “eye for an eye” or reversion to an earlier / older type?  I’ve been called a “throwback” before.
That’s why we can speak – to avoid missing a step between anger and fight.
Joe says we better start speaking soon.

Jordan Peterson Protest
Dr. Peterson stopped at Queen’s U. to promote his new book “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote for Chaos”.  He delivered a lecture on the topic of compelled speech in Canada.  There were protesters.  !  !!
Some crazy bitch was banging on one of the windows of the lecture hall and broke it.  She ran but was apprehended by undercover police.  She fought and kicked and bit all the way to jail.  The police found a garrotte in her knapsack.
Joe says the left certainly is unstable.  Read about it here.  The National Post writer calls it a “controversial” lecture.  Joe calls it common sense.
We think things may get even stranger before getting better.  Joe says it is a clear case of “Ron White” (can’t fix stupid).

Joe’s Garage
The pressure this week was overwhelming.
Joe is so achy breaky for Spring.
We have a habit (call it laziness) of growing our beard and hair without respite from the first snowfall in the Autumn.  Our usual shave day is International Women’s Day (8th of March).  We missed the 8th this year because it snowed….
Saturday and Sunday were fabulous prequels to Spring weather.
On Sunday the shave and a hair cut was deemed in order – and was carried out.
Pictures are NSFW……
A large pile of hair cut off –

Followed by a picture of where the above hair was minutes before –

We don’t have a picture of the beard gone yet.  Lots of blood and gore involved.  Maybe next Sunday…… Continue reading Sunday Rant – 1018