Sunday Rant – 0818

Joe’s Comment – I’m a “let it all out” kinda guy.  No buildup, no suppression, no stress.  In order to keep things on an even keel, pressure or tension is best abandoned with a hearty “WGAF?”  Best to work alone.  If an old fart swears at the top of his voice and there is no one there to hear him, what harm?

Once upon a time, negotiators representing two nations met to take advantage of geography, skill sets, natural resources, and shared economic systems to build a trade community that would be mutually beneficial to each of the member countries, and strengthen their economic ties without prejudicing future opportunities each member might develop.
The deal was heated, and rolled, and hammered, and poured, and stretched until the politicians signed on the dotted line.
It was originally a “free trade” agreement between the US of A and Canada, called the “Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement” (FTA) and became law in 1988.
As a citizen of Canada and an inhabitant of British Columbia, the feedback Joe and I heard was from the logging industry, the softwood industry.  We heard the deal was unfair from our friends and acquaintances in the lumber economy of BC.
As a citizen of Canada, Joe and I assumed that the Canadian government had sent it’s “A Team” to negotiate, as you would hope.  We are sure the good old US of A did.  Analysis was the FTA was beneficial on average to citizens of each country, excepting some areas of trade that were competitive (such as softwood lumber).
Mexico saw the agreement as a good idea and sought a similar reciprocal arrangement with the United States.  This was after the Latin American debt crisis.
Canada, worried that a US – Mexico agreement would undercut the existing FTA, lobbied to be included.  A big party ensued.  More negotiations, more negotiators, more signing on the dotted line.

The NAFTA was hatched and became law on January 1st, 1994.
Fast forward 24 years……
Candidate Trump’s election platform included a promise to re-write or exit NAFTA.
POTUS Trump follows up his campaign promise and revisits NAFTA.
Loose bowels of stupendous magnitude become a plague in Canadian and Mexican business circles.  Our fearless Canadian leader puts on his rainbow socks and begins mumbling about “peoplekind”.  The Canadian negotiating team makes frequent trips to the bathroom during talks.  They are enveloped by a green sour stench of chronic diarrhea for the duration of talks.
So, what is the beef?  Why is the US of A claiming foul?
The annual United States trade is estimated to be OVER 20 TRILLION DOLLARS.
Fine and dandy huge chicken feed!  But…. as outlined in this article from “The Last Refuge” –
The basic issue is a simple one; for the U.S. NAFTA has a fatal flaw. Canada and Mexico are used by China and Asian nations as a way to work-around direct trade with the U.S. and use NAFTA as a backdoor into the U.S. market. It works out great for Canada and Mexico, but terrible for the U.S. It’s a structural issue and no amount of negotiation is going to remove the fatal flaw unless Canada and Mexico agree to terms that are directly against their current financial interests.”
Hence the United States is running a huge (yuge?) deficit with Jose, and a smaller but significant deficit with Dudley Do-Right.  Uncle Sam has had enough.
The Canadian government lead by Mr. Rainbow Socks, fearing the loss of NAFTA, then approached the Chinese, seeking a favorable trade arrangement.  Not so fast, Shiny Pony!  As the article states –
Trying to keep the U.S. in NAFTA, but understanding the likelihood of exit, Justin from Canada originally approached China for a big trade deal. Justin didn’t find Happy Panda in his discussions; instead he found The Red Dragon behind the Panda mask. China was willing to talk trade, but China tiered their approach because Canada is only valuable to China as long as the NAFTA door is open. Without NAFTA China has no use for Canada.
Justin left China with dragon burns and immediately realized his trade cards were getting weaker by the day…. so he had to sign-up for the Trans-Pacific-Partnership. Unfortunately for Justin, though some think he didn’t realize the consequence, signing TPP guaranteed POTUS Trump would exit NAFTA.
Why? Because if the U.S. stayed in NAFTA the TPP nations would now have a collective backdoor into the valuable U.S. market through Canada. The NAFTA fundamental flaw just became more flawed.”
Now here we sit without a friend.  The TPP (Trans-Pacific Treaty) will make things worse.  Oh! Canada!  What to do?
Let’s go to India.  They have just as much cheap labor as China, and just as many people shitting in the streets.  Yeah, let’s go to India!  Yankee go home!  What could go wrong now?
Drats!  The dreaded Trumpster got there first.  It appears that Mr. Nice Haircut is being snubbed by the Indian PM, Narendra Modi, while POTUS Trump has hugged and moved on.  From the article –
POTUS Trump moved quickly on India as leverage with China trade discussions. If China does stupid,… Trump hugs Modi tighter. Trump kicks Pakistan in teeth with brutal truth over Afghanistan and their co-dependent enabling of Taliban. Modi smiles bigger still.”
Joe and I agree with the summation made by the article author “sundance” –
Our president has flaws and faults, we all accept that…. but he is engaging in international economics with a mastery never seen by a U.S. president. EVER.”

And what of Canada’s fate?  Rainbow socks for all?
Joe complains of automotive repair parts going up in cost dramatically over the past year.  Look up a part on vs and the price can be very dramatically different (currency exchange calculated).  Contact Joe for examples if you don’t agree.
Joe and I have been around for long enough to know that whatever happens in the US of A happens here.  Sometimes in proportion (10:1) sometimes not.
The only light we see shining in the dark is maybe here in Canada we’ll have much less Chinese made junk.  As a kid growing up, most tools and machines we came to use or know were made in USA, Canada, UK, or Germany.  It cost more but there was a better quality.  Our remembrance.  Yours may differ.

Mass Shootings
Joe and I have reiterated data previously in this rant concerning the vagary of the GMO exercise called “reproduction”, especially human reproduction.
When two packets of 23 chromosomes combine in holy-molly, the chance that the resultant organism will be unique in time and space is 100%.  However, the chance that it will be a “normal” non-deformed healthy “intelligent” human being is NOT 100%.  Not even close.
In addition to the reproductive lottery is socialization, nutrition, environment, disease, and the whim of the fates.

The latest heart-breaking tragedy is still unraveling.  Perhaps the FBI was short-handed and failed to perform their function because they were much too busy trying to “get the goods” on Trump.
Perhaps they are understaffed.
Perhaps 2 MILLION un-vetted “immigrants” per year keep them too busy (per Ann Coulter).  Ann has a solution to cut the problem in half – check the link.
Perhaps they have a mandate that is not the publicly advertised pledge to “Fidelity Bravery Integrity” that is part of the seal of the FBI (source) –
Joe and I don’t think so.  The rank and file of the FBI in our estimation is comprised of exceptional human beings (their admission standards are high) who undoubtedly embody the motto.  There are always exceptions, of course.
Perhaps the local sheriff could have done more.  The number of interventions / visits regarding dangerous behaviour / utterances by the young man is quoted as 39 – Joe says anything greater than 1 is yellow light, greater than 2 is red light, greater than 3 is alarm bells and all lights flashing.  Hell, we had a mandatory “visit” and picture taking session with the police for one word on election night (that’s a different story told last June).
The politicization of the issue is unfortunate.  The First and Second amendments to the American Constitution are the heart and soul of freedom.
Paraphrasing Ron White (you can’t fix stupid), Joe says you can’t predict crazy (by definition), but you know it when you see it.
The Democrats / lefties / progressives are sounding the horn at top volume – guns kill!  Ban guns!  The students are protesting and mouthing emotional heartbroken pain.  A few voices lost in the uproar are speaking rationally.
One item that came to our attention today is an interesting fact; the US of A is NOT the capital of mass shooting in the world.  It only ranks 11th.  Canada is 14th.
An article in the Daily Wire, written by Hank Berrien, outlines the details.  Here’s a graphic produced from the article –

This fact in no way justifies or condones or explains aberrant behaviour but attempts to stay some of the irrational argument.  The facts are as follows:
Guns are a reality.
Crazy people are a reality.
When a gun (or more) and a crazy person (or more) are the current reality, you must have a plan to mitigate the danger, to reduce the risk.
This planning should also include crazy + vehicles, crazy + axes, crazy + aircraft, ad infinitum.
Not quite.
The hardest part is knowing whether a crazy person is deadly dangerous or impotent.
Say you could tell….. is that QED then?
Not yet.
There are people who are NOT crazy, but are deadly dangerous.
This is getting very complicated.
Joe says the best thing to do is arm everyone to the teeth, train them well, and let the bad guys have it whenever they manifest.
As the scripture says, innocence was lost in the garden of Eden.


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman took a break over Christmas.
Here is his first of the year punditry:

As usual, facts, opinions, humour.  Keep it up Joe Dan!

Joe’s Garage
Spring must be close.
Joe is fidgeting – visited the shop several times this week.
Mike G. has completed an engine and independent rear suspension removal job for Joe.  Parts for a project perhaps….
The victim was a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII (shown in Sunday Rant – 0518).
A few pictures of the dismantling and parts:
This shows the body on the hoist and the engine/transmission assembly in the foreground and independent rear suspension assembly in the back ground –

A picture of the engine / transmission assembly –

Finally, the IRS (independent rear suspension) with drive shaft –

Joe isn’t saying what project this drive train might power.  The engine is a 280 hp 32 valve DOHC (double over-head camshaft) V-8 all aluminum beauty.  The differential is the hearty Ford 8.8 inch (tried and true for decades) in an air bag suspended IRS.
We have a ’77 F150 that might make a match –

Or maybe a ’72 Ranger XLT (the truck isn’t in the back yard, but looks rougher than this) –

Or maybe the 1949 Ford F47 we brought home a month ago –

Joe might build a run-up stand and park it in the shop forever.
Just start it once in a while to hear it sing.
Here’s a YoubeTube video of the same type of engine on a run-up stand, using a carburetor (replaces the fuel injection and computer control):

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Sunday Rant – 0718


Joe’s Comment – Amen.  It does beg the question: is there some drama that is relevant?  Most conversations we have with others (especially the youthful) are fraught with elements of the kindergarten play most of us participated in way back when.  Very exciting, very imbued with feeling, somewhat frightening, mildly confusing, and entirely forgotten.  It is hard to keep your eyes on the prize when you can’t remember what, exactly, you intended to do or how to talk about it or how to act it out.  Life!  What a puzzle!

Kids These Days
There are a few expressions Joe and I cannot bear to hear without involuntarily cringing.  Sayings such as YOLO (you only live once), and “no problem”, and “let’s unpack this”, and “more than welcome”; you get the idea.  We are sure you have your own list.
There is also an ever expanding list of words, when used certain ways, make us want to turn the Pink Floyd up to drown out the poor grammar or improper use of a word.  Many of these words have been kidnapped (wordnapped? re-coined? forced to comply?) or misappropriated, perhaps as a “close is good enough” definition.  A few of these words for us are “organic”, “like”, “gay” – again, all y’all have your own lists.
This allergy to certain forms of communicative style is a handicap we have failed to overcome.
Our Sunday Rant is a constant effort that Joe and I make to train our self be precise and clear with the written word.
For anyone reading, you see there is much more practice we must do.
Joe and I have done some amazing things in our time on earth.
We have also done many stupid, idiotic, mindless, self damaging, and dangerous things.
Not once, not ever, have we wanted to ingest, consume, snort, drink, lick, inject, chew, or any otherwise use laundry detergent for any purpose unintended by the manufacturer –

Which begs another question: WTF?
I’m sure anyone reading these words cannot rationalize what in the wide, wide world of sports these idiots are attempting to accomplish.
Joe and I are not in the “mainstream” of any movement that we know of, other than getting older every day.
Our trusty TELUS very high speed Internet connection (guaranteed 250 MB up and down) comes to the rescue.
Much to our chagrin, there are many “challenges” other than Tide pods, the youngsters (and not so young-sters) take upon themselves to attempt.
A rite of passage?
An initiation?
We think not.  We are more aligned to believing it a mindless stupidity, a form of sleep-walking sheepleness, an incipient death wish only partially understood.
Here are some other “challenges” Joe and I didn’t know about, and wish fervidly to not know once more:

We aren’t sure if this type of activity is a reaction to our stressful cultural situation, or a precipitate of a failing educational system, or poor parenting, or an IQ “recession to the norm”, or double dog daring.
Whatever it is, we ain’t a fan.
Life is way too precious to look for one more way to end it.

Dennis Prager
Joe and I smiled and cheered.
This is a barn burner speech.
He is grounded in Judeo-Christian thought and accomplishment.
The audience is comprised of under 25 year old conservative students and was held in Florida by the Turning Point USA organizers.  The event was called “The Student Action Summit”, held in December 2017.  There were over 3,000 students in attendance:

Intrigue & Treason
The current status of the witch hunt for Donald Trump is mired in embarrassing facts.  Facts so damning of the former administration and it’s misuse of various federal agencies that the end of the trail points to Obama and the Clinton Gang™.
As for facts supporting misfeasance by Donald Trump or his campaign staff are, after more than a year, a dry well.
Here’s a short angry summary from the blog A Nod To The Gods, a factual timeline.  The Democratic Party has once again revealed to the world their moral substantiveness.

America needs a two party system.  When will the Democrats be an honest political organ?
Saying there are no honest politicians isn’t a valid reply.
We The People need answers.

A review of insanity inspired by something that cannot be proven to have happened.  No evidence of anything other than a pure hatred of Donald Trump.
There is no recording, audio or video, of the President saying any such thing.
There are no witnesses to having heard such an utterance.
Yet the MSM spent days and days and more days still to spread an unvetted rumor when there were newsworthy events that were not reported.
The Internet is a valuable tool for We The People to communicate.  Much chaff, but an incredible amount of good information in a timely manner, without prejudice.
As Joe says, it only takes some seat time, a good browser, and a big nose for sniffing out the good from the rotten:

Let’s take a look at Haiti.
A bastion of the high life.
Where impoverished kids eat dirt cookies to stop their stomachs from bloating up:

Joe and I truly believe that things could only get worse if there WAS a global governance in charge of world affairs.
Can you imagine the top bureaucratic cogs of such an entity populated by the haters at the United Nations?  They are toothless dogs now.  Let’s leave them as such.
Some pointed humor about the words that didn’t come from the President’s mouth…..

Don’t forget the NORKs.
North Korea Democratic Republic is a joke in name and a human tragedy in reality.  Wherever it is human “consciousness” resides, the physical existence of such a repressive regime is a blight on the human culture.  As a reminder, compare this night view of a “shithole” and it’s free neighbor / common ancestry to the south –

A bit more on the NORKs below…..

The State of the Union address was a first for Joe and I in the sense that we have never seen an SOTU where there was so much vituperative reaction along party lines.  We liked the President’s summary of accomplishments.  We liked his domestic and foreign objectives.  We liked the tax cuts and the out-foxing of the Democrats at every turn.  Joe was grinning for most of it.
We got dead serious when the little North Korean man stood up and shook his crutches over his head.  We tend to get wrapped up in our personal story in Canada and forget just how uncommon our Western (so far) civilization is on the world stage.  Here’s a graphic we saw in our surfing that stuck with us –

There are other people with their own dreams.  Dreams that cannot be fulfilled due to crippling corrupt political regimes.  When your country of birth tries to kill you when you have the audacity to try and leave, how could you stay?
Joe has never wanted to belong to a club that would have him as a member.
I don’t think he would last long in the “land of dark nights”.

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Sunday Rant – 0618


Joe’s Comment – Like most of the news on TV, some interpretation of what your lying eyes are seeing and reading might be helpful to accelerate a clear concise understanding of actual events.

The Biggest Bitch in Britain
Joe and I love Katie Hopkins.
There.  We said it.
This woman is an embodiment of the “feminism” Joe and I can get enthusiastic about supporting.
Take the time to watch her speak, and to learn about the destruction of the post WWII Europe occurring at the hands of “immigrants” who have no intent to seek a “better life”, i.e., to assimilate / become Europeans.
The North American left/progressives admire and want to emulate Europe.  They believe there is such an animal as “social democracy”.  They don’t believe in borders or nationality or exceptionalism.
Kumbaya, my Lord.

Or is it Jambalaya?  We seem to have forgotten….

Katie is on the front lines.
She is persecuted continuously by the British government and various “minority defense groups” throughout her home country of Britain.
Her writing and vocalization about the loss of civil liberty, the lack of free speech, and the cultural destruction of her homeland / heritage / society is powerful.  She is a warrior.
The following speech is from last November’s David Horowitz Freedom Center 2017 Restoration Weekend (many more speakers at the link).  Joe and I believe that she could NOT give this speech in her home land:

p.s.  We tried to look up the word “kumbaya” in the dictionary.  No dice.  Like most leftist / progressive propaganda, when reason’s light lazes the landscape (nice! alliteration for the masses!), not even a vapid shadow of reality.
Joe and I will cheer the Katie Hopkins’ of the world from our sideline.
I hope we have the courage to stand and be counted in our own community.
We’ll try to stay out of jail when making our point.

Douglas Murray
Another speech from last November’s David Horowitz Freedom Center 2017 Restoration Weekend.  Douglas Murray is another British citizen who has been watching the events in Europe with dismay and a peculiarly aloof British detachment.  His presentation has humour, data, logic, and judgement precipitating from the facts.  His book, “The Strange Death of Europe” underlies his conclusions:

Andrew Klaven
Joe and I have been enjoying Andrew Klaven for a decade.
He is that rare individual who uses humour and a scalpel-like wit to slice and dice truth from the cabbage of The Culture.
He has been featured in this Sunday rant many times in the past.
The Klaven humour stretches to engulf the absurdity and improbability of the only facts emerging from the Trump “Russian collusion” witch hunt – the fact that the Democrats and the Clinton aberration are the only ties to Russia:

Oh! Canada!
Joe and I did a quick calculation to see just what it is that is breaking our bank.
When we retired in 2003, our pension was sufficient to keep our boat afloat, especially with a part-time job or two adding some extra.
The 2003 Canadian dollar has withered to approximately 70 cents in 2017 funds.
This sort of inflation cost is directly attributable to the printing of fiat currency without a “real” standard behind the printing.  In the old days of “gold standard” there was a built in safeguard to limit inflationary erosion.
Add to the fickleness of our political masters the dunderheaded misuse of tax dollars; the political energy decisions which cripple the energy economy, the drunken sailor spending on “saving the world and all the people in it”, the userous taxation of everything that is consumed / produced or in the case of CO2 taxing the gas of life, all this makes the Canadian family’s number one financial burden taxes.
A pie chart –

Detractors will say the Fraser Institute is a conservative NGO therefore racist.
Joe says the destruction of the middle class in Canada will serve no noble purpose.  We are not only complicit in raising millions of people around the world out of poverty, we are guilty of sacrificing our own to do so.
How fucking noble.

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