Sunday Rant – 0418


Joe’s Comment – The affects and effects of Winter Madness and Cabin Fever accelerate at the end of January.  Next week, the ugliest stepchild of the month family takes the stage.  Deep thoughts galore, but to no avail.  Study the great thoughts of the greater minds all winter but no reprieve until March!  What a dilemma!  I want a pony.

Musical Interlude
The Internet is a human apex reward / phenomenon.
Where else could you find Hitler singing AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”?:

Roe vs Wade and Doe vs Bolton
Joe and I hang our collective head in shame, personal and cultural.
45 years ago this week, the U.S. started down a morally corrupt path, with Canada keeping pace in our own inimitable way.
As a young man, I thought little of it, outside the fantasy that I might (doG willing) have a sex life.
It is estimated that since the tragic (also immoral, illogical, and corrupt) decision of the American Supreme Court in 1973, the number of children murdered in the womb is in excess of 60,000,000.  That’s right, almost twice the population of Canada.
In Canada the number is approximately 10% or 6,000,000 for what are we Canadians if not a pale smaller (and colder) mirror of our brothers and sisters to the south.
Our wry conclusion would be that men and women are fond of fornicating, somewhat less fond of parenting.  And quite cavalier about assuming responsibility for the very possible outcome of “successful” copulation, i.e., the miracle of reproduction.

The particularly gruesome revelations of Planned Parenthood selling fetal parts as a byproduct of abortion is a condemnation of Western culture and human morality.
Joe and I thought that these facts accompanied by testimony and video, would raise the ire of moral people to the point of confrontation.
And it did.
The people responsible for gathering the damning evidence against Planned Parenthood are being sued in various states and districts for violating privacy!
David Daleiden and Sandra Susan Merritt are heroes to Joe and me.  We linked to uncomplimentary sources to show the bias against their undercover journalism.
Roe vs Wade in the U.S. changed the Federal law regarding abortion in 1973, which usurped all existing State and communal sensibilities.
Doe vs Bolton was a parallel abortion legislation case specific to Georgia, which was decided simultaneously with Roe vs Wade.
Between the two trials all the State requirements for legal abortion were replaced with a “pro choice” philosophy grounded in the “privacy rights” of the mother.
In Canada, it was 1969 when the Trudeau government (ring a bell?) relaxed the abortion laws.  In 1988 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that it was a violation of the mother’s rights to deny government funded abortion, and overruled all Provincial legislation on the matter.
A short history of abortion law in Canada here.  A quote from the article –
Meanwhile, the fetal rights issue was ultimately decided in the 1989 case Tremblay v Daigle, in which the Supreme Court found that only a person had constitutional rights, and that such rights began at the time of live birth. The Court also decided that the father of a fetus has no proprietary interest in a fetus and may not obtain an injunction to prevent a woman from exercising her right of choice to have an abortion.”
Adding to the shame of Canadian law, there is no last point, up to and including delivery of a viable “fetus” – you can kill the baby as it is being born.  Oh! Canada!
Joe and I didn’t sign up for this.
We have heard argument from both sides all our adult life.
There are three facts, undeniable facts, foundational facts underlying all discussion:
1.  an egg and sperm must combine to create new human beings (even in a test tube),
2. once combined the resulting growth process will produce a human being of particular and unique characteristics,
3. every person alive today survived their mother’s decision (a few children are aborted and lived – most are permitted to live by their mother’s will).
An assumption – outside of unnatural process, you don’t get pregnant without intercourse.
A fact – in human biology, a successful zygote (cell produced by gametes – egg and sperm) is carried by one, not both, parents.  In humans that person is the female, often referred to as “Mother”.  Unfair?  Yes or no, it is fact.
As you can see in the picture above, this is not a carrot or a budgie, or an aardvark.  It is an unborn child.
God have mercy on us all.

Feminist Lefty vs Jordan Peterson
Joe and I watched this “interview” of Dr. Jordan Peterson by a young lefty feminist interviewer named Cathy Newman on British channel 4.
Our impression was the cognitive dissonance Ms. Newman experienced was at certain moments physically apparent.  At one instance she was completely flummoxed.  Dr. Peterson says it like he sees it and has no particular axe to grind with the young lady although she was attacking his views.  For your viewing pleasure:

This interview went viral on YoubeTube (over 3 million views in less than 2 days), and trended in the top 10 on Twitter.  This is a clash of (in our not so humble opinion) the rational vs the emotional and ill informed.  Dr. Peterson’s new book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” has since gone to number 1 in Canada and number 3 in Britain (Amazon).  The back-lash of the interview is gathering momentum, and Dr. Peterson feels there is much negativity coming as a result.  Here is an interview of Dr. Peterson with Mr. Timon Dias, and editor from the Amsterdam blog named GeenStijl, wherein they analyze the interview with Cathy Newman, discuss the post interview fallout, then more generally, Dr. Peterson’s weltanschauung:

Willy Soon(er than later)
Joe and I enjoyed this video of Dr. Willy Soon (study the sun, man!) because of his energy, his humour, his passion, and his data.  His lovely, logical, rational data.
The forces of science are being distracted from their real work in a direct proportion to how bloody stupid the government CO2 knee-jerk reaction is, and how shrill the voices of doom squander our treasure on pea-and-shell games regarding the climate.  Dr. Soon is an aerospace engineer and has studied the sun for 25+ years.  His argument is order of magnitude and common sense.  The Al Gore tribe hate his guts, which is big juju in Joe’s world:

The SCIENTIFIC study of climate is a complicated undertaking.  The belief that carbon dioxide (CO2) is solely responsible for temperature would mean that there was supporting evidence from all of these disciplines (slide from above video) –

Another well presented fact (USA) by Dr. Soon is the amount of subsidization required by various sources of electrical energy.  Notice that wind and solar are NOT viable for large scale requirements –

The absolute best graphic from Dr. Soon’s video is the following which compares the ludicrous facts of CO2 reality.  Put things into perspective and realize that the government / activist line is a complete lie –

Two points Joe and I will re-iterate:
1.  No manly man effort can control the natural and regular seasonal phenomenon that occur every year, i.e. flooding, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, lightening strikes, et cetera.  These events are orders of magnitude beyond the physical capability of current engineering and technology.  And orders above orders of magnitude hellish expensive should the engineering solution and technical apparatus be created.
As Joe says, they can’t even put out a doG damn fire.  How in the Hell can they control the climate by fucking around with the concentration of an insignificant “green house gas”?
2.  All things being equal (i.e. humans are just along for the ride, i.e. i.e. we are less than fleas on a dog) Joe and I would rather it got warmer than colder, would feed the plants more not less, and would concentrate efforts (both scientific and political) on addressing strategies and tactics to adapt to what is inevitable rather than attempt to control the uncontrollable.  The climate will change – it always has and it always will until the Sun becomes a red giant and engulfs the earth in flames.
And a final admonition from Joe – Stop frightening the children and stop brainwashing them too.  Have you no decency?  By the way, we’re on to your “Global World Order” scam.

Joe’s Garage

The Dread Pirate Rourke – There was a sledding accident at the schoolyard on Tuesday.  Young Rourke R. slid down the snowy hill and crashed into a classmate.  The result was the emergence of the dread Pirate Rourke!  Here he is at breakfast on Wednesday, showing off the ultra rare only seen once Honey Nut Cheerio 4-zee (four stuck together as one).

The extent of damage was a scrape above and below the eye socket, and a bruised eyelid.  Here is what lies beneath the cross bones patch –

The Dread Pirate Rourke has not slowed down despite this debilitating wound.  He was last seen heading for the sledding hill, shouting “Aaarrrrhh Matey!”  All the girls on the hill wondered who this dangerous pirate be.  The boys all stood back in reverence (and fear).  His parrot was not available for comment.

6.0 Litre Blues – Joe and I love our 2006 F350 crew cab e/w 6.0L diesel.  True love.
Unfortunately, it is unrequited.  We have owned (literally) hundreds of Ford vehicles since 1964.  We have driven many miles in Blue Oval badged beauties.  And many miles in Blue Oval badged ugly ducks.  In all that time since way back when, only once has our Ford de jour NOT got us home.  It cacked.  It shit the bed.  It WAS Found On Road Dead.  That was years ago in the ’90’s and was a matter of improper maintenance on Joe’s part.  It didn’t stop running but did break a ball joint.  Mama mia!
Our F350 recently tried to join the “couldn’t make it home” team.  The truck would not start after parking it for an hour while looking at a project across town.  Crank, no start.  Joe opened the hood, looked inside, cursed, and scratched his head.  The batteries wore down with cranking.  A friend was there and jumped the batteries.  After a further cool down, it started, ran like puke, and made it home.
Joe resorted to the Internet for solution(s).  An investment in a ScanGauge II and a bit of programming and testing revealed a bad FICM (fuel injection control module) – it was 20 VDC lower than required (45 VDC minimum) to fire the injectors.
A quick check of sources made us weak at the knees.  Our special price at the Ford dealer was over $800 CDN before taxes!  Lordco aftermarket (Dorman) was almost $600.  Can we fix it our own selves we thought out loud…..
How about the good old US of A?
Time to re-negotiate NAFTA for sure.  Half the price, brand spanking new Ford OEM.
What else can be done?  We found that there were suggested fixes via YoubeTube.  First things first.  Let’s remove the FICM, open it up, and make a decision.
Not so easily done.
Ford has been making vehicles since 1903.  In 2012, their total vehicle build since 1903 exceeded 350 MILLION!
Joe says you’d think the bastards could build one easy to work on by now.
The FICM is in a ridiculous position – on the driver side valve cover, which extends under the firewall cowl.
It took Joe an hour and much high volume cursing to remove the FICM.  The only respite?  The wind was calm and it was only 0 degrees Celsius.
Much to our dismay, this is not the original FICM.  Nora (the F350) has 360,000 km. on the odometer, and at some time passed the FICM was replaced with a rebuilt unit.
We opened it and found nothing spectacularly FUBARed.  Here’s a picture – on the left is the power board that produces 48.5VDC from battery voltage.  On the right is the control board that fires each fuel injector according to instruction from the PCM (powertrain control module).

More study.  A new power board is available from Dorman for (only!) $250 CDN via Lordco.  On no difference.  On as low as $100 USD.  That damn NAFTA.  Off to Lordco, and shell out shell out.  Here’s the new board in place.  We put a note in for future explorers –

Joe reassembled the FICM box then waited a week for better weather (it dropped to 15 below).  The installation was a CF (cluster f**k) of epic magnitude.  Whomever replaced it before broke the mounting system.  Joe couldn’t find the rubber mounting bushes or two of the bolts.  The three connectors on the back side were a giant prick to reconnect.  We found some rubber bushes in the shop and used tywraps to attach the FICM.
Boom!  Start and run like a clock.
Joe said it was a shitty job that could have been done in 5 minutes (instead of 3 hours) if they had only mounted the FICM on the firewall, the fender liner, the radiator bulkhead, the dashboard, in the back seat….. anywhere but on the valve cover half under the firewall cowl.  Same problem with the old gasoline ignition system using TFI – the thin film ignition module was mounted on the old engines (up to OBD-II) attached to the distributor.  The TFI ALWAYS crapped out, usually after 10 years / 100 K km. because of heat cycling / vibration.  They finally remote mounted the TFI away from the heat and vibration of the engine.
Joe says we will do the same with the FICM when the weather permits.  Only about 60 wires to splice.  Damn those Ford engineers.  Henry Ford was right in forcing engineers to work on the assembly line for a year before actually engineering anything.
The old guys knew a thing or two…..

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Sunday Rant – 0318


Joe’s Comment – Sometimes it is easy to overlook the obvious.  In my case it is the toll taken by Winter Madness and Cabin Fever that causes my ineffectiveness.  Experience has taught me well.  Just sitting here waiting.
For Spring.



Joe and I have fond memories of a trip we made to California in the late ’60’s.
Since then, a trip with family to Disneyland in the ’90’s, and trucking in the ’00’s are the extent of sampling life in the Golden Gate State.

Things have changed in the land of sunny dreams.
We have posted lectures from Victor Davis Hanson describing the dichotomy of culture in California.
Here is an article describing just how bankrupt California is, and a few hints about how it got that way.
As Tucker Carlson asked of the leftist progressive politician, if immigration is so damn good for the U.S. of A., why is California the poorest state in the Union?
Gotta love that TC sharpness.  Tucker Carlson is well worth the listen, although the representatives from the progressive left often are very irritating to listen to and their logic is, to paraphrase the President, “full of sh*t”.  The Tucker show from 15 January 2018 addresses the fact of an impoverished California by challenging immigration.  He pops the question at 11:15, and our illegal immigrant lawyer (and we thought Canada was fucked up) struggles to make any sense at all:

We saw the entire show.  Mark Steyn makes an appearance worth watching, too.

Islam = Koran + Mohammed
If you have read any of our Sunday Rant rantings re: language, you must know (if not agree) that Joe and I grow furious when a word which has a clear, concise, accurate and non-dithering meaning is used intentionally (or otherwise) to obfuscate, confuse, misdirect, blur, or Orwell comprehension of behavior or intent.
Joe and I found the information proffered by Carl Goldberg in his presentation “The “Logic” of Islam” to be sobering and accurate.
And word true.
Islam has already had it’s “reformation”.
There is only one Islam, and it is not compatible with Western philosophy, thought, morality, or belief.
Islam is a totalitarian, Imperialist political ideology of conquest cloaked in a thin veneer of “religion” to escape the radar of the law.
Take an hour and listen to Dr. Carl Goldberg explain:

NOTE:  Nothing Dr. Goldberg says about Islam is “his view” or his own “interpretation”. Everything he teaches about Islam is based on the Islamic sacred scriptures and writings of the most respected religious authorities in Islam.  What Dr. Goldberg did was analyze the data and think.
Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” – Henry Ford

Leftist Black Propaganda
Joe and I are finished entertaining the views of the progressive left about how black folks in America live in constant fear and trepidation.  Although we suffer a degree of inverse savoir faire (our webpage is testimony), we will attempt to state our views with tact and diplomacy.  Here we go…..
As with the meme of Muslims living in constant fear being false, the black folks in America (and Canada) are NOT feeling so, because there is no evidence to support such a view.
Or, in Joe talk, it’s all bullshit.
We bring this up as a pivot issue, hinging off the purported comment about certain countries being shitholes.  A democrat named Cory Booker went full emotion and lost his fucking mind (that is giving him the benefit of the doubt about having a brain at all), grandstanding by berating the DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson during a meeting that had nothing to do with the alleged comment made over a week before.

The following video from Stephan Molyneux uses facts and data to put Mr. Booker back in the kennel with the rest of the rabid Progressive Left.  The data doesn’t lie, and it rings true to Joe’s sensibilities.  38,000+ rapes of white women by black “men” vs 0+ rapes of black women by white men and blacks are fearful of what precisely?  Black attacks on whites 27 X attacks of whites on blacks and blacks are fearful of what precisely?  Watch the video to hear data.
Joe says it might be time for whites to go “John Galt”:

Bill Whittle Excellence
Joe and I have been following Bill Whittle for 15 years.
He is honest, accurate, intuitive, and sees the future.
This short commentary is called “Our Corruption Coma”.
In it he describes the power of We The People:

Lord Christopher Monckton
The Viscount of Brenchley is still making his studies known, and has gathered momentum as a “voice of sanity”.
Cousin Delsie may know what is happening on the shores of lake Erie, but who, outside of the poor (and soon to be poorer) tax payers of Ontario, understand the environmental, economic, and esthetic impact of building 600 foot tall windmills?
The following video is from Moses Znaimer’s Idea City Conference 2015, Toronto Ontario Canada.
The Ontario figures are near the end of the presentation:

Joe and I have ranted on this subject many times in the past.
Wind turbines and solar arrays do NOT scale to the order of magnitude required to handle large city size or industrial size power requirements.  They are ridiculously expensive, fucking eyesores, dangerous as all get out, and intermittent in their output.  They have very negative health effects on fauna, which includes the human beings near these monstrosities.
The only value either of these technologies have is small scale.  Like a remote ranch in the Australian outback which needs a modest amount of electrical power to make life easier for the inhabitants.  And even at this scale, the cost of the bits and pieces taken over the expected life of the machinery, batteries, arrays, etc. is expensive energy.  The next video is from the same conference in 2015.  It is Alex Epstein with an argument Joe and I have supported for years – The Moral Case for Fossil Fuel:

The 2015 conference was a block buster.  Patrick Moore also made his standard presentation which we have featured in this Sunday Rant many times in the past – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the currency of life.  Plants came first.  They developed a method of extracting energy from sunlight and CO2.  A byproduct of plant life is the release by plants of free Oxygen molecules (O2).  Animal life evolved subsequently.  Remember, the CO2 you exhale is in the order of 4 – 6%, which is orders of magnitude greater than free CO2 in the atmosphere.  People are quite comfortable in environments of 1000 to 5000 parts per million of CO2.
For more of Moses Znaimer’s Idea City Conference videos and information, go here.  This might be the only good reason to visit Toronto……
As a refresher of common sense analysis applied to climate change, here is a recent presentation from Dr. William Happer who has been featured in this Sunday Rant multiple times in the past.
His presentation gets better every year:



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Sunday Rant – 0218


Joe’s Comment – Gotta love the duality.  A man who makes the best of whatever situation has a great attitude…… and, in the depths of January, especially a year when Old Man Winter hasn’t kicked your teeth down your throat yet (but he will, he will), a trip to Hell would warm the cockles of yer heart.  Only downside would be the smell of sulfur.

Two versions of the same song, one with a beautiful woman wearing a dirndl and playing guitar, men in lederhosen with various instruments, and a lead singer wearing a tirolerhut:

and one with a lead singer with no shirt (Bon Scott), and a lead guitarist dressed as a schoolboy (Angus Young):

The Heimatdamisch Joe spotted at the “Peace or Freedom” website, a Canadian domain.  The other we nabbed from YoubeTUbe.  Joe used to have lederhosen that he made hisself.  He likes women guitarists, too.  Another AC/CD/Dislexo hit – Thunderstruck – with Brian Johnson (he replaced Bon Scott – RIP 1980).  These fellas invented the rhythmic base hook.  Good things come from Down Under:

We Only Have Eyes For Us
Joe and I continue our free educational enrichment in the humanities by listening to Dr. Jordan Peterson’s on line lectures, and the many snippets and short excerpts of longer presentations found on YoubeTUbe.  This short bit is about the unique features of the human eye:

XX and XY Are Us
Joe and I are somewhat exasperated with the LGBTVQES (hold the mayo) entities.  Seems to us that XX (women) and XY (men) are the only biologically viable human beings – viable in the sense of “capable of reproduction”, or the continuation of the species.
Whether you “identify” as a man or a woman or a garden vegetable is moot: unless you are an XX or a XY, you aren’t viable.
There are other chromosomal identities that occur, but as defective regeneration.
In women there is XX which is normal, and variants XO (Turner Syndrome – sterile), and XXX, XXXX, XXXXX (Triple X Syndrome – fertile but problematic reproductive tract).
In men, there is XY which is normal, and variants XXY, XXXY, XY/XXY (Klienfelter Syndrome – sterile, low testosterone), XYY (XYY or Jacobs Syndrome – fertile, high testosterone, above average height).
What does this information mean, i.e. how does it affect / effect the legal argument of sexual identity?  Further, IS THERE A LEGAL ARGUMENT?
Joe and I found an interesting and informative perspective at the West Hunter website.  The argument approaches the issue as an investigation of successful reproductive strategies at a genetic level (this is not r and K selection).  The conclusion reached is there are only two successful strategies; XX and XY, with other identities as reproductive errors.  As the author states –
Why would a geneticist be unable to make the distinction between an evolutionary strategy and an error of development (i.e. caused by replication errors of pathogens)? Well, the average geneticist doesn’t know much evolutionary biology. And being embedded in a university, the current replacement for old-fashioned booby hatches, he’s subject to pressures that reward him for saying stupid things. and of course some people are pre-adapted to saying stupid things.”

Joe and I say amen to that sentiment.

Trumpety Snippets
Joe and I have used the mime before and since the American election in 2016 – “he wasn’t our first choice, nor our second, but…..”.
We were idiots.
If for no other reason (of which there are daily additions) The Donald should have been an obvious choice for the comedic relief and the Kuboki theatre aspect.
Someone has taken the time to glean 40 minutes of Trump Gold from the campaign events leading to the election.
This is classic Trump doing what he does best.
Joe did some Internet surfing.  Mr. Trump’s IQ is estimated to be better than 150.  If you watch this compilation of his ascorbic, witty, nasty, and earthy commentary, see his nimbleness in argument, watch him play to the audience, you know he isn’t who the MSM are describing.
Eleanor Roosevelt is credited with saying “Small minds discuss people, Average minds discuss events, Great minds discuss ideas”.  Listen to Donald Trump employ discussion at each of these three levels to make his points while interacting with the crowd.
What impressed Joe most was he is a natural.  He eats the stress / conflict / attacks without flinching, and enjoys himself all the while.  Worth a view if only to re-visit your pleasure or chagrin or horror of a President Trump:

Intellectual Froglegs
First of 2018 for Joe Dan Gorman.  The episodes are getting better with the passing years, and so is he:

Joe’s Garage
The shop is heated, full of projects big and small, well lit, and abandoned.
Joe is stubborn in his old age.
Snow on ground?  No workie…
Some mechanical entertainment in lieu of progress:

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