Sunday Rant – 5317


Happy New Year!

To all our family, friends, and acquaintances, the best year ever is nigh!

Sitting at our desk on New Year’s Eve, Joe and I are reflecting on the highs / lows, pros / cons, best / worst, as well as the bloody miracle that we’ve survived calendar year 2017.
And what a year 2017 was.  More in next year’s rants.
Even so, I’m convinced our 69th orbit of Sol will be more exciting than any other, of that I’m sure.
Joe says I feel that way because my memory is not too crisp….
I say it is because doG has been kind in letting me believe I haven’t yet reached personal apogee and awesomeness.
Which causes Joe untold paroxysms of mirth.
Joe below mirthing.  Don’t look behind you Joe!  It’s kinda scary!
p.s.  Joe and I do NOT have hypertropia or hypotropia.  The eyes of people with that condition don’t point in the same direction (think Marty Feldman).
The condition of having one eye lower than the other is orbital asymmetry.
The condition of having facial hair is caused by genetics and testosterone.
The Cabin Fever and Winter Madness are optional extras….
Wishing everyone the best New Year ever!
Lyric from the Pink Floyd song High Hopes,
from Joe and I,
old and tired as we are,
whistling past the grave yard,
from lessons past,
to a hopeful future,
to the best in us all,
recall that…..
The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
The endless river
Forever and ever
a song of Hope and Renewal:

Special Math Edition
This week’s Sunday Rant is the 53rd release in 2017.
When (in October) Joe calculated remaining Rants for the year, he yelled at me for misnumbering one of the rants, because everybody knows one year = 52 weeks.
While he was yelling, Joe did a quick calculation: 365 ÷ 52 = 7 (with remainder 1)  and promptly stopped yelling.
Instead, he said how obvious!  Every 6 years maximum ( a Leap Year adds to the excitement) there will be an additional rant.
So Joe says David, go see the first year of our ranting, because this is the first time a 53rd rant was composed.
This website warehouses our ranting back before it was a weekly Sunday release.  The first (earliest saved) was an email dated October 19th, 2010.  These early missives were emails sent whenever I thought there was something of interest and / or value to share with “PN” (Personal Network).
That is 7 years ago, but not relevant.  What is relevant is the first Rant of 2017 released on January 1st was a Sunday.  Our convention is the Sunday date (year) determines the number.  Joe says this is the only way for this to happen in a non-leap year.
Going back in the way back machine (Mr. Peabody), the first Sunday (weekly) rant was on June 3rd, 2012.  Up to this time and ’til some time after these rants were composed in an email and sent on Sunday.
Not without incident.
The frustration was first with TELUS mail, which restricted the parameters of the note, and contributed to many bashing screaming tirades against their idiotic IT wizards who authored the TELUS email client.  We switched it all to Google mail in late 2010, but continued to have a problem with loosing information or videos or the entire note if / when an incorrect keystroke caused a calamity.  This frustration was band-aided by NOT filling in the group mailing list in the address of the email, prohibiting release, but the other problems that restrict the content of an email were not resolvable (because of the restrictions on email).  We decided that the solution was to build a website.
By “we” I mean Mr. David Sword, page builder and website supporter/builder extraordinaire.  If you are contemplating creating and owning a website, I recommend him without reservation.
In March of 2014 the idea donned on me to number each rant with the week of release.  The first done this way was Sunday Rant – 1014 (March 10 of 2014).
On October 26, 2014, the first Sunday Rant (4314) was released on my very own domain ( rocks!) at 9:08 a.m.
Although the hosting server has changed three times (maybe more) since creating Droveria, the medium is much happier to work in.  Not perfect but much happier.
Next year will be the 4th of
It will have 52 Rants.
Calendar Math says so.  Come on in and browse around.

Christmas Comments
I am a softy when it comes to Christmas movies.
For years I’ve forced Joe to watch them with me (he doesn’t complain or argue any more – we really did binge this year).
They are wonderful relief at a stressful busy nasty weather time of the year.
The bonus for me is you can fall asleep for any portion or part of the movie, but if you see the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes, you know what happened.
Joe says he likes the up-beat cheerful positive optimistic message, which is quite rare in the avalanche of hysterical media we all are exposed to hearing and watching.  Another plus is the women are all truly stunning beauties, and the men ugly enough to allow normal folks (Joe and I are a stretch) to believe.
It should be no surprise that the best of these “B” features (Hallmark produces them with a cookie cutter methinks) have drawn the scorn of the Lefty/Progressive crowd, who scream racist and white privilege and culturally oppressive/exclusive, depending on the particular lie they are shouting.
Indeed, they have targeted Hallmark.

White Christmas means snow on the 25th of December (you ignorant asshats).  Snow is white (blood is red, the sky is blue, grass is green).
Just another attempt by the postmodern Marxist crowd to divide and conquer:

(The above excerpt from a convention sponsored by The Speakers Action Group early in 2017 – view it here.)
Time to break some PC norms and bring back the word “RETARD”, for that is who these upright on two (but not quite human) meat puppets emulate.
Retarded was the former PC talk to describe the IQ of extremely low functioning persons as a group, for the “technical” terminology was felt to be insensitive – i.e. Idiot = 0 – 25 IQ, Imbecile = 26 – 50 IQ, and Moron = 51 – 70 IQ (Note that this indicates the average person in sub Saharan Africa is a Moron at IQ 68).
To call the Left/Progressive mind “Retard” is not fair to those unfortunates who are retarded (idiots, imbeciles, and morons).
Joe says 10 out of 10 times, any retard would LOVE these Christmas movies, the seasonal festivities, the lights, the music, the focus on family, friends, loved ones, the food, the drink, the theme of joy to the world through the philosophy of love thy neighbor, and the hope that peace on earth is possible.
It seems only fair to generalize about the Left/Progressive folks the way they do about others.
Joe has suggested “Asshats”, “Jackasses”, “Stupids”, but realizes their true nature isn’t captured by any one of these words.  Fluggelsnorffs was also considered then rejected.
Joe and I (modestly) admit that we have been Masters of the art of name calling in the past, and we are working on coining the perfect all inclusive incredibly demeaning one word descriptor.  They deserve no less.
Until that time, suggestions anyone?

SkyNet Is Now
Joe and I stumbled across this little mind boggling item while enjoying a seasonal libation – CERnog (chocolate/eggnog/rum – yum yum!).
Joe muttered something about once more into the breech……

This is the Pandora’s Box Paradox.  Once the information is known, much like a bell ringing, it cannot be unknown, unheard.
The pleas for restraint will be voluminous but in the back room secret laboratories around the world, the trail will be followed to its logical end for scientific, defense, and paranoid reasons.  Joe says this is much to do about something.  Joe also says our Nazi scientists can beat your Nazi scientists (or we’ll steal yours away!).

Pamela Geller in Toronto
A most courageous woman who changed her entire life focus the morning of 9/11 in New York city.  Ms. Geller is a warrior.
The following video of her addressing a dinner sponsored by the JDL (Jewish Defense League) in Toronto shows her fire and drive and depth of subject knowledge.
It was iffy that she would be allowed into Trudeau’s marshmallow Canada – the land of NO FIRST AMENDMENT.  There was a concerted effort to deny her admission, but the effort was thwarted.  Ms. Geller’s entourage is replete with armed body guards who have saved her life on more than one occasion.
In this short video she re-visits her awakening to the sight of carnage, the smell of rotting Islam, and the steps she took to make her voice heard.
Joe (ever crude) says we should all have big balls like Pamela Geller:

The Left / Progressive / Uneducated continue to Orwell the language by re-defining common words we all use to mean their opposite or obfuscate their intended use.  The Left / Progressive / Uneducated continue to believe that all humanity at heart is kind and good and generous and forgiving and tolerant.
It is simply environment and nurturing and dialogue and endless choruses of kumbaya.
All of human history invalidates this belief.
Joe and I are not as courageous as Ms. Geller, but we do meet the PC meaning of an Islamophobe.  We are pro freedom of speech, pro individual rights pro individual freedom and pro private property.  Joe and I may only be potato peelers in the canteen of Pamela Geller’s army, but we will peel those potatoes to the best of our ability, knowing we are doing our small part to support her efforts.  In Pamela’s own words, Joe and I and all of us must be warriors for truth, warriors for free speech.  To say nothing to the face of evil in the name of tolerance is the highest order of treason against truth and justice.

Joe’s Garage
This week brought another foot of snow.
Ain’t no way Joe is going near that damn shop.
We are a perpetual summer supporter.
For amusement, the shortest landing by a fixed wing aircraft you could imagine:

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Sunday Rant – 5217


Merry Christmas!
To one and all short and tall boy and girl (and those other folks too).
Wishing and hoping your Christmas celebration is replete with family, friends, good cheer, shelter from the weight of the world, and optimism for the coming year.  Peace on you all!

Christmas Stress
It has been Joe’s observation that around the Christmas holiday, the ladies seem to get a little high strung.
Getting everything right, preparing seasonal dishes and treats, decorating the tree and house, buying all the gifts, organizing, coordinating, et cetera, causes the lasses some stress.
Some of the stress might be the lack of concern or help given by any male entities in her orbit.
An example of a lovely woman strung a wee bit tight:

It is not spoken but inferred that the focus of our lovelie’s ire, the center of the irritation, is a man.
Stress can manifest like that.
Of course, men don’t stress during the holiday season, which turns the amplification up to 11.
The solution?
Alas, as the survivors of a large number of Christmas, New Year, Easter, Summer holiday, Halloween, and various other special events and celebrations, Joe and I have no easy answer to resolve the distress.
Only time fixes the problem.  Or a glass of wine….

Joe and I take our collective hat off to all the women who make Christmas so special every year.  You are the heart of the seasonal celebration.
Thank you all!

12 Days of Christmas
In the last week Joe and I have asked two dozen women around town (while shopping and preparing for Christmas) a question they to a woman could not answer with certainty.
Grandson Rourke likes to sing the song loud and strong, as do his compadres at school.  During the Christmas Concert, the music instructor cautioned the kids to not be too enthusiastic at the break; “FIVE GOOOLLLLDENNNN RINGS!!!”
While singing along with Rourke at breakfast, it dawned on me that I didn’t know which days, precisely, are the 12 days of Christmas.
For all to know, this is what it is in most of the Western world –
The first day of Christmas is as you might imagine, the 25th of December, and January 5th is the last i.e. 12th day.  Of course, nothing is so simple.  Reference here.

If you are as lucky as we and have a little cherub who likes to sing Christmas carols, when the song is the Twelve Days of Christmas you now know all about it!

Winter Solstice, 2017
The amount of daylight on December 21st was 8 hours 5 minutes 31 seconds, in our little piece of Heaven.
Shortest day of the year.
Facts are facts, even when you don’t have a clue how to verify / validate them ( Joe is toying with the idea of building a measurement tool – a task that will consume a few cases of beer, minimum just to think about).
In this case, without validation by direct measure, an emotional response.
We feel the day was very short.
Reflecting on Joe’s absolute revulsion with cold snowy weather, with short days and long inky black nights, a small oddly glaring paradox emerges, much like the diamond bright winter stars in the cold dark sky – Joe loves the Winter Solstice!
For instance, just knowing that the days get longer starting with the 22nd of December ( 3 whole seconds longer!) fills Joe with a joi de vivre that brings tears to both eyes.
For those not intimately familiar with the machinations of solar mechanics – Joe and I are in that number – the fact that on the 23rd there were 10 more seconds of precious daylight, and that the 24th brought 17 additional life-giving seconds of solar radiation are hints of a non-linear progression.
To Joe, these few seconds each day are more precious than all the frankincense, myrrh, and gold in the world.
Tonight it is the night before Christmas.
Joe and I will sleep well, knowing tomorrow is a day of celebration and spirituality, of family and friends, of giving and receiving, of good cheer and hope.
Can’t forget the traditional supper closely followed by the malaise and drowsiness felt by every well meaning Christmas feasting glutton.
The topper, the glazed cherry on whipped cream, is 21 additional glorious seconds of sunlight….
Life is good!  And getting better!


Joe’s Lament
Perhaps not the lyric but the sentiment.
To corruptly paraphrase Yossarian (Catch-22), “Ou sont le testosterone d’antan?”
Three versions of this up-beat anthem to manly manliness, the ode to testosterone:

Once more with feeling:

And again:

Joe’s Garage
StrangernestThere is a beast called Hoffmann.
Stranger than strange…..

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Sunday Rant – 5117


Joe’s Comment – an appropriate attitude for meeting Winter face-to-face.


Dr. Victor Davis Hanson
This video subject is the dichotomy of modern California as historian Dr. Hanson sees it.  The paradoxes are numerous: the most billionaires in America are in California, yet 23% of the population live below the poverty line; the highest aggregate taxes in the country yet rated 49th out of 50 states in infrastructure; 5 California universities rated in the top 15 schools in the world (by an International body) yet 51% of high school graduates do NOT meet college entry requirements.  California has the “greenest” power infrastructure in the nation, but power costs are beyond the financial capacity of the poor.  The state legislature is contemplating a tax on EVERY MILE YOU DRIVE to raise revenues for a bankrupt roadway infrastructure budget.  Water management infrastructure crumbles while a hundred billion dollar high speed rail system stalls, bleeding the government coffer dry.  Retired government workers have unsustainable levels of pension funding.
The list goes on.
Take an hour to listen as Dr. Hanson describes the paradox of California:

Magic Lightning
Some spectacular video, shot at 100,000 frames per second, of lightening discharging.
Turn up the sound, go to full screen, prepare to be awestruck:

The Good Die Young
Joe and I have seen a number of articles which posit a connection between the Clinton establishment  and their critics / enemies / opposition.  The connection is always a lethal relationship-breaking event, culminating with an obituary memorializing the “other team”.
Much like the sexual harassment controversies currently raging on the political stage (masking who knows what nefariousness) most sane onlookers agree: one accusation needs validation or proof.  Two allegations are a couple that start bending the norm.  Once the mob of “j’accuse” shouters reaches a half-dozen or more, the difference engine in your head starts seeing a pattern, a trend, a snowballing effect.  Suddenly, not so much emphasis on innocent until proven otherwise.  A lot more judgement via the court of public opinion.
Joe insisted on this preamble because the article we are linking to connects the untimely death of Dr. Dean Lorich to his criticism of the Clinton Foundation during the Haiti relief effort in 2010.
If you reference the article via the link above, you will be able to read about the good doctor’s efforts on behalf of the people of Haiti to get the materiel and support during the earthquake relief effort, the donations and contributions “managed” by the Clinton organization.
The good doctor was found dead at home in his bathroom by his 11 year old daughter with a knife in his chest.  The police in NYC have called it a suicide.
Joe and I are commenting because this is not the first time a critic of the Clinton machine met a violent ending, a termination.
As Rush Limbaugh points out, how many people do you know who met a curious untimely end?  How many people have you known who were murdered?  Most people say zero.  A few might say one.  As of 2016 there were 36 people who were formerly close to the Clinton machine and no longer walk among us: the link lists them all up to the date of publishing (there are more since 2016, including the good doctor):

This must be a “conspiracy” da?
Rush must be exaggerating, yes?
There is a website that gathers all the Clinton dark and dirty activities.  It is called ““.  Better have a drink (or two) because it is a very long list and there are some very frightening “coincidences” you won’t believe.
There is no other political machine in the Western world that has so much coincidence associated with it, no other individuals in the same category.
Joe hopes it is nothing but coincidence.  For if it were even partially true, it does not speak well for the “rule of law” foundation all Western nations build on.
It does not bode well for anyone who crosses the path of either Clinton.
But wishing and hoping isn’t quite facts.
Joe doesn’t get much sleep.  He says why have horror movies when real life is much more frightening?

Prager U
Another of Dennis Prager’s short, sweet, informative videos, this one on the concept of a “Flat Tax” to fund government.
Steve Forbes is the narrator:

Aloha Snackbar!
Joe rarely rants about Islam anymore.
The so-called religion of peace is so far from that moniker it is positively Orwellian.
Europe has mostly capitulated.  North America hides the truth.
Here is a tale of two lovely creatures trying to build a bridge.
Joe says wouldn’t it be lovely if people kept to their own concerns and paid no mind to the p’s and q’s of those around them.
I say dream on Joe:

Joe’s Garage
This is some video from 2016 at the Farnborough airshow, where Boeing demonstrated the incredible performance of the 737 MAX.  First, a high performance take-off:

Followed by a short field landing:

With this performance, a 737 MAX could land in Vernon.
Then you’d hear complaints about noise……

Kitchen Reno
Some rants ago we posted a few pictures of electrical circuits that weren’t up to standard, that were not up to code.
We have been working on moving all of the household and outside building circuits off the 100 amp Square D panel that was original in the house to the new Siemens 200 amp panel.  Here is a picture of the original Square D, stripped of all circuits.  Notice the burnt arc marks on the right common buss.  It is harder to see the corrosion and burnt ground screws on the bottom strip, but they are.  This panel is about 40 years old to our reckoning –

Only labeling and clean-up to do for the next (and final) inspection.

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