Sunday Rant – 3217


Joe’s Comment – This is the story of the week.  Lots of fun in the sun with friends and family!
Too busy to work smart.
Too busy to work at all.
Reading and Righting (and Writing, too!) put aside….
Hope all y’all are enjoying Summer as much as we!

Political Ponzi Theatre
The Democratic Party in the US continues to struggle with identity issues.
Here are some of the struggles they have to sort out before anyone who has a modicum of morality will follow their lead.
Ben Shappiro’s The Daily Wire has composed a short list of 19 scandals ranging from child sexual abuse to charity swindles to election cycle “mischief” that are simply not being reported or are being suppressed by the main stream press.
A link to the report here.
Seems to Joe that politics has always been fraught with shady characters who can’t help but do shady things or downright criminal things to advance their devious personal agendas.  What has also never changed is the good people’s abhorrence of the facts when they are revealed.  The big tragedy is the heavy lifting that must be done to discover and reveal the ugly underbelly is no longer being done in any dependable way by the MSM.
Fear not.
The Internet, the digital miracles of cameras / phones / computers in the hands of the hoi polloi, the ability of average Joe to reach huge audiences without excessive expenditure makes the deviants work harder to conceal their nefarious activities.
The old expression “the walls have ears” has an entirely re-vamped and updated meaning in today’s all seeing, all knowing culture.

DNA and You
An amazing new technology claims to precisely edit DNA in human embryos to correct disease genes.
Joe and I weep tears of joy at this amazing advancement in genetic science.
Not only will this technology enable humans to combat the mindless genetic mutations that ARE NOT POSITIVE contributions to a healthy human life, it will usher the introduction of a “supra-human”.  The new species to replace us ho-hum humans.
Of course, there is no end to opposition / superstition / inhibition from critics.
Joe says Pandora’s Box isn’t the metaphor to conjure.  This is the dawn of genetic science technology that pays back and pays forward.  A fitting metaphor is akin to the search for the fountain of youth, except this time it isn’t a fabrication accredited to Ponce de León (Mr. León, despite the earnest assurances of North American history teachers of our generation, was NOT searching for anything of the sort).
This is the real deal.
The genetic keys to man engineered, designed and produced life are being cut.
A powerful technology always frightens as much as it offers hope, doesn’t it?:

Unfortunately, the above video lies like a sidewalk.  Juan Ponce de León wasn’t looking for the fountain of youth.  He was following the Spanish marching orders of the day, gathering wealth and property for the Spanish crown.
This new technology will make some rich.
The benefits to humanity are priceless.

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