Sunday Rant – 2917


Joe’s Comment – Amazing whom you meet when your feet aren’t touching the ground.  In the U.S. alone, consumer credit is $3.8 T (that’s trillion) USD as of 2015 (  ).  The “credit card” is not so old.  Invented in 1951 (Diner’s Club), the concept of consumer credit underwritten by banks was ripe for growth.  As the song goes,

Quote o’ the Elder
We lay it down as a fundamental, that laws, to be just, must give a reciprocation of right; that, without this, they are mere arbitrary rules of conduct, founded in force, and not in conscience.” —Thomas Jefferson (1782)

There are no lower lows than that of the Left fantasizing about an ideal beyond the possibility of reality.

Gun Porn
What happens when you automatic fire without pause 700 rounds of ammunition in a gun equipped with a noise suppression device?
Wonder no more:

Canadian Medical Connundrum
Joe and I would like to have the Shadrach, Meeshach, and Cataracts removed from our left eye, and the lens replaced with an ultra cyborg miracle lens (just like our right eye).
Our left eye cannot read road signs comfortably.
Unfortunate for us, because the eye can be “corrected” with a lens to the point where it is not quite but almost 20:20, the gummint won’t ALLOW the surgery unless there is an over-ruling requirement.  Even though I can pay for it out of pocket it is a no-go.
The right eye was very poor when we went to the doctor for a referral.  It was 18 months before the surgery finally took place.
Joe and I aren’t complaining (too much).  When the lens was replaced our right eye became the gold standard – way better than 20:20.
However, when we spotted this article from the National Post, we are reminded (again….. and again) why a “single payer” / government run health care system is wasteful, expensive, bureaucratic (non-patient focused), and inefficient.  A quote from the article –
While some Canadians wait months to undergo medically necessary surgeries, public hospitals across the country are routinely providing operating-room space for cosmetic, privately paid operations, a National Post survey reveals.
Breast enhancements, nose jobs and other aesthetic procedures are being carried out during daytime hours — employing the same facilities and support staff used for heart bypasses or liver transplants, hospitals and surgeons confirm.”
We cherry-picked the quote to raise the reader’s ire.
It isn’t as it seems.
Joe and I remember the days when we got too ill to go to school, and too ill for mom and dad to figure out, mom would phone the doctor.  The doctor would come to the house.  The doctor would examine us.  If he could diagnose the illness / malady, a prescription and / or instruction was given.  The doctor would leave.  Some time later, a bill would arrive in the mail.  Dad would pay it.
Seems like something special, something working, got lost…..

Weekly Peterson
Dr. Jordan Peterson has made the study of psychology meaningful for Joe and I.
Here he is talking about the current education system in Canada:

Canadian Freedom Summit 2017
York University sponsored the Canadian Freedom Summit in June.  Ben Shapiro spoke on the 28th, talking about freedom of speech.  He addresses his comments in the context of Canadian law, culture, and social norms.
Well worth the listen.
Much more CFS 2017 on YouTube:

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