Sunday Rant – 3117


Joe’s Comment – It is imperative to comply with orders, no matter how many of weez (Bill C16 – see “Education Cha Cha” below) are issuing them.
Unless, of course, mutiny is on the agenda…..

Clam Before the StormThe Manchurian Candidate John McCain is too old too proud and too rhino……  He is now too treasonous to his team.  The poor suckers in Arizona who keep voting for him will suffer greatly with the implosion of the laughably named “Affordable” Care Act.
John McCain would cut off his nose to spite his face.
You now know what he would do in his hatred of Donald J. Trump.
Joe speculates that it is the irrational act of a dying man.
Talk about a clam before the storm….
Time for some McCain chowder!

Trudeau Treason
We are not amused.
Nor do we think the award of ten million + Canadian dollars to the confused low-life murderer Omar Khadr is necessary.  A letter would suffice.  The letter should read “your citizenship is revoked”, and include a one way ticket back to Guantanamo Bay.
The methods used to return this sub-human to Canada and the subsequent shady and sneaky footwork to avoid public knowledge stinks to high Hell.
This issue is non-partisan: across the Canadian political spectrum the outrage is being voiced.
Take a moment to sign a petitionOr here, with more info.
Joe and I have no idea if signing a petition is worth two shits.
But, for the time it takes, you can get your name on a list that keeps on keeping on……

Education Cha Cha (or how did Parliament ever pass Bill C16?)
Joe and I attended public school.
In the ’50’s.
And ’60’s.
Post secondary started for us in the autumn of 1967.
As political neophytes (then AND now), as a product of our community, as a testosterone driven young bipedal humanoid, it never dawned on we (some tricky pronoun dancing here – we are up with the times!) to question the quality or the relevance of our public education.
Joe’s comment is that being “forced” to take French language classes dropped our GPA (or whatever it was called at the time) to our disadvantage.  The cause of this (and the humiliation of “music” class) are rooted in some childhood misunderstanding / family environment / cultural bias / personal deficiency that hims (pronoun pride here – thank the wisdom of Canadian legislators for bill C16!) are working through with the help of Dr. Jordan Peterson.  That is another story for another day.
Back to the blunt point our is trying to make (us are really getting in to the swing of things – viva Bill C16!) – the education we received paid for served us well.
Add 50 years.
In 2017 what is the quality and relevance of a public school education?
What is the quality and relevance of post secondary education?
If you use the Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator, a Canadian dollar in 1967 is the equivalent of $7.2044 Canadian dollars in 2017.
In the good old U.S. of A., an American dollar in 1967 is $7.334 USD today, a whopping 633.4% increase.
Those Americans!  Always one-upping us Canucks…. our won’t even mention the exchange rate, ’cause it makes hims drink to excess (doG damn it, that Bill C16 is a humdinger!)
Back (again!) to the subject of educating the “yoots” (gotta love “My Cousin Vinny”).  Are they getting their parent’s tax-money worth?
The following video is from Prager University (Dennis Prager is a cultural Saint per Joe).  Take some time, watch the video, think it through:

The criticism of organized teacher union power / influence is warranted, yes?  Or no?  Would not the product of education be the student?
How about the charter school environment.  Does it really make a difference?
John Stossel’s special “Stupid in America” from 2012 drew attention to the subject:

The meat grinder of life will sort it out.
I and Joe (if us was Queen Gertrude) would blurt “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.  Our ain’t, so says Joe, but why not try?
Translating for Joe, I say let competition occur.  Let there be metrics to measure and compare.  Let there be choice.
The Canadian system as viewed by Dr. Jordan Peterson:

Joe and I know for certain and a fact that nature is not conscious nor malevolent or charitable.  It is, all life is, mindless soulless never resting always mutating all consuming chaotic order.  Or ordered chaos (I’ll have two, please, with extra hot sauce).  We haven’t settled our mind on that dichotomy.
Nature has two poles, whose identities are ever dependent on the perspective of the observer.  The dark / light (good / bad) (positive / negative) of the ancient Chinese graphic representing “yin – yang” or opposite forces implies to we (Joe and I love pronoun porn) they are inseparable, part of the whole, all that is.

All living things, all “nature” survives or perishes by seeking the “good” or succumbing to the “bad”.  In short, you can live in “harmony” with Nature but it isn’t natural!
What to do?
The “eye of Providence” is on the reverse of an American dollar bill.

The inclusion of this symbol and the Latin prose has a history. The Eye represents Providence (or doG) and the words imply “doG is overseeing with favor our endeavors”.  The pyramid represents the hierarchy of worldly things / human activity.
Joe and I have another interpretation of this “son (or daughter or whatever re: bill C 16) of the “Eye of Horus””. The eye at the peak of the pyramid is consciousness.  The pyramid is life / living entities.
The pinnacle of consciousness is the human mind. Raw cellular life is not conscious. Other living entities (dogs, cats, wombats) are alive and autonomous, but humans are at the peak of the hierarchy, the pinnacle of Nature, because we are conscious.
How conscious we are is another argument. Is there a limit outside human comprehension? After all we are shackled with only five “natural” metrics: taste, touch, feel, see, smell. There is a sixth, higher telemetric in consciousness. The seventh, self determination, relies on thought.  At this point Joe and I are arguing whether René Descartes had it right way ’round – Je pense, donc je suis – roughly, “I think therefore I am”.
We think the correct perspective is we are (conscious), therefore we think.
Back to Bill C16.
Something must be terribly wrong with the education system because the product of the system produced Bill C16, “debated” Bill C16, and passed Bill C16 as law!
Wait a minute!  How the Hell do you get there from the above?
Consider this quote from an article last year by Matt Barber at –
If your daughter, sister, mother or friend “identified” as a fat person trapped in a perilously emaciated body – if she truly believed she was obese, but, in reality, suffered from anorexia – would you affirm her “fatness” and get her liposuction, or would you go to the ends of the earth to help her bring her subjective (and mistaken) identity into alignment with objective reality? When someone is engaged in demonstrably self-destructive behavior, it is not loving, but hateful, to encourage persistence.”…..
It was, ironically, lesbian activist and writer Dorothy Allison who once wrote, “Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.” “…..
Unnatural behaviors beget natural consequences. “Gay” is not who they are. “Gay” is what they do.”…..
If you read the article and understand the inference, it isn’t heavy lifting to wonder about the sanity of “trans gender” reality.  Or the sanity of someone who thinks their life will be better if they are referred to with a pronoun chosen from a fantasy list.  If there are “50 Shades of Gray” then there are 7 billion shades of sanity…..
President Donald Trump (oh, how that sticks in some peoples throats!) has settled the issue as regards the American military – no transexuals.  Kevin R. forwarded an article supporting the President’s decision (with which Joe and I agree entirely) which caused us to respond as follows:
When I saw the article (after Trump tweeted his decision) I thought sanity might just have a chance.
Then I juxtaposed the tragic end of Charlie Gard (  ) at the hands of “experts” supported by a government willing to coerce the parents to yield.  On one hand, the government is being “forced” to provide cosmetic surgery to severely mentally disturbed individuals at their whim.  On the other, the government is saying we will kill your child and you have no recourse.
There is very little sanity to cling to…..
I have been watching Jordan Peterson for an hour or two every day for the last two weeks.
He is helping me help myself.
(A couple of short excerpts from various lectures as examples:  )
All you can do is take care of yourself, take care of your family, take a stand and be vocal in your community (DON’T threaten to shoot anyone!), and establish well defined boundaries.
When I meet friends, old friends, or new acquaintances I follow the advice of Dr. Peterson when he says “if you cannot tell the truth, at least don’t lie!”  Words of wisdom.”
Once again, Canadian politicians have proven that they have very little regard for science, or fact, or wellness, or the individual.  Bill C16 is one more symptom of the malaise affecting our society.  Free speech and personal property are the cornerstones of Western civilization.
These soft-headed gender confused progressive ideologues will cause the death of us all if we do not make our position known.
So get out there and talk without anger, without whining.
Use logic and facts and references and examples.
Be firm.
Be kind.
And remember the words of Dr. Peterson – If you can’t tell the truth, at least don’t lie.

Dr. Jordan Peterson testified (to no avail) at the Canadian Senate.  His view of Bill C16 is it is based on lies, not science, and seriously infringes on free speech.  Listen and judge for yourselves theynesslingettes:

R.I.P. Charlie Gard
If ever there was a tragedy worth contemplating, the short life of Charlie Gard meets the criteria.
It will mystify Joe and I forever that the forces of “good” could only see “bad” in allowing (can you believe that?  Allowing!) Charlie’s parents to determine his options.
This wasn’t a case of religious idiots denying modern medicine for their mortally ill child.
This isn’t a case of “evil” vs “good”.
This is an ethical and moral conundrum.
Tell us, what was done with the results of work the Nazi doctors and the Japanese doctors (of unit 731 infamy) compiled while performing their horrendous experiments on live humans?
Try and tell us that the West discarded all the science.
Just try.
We won’t listen.
We also won’t argue our point of view here, other than to say there is much work to be done in making life better.  For all people.
A nice picture of Charlie to remember when you are bitching about how shitty your life is, or has become.

Joe’s Garage
The ’49 Ford F47 pick-up truck project is getting more attention than we can afford.
Time and $$$ could be better allotted.
Joe has produced some prodigious rationale supporting his plan to work on it every day until it is running.
This is akin to “fiddling while Rome burns”.
We have only so much Summer left, and too many other obligations to fulfill.
Meanwhile, another day in the shop fitting the starter motor and AOD tailshaft.
What Joe decided is to use an original ’49 vintage engine, a flathead Ford V8 of 239 cubic inch displacement.  Joe chose a late ’80’s Ford AOD (automatic over drive) transmission because he doesn’t like the original three speed, and the AOD is not electronically or electrically controlled, but has 4 forward speeds (including overdrive).
Here are a few pictures of the engine and transmission –

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Sunday Rant – 3017


Zen (a Note)
Joe and I have been very busy this week.
Not much time to travel the Internet for articles that amuse, disgust, shock, or anger.
The weather has been fantastic.
We’ve been making vitamin D…..

Trump Metamemes
Joe and I are impressed and inspired by the hoi polloi who have the skills, time, access to media, and sense of humor to create a few minutes of mirth.
How long would it take you to create this short vignette?
Joe and I could have started at Christmas last and still not be finished:

IQ and Labour
What do you do with people who are challenged by the simplest work?
In our Western workforce, the demands of work are increasingly IQ biased – the most challenging and difficult work favors those with IQ advantage.
The following discussion by Dr. Jordan Peterson identifies the problems of low IQ and finding work.  His assertion is that there is little or no work for people with IQ’s lower than 85.  People who cannot find work (there is nothing for them to do) often get depressed, especially men.  Depressed men who cannot find work often turn to drugs, specifically opiates.  The U.S. military will not accept anyone with an IQ lower than 83.  These problems are not being addressed in our culture.
Listen and learn:

Evan Sayet
Joe and I watched the original presentation of Evan Sayet to the Heritage Foundation over 10 years ago, link here.  His book, “The Kindergarten of Eden:How the Modern Liberal Thinks”, is a best seller.
The following is a presentation to the Conservative Forum last year (before the election).
His “Universal Field Theory of Liberalism” still holds and should become a natural law.  An interesting presentation that makes his position known as well as the original – the most watched Heritage Foundation video ever:

CVN 78
On Saturday the greatest aircraft carrier ever built was commissioned.
Officially CVN 78, the USS Gerald R. Ford is the flagship of the supercarrier class – her flight deck is over 1000 feet long!  Using two A1-B nuclear reactors, her deployment could extend to 20 – 25 years on one fuel load.  Take a look at the links to find outstanding facts about this technological marvel.

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Sunday Rant – 2917


Joe’s Comment – Amazing whom you meet when your feet aren’t touching the ground.  In the U.S. alone, consumer credit is $3.8 T (that’s trillion) USD as of 2015 (  ).  The “credit card” is not so old.  Invented in 1951 (Diner’s Club), the concept of consumer credit underwritten by banks was ripe for growth.  As the song goes,

Quote o’ the Elder
We lay it down as a fundamental, that laws, to be just, must give a reciprocation of right; that, without this, they are mere arbitrary rules of conduct, founded in force, and not in conscience.” —Thomas Jefferson (1782)

There are no lower lows than that of the Left fantasizing about an ideal beyond the possibility of reality.

Gun Porn
What happens when you automatic fire without pause 700 rounds of ammunition in a gun equipped with a noise suppression device?
Wonder no more:

Canadian Medical Connundrum
Joe and I would like to have the Shadrach, Meeshach, and Cataracts removed from our left eye, and the lens replaced with an ultra cyborg miracle lens (just like our right eye).
Our left eye cannot read road signs comfortably.
Unfortunate for us, because the eye can be “corrected” with a lens to the point where it is not quite but almost 20:20, the gummint won’t ALLOW the surgery unless there is an over-ruling requirement.  Even though I can pay for it out of pocket it is a no-go.
The right eye was very poor when we went to the doctor for a referral.  It was 18 months before the surgery finally took place.
Joe and I aren’t complaining (too much).  When the lens was replaced our right eye became the gold standard – way better than 20:20.
However, when we spotted this article from the National Post, we are reminded (again….. and again) why a “single payer” / government run health care system is wasteful, expensive, bureaucratic (non-patient focused), and inefficient.  A quote from the article –
While some Canadians wait months to undergo medically necessary surgeries, public hospitals across the country are routinely providing operating-room space for cosmetic, privately paid operations, a National Post survey reveals.
Breast enhancements, nose jobs and other aesthetic procedures are being carried out during daytime hours — employing the same facilities and support staff used for heart bypasses or liver transplants, hospitals and surgeons confirm.”
We cherry-picked the quote to raise the reader’s ire.
It isn’t as it seems.
Joe and I remember the days when we got too ill to go to school, and too ill for mom and dad to figure out, mom would phone the doctor.  The doctor would come to the house.  The doctor would examine us.  If he could diagnose the illness / malady, a prescription and / or instruction was given.  The doctor would leave.  Some time later, a bill would arrive in the mail.  Dad would pay it.
Seems like something special, something working, got lost…..

Weekly Peterson
Dr. Jordan Peterson has made the study of psychology meaningful for Joe and I.
Here he is talking about the current education system in Canada:

Canadian Freedom Summit 2017
York University sponsored the Canadian Freedom Summit in June.  Ben Shapiro spoke on the 28th, talking about freedom of speech.  He addresses his comments in the context of Canadian law, culture, and social norms.
Well worth the listen.
Much more CFS 2017 on YouTube:

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