Sunday Rant – 1518


Joe’s Comment – A blatant statement of the obvious is sometime required.  For the record, my beer muscle is the result of many years of dedicated exercise – lifting my elbow!

Government 101
Joe and I take exception to a number of pundits (and non-pundits) who claim that the “extreme right” politically is the home of the Nazi / White Supremacist® and various and sundry others.
Not so, we say, without prejudice.
We read the book by Dinesh D’Souza, “The Big Lie”, and agree that the Nazi movement was far left, and, (arguably) not as far left as the modern Democratic Party in the US of A.
From our humble perspective (and immense arrogance) the landscape of government looks somewhat like this –

This is the accurate generalization that we feel describes the basic forms of collective government.  It covers every possible variation from small tribe to giant ant hill.
As “theoretical Libertarians”, Joe and I favor the right hand side of this graph.  Joe’s recipe would be just a pinch of law to offset the imbalance of anarchy…. the imbalance caused by the FACT that all people are NOT created equal, but, on a good day, just maybe, they are equal in the eyes of the law; i.e. will receive equal and fair judgement from the law, should the law be required to resolve a dispute.
As we have stated in this rant many times before, the American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution do NOT mention or use the word “democracy”, for it is a transitional form of government based on mob rule, and has never lead to anything but oligarchy.  Canada is NOT a democracy, no matter how many powerful famous admired people bandy the word around.  Canada is a “Constitutional Monarchy” relying heavily (in the past, at least) on the tradition of English Common Law, whereby all citizens have all rights, relying on the law to resolve disputes within that framework.  The US of A is a Republic, if they can keep it (paraphrase – Benjamin Franklin).  The “Electoral College” is one of the methods the Founding Fathers used to offset the possibility of “mob rule” (democracy), which is nothing more than a system whereby the base appetites of the majority determine the fate of all citizens.  Remember the outcry of the Hillary supporters who screamed not fair because she won the popular vote but not the EC.  If the popular vote won the day, the major cities on east and west coasts (all Democrat) would ALWAYS determine the election.  A graph –

Following is a short primer that underscores the basic spectrum outlined above.  It was produced before the 2012 election in the US of A when B Obama won a second term but the Democratic Party suffered untoward losses at every level of government, Federal, State, and community.  Well worth the refresher:

Dilemma Dilettante
Joe and I have a moral dilemma to resolve.
We take hours out of every day to improve our weltanschauung (individual world view).

[An aside….. there are a number of German words that wholly encompass a meaning in one word – i.e. schadenfreud – satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.  Doppelgänger, Blitzkrieg, kaput, kindergarten, many more.]
Our dilemma has been voiced in these Sunday Rant musings since 5+ years past.
Joe and I are not complex in our outlook, although the ever shifting cultural tension exerts perverse and variable pressure on the meanings of words, making a simple definition that encompasses the entity of Joe’s and my weltanschauung impossible.
Some of the things that define our “world view” are the Natural Rights any human being has, in our view, simply by existing.  The right to be.  The right to defend being.  The right to property (including the Self).  The right to speak freely.  The right of free assembly.  The right to associate freely.
These last two listed (assembly and association) have a corollary meaning that is also, in our mind, a right.  It is the right to disassemble, the right to disassociate.
Herein lies the rub.
The old adage from Benjamin Franklin is “
In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
Joe and I accept only half of BF’s sarcasm / cynicism.  Joe says there is only one thing in life you HAVE TO DO.  That is die.  Everything else, including taxes, is a choice.  Some imaginative, creative, and spiritual folks may disagree (i.e. you don’t have to die, either).
Therein is another rub.
Choices are a part of life.  We all make choices over and over and over every moment, every day.  The question is, how to fulfill your life goals while making acceptable choices every time?
Needless to say, Joe and I haven’t done well in that endeavor.  A subject for future reflexion.  (I like the English spelling).
What to do?
This exercise of writing is a good step.
Writing is thinking in the sense that teaching is knowing – i.e. you cannot teach something you do not know any more than you can write something incomprehensible that makes sense.  Writing solidifies and clarifies thought, with that comes understanding.
To write means to think.
To think means to gather data, information, knowledge, statistics, truth, then grind it gizzard-wise against the stones of personal prejudice, delusion, falsities, and untruths (i.e. weltanschauung) in your mind.
In order to do the above you need access to various sources of said data et cetera.
Joe and I use (in order of importance) our own knowledge with reference material at hand, the Internet via Google, YoubeTube (Yoo Bee Too Bee), DuckDuckGo, the public library, subject matter experts, friends, the General Public™.
But how can you be sure your research is bringing truth and facts?
Oh oh…… oh no!
This bugaboo conundrum was brought on by the ever more obvious knowledge that Google, YoubeTube, FaceBook, Twitter, and ??? have grown so much that a political pattern has emerged.  This pattern identifies and squelches certain points of view from being published.
It is not an agenda that we honor, respect, or follow, for the simple reason that we might not agree on the identity of the arbiter.  Simply put, we our self and I are the judge and jury of what we can see or what we would decry.
Joe and I are “theoretical Libertarians” (i.e. our ideal society is bounded only by limited government, the caveat to harm no one else, and the credo of the platinum rule (do unto others exactly what they want done unto them)).  We say theoretical because this utopia requires a modicum of virtue, morality, and common sense as a common denominator.  Good luck finding that common denominator.
We are at odds about the above right to disassemble, to disassociate.  Although Google and YoubeTube are the old “gold standard”, we are looking for alternative services which are less restrictive; more first amendment friendly.
In terms of Google, Joe and I are using DuckDuckGo on a more regular basis.  It is hard to break a habit like Google.  DuckDuckGo has some advantages and some drawbacks, but often produces results in the top 10 or 20 links that are NOT brought by Google.  For now we are using them both.
As for FaceBook, we signed up many years ago but have NEVER USED IT OR MADE A POST.  Ignored Twitter entirely.  Joe says we don’t need no stinkin’ social media accounts….
That leaves YoubeTube (Sung to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s Dooby-Dooby-Do):

What are the alternatives?
There are three that have some of the folks I want to hear:
– LiveLeak:
– BitChute:
– PewTube:
To date the “nesting” of videos into this rant is automatic with YoubeTube and Vimeo, but all others require some technical knowledge.
Joe and I have received instruction from a trusted expert.
What could go wrong?
Stay tuned…….

Pat Condell
The latest from the eloquent master on Europe culture.
This video was not available on YoubeTube, but it was on BitChute, PewTube, and Liveleak.  The following is the BitChute version.  Note the appearance is NOT the same as YoubeTube.  As per the note above, Joe and I will use non YoubeTube in the future.  Here’s Mr. Condell:


The Religion of Peace
Joe and I are not numb to the antics of the Islamic crazy people.
Nor are we amazed at the number of crazies.
We are sorrowful that so many persons can make hate a core principle of their “spiritual” life.

Translation: “Islam is very similar to our [Nazi] Worldview“.
From the watchdog site “The Religion of Peace” comes this dismal news –
It is not likely that Joe and I will see the end of this 1400+ year pogrom of insanity in our lifetime.  Of all the constants in our life, this is negative unnecessary fruitless behaviour.  The United Nations is a eunuch (eunuchus / spado / castratus) whose impotence and kidnapped well-meaning cause misery out of proportion to it’s influence.  Nations stand by while atrocity blossoms.
Ironically, the bounty of earth is great enough to make this type of aggressive antiquated horror pointless.
So goes the world of humans.
Perhaps Shirley Bassey and the Propellerheads have wisdom beyond our years:


Requiem For Roy Lee Ermey
A great character actor has shuffled off this mortal coil.  Staff Sergeant Roy Lee Ermey died April 15th of complications of pneumonia.  He was 75 years old.
Here’s gunny from Full Metal Jacket, unabridged and gloriously profane:

A fitting piece of music from the Mel Gibson movie “We Were Soldiers”:


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Sunday Rant – 1418


Joe’s Comment – When I was young and athletic, there were activity related causes leading to injury.  When I was middle aged and working for a living, less activity reduced the incident of injury.  Now that I’m old(er), just being is enough to cause injury, without reason, without action.  What up with that?
The process of getting old is challenging.

Black Heart Dept.
Since when does the adult world take orders from children?
Joe says since adults stopped being responsible for their own lives.
The latest idiocy surrounds the Florida school shooting by a demented student.
Tragic as it was, marching and whining about “rights” does NOT resolve mental illness, nor does confiscating firearms.
Nor does ad hominem attacks against people or organizations.

Fortunately, there are still some grown-ups in the world.
The following is proof that you CANNOT fool all the people all the time:

Cancer Cause?
A German doctor named Dr. Otto Warburg made a discovery in the 1920’s that the cause of cancer is metabolic; i.e., the lack of oxygen at cellular level is the culprit.  Dr. Warburg was nominated for a Nobel Prize 47 times; he won in 1931.
His profound statement uttered in 1966 changed the medical world: “The cause of cancer is no longer a mystery; we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements.”
Unfortunately the change in the medical world was NOT a major focus on Dr. Warburg’s discovery; it was a schism.  The brilliant Dr. Otto Warburg was then considered “eccentric”.  The common belief is cancer is mutated growth that is unregulated.
If you resort to YoubeTube or Google to research this cold water in the face claim, you will find a host of charlatans, scam artists, snake oil salesmen (sales persons), hucksters, and many, many sincere health advocates that promise if you only keep your ph level “normal” (7.35 to 7.45) i.e. slightly alkaline via proper diet, the dreaded cancer can be kept at bay.
Unfortunately, it ain’t that easy.  What you eat does NOT directly affect the ph of individual cells, nor does it directly contribute to the oxygenation of individual cells.
Furthermore, lack of oxygen is NOT the cause of cancer but an output of a cancerous cell – cancerous cells use a non-oxidizing energy process.  In his words, he had the relationship incorrect, but the observation was valid:
“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”
The actual relationship is more as stated in this article from the website
It is easy to see why Warburg’s efforts to cure cancer with added oxygen failed. This is because lack of oxygen is not the prime cause of cancer − toxins are the prime cause of cancer. Cancer cells are low in oxygen primarily because they have changed from taking in and utilizing oxygen for respiration to a more primitive form of respiration which utilizes sugar instead of oxygen. It is the cancer process itself which causes most of the lack of oxygen, not the lack of oxygen which causes the cancer process……
Prolonged exposure to toxins, especially in combination with cells which have not been properly nourished, oxygenated, hydrated and cleansed is THE primary cause of cancer. This is especially so if one views radiation as a toxin. Over time the stress and inflammation that result from toxins leads to a dysfunction in the cellular mitochondria.

This leads to a cellular defense mechanism in which cells revert to a more primitive form of respiration (sugar fermentation), refuse to die, multiply and form a protective barrier.
Simply stated, cancer cells have low oxygen because they quit taking in oxygen for respiration as part of the cancer process itself. Similarly, it is the cancer process itself which causes the body to become increasingly acidic. The body labors mightily to maintain blood pH within a narrow range (7.35 – 7.45) and most people first get cancer when their pH is at or close to the normal range. As the cancer progresses, the body becomes increasingly acidic.
Shortly after this statement, the article takes a hard turn toward wackjobbery in Joe’s opinion.  There are accusations but not a proof or verifiable process to support the claims of “cure”.
Joe and I believe (as taught to us by grade 12 math teacher Ms. Morrison) that understanding the problem is 95% of the solution.
We firmly believe that fermentation belongs in the brewery or distillery or winery, not in your cells.
That is that, isn’t it?

Joe and I are united in our view of “diversity”.
It is simpatico with our view of “multiculturalism”.
Outside of music and food we object, and shout bull shit!
The following video gives an objective analysis of diversity from an Australian perspective.  Here’s what Porridge Pals thinks of the politically correct view of the Big D:

Another from Porridge Pals regarding the YoubeTube restriction on freedom of speech.
Joe and I mourn the passing of Australia, the USA, Britain, and Canada as the home of the western world.  Europe hasn’t been for many long time.  Free speech is the foundation of liberty:

Drain the Swamp
Joe and I like the concept, like the theory, like the objective – remove politics from the bureaucracy of government.  Smells like Heaven!
The inhabitants of the swamp have other life goals.
Joe and I are convinced that the same happens here in Canada.  Our bureaucrats are every bit as human as those working in the Good Ol’ USA.
Just a little more polite, maybe a tad more bland.
There is a woman who speaks clearly about the subject.
The following presentation has a litany of bureaucratic malfeasance that will make you ponder the 5 W’s and H about the parallel abuses  that must be occurring in the Too North Strung With Trees®.
She also talks of some of the poultices being applied to the body bureaucrat to suck out the evil.
Kimberley Strassel is the author of the “Potomac Watch” column in the Wall Street Journal.  A very interesting presentation:

Joe’s Garage
Hero Worship
This winter (our 69th) was a major weight gain winter for Joe and I.
We peaked at 263 pounds.
Nous sommes tres grande.
Fat, too.
Who are the heroes for fatsos?
Joe and I were stumped.
The Jolly Green Giant isn’t really fat, he’s just giant.
Andre the Giant is also more big than fat.
Ditto the Incredible Hulk, although Joe can match his temper tantrums.
Baby Huey is fat, but he’s just a baby.
Then we saw Butterbean.
Butterbean must weigh 300 pounds, not all muscle.
Watching his performance in the ring makes Joe smile.  Joe and I are much hairier, but our boobs are pretty similar….
1/2 M x V x V = Fi
In Engrish, one-half mass times velocity squared equals impulse force.
When his punch connects, something has to change.
Look at the size of this guy’s head!
Look at the size of his forearms!
Go Butterbean, go!:

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Sunday Rant – 1318


Q.  How often is Easter Sunday synchronous with April Fool’s Day?
A.  Today for sure….. time for cartoonery!

Westernism Is an Idea
Victor Davis Hanson says that a newcomer to the West can become more Western or more American (for example) than anyone else because Westernism is an idea.
Joe and I fully support and condone this concept.
This man, Victor Davis Hanson, is a walking talking historian on the origin of Western society.  He has with his many books detailed the development and building of our Western values, our foundational laws, and our fantastic culture.

The following video is one of many available on YoubeTube wherein Prof. Hanson eloquently goes back in time and identifies the source of Western uniqueness.  Joe and I couldn’t find any video of the original speech.  If anyone else has a link, please forward if you would:

A companion speech that is perhaps older (we can’t find the original video) and is brilliant:

Trump and the Prostitute(s)
Joe and I are theoretical Libertarians.
Theoretical in the sense of Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?” sung by Audrey Hepburn:

Unfortunately, Libertarianism is more likely in an ant colony, for it depends (like voting in a Western country) on a virtuous and informed electorate.  Or, from another perspective, a homogeneity of thought about fundamental values and an equal portion of common sense.
Dennis Prager has a thoughtful and logical commentary on the furor surrounding the contrary claims of POTUS Trump vs the beautiful ex-porn star Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Gregory Clifford).

Mr. Prager lists examples of presidents past who were inclined to stray from marriage vows: sometimes before, sometimes after, sometimes during public office.  Sometimes all of the aforementioned.  Joe and I add that politicians have no strangle hold on indiscreet and harmful behaviour that strains or breaks hearts and relationships.
Some say it is a biologically determined drive, that males are dispensable (in terms of fertilizing eggs) from a female perspective, ergo every opportunity not taken is wasted.  Others may say that it is a tango – it takes two.  Still others rely on a moral compass or indoctrination gained via cultural imprinting; i.e. society, religion, community, family, influencing their judgement.
Joe says the only guaranteed fact is that every single one of us judges, and what we are hearing from the main stream media and the blogosphere is the competing judges out-shouting one another.
Joe and I tend to agree with Mr. Prager’s assessment, that in the case of the President of the United States, there are priorities that supersede or render moot his sexuality / sexual proclivities / dalliances / indiscretions.  Other American presidents are peccadillo positive: Jack Kennedy, FDR, LBJ, “Slick Willy” Clinton – the tawdry list is long (link here).  These are the heterosexual American presidents.  Other countries leaders are not saints either.
What about those fearless leaders who answer to a different romantic song?
Need we mention Kathleen Winn, hysterical lesbian (Ontario Premier), or Barry Obama (Chicago gay bathhouse member) or Barney Frank (US Congress) who ran a male prostitution service out of his apartment, or the perverts like Anthony Wiener.  Other countries (sadly) don’t differ.
Joe surmises that asexuality is NOT a hallmark of the political class.
Despite (or because?) their “orientation” all of these people have or had a job to do.  Joe says their sexual orientation when contrasted with the quality of the job they do or did speaks volumes.  Just saying….
Quotes from the Dennis Prager article –
The most obvious is that adultery is frequently an inaccurate measure of a person’s character. Indeed, many otherwise great men have been unfaithful to their spouse. And while it is always a sin — the Sixth Commandment doesn’t come with an asterisk — there are gradations of sin.
Let me give an example of when adultery would be a lower-grade sin: when it is committed by men or women who have taken care of their Alzheimer’s-afflicted spouse for many years and the afflicted spouse no longer even recognizes them. Of course, the healthy spouse could find love with someone else without committing adultery — by divorcing their demented spouse. But few people would be so heartless as to recommend that avenue. At the other end of the sin spectrum would be flaunting one’s adultery, thereby publicly humiliating one’s spouse.
The second problem with the adultery-matters-in-a-political-leader argument is that the policies of a political leader matter much more — morally — than that individual’s sexual sins, or even character. It is truly foolish to argue otherwise. Would we rather have as president a person with racist views who otherwise had an exemplary personal character or a believer in racial equality who committed adultery?
I have considerably more moral contempt for the media’s and the Left’s obsession with Stormy Daniels than I do for Donald Trump for his alleged night of sinful sex with her. That “60 Minutes” correspondent Anderson Cooper and many in our country found it acceptable to ask a woman, “Did he use a condom?” on national TV is a far graver reflection of America’s moral malaise than a man having a one-night affair 12 years ago.”
Joe and I heartily agree.
It is sad there are no Supermen.
Or Superwomen.
But, it is comforting in a melancholy way that every one of us is human.
With that humanity comes the possibility of individual betterment and fair, compassionate, thoughtful interaction with others.
Quit your laughing.  I said “possibility” didn’t I?

Famous Food
Joe needs to be on a diet.  Me too.
We blame our weight gain (maxed out at 263 pounds!) on Old Man Winter.
Winter is our season for reverie, reflexion (and reflection too), thinking (which is very hard work), reading, research, self indulgence, “squaring the circle” with oblique contemplation, studying, planning, organizing, et cetera, etc……  More thought than action.
All this head work exacerbates our already keen appetite for flora and fauna, prepared by expert hands.  We are wont to slake our prodigious thirst with several libations (one beer gets lonely).  Overall result is a conundrum where tare weight = gross weight = net weight, i.e. no deliverables.
Maybe reality will change……

Thank doG the winter is past.  Spring brings activity.  Activity, we hope, brings weight loss.  Weight loss would be good.
Imagine our chagrin at stumbling over this information in a blog out there somewhere ( Thrillist ) – “The 101 Dishes That Changed America“.  The linked article starts with the 1910’s and proceeds by decade to 2010’s, highlighting many foods Joe and I eat with gusto.
A short history of their origin accompanies each listed epicurean delight.
You can watch a short video teaser here.
Maybe we diet tomorrow…..

Freeman Dyson
Joe and I have reverence for this wise and learned self-made man.
He has been included in previous Sunday Rants, specifically featuring his observations on the controversial topic of climate change.
This presentation is a marvelous recounting of his life, living through four major revolutions.  An hour of light-hearted reminiscing from Mr. Dyson’s unique and special point of view.  From 2011:

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