Sunday Rant – 0321


Joe’s Comment – Sam Gross is a cartoonist with a dark side humor.  In the deepest darkest depths of January it is inevitable that I spend time reflecting on the past and extrapolating into the future.
My usual sunny disposition is quite fragile when the snow glistens, the ground is hard, and walking is a controlled slip-slide over ice or a trudge through virgin crusty snow.
Frankly, I don’t see a purpose for cold weather.
You can’t grow carrots in a snow bank.
Life requires water in liquid form.
Nothing is more humbling than to stand under the stars on a cold clear winter night and gaze heavenward at the majesty of the infinite.
The snow squeaks underfoot.
The harsh breeze forms ice in my beard.
I feel small and vulnerable, yet unbroken.
Winter is my lowest ebb.
Diminished and reflective, I take humble relief in the following Bruce Eric Kaplan graphic – in the tenuous fragility of an isolated soul.  There is always an opportunity to improve, and an unconscious drive to do so.
No matter your stature or hubris.



Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world talks about the grader guy:


Viva Frei
Joe and I are hooked.
We are not fans of lawyers or “the Law” or the judiciary.
We are fans of right and wrong, of following a moral compass.
Not that we are paragons.
We are a work in progress.
Filthy lucre and/or politics has an immense influence on the legal system.
Need we mention a few cases of WTF?
OJ Simpson, killer, walking free.
Conrad Black, falsely accused, railroaded and jailed.
My friend Ben, an innocent bystander injured by a vehicle out of control, waiting 6 years for justice, for a settlement, for a resolution.
It’s a crime
Share it fairly
But don’t take a slice of my pie
So they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a raise
It’s no surprise that they’re giving none away:

To summarize, human nature being what it is, law, lawyers, judges, prisons, and the police are necessary to provide an avenue to recourse when an injustice is plead and the aggrieved party or parties cannot or will not agree.
Otherwise there may be a Hatfield vs McCoy feud in the making.
Joe and I have had very minor collisions with the legal system.
Never bitter.  Mostly humorous.  One hilarious!
However, the opportunity to learn what we can and be royally entertained too is being fulfilled by David Freiheit and Robert Barnes, the former a Canadian and the latter an American, both lawyers.  It is now a Sunday evening event for Joe and me to tune in to their very popular legal podcast.  They discuss current events and cultural anomalies from a legal / lawyerly perspective.
Joe and I don’t always agree, but the discussions are lively and in depth.
Until we find a more interesting legal eagle team podcast, here we will be on a Sunday night:


Brokeback Obama
Oh Suzanna,
Don’t you cry for me,
’cause Obama’s in the bathhouse now,
What can it all mean?”
According to Dinesh D’Souza, our very own newly minted American president was instrumental in squelching Larry Sinclair’s story.
Joe has said it many times before; what Larry does is women’s work.
The jug-eared Munificent Mulatto will skate from all charges and all sins.
We’d like to see a “white hat” win just once outside of a duster film.
The following short video is from Dinesh D’Souza’s film “Trump Card”:


Joe and I admit freely we are NOT just aficionados of music.  That is to say, the term doesn’t capture our depth of appreciation.
We have the hallmarks of an aficionado: a passionate devotion, blushing fandom , enthusiasm for certain genres.
But there is much, much more.
Saying we like music is much like  saying Wayne Gretzky is a hockey player.
For each of the 37 persons occupying our head (37 identified to date), music serves a purpose, performs a function.  Some overlapping sets, others completely unique.
Joe has often said, if it were unavoidable, were we to loose eyesight or hearing, our default, we would choose eyesight.  The sounds of life – people’s voices, birds chirping, the muse of music, wind in leaves and thunder in the heavens, laughter, blessed laughter – all are priceless sensations.
Music is a form of sound, of audible frequencies; pleasantly organized “noise” if you will.  Or, unpleasantly organized noise.
That leads to our inability to “grok” certain recognized musical formats/cultures.
We ponder….. is it that we need more (than 37?) wackos in our head to appreciate structures like Rap or Musak or Reggae?
Or is it we, as the supreme data wienies we are, don’t have a cultural background in sync with the sound, and all we hear is annoying noise?
From our children’s early reading adventures –
Q.  What noise annoys an oyster?
A. Simple.  A noisy noise annoys an oyster!
A. Complex.  The noise of a noisy oyster hoister hoisting moist oysters with a noisy oyster hoist!
And from those marvelous forgotten times of the 1930’s, Frank Crumit singing about a perplexing quandary for the ages:

Akin to another old tune that twists the tongue and baffles comprehension:

One such category of musical bemusement for Joe and I is jazz.  We don’t mind some if there are human voices present.  Instrumental?  Not so much.  Perhaps it is the ever-present tobacco smoke, alcohol, and twitchy beat often present…..
Joe says we were ruined for instrumental jazz in Miss Kennedy’s grade 7 music class.  Barry J. and Jim B. would “play” their recorders in a frenzied cacophony of mindless fingering, huffing and puffing in no particular rhythm or order, to the delight of some students and the dismay and exasperation of our esteemed instructor.
All of which is preamble to the point of this music segment.
Joe Jackson, proprietor of “The View from Lady Lake” blogsite, has posed a list of ” 10 must-have albums for your definitive Jazz Record Collection… “.
Joe and I aren’t about to panic, although not one of these “albums” is part of our collection on disk, tape, CD, DVD, or data file.  Not remotely interesting to us.  A few classic tracks, but mostly bleh.  Tempest in a teacup.
Joe says “jazz” is the noise of chaos in the radio telescope ear to the universe.
We can’t kick our head into the space of searching for a pattern, any pattern, that resembles “intelligence”.
A spastic drug addict tased in the middle of his chest might produce the same noise.
Sorry boys.
The Mandelbrot Set is much more interesting to Joe and me.


Joe’s Garage

Skid Steer Skills
Joe and I have a skid steer.
It is a RobertaCat 743DS.
We call it Roberta because we’re not that familiar with her yet – when we really know how to drive her, we may call her Bob.
We move dirt around the yard, push or pull our collection of Ford trucks that can’t move under their own power, clean snow off the driveway and road when it gets too nasty.
We are OK doing all these things and haven’t broken Roberta or hurt ourselves…… yet.
However, this video demonstrates what a REAL skid steer professional can do:

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Sunday Rant – 0221


Joe’s Comment – Emily Flake’s cartoon caught my eye.  It’s been a chaotic week in the news.  The weather was wonderful for early January.  I’m working on a couple of arduous projects.  We had a fantastic family supper today.  The idiots are running the asylum and handing out masks.  I solved an electrical problem yesterday that made me feel useful.
Happy happy joy joy vs reality.
The second week in 2021 so far……


Calgary Alberta (It Can’t Be True)
What the fuck is this, happening in Calgary, in Canada, in our country?
Jesus Christ and Mary on a Moped, she saintly sitting side-saddle (nice alliteration!)
The hardest choice there is…..  manifested by weak-willed political animals.  Not by cunning plan, or omniscient overview, but by weak-will encased in a lust for power, driven by envy.
A man’s number one priority is to provide for and to defend his family.
The knife twist is to bind political objectives to employment – if you don’t do what we tell you, no more job for you!  An adaptation of the “Soup Nazi“, without the humor.  This will not end well.
Political objectives rarely pass the moral / ethical test.  This pits the violent arm of government, aka the police, against the citizen, aka you and we.
This is nothing new.
But the brute violence, the blatant bullying revealed in the following video cannot be explained or rationalized or ignored.
We are, all of us, witness to tyranny.
Tell us this isn’t shameful and immoral and criminal, too:

This second video is from Viva Frei, (aka David Freiheit) a Montreal lawyer (who, with Robert Barnes from Los Angeles, are our favorite legal eagles to date).  It concerns a New Years celebration in Gatineau QC at a private residence that was disrupted by the police (officers of the peace?) and turned quickly into a 6 cop 6 people tussle.
The problem?
These people (family?) were minding their own business.  A neighbor registered a COVID complaint – too many people!!! with the local constabulary.
Two cops showed up.
Four more were summoned for “back up”.
Apparently in Gatineau the dread pirate COVID will be defeated if only these six private citizens break into a smaller group…..
Joe says does that mean two groups of three?
Or three groups of two?
Or four individuals and one group of two?
We are getting a headache.
We are feeling outrage.
This is an abomination.
Once again, using a shotgun to kill a fly.
Joe and I have known a lot of cops over the years.
Some, very few, are personal friends.
The average cop isn’t capable of this work.
They are the cudgel of the political class, the government, and whomever the government favors.
They are armed and have immunity.
And, to be Frank, or Franklin if you will, we don’t know any cops two standard deviations above average IQ.  Hell, we might not know any who are one SD above.  It is not a requirement of the job.
They are not trained physicians, they are brute strength and often ignorance.
They are not psychologists, or counselors, or your new BFF; they are the pointy end of the stick, they are armed, and they have immunity.
You will see in the video that they can be bullies.  Did we mentioned that they are armed and they have immunity?
The Nuremberg Trials set the law, underlined by hangings: “doing your job” is not a defense in some situations: it is a straw man argument:

Somehow We The People of Canada have lost our way.  The day is coming when hard choices must will be made.
This is what happens when weak-willed people put politics ahead of compromise.
Then, the same or similar weak-willed people put compromise ahead of the law.
That’s not the end of the shame; the same or similar weak-willed people put the law ahead of what is moral and right.
At the end of the trail, at the sheer wall-face of the box canyon, at the edge of the lava flow, there is no politics, there is no compromise, there is no law: there is only survival.
Here lurks the conundrum – is it possible to survive AND follow a moral path?
Joe and I suggest that this is the last situation a truly moral person would want to happen, for the following reason.  A truly moral person would think and hesitate, search for a solution, and wonder how this survival situation developed, how can it be resolved.
The immoral, the evil, those from the Dark won’t stop to think, won’t hesitate.
For them it is not a conundrum – it is a reaction.
And boy, will they react.
Net result – chaos 1, civilization 0.


Dr. Michael Eades
Were protohumans primarily meat eaters or not?
If they were, why?
If they weren’t why not?
Did the development of agriculture spell the demise of modern man?
How in the world can anyone know?
Dr. Michael Eades is about to tell all (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher).
Joe and I were so impressed with this presentation when we first saw it and included it in our weekly rant back in the spring of 2020 ( Sunday Rant – 2620 ), we watched it again this week.
We benefited from the second viewing.  We may watch it a third time.
This is potentially earth-shaking for anyone who believes that eating grains and plants is the best diet, and that fat and meat are verboten for health.
For Joe and I it is inspiration to eat a whole side of beef in 2021:


Joe’s Garage

Another Keto Doctor
Dr. Eric Berg is well versed in the Keto dietary benefits.
Joe and I are adding him to our list of no nonsense straight shooting advocates of health through logic and self experimentation.
We need constant re-education and refreshing of concepts to keep our head on straight.
A bowl of ice cream has less sugar than an orange.  Joe and I like ice cream and oranges.  Alas, no sugar allowed.  We have sweet dreams of those days of yore when we would let our teeth gallop with gay sprightly abandon through mashed potatoes, gnaw on butter rolls and rye bread with no thought of tomorrow, and wade into a mouthful of raspberry pie, tongue lolling side to side in exstacy.
Alas, no carbohydrates allowed.
All is not lost.
Sugar and carb “addiction” is learned (hat tip to Dr. Robert Cywes, the Carb Addiction Doc).  It is a habit.  It is an emotional response.  The reward is a dopamine rush.
It can be unlearned.  Bacon helps.
Lots of excellent information in this presentation:

Ford Torture
The boys at DipChits in Dunlops might have a future at Ford engineering, doing “test to fail” research.  In this short video, they remove the oil pan from a FWD V-6 Ford vehicle, start it, and put the throttle to the floor.
Very scientific.
Joe says he’s surprised it lasted as long as it did.
Nice fireworks!:

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Sunday Rant – 0121


………………….ADIOS 2020!

Joe’s Comment – Happy New Year!
2020 is better off behind the veil of time past.
Dave Coverly draws the Speed Bump cartoons – the two above sum up my opinion and feelings at the moment.
Let’s put that demented psycho bastard 2020 in the rubber room and throw away the key.
As for what’s coming, let’s be pragmatic!
If I had a prayer to offer, it would be let rationality and science rule the days and weeks to come.
And make this wish come true –


COVID Messages

I say this nurse curses like she is a bona fide Canadian.
Joe says it doesn’t matter her port of call.
The lady is on the “front line” being a “hero”, and not because she is working as a nurse in these COVID times.
Her heroism stems from her courage in telling it like she sees it, for what she sees opposes the current official doctrine, the COVID Manifesto as it were…..
She has a few things on her mind.
The message is a sub-set of the ideas Joe and I have been bleating, after months of reading, researching, analyzing data (sorting through good and bad), and watching dozens of hours of video presentations.
Our conclusion is we won’t wear a mask, we aren’t sick.
An aside: hasn’t anyone noticed the “Baby Boomers” are all long in the tooth?  If any generation didn’t give a shit about behaviour and consequences, it was us Boomers.  Now we are all “deep in the fourth quarter, score not looking good, hoping for a Hail Mary to save the day”.  We were 75 million in number (less now).  Yet despite aging Boomers and the sky is falling “pandemic” hysteria, the annual death rate is below average.
Did every one of the people I argue with fail grade 9 math?
This is the best “pandemic” ever, ’cause the net death rate has fallen.
As our new BFF nurse also states, to date, the so-called COVID virus has NOT BEEN ISOLATED!!!
Give this nurse a listen before her video is removed from Ub2b for good by our superiors:

Some of the comments are priceless!  One commenter, “Russell379x”, states “i have a medical billing and coding company, havent seen a flu claim in a year“.   That sentiment strikes a resonant chord with Joe and I, although Joe points out the number “379” is also a model of Peterbilt truck, built from 1978 to 2007.  Joe says truck drivers often have a mischievous sense of humor, and they know everything about everything.
Just saying…..
Joe loves this nurse’s mastery of the English language.  Many eloquent phrases stuck out for us and we’ll repeat a few here –
Are you one of the stupid fucking retards that’s wearing a mask at any point at all?“, and
I’m a registered nurse with a masters degree and I will NEVER put a fucking mask on my face or on my child’s face, nor will I put us at risk because of your moron retard nonsense.
We love this gal because she doesn’t mince words.
Joe and I have known women to curse like the proverbial drunken sailor before; we find it refreshing on occasion.
We love this gal more because she WILL NOT COMPROMISE.
We can assume her career might be on the line….. if she hasn’t been fired already.
Someone, probably one of those people who inspired her exasperated angry outburst, will make it rain on her.
We all know those folks exist, because they’ve employed their special talents (betrayal, envy, spite, schadenfreude, etc) in the past: there is no indication that human nature has changed.  They often say they are only “doing their job”, or they might invoke the phrase “common good”.
To reiterate, the COVID virus has not been isolated.  In lay terms, that means it does not exist, for despite all attempts, it is simply a mutated strain of an existing virus acting in concert with other pathogens and/or morbidities.
To reiterate the reiteration, Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winner who was rewarded for inventing the PCR never intended the test to find illness.  It is a method to amplify genetic material found in ANY SAMPLE.  As the great man himself (RIP) said –

You heard the man.  More about Dr. Mullis:

He is the same man who refused to conduct further testing for HIV / AIDS, because, like this COVID strain, he insisted it did NOT EXIST as an isolable entity.
Joe and I are a fan of Dr. Mullis.  We first posted a video of him in our Sunday Rant – 5115 (December, 2015) where he shared his views on global warming.
We consider him to be genuinely eccentric, and a real genius.  His autobiography is titled “Dancing Naked in the Minefield“.  Here’s a quote from his autobiography –
We were fortunate to have the Russians as our childhood enemies. We practiced hiding under our desks in case they had the temerity to drop a nuclear weapon on Columbia, South Carolina, during school hours. In 1957 the Russians launched the space race by putting Sputnik I into orbit around Earth. It was only twenty-three inches in diameter, but it revolutionized the American educational system. The government poured millions of dollars into science education. It was a fortuitous time to be young and in love with science.”
Kary Mullis is a deep thinker from a unique perspective.  You can read his thoughts on books here.

Unfortunately, the good folks Nazi propagandists at YoubeTube (aka Ub2b) have rendered inoperable the link to his video featured in the above mentioned long ago Sunday Rant – 5115.
The claim in the meme below attributed to Dr. Mullis has supposedly been “debunked” as a false claim.  The “debunkers” insist Kary Mullis never said it –
However, due to the magic of the Internet, and the sleepy folks at Ub2b, there are other instances of Dr. Mullis saying so, in no uncertain terms.
Better watch this before it is gone, too:

A quick note – in the above video Marty Leeds discusses PCR testing with Dr. Tom Cowan, and a video clip of Dr. Kerry Mullis is embedded in the video.  More information at Marty Leeds website.
Here is a thoughtful analysis about how PCR testing is done, why it is done, and what are the boundaries of the testing results.
Thanks to Spiro Skouras for the well composed video, released in early November:

A final piece of information from Ireland.  A concerned citizen, a “mud pecker” journalist, a citizen of Ireland (pick your fave), has used the Irish equivalent of an Irish “freedom of information” request to obtain data from the government vis-à-vis the dread pirate COVID.
Spoiler alert!
There is no COVID-19 virus that has been isolated.
The use of masks and social isolation does not work.
WTF is going on?
There be dragons, mate.
Keep your head on a swivel, your eyes wide open, and your brain running full time.
A social media/video platform called UGETube is the source of the following video from a woman named Mary Tanasy, whose accent belies her Irish heritage.
Note:  Joe hasn’t learned how to stop autoplay while embedding videos from this source.  Our apologies for the inconvenience, and curse us for our technical naivety.  Our technician (Joe) is working diligently to resolve this issue:


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan welcomes the new year with faith, confidence, and optimism.
Now available on a new social media platform called UGETube.
Who are we to argue?
Note: So far, Joe hasn’t figured out how to turn off “autoplay” and still embed the video from UGETube.  Technical difficulties are eternal.
Sorry for the inconvenience if it plays without you clicking:


2020 Election Data
Joe and I have been pondering the idea of gathering together scattered data and results concerning the American election.
Maybe just organizing in one page what we’ve already posted to our rant, and observed on the television and watched on the Internet.
To paraphrase every cheesy cliché ever clichéd when considering the result vs numbers, something is definitely

Joe goes with our earliest memory of the FUBAR definition – Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.
Procrastination comes to the rescue!
Mr. Obvious beat us to the punch.
Without even referencing the overwhelming visuals (rally attendance for example), Mr. Obvious presents the data in an orderly fashion.
Joe and I aren’t saying that Donald Trump is the President.
That is beside the point.
What we are saying is the facts and data don’t add up to a Biden victory.
See if you agree with Mr Obvious and us:

Hilary Clinton Bribe
While investigating the new (to Joe and me) social media / video UGETube, we found an astounding interview with Mr. Patrick Byrne.  He states for the record how he was used by the FBI to set up a bribe for Hilary Clinton.
She took $20M USD from Turkey; they were sure she would take another.
The people behind the bribe wanted total control of Cankles WHEN SHE WON THE PRESIDENCY.
Things went FUBAR when Donald J. Trump won the election.
Mr. Byrne insists that this twist of election outcome precipitated the full press attempt to deny Mr. Trump the 2016 election.
Fascinating interview by Ann Vandersteel of SteelTruth.
The interview with Mr. Byrne starts at 16:13 in a segment titled “Lock Her Up”.
Joe says wait a minute!  It gets better!
In the segment titled “Snow Globe”, the Obama deep state operatives were behind Mr. Byrne setting up Cankles in order to control her WHEN she won:

If this video is taken down from YoubeTube, the interview is available on BitChute and UGETube.
Mr. Byrne says he is working with lawyer Sydney Powell to reveal all the facts, which are part of the Durham report.
Joe has a crush on Ann Vandersteel.



Quick Dick McDick
Two episodes from the Saskatchewan good-will ambassador of the century.
In this episode, QDMcD defines, with example, the “Saskatchewan Yank”:


Joe’s Garage

Boston Dynamics
Many years ago, we saw a video of an early Boston Dynamics “pack horse”.  It was a prototype – a loud gasoline fueled power plant, a bit clumsy and hurky-jerky, it was designed to carry up to 1000 pounds of materiel in uneven terrain.
Not too long after there were videos of them deployed with American ground forces.
In 2015, our Sunday Rant – 0815 featured a video of another Boston Dynamics ‘bot, named Spot Classic.  This four legged robot was powered by battery, and had an order of magnitude better capability.  It could climb stairs!
Below is a video of a variety of Boston Dynamics machines dancing to the ’62 classic “Do You Love Me?” by The Contours.
What a terrific way to welcome 2021!
If this isn’t a sign of better times to come we’ll eat our Depends.
With or without condiments.
Watching the ‘bots dancing and moving in time to the music, you get an impression of playful and agile carefree magical frivolous machines.
Of course, they could just as easily be carrying people from a burning building or holding mini Gatling guns.
Don’t be confusing the excellent technology with the vile evil side of humanity.  That dark humanity has been with us since Cane and Able.
The “lead dancer/singer” (yellow and black, 4 legs) has some killer moves, and the two legged ‘bots do the Twist better than Joe or I ever did.
Absolute and astounding brilliance:

Boston Dynamics YoubeTube channel here.  Boston Dynamics website here.
Note:  These machines are available to purchase.  Ain’t life grand?


High Speed Flyovers
At one time, long ago, Joe and I had a commercial pilot license – XDC9093.
The fastest aircraft we ever flew was capable of just over 230 mph.
Take a look at these flyovers, many of them being past your position before you hear them.
That folks is breaking the sound barrier:

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