Sunday Rant – 0218


Joe’s Comment – Gotta love the duality.  A man who makes the best of whatever situation has a great attitude…… and, in the depths of January, especially a year when Old Man Winter hasn’t kicked your teeth down your throat yet (but he will, he will), a trip to Hell would warm the cockles of yer heart.  Only downside would be the smell of sulfur.

Two versions of the same song, one with a beautiful woman wearing a dirndl and playing guitar, men in lederhosen with various instruments, and a lead singer wearing a tirolerhut:

and one with a lead singer with no shirt (Bon Scott), and a lead guitarist dressed as a schoolboy (Angus Young):

The Heimatdamisch Joe spotted at the “Peace or Freedom” website, a Canadian domain.  The other we nabbed from YoubeTUbe.  Joe used to have lederhosen that he made hisself.  He likes women guitarists, too.  Another AC/CD/Dislexo hit – Thunderstruck – with Brian Johnson (he replaced Bon Scott – RIP 1980).  These fellas invented the rhythmic base hook.  Good things come from Down Under:

We Only Have Eyes For Us
Joe and I continue our free educational enrichment in the humanities by listening to Dr. Jordan Peterson’s on line lectures, and the many snippets and short excerpts of longer presentations found on YoubeTUbe.  This short bit is about the unique features of the human eye:

XX and XY Are Us
Joe and I are somewhat exasperated with the LGBTVQES (hold the mayo) entities.  Seems to us that XX (women) and XY (men) are the only biologically viable human beings – viable in the sense of “capable of reproduction”, or the continuation of the species.
Whether you “identify” as a man or a woman or a garden vegetable is moot: unless you are an XX or a XY, you aren’t viable.
There are other chromosomal identities that occur, but as defective regeneration.
In women there is XX which is normal, and variants XO (Turner Syndrome – sterile), and XXX, XXXX, XXXXX (Triple X Syndrome – fertile but problematic reproductive tract).
In men, there is XY which is normal, and variants XXY, XXXY, XY/XXY (Klienfelter Syndrome – sterile, low testosterone), XYY (XYY or Jacobs Syndrome – fertile, high testosterone, above average height).
What does this information mean, i.e. how does it affect / effect the legal argument of sexual identity?  Further, IS THERE A LEGAL ARGUMENT?
Joe and I found an interesting and informative perspective at the West Hunter website.  The argument approaches the issue as an investigation of successful reproductive strategies at a genetic level (this is not r and K selection).  The conclusion reached is there are only two successful strategies; XX and XY, with other identities as reproductive errors.  As the author states –
Why would a geneticist be unable to make the distinction between an evolutionary strategy and an error of development (i.e. caused by replication errors of pathogens)? Well, the average geneticist doesn’t know much evolutionary biology. And being embedded in a university, the current replacement for old-fashioned booby hatches, he’s subject to pressures that reward him for saying stupid things. and of course some people are pre-adapted to saying stupid things.”

Joe and I say amen to that sentiment.

Trumpety Snippets
Joe and I have used the mime before and since the American election in 2016 – “he wasn’t our first choice, nor our second, but…..”.
We were idiots.
If for no other reason (of which there are daily additions) The Donald should have been an obvious choice for the comedic relief and the Kuboki theatre aspect.
Someone has taken the time to glean 40 minutes of Trump Gold from the campaign events leading to the election.
This is classic Trump doing what he does best.
Joe did some Internet surfing.  Mr. Trump’s IQ is estimated to be better than 150.  If you watch this compilation of his ascorbic, witty, nasty, and earthy commentary, see his nimbleness in argument, watch him play to the audience, you know he isn’t who the MSM are describing.
Eleanor Roosevelt is credited with saying “Small minds discuss people, Average minds discuss events, Great minds discuss ideas”.  Listen to Donald Trump employ discussion at each of these three levels to make his points while interacting with the crowd.
What impressed Joe most was he is a natural.  He eats the stress / conflict / attacks without flinching, and enjoys himself all the while.  Worth a view if only to re-visit your pleasure or chagrin or horror of a President Trump:

Intellectual Froglegs
First of 2018 for Joe Dan Gorman.  The episodes are getting better with the passing years, and so is he:

Joe’s Garage
The shop is heated, full of projects big and small, well lit, and abandoned.
Joe is stubborn in his old age.
Snow on ground?  No workie…
Some mechanical entertainment in lieu of progress:

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Sunday Rant – 0118


Joe’s Comment – This Calvin cartoon speaks volumes.  It is Winter Madness and Cabin Fever season perfect.  The third frame is Joe in Winter to a “T”.
2018 lies ahead, waiting to be explored, adventured, enjoyed, and consumed with all the pratfalls, perils, joys and successes a new year presents to a lunatic on the loose with nothing to loose and all chips bet in the big game.
Joe is ready, bring on the New Year!

Another Peggy Lee recording with Benny Goodman.  Joe loves the look on her face as she sings:

Joe and I are experiencing a duality, a dichotomy, a paradox.
There seems to be a contradictory state of being emerging along with our advancing years that defies rationality.
The days drag out to 24 hours, give or take, and all seems normal.
We are tired and ready for bed at the end of each day, wake refreshed and ready the next morning.
An hour is an hour.
Yet the weeks are a blur.
The months speed by.
The years go so quickly we are having to catch our breath.
How fast can time go by before it stands still?
Joe asked the Google about it – 643,000,000 hits in 0.51 seconds.
Must be common to lots of people.
Joe likes this quote about time (from Star Trek “Generations”):
“Time is the fire in which we burn”.
Anyone else notice it is mighty warm here?

Teaching Fear
How do you tell a naif that it is NOT ALWAYS safe to do what you do at home or with your family when out and about on your own?
Especially when the specific naif is 6 years old.
Grandson #2 is gregarious, extroverted, amiable, very talkative, kinetic to the nth, self motivated, and curious to the ∞th.  On a recent shopping excursion I operated the cart and searched for the items to fill it.  Grandson did what he does while shopping with me, which is explore.
I gave him two guidelines:
1. don’t run in the store, and
2. don’t leave the store.
He usually complies, but on this day he decided to disobey a direct order.  Did I mention he is headstrong and stubborn?
When I finished shopping and checked through the clerk, I looked around in the store for him.  No Rourke.
More angry than worried, I walked over to the exit, stopped, and did a last search of the store.  He wasn’t in sight, but Rourke likes to hide, then pop out and scare the living bejesus out of me.  No Rourke.
I left the store to find Rourke outside talking with a group of homeless folks / druggies.
One of them came over to admonish me for letting such a young man wander around in such a neighborhood.
I thanked the bedraggled shabby man, got Rourke back to the vehicle, and tried to tell him why he must listen to Grandpa.
By the time we got to the next stop, he wouldn’t get out of the truck.
Just how do you tell a young pre-adolescent that there are dangers unimagined that could ensnare the unwary, steal away innocence, even harm irrevocably?
Grandpa, in his frustration, may have said too much, too graphically, too harshly.  Or, conversely, may have said too little, too vaguely, too generally.
I really don’t know.
For once, Joe didn’t have much to say, other than a small prayer of thanks.
More diligence required when out and about.

Pat Condell
Our admiration for Pat Condell continues to grow.
His latest rant, “A Word to the Criminal Migrant”, is available on Vimeo.
It’s also on YouTube, but the social climate at YT has a history of “disappearing” people such as Mr. Condell ’cause YouCan’tTube like that…..
Very well composed vitriol – trigger warning (it’s Winter and Snowflakes):

Joe’s Garage
The weather this week was trending mild.
So mild that Joe had the crazy idea he might wander out to the shop and actually do something before Spring.
First try, it started to sleet.  And ice crystal precipitation too.
Second try, different day, it started to rain.
The snow at the beginning of the week was about 2 feet deep, and we got snow in our footwear (sneakers with a hole in the side) and wet socks before we got half way to the shop door.
Enough of that stuff.
Instead, we retreated to the Internet, hot chocolate avec Lamb’s Navy, shortbread cookies (thanks Lynne!) and whiled away the days mining data pertinent to our thousands and thousands of unfinished (some not started) projects.
The following is an early picture of Craig Breedlove, the first man to reach 500 and then 600 mph in a car.  Joe snagged it off the Internet because of the engine – it has a Roots type supercharger with 4 Stromberg carburetors on top of a home-made manifold.  His ’34 Ford Coupe below set a record of 148 mph in the early ’50’s at a Mojave desert speed event.  The push truck looks to be a ’55 Ford –


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Sunday Rant – 5317


Happy New Year!

To all our family, friends, and acquaintances, the best year ever is nigh!

Sitting at our desk on New Year’s Eve, Joe and I are reflecting on the highs / lows, pros / cons, best / worst, as well as the bloody miracle that we’ve survived calendar year 2017.
And what a year 2017 was.  More in next year’s rants.
Even so, I’m convinced our 69th orbit of Sol will be more exciting than any other, of that I’m sure.
Joe says I feel that way because my memory is not too crisp….
I say it is because doG has been kind in letting me believe I haven’t yet reached personal apogee and awesomeness.
Which causes Joe untold paroxysms of mirth.
Joe below mirthing.  Don’t look behind you Joe!  It’s kinda scary!
p.s.  Joe and I do NOT have hypertropia or hypotropia.  The eyes of people with that condition don’t point in the same direction (think Marty Feldman).
The condition of having one eye lower than the other is orbital asymmetry.
The condition of having facial hair is caused by genetics and testosterone.
The Cabin Fever and Winter Madness are optional extras….
Wishing everyone the best New Year ever!
Lyric from the Pink Floyd song High Hopes,
from Joe and I,
old and tired as we are,
whistling past the grave yard,
from lessons past,
to a hopeful future,
to the best in us all,
recall that…..
The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
The endless river
Forever and ever
a song of Hope and Renewal:

Special Math Edition
This week’s Sunday Rant is the 53rd release in 2017.
When (in October) Joe calculated remaining Rants for the year, he yelled at me for misnumbering one of the rants, because everybody knows one year = 52 weeks.
While he was yelling, Joe did a quick calculation: 365 ÷ 52 = 7 (with remainder 1)  and promptly stopped yelling.
Instead, he said how obvious!  Every 6 years maximum ( a Leap Year adds to the excitement) there will be an additional rant.
So Joe says David, go see the first year of our ranting, because this is the first time a 53rd rant was composed.
This website warehouses our ranting back before it was a weekly Sunday release.  The first (earliest saved) was an email dated October 19th, 2010.  These early missives were emails sent whenever I thought there was something of interest and / or value to share with “PN” (Personal Network).
That is 7 years ago, but not relevant.  What is relevant is the first Rant of 2017 released on January 1st was a Sunday.  Our convention is the Sunday date (year) determines the number.  Joe says this is the only way for this to happen in a non-leap year.
Going back in the way back machine (Mr. Peabody), the first Sunday (weekly) rant was on June 3rd, 2012.  Up to this time and ’til some time after these rants were composed in an email and sent on Sunday.
Not without incident.
The frustration was first with TELUS mail, which restricted the parameters of the note, and contributed to many bashing screaming tirades against their idiotic IT wizards who authored the TELUS email client.  We switched it all to Google mail in late 2010, but continued to have a problem with loosing information or videos or the entire note if / when an incorrect keystroke caused a calamity.  This frustration was band-aided by NOT filling in the group mailing list in the address of the email, prohibiting release, but the other problems that restrict the content of an email were not resolvable (because of the restrictions on email).  We decided that the solution was to build a website.
By “we” I mean Mr. David Sword, page builder and website supporter/builder extraordinaire.  If you are contemplating creating and owning a website, I recommend him without reservation.
In March of 2014 the idea donned on me to number each rant with the week of release.  The first done this way was Sunday Rant – 1014 (March 10 of 2014).
On October 26, 2014, the first Sunday Rant (4314) was released on my very own domain ( rocks!) at 9:08 a.m.
Although the hosting server has changed three times (maybe more) since creating Droveria, the medium is much happier to work in.  Not perfect but much happier.
Next year will be the 4th of
It will have 52 Rants.
Calendar Math says so.  Come on in and browse around.

Christmas Comments
I am a softy when it comes to Christmas movies.
For years I’ve forced Joe to watch them with me (he doesn’t complain or argue any more – we really did binge this year).
They are wonderful relief at a stressful busy nasty weather time of the year.
The bonus for me is you can fall asleep for any portion or part of the movie, but if you see the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes, you know what happened.
Joe says he likes the up-beat cheerful positive optimistic message, which is quite rare in the avalanche of hysterical media we all are exposed to hearing and watching.  Another plus is the women are all truly stunning beauties, and the men ugly enough to allow normal folks (Joe and I are a stretch) to believe.
It should be no surprise that the best of these “B” features (Hallmark produces them with a cookie cutter methinks) have drawn the scorn of the Lefty/Progressive crowd, who scream racist and white privilege and culturally oppressive/exclusive, depending on the particular lie they are shouting.
Indeed, they have targeted Hallmark.

White Christmas means snow on the 25th of December (you ignorant asshats).  Snow is white (blood is red, the sky is blue, grass is green).
Just another attempt by the postmodern Marxist crowd to divide and conquer:

(The above excerpt from a convention sponsored by The Speakers Action Group early in 2017 – view it here.)
Time to break some PC norms and bring back the word “RETARD”, for that is who these upright on two (but not quite human) meat puppets emulate.
Retarded was the former PC talk to describe the IQ of extremely low functioning persons as a group, for the “technical” terminology was felt to be insensitive – i.e. Idiot = 0 – 25 IQ, Imbecile = 26 – 50 IQ, and Moron = 51 – 70 IQ (Note that this indicates the average person in sub Saharan Africa is a Moron at IQ 68).
To call the Left/Progressive mind “Retard” is not fair to those unfortunates who are retarded (idiots, imbeciles, and morons).
Joe says 10 out of 10 times, any retard would LOVE these Christmas movies, the seasonal festivities, the lights, the music, the focus on family, friends, loved ones, the food, the drink, the theme of joy to the world through the philosophy of love thy neighbor, and the hope that peace on earth is possible.
It seems only fair to generalize about the Left/Progressive folks the way they do about others.
Joe has suggested “Asshats”, “Jackasses”, “Stupids”, but realizes their true nature isn’t captured by any one of these words.  Fluggelsnorffs was also considered then rejected.
Joe and I (modestly) admit that we have been Masters of the art of name calling in the past, and we are working on coining the perfect all inclusive incredibly demeaning one word descriptor.  They deserve no less.
Until that time, suggestions anyone?

SkyNet Is Now
Joe and I stumbled across this little mind boggling item while enjoying a seasonal libation – CERnog (chocolate/eggnog/rum – yum yum!).
Joe muttered something about once more into the breech……

This is the Pandora’s Box Paradox.  Once the information is known, much like a bell ringing, it cannot be unknown, unheard.
The pleas for restraint will be voluminous but in the back room secret laboratories around the world, the trail will be followed to its logical end for scientific, defense, and paranoid reasons.  Joe says this is much to do about something.  Joe also says our Nazi scientists can beat your Nazi scientists (or we’ll steal yours away!).

Pamela Geller in Toronto
A most courageous woman who changed her entire life focus the morning of 9/11 in New York city.  Ms. Geller is a warrior.
The following video of her addressing a dinner sponsored by the JDL (Jewish Defense League) in Toronto shows her fire and drive and depth of subject knowledge.
It was iffy that she would be allowed into Trudeau’s marshmallow Canada – the land of NO FIRST AMENDMENT.  There was a concerted effort to deny her admission, but the effort was thwarted.  Ms. Geller’s entourage is replete with armed body guards who have saved her life on more than one occasion.
In this short video she re-visits her awakening to the sight of carnage, the smell of rotting Islam, and the steps she took to make her voice heard.
Joe (ever crude) says we should all have big balls like Pamela Geller:

The Left / Progressive / Uneducated continue to Orwell the language by re-defining common words we all use to mean their opposite or obfuscate their intended use.  The Left / Progressive / Uneducated continue to believe that all humanity at heart is kind and good and generous and forgiving and tolerant.
It is simply environment and nurturing and dialogue and endless choruses of kumbaya.
All of human history invalidates this belief.
Joe and I are not as courageous as Ms. Geller, but we do meet the PC meaning of an Islamophobe.  We are pro freedom of speech, pro individual rights pro individual freedom and pro private property.  Joe and I may only be potato peelers in the canteen of Pamela Geller’s army, but we will peel those potatoes to the best of our ability, knowing we are doing our small part to support her efforts.  In Pamela’s own words, Joe and I and all of us must be warriors for truth, warriors for free speech.  To say nothing to the face of evil in the name of tolerance is the highest order of treason against truth and justice.

Joe’s Garage
This week brought another foot of snow.
Ain’t no way Joe is going near that damn shop.
We are a perpetual summer supporter.
For amusement, the shortest landing by a fixed wing aircraft you could imagine:

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