Sunday Rant – 1519

PN:Joe’s Comment – I find solace and comfort in the words of the wise.  I (of course!) reserve the right to determine who I think is wise.  The wit and wisdom of Henry Louis Mencken always produces a wry smirk on my mug.  It is nothing but coincidence that in my advancing years I also wear suspenders.  Another coincidence: my trousers are sneaking upward to snuggle my man boobs.  This week my rant salutes the memory of H.L. Mencken.


Prager U
This recent episode features Ben Shapiro discussing the success of the West, and how it happened:

As an addendum to the above, we will borrow from H.L. Mencken –


Our favorite Libertarian is John Stossel.
In this video, Yaron Brooker and John Stossel give examples of why politicians and politics are NOT BENIGN.
The glaring example of forced “crony capitalism” they use is Microsoft.
Politicians are generally no more than mafiosi.
Joe says that government is a blight; an unfortunate necessity due to the inadequacy of human intelligence.
Ergo, if government is a blight then politicians are the enabler, the carrier, the henchmen (and henchwomen fer Christ sake).  The blighters…..
The political racket forces huge successful companies to comply with political objectives.  The most common objective being a wealth generator for the political elite and their bed mates.
Joe wonders what the world would be like if “free trade” actually existed:

It’s enough to invoke an H.L. Mencken quote (or two)-


Government Debt
The following video is an analysis of the U.S.A. government debt.
Canadian “death by government” isn’t any better.  In fact, a specific example (the province of Ontario) is worse than California!
In the video 10 common myths about government debt are debunked by professor Antony Davies.
Several of the graphs from the presentation forced our attention.

The above graph clearly shows that no matter the assessed tax rate, the actual tax revenue is more geared to GDP than rates paid by individuals.  In the U.S. of A. since 1950 the average rate has been approximately 17%.
The next graphic is based on what people generally agree should be the rate of taxes for 5 groups of taxpayers.  These rates are based on an effective rate that is calculated by the formula shown at the bottom of the chart.

If people agree that the above rates are “fair and balanced”, what then is the actual effective tax rate?
Joe choked at the actual values.  WTF? was what he said –
Talk about a welfare state!!!
Joe asks the philosophical question: how many fleas can live on a dog before the dog is critically or fatally affected and effected?
I answer: not as many as want to.
Watch and ponder:

Under the video are links to complementary supportive information.
How Big Is the U.S. Debt?
How Should Governments Deal With Debt?
Debts, Deficits, and Spending Cuts.
Learn Liberty is an excellent source of conservative progressive libertarian rational thinking.
Reason TV is an excellent source of conservative and libertarian thinking.
H.L.Mencken is an excellent source of clear concise fact –


Far Right-ism
Joe and I ARE exactly what Lana Lokteff defines as a “far right extremist”.
This shocking realization came while watching her describe the behaviour and ideology of the dreaded FRE in the following video:

All this time we identified as “theoretical Libertarian”.
How will we tell our friends?
Joe says it’s funny, but instead of feeling shame he feels justified.
And relieved.
Go figure…..
RedIce.TV has many videos of interest.
Another video at RedIce that Joe and I found reflective of our own thoughts is based on an observation of how many national / state leaders are childless.  In our own thoughts this includes those who may have children but are ambivalent.
Joe and I think of the primping peacock Emmanuel Macron, who is childless and married a woman 25 years his senior.  She, Brigitte Macron (nee: Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux), has three children with her former husband, André-Louis Auzière.  Joe says Oedipus +: he is about the same age as her children.
Also in Europe, Chancellor Angela Merkel, childless ex-communist (maybe not ex).  Note in the link there isn’t much info regarding her East German political career.  Her “gestapo” style has frightened Joe to the point he WILL NOT work on German cars (or trucks).
How about Theresa May in England?  Not barren (we assume) just childless.  She and her husband were unable to conceive.  Barren or no, what a cluster fuck she is making of Brexit.
In Canada, too.
Led for many years by Kathleen Wynne (a lesbian with three children), the province of Ontario has implemented sexual “education” into the provincial public school system which is highly irregular and (we think) immoral.
A doppelganger for Ms. Wynne’s closet reveal: her guilty feelings, her quest for normalcy?  It is easy to influence a child.  Not so easy to guarantee the effect of the influence.
After 13 years of marriage Ms. Wynne had a “sexual awakening” that led to divorce.  This is not extraordinary news – in Canada about 40% of marriages end this way.  The impact on her children is another story.
Joe is adamant: political leaders who don’t have children are not qualified to lead a country or state that is identified as a Nation.  Some that do have children ditto.
Call him crazy.
Call him misinformed.
Call him racist, Islamist, homophobicist, whateverist.
Joe is like the honey badger.  He don’t give a shit.
We believe the future belongs to the children.
It is the task of parents and adults to give children a complete history of where we (as a Nation / culture / society) came from, how we got to now, and what the future will be.  That is the groundwork for discussion:

Which lends a tender credence to H.L. Mencken observing the realities of politicians.  And children being abused by the public education system –


Mueller Gift to Trump
Dave Morrison of BlueCollarLogic has a thoughtful analysis of the Mueller report, and the political bottom line.
The Democrats got played.  Again!:


Climate Comedy
There are four debaters.
Our hero, Dr. Patrick Moore, dominates.
Watch the video if you don’t believe us.
One of the debaters is Dr. Mann.  The same Dr. Mann who sued Mark Steyn and Dr. Tim Ball.
And lost.
Listen to his “argument”.  You will understand why he lost:

If this isn’t an inspiration to quote H.L. Mencken, we don’t know what.  Humans are but fleas on a dog they named Earth.  We no more control what the Earth does than a flea rules a dog –


Joe’s Garage
Israel Goes to the Moon
What is there to say?
A tiny country that tried.
What’s the difference?
Smarts.  Drive.  Determination.
The first non-government attempt at a moon landing was cheaper and smaller than any previous attempt by any other entity.
Alas, “Beresheet” crashed before touchdown on the moon’s surface.
Small country, big dreams indeed:

Natens Häxor (Night Witches)
During the Second World War the Russian people were riding the German tiger.
To capitulate to German aggression would mean the loss of their country.
To fight the German juggernaut meant immense loss of life.
Russian assets were plenty of raw materials and a huge population.
Probably vodka too.
Could they repel the German war machine?
History was, they hung on long enough to reverse the tide – with the help of the Allies.
One of Stalin’s desperate programs was to enlist women in combat.
The Night Witches was one such program.
The Russian air force established three all women units to fly harassment and precision bombing missions against the German forces.
Some of these women, flying canvas and wire biplanes, flew over 800 missions.

The Germans gave them the name “Night Witches“, for most of the bombing was carried out during the night.  The witches moniker because very few of them were shot down by the Nazi forces.
Gunilla Bresky’s documentary about the Night Witches is in six parts on YoubeTube:

Part 02:
Part 03:
Part 04:
Part 05:
Part 06:

Heaven (on Earth)
Joe has always loved auto wrecking yards.
Or junk yards of any sort.
The U.S. of A. armed services aircraft boneyard in Tucson would keep Joe busy for the rest of his life.
Joe and I spent many a Saturday cruising antique / second hand stores in Calgary looking for antique radios, figurines, interesting curios, old furniture.
In the following Strange Inheritance video, the old grandpa left his grandchildren his lifetime collection of cars and trucks.
Joe watched it twice.  Some of Joe’s favorite Fords and Mercurys in the collection.  The highlight is two Cords, one supercharged.  You don’t have to be a gear head to appreciate automobile history:

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Sunday Rant – 1419


Joe’s Comment – Christopher Weyant is a talented cartoonist.  This one makes me laugh because occasionally, despite my poor communication skill, the real me shines through.  Then it gets interesting!


Jordan Peterson
A recent posting from the Heritage Foundation, where Dr. Peterson offers his perspective on the impact of the radical Left:


Senescent Cell Research
This branch of biological study focuses on the “upstream” effect of aging.
Seems some sort of relationship exists between old tired cells (senescent cells) and susceptibility to health issues.
The “Zombie” cells in your body (senescent cells) accumulate in your tissues.  These cells are believed to impair efficiency and release pro-inflammatory factors that increase degenerative aging.
Experimentation with mice has produced a 36% prolonged lifespan.

Human trials have begun to remove senescent cells from ill patients with positive results.
Joe read all.
He says there is no indication of quality of life change, only length.
We remain skeptical and, simultaneously, hopeful.


Joe’s Garage
113 Year Old Machine Shop
Joe says if he wins the Lotto (gotta buy a ticket!) he will definitely collect antique machine machines:

White Oak Down
Anyone who has visited our home in Vernon BC, especially in the good old summer time, would have noticed the white oak tree smack dab in the middle of where a back yard should be.
When Joe and I moved in on January 22nd, 2005, the white oak was there, but not so monster, not so imposing, not so fecund.  It was winter time…..
Here is a picture from the property listing the previous year.
The white oak is the big green tree between the house and shop –
The first year (2005) Joe and I thought it was wonderful.
Many acorns that were not picked up in the fall sprouted.
We potted about 150 of them to give away to friends, family, strangers, my grandson’s kindergarten class, whomever.
We mowed grass, pruned, and generally kept our selves busy with yard maintenance.
The white oak was large then, and we were only mildly surprised at how much leaf dropping and acorn production the late autumn produced – two garbage cans full of acorns and thirty bags of leaves just for the oak was typical.
Time passed by.
The pride of possession was gradually replaced by annoyance.
Sitting under the tree in the summer covered you in transpiration juices if the day was hot.  White oak sweat is hard to get off furniture, vehicles, and lawn equipment.
The grass struggled to grow under and around the canopy.
We finally said to Hell with it!
doG made the mess, he can clean it up….. (referring to the leaves and acorns and windfalls of sticks and branches).  This approach created a wilderness mess.
Annoyance was finally replaced by deep and abiding murderous intent.
After 14 years, it came down to us or her.  The big ugly in the back yard.  We told her so.  Gave her the opportunity to pick up and leaf leave.
She was resolute.  She started to bud.
Not again, said we!
A week ago on Sunday we started to trim back the branches looming over the roof of the house.  Ours is a tar and gravel roof, with plenty of leaves, acorns, and moss heaped on it, thanks to that monster tree.  Dillan and Josh were there to claim the wood if they did the work.  A few large branches came down on Sunday.
On Monday it was Joe and I to finish the job.
By Wednesday, the major limbs that might hit the shop or house were down.  Here’s a picture of some of the branches and limbs –
Thursday we cleaned up around the yard in preparation to top the oak.
Here’s a few pictures of the top on the ground –

An idea of the size of the top

Picture taken from Suzy Snorkelift high above the fray

We measured the top at 48 feet 6 inches.
Friday is when we dropped the main trunk.  Here is a before picture –
Some idea of the size with this view looking toward the house.

The butt of the tree at ground level is 3 feet in diameter.

The main trunk is 27 feet 6 inches long.  The butt diameter is 32 inches, and the top diameter is 16 inches.  This calculates to roughly 90 cubic feet.  White oak green weight is approximately 48 pounds per cubic foot.  This calculates to 4320 pounds.
Overall, the tree stood about 78 feet tall.  It took Joe and I five days to have it all down and piled, more or less, in an orderly fashion.
A good week!

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Sunday Rant – 1319


Joe’s Comment – This cartoon (Calvin and Hobbes) epitomizes the relationship I often have with my “alter ego“.  Not conflict.  Not comprehension.  Not adverse.
That other bastard just doesn’t get it, but is willing to play along just the same.
We are complex entities, all of us.
Now where the hell did I put that transmogrifier gun?


Loony Tunes
16 Year Old Voters?
Joe says WTF?
I say you gotta be kidding!
The Democrat Party is unmoored from reality.
How could a 16 year old person make world changing choices that are sane, logical, and enduring?
Choices that advance the economy, the culture, the health of our citizenry, while attempting to preserve or better our environment?
Good luck answering.
Joe and I were 16 (only once).
We weren’t, and never met, the virtuous well informed 16 year old voter.
Hell, eligible adults are having the devil of a time doing so, let alone newbie-pubies.
What could possibly possess the Democrats to support such a plan?
Votes, we reckon.
Although the vote is only a pathway to the ultimate goal.
Power of government.
Government is “legitimate” force.
Q.  Which country in the world has no armed forces or weaponry?
A.  There isn’t such a country!
Here is Chad Prather offering his opinion on the subject:

Joe and I bought a book some time ago titled “Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas”.  Daniel J. Flynn identifies a number of ideologically driven movements which turned into veritable Pandora’s Box ugliness for the general public (more on Pandora below).
Joe says this book should be mandatory reading.
In high school.
And university, college, trade school, correspondence class, and for citizenship.
Definitely read and understand before you vote.
In keeping with our tradition of ascorbic humor regarding politics, we will defer to the great H.L. Mencken for a final comment –


Stefan Molyneux
The southern border of the U.S. of A. is being attacked.
Immigration law in the U.S. of A. is so compromised and ineffectual that hundreds of thousands of desperate people are taking a chance to gain foothold (physical presence) in the country.
As Stefan notes, warfare has taken the guise of walking into a country then voting into office the type of government you want.
Time for some philosophical / biological analysis of just who the heck people think they are!
Here is “Thought Bites: Women, Open Borders and Warfare”:


Prager U
Dennis Prager lets the hammer drop on “Leftism”:


White Male Privilege
Dave Morrison of Blue Collar Logic shares his personal story of white male privilege.
A lot of parallels to Joe and me; our story is similar.
Sharing a personal secret, we never wanted anything more than an adventure:


The definition of “Schadenfreude” is – noun: satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.
When the Mueller Report hit the desk of A.G. William Burr last Friday, he and his team came up with a four page report for Congress in less than 36 hours.  The report was delivered to Congress on Sunday.  An incredible feat, considering the volume of data to be parsed.
The incipient schadenfreude the Democrat / progressive / never Trump / lefty wackjobs were sensually salivating to experience did NOT materialize.
Indeed, each and all of the accusations against Trump and his team were summarily dismissed.  No collusion.  No obstruction.
Now, the schadenfreude shoe is on the other foot.
Today, Wednesday, it was reported that CNN’s viewership had dropped overnight to less than 600,000 viewers.
A catastrophe.
For them.
Other main stream media outlets felt similar disastrous declines.
Joe scratched his head and pondered what the Hell they expected after 2+ years of an obsessive-compulsive rabid pursuit of lies, deceit, and obfuscation that produced a big fat nothing.
Joe and I aren’t particular fans of The Rolling Stones, but this seems one of those times.  (That one bozo looks like Ronald McDonald):

The cartooning world has never had such a fertile and bountiful subject cornucopia.  Examples follow.
The NYT would never publish a headline (see below) in this universe –

The schadenfreude-o-meter –

We found these and more at Powerlineblog.
A bunch more at PatriotPost.
In addition, if you search Google or Duck-Duck-Go for Mueller Report Cartoons, you will be laughing for hours!
Joe and I know it is difficult to put aside emotions and feelings in order to concentrate entirely on data, facts, and observations.
Even more difficult to think, to analyze, to deduce, to conclude.
Terribly difficult when the data, facts, and information is contradictory.
However, we reiterate.
What a person does is orders-of-magnitude more significant than what they say.
As Russ Perot said, “Talk is cheap.  Words are plentiful.  Deeds are precious.”
As for the Main Stream Media, today, Thursday, most of them have pivoted to health care.  No apology.  No mia culpa.  No mention of collusion or obstruction.
Others have doubled down on their position insisting there is collusion and obstruction.  Despite no evidence, no “smoking gun”, no facts.
Again no apology.  No mia culpa, despite the Mueller report.
Mueller, the “golden boy” of the left, is now under suspicion.
What a sad state so-called journalism is in, and how little validity they now have.


Patrick Moore Redux
The following video is from the excellent Canadian YoubeTube channel, “Conversations That Matter“.  CTM is a product of Simon Fraser University, featuring Stuart McNish.  Subject matter focuses on B.C. and Canadian issues, with world-wide concerns seen from a Canadian perspective.
Their website is for additional videos.  Click on “Episodes” for a menu sorted by topic.
This conversation with Patrick Moore is several years old, but has more detail than the previous Dr. Moore videos posted in this rant.
In this video Dr. Moore explains why the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have fallen from thousands to mere hundreds of parts per million.
The guilty party is Life©!
Carbon dioxide is the foundation of all life on planet earth.
Sequestering of CO2 by various life forms was on course to eradicate life on earth.
Watch and learn:

A second in-depth interview of Dr. Moore by Stuart McNish (from Conversations That Matter) that is more recent than the above video.
You will hear Dr. Moore state that “The corruption is public funding of science”:

Joe and I are presently enamored with Conversations That Matter.
For my friend Ronaldo D., check out the pieces on Indian Treaties, Energy sector.
For my friend Ricky D., check out the conversations with Dr. Will Happer and Dr. Freeman Dyson.
Just sayin’.


GMO People
Joe and I are great fans of Pandora.
(Water color Lawrence Alma-Tedema, 1881) –
The legend states that Pandora opened a jar left in the possession of Epimethius which contained death, illness, and other evils that beset mankind.  She quickly closed the jar, but all the contents had escaped except hope (or, pessimistically translated, deceptive expectation).
Over the centuries, different interpretations of the Greek myth have been offered.  The story changed as did the cultures and societies reading the original.
Present times, to open a “Pandora’s Box” implies unleashing something powerful that may have dire unexpected consequences.
(John William Waterhouse – 1896 – oil on canvas) –
Enter the dragon!
The study of DNA, the building block of all life, is a powerful pursuit.
Is it possible to assemble the simple elements of the DNA chain (T-A, C-G) and build your very own unique creature?
The answer is yes.
Scrupulous and unscrupulous endeavors are currently underway to do just that.
Baby steps first.
Here is a conversation between Stephen Hsu and Stefan Molyneux about genetically engineered humans:

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