Sunday Rant – 2324


Joe’s Comment – Another week of waiting for Summer.
The weather has been bleh – cloud, rain, wind, repeat.  Good for growing grass.
Not so much for swimming and splashing in the lake.
The grass is still not cut.
The Canadian and American political scene becomes more en retard every day.
The cost of meat has almost doubled at my favorite grocery.
I haven’t filed my 2023 income taxes.
Who cares?
Life is good….. and smooth….


How to Escape Canada
There has been a counter-current to the obscene immigration numbers in Canada – emigration is soaring!
An article at the Epoch Times here.
A few videos that might open your mind and change your Weltanschauung.
The first is presented by someone Joe and I have no equivalent acquaintance or friend to compare with – on first blush this self professed “Nomad Capitalist” curdles our milk.  However, in a world where $$$ talks, this young man has a number of possible strategies he shares in how to become a Canadian non-Canadian:

Another Canadian not satisfied to “tough it out” in the true(deau) north strong and free.  I have three friends who have done this – two in Taiwan and one in Ecuador.  Joe and I planned to be in Belize shortly after retiring in 2002.  The fickle finger of fate has a way of poking a person in the eye:

The Culture

Robert DeNero
A true piece of work:

Tiananmen Square
This is the 30th year since the tragedy of Tiananmen Square.  The CCP is as ruthless as the Biden administration – maybe more (Joe would argue it is a wash).
The world is the same old whore it always has been – with enough money on the table, the “countries” of the world, the “elites” in control, will contort themselves into unspeakable poses, ridiculous statements, and unforgivable actions.  It seems to be a constant.
The confusing part for Joe and I is we don’t believe it even when we see it.
We have to turn our Pollyanna dial down in order to see what is real:

Ivor Cummins and Robert Barnes
Two iconic sources of straight goods have a talk about “lawfare”.
Ivor Cummins did sterling investigative journalism during the COVID scam.
Robert Barnes is a brilliant constitutional lawyer (he defended Alex Jones).
The use of the legal system to impoverish, diminish, dissipate, or otherwise immobilize or cripple a political foe is the subject of their discussion.
Joe and I have to weigh our desire to shoot off our big fat mouth with the very real possibility of being sued into oblivion.  In our current fiscal reality it would be a very short trip to pecuniary annihilation.
Two sane men talking about the current hot mess in Western culture:

Dr. Phil and Donald J. Trump
Joe and I listened carefully to this conversation.
More and more we believe the lawfare attacks on Mr. Trump are driven by the Biden administration.
As the man himself says, his celebrity was accepted across the board until he ran for office – as a Republican.  Lots of information in this hour:

Islam and Slavery
The facts remain the facts.
History as written depends on the perspective of the writer.
“The Religion of Peace” has a long dismal history of insensitivity to non Muslim human rights.  Indeed, the different tribes of that faith war amongst themselves!
A dated video as a reminder – what has been done is not forgotten:

The Truth About Ramadan
Every time there is a religious holiday, Joe and I wonder….. why?
Growing up in a Christian nation (we were of the Anglican tribe), we became accustomed to the annual celebrations that originated with our faith, ingrained in our culture.
All good and fine.
Now look at this analysis of the Muslim “holiday” of Ramadan.  David Wood (Acts 17 Polemics) does a masterful job of ridiculing the double talk surrounding the Ramadan “fasting” feasting.  Many questions come to mind…..:

Michael Shermer on Religion
Mr. Shermer summarizes the criticism of all religion in about 10 minutes.
Joe and I accept the general argument.
Hear what we say – we accept the general argument.
Does this argument exclude the possibility of a doG, or multitude of doGs?
No, it does not.
This argument is a logical construct.  Within the boundaries of language and logic, the argument is soundly constructed.
Joe and I believe there are greater conundrums to ponder.
One such conundrum is why do so many people think they know what is best for others to do, or how they should live.  Life as a force is severely contained by physical boundaries (Earth).  Is Life only found on Earth?  A terrifying concept no matter the answer.  Perhaps Life is such a danger to the Universe that a special prison called Earth was constructed to contain it.  That is some tasty word salad for you to munch.  As for Joe and I, we are carnivores….:



Earliest Signs of Breast Cancer
Joe and I have (blush!) manly man boobs.
We are not in shape.
Dr. Ken Berry catalogues the earliest signs of cancer specifically in relation to breasts.
Joe says these signs are alien to men.
Joe also says there are only two genders.
However, as a matter of public interest, here is some important information:

Joe’s Garage

Uncle Tony – Redux
Shucks and taters Joe, ain’t we startin’ to appreciate Uncle Tony and his garage?
Yes, we are!
Joe isn’t a fan of the Chrysler marque, especially newer than 1970.
What is intriguing about Uncle Tony is the political message underlying his monologues.
In this video Tony does a yeoman’s job of trashing the current culture of electric vehicles.  Joe and I concur.  There is a niche market but it won’t be optimized due to the constant problem with battery driven vehicles since the late 1800s – expensive dangerous heavy low capacity batteries.  If only Joe would get off his ass and invent the perfect battery – cheap as dirt, safe as mother’s milk, light as a pancake, with an infinite capacity.  Boy!  Would Joe be rich!:

Birth and Death of Hard Drives
Joe and I remember the first hard drive we bought.  It was sinfully expensive and woefully limited in storage capacity.
But it was a quantum improvement over the floppy disks and the hard shell disks that were storage mediums before.  An interesting note – 1954 was the first “hard drive”.  Like all technology, there is a birth, growth, maturity, and often a sunset.
Joe has replaced the hard disk drives in our main computer(s) with SSD – solid state drives.  No platters, no “flying heads”, no big weight, no huge power requirement.  We love us some technology!:

Exhaust Back Pressure
Joe and I come from way back long ago.
We have heard the admonition that “a little back pressure is necessary for maximum power” more than once over the years.
On occasion, when we actually pondered how such an assertion might actually work, our little pea brain came up with nada.
In the following video, Erik Reider, special projects lead of Banks Power,  clears up the mystery.  The mystery is how could such blatant misinformation have such long legs?
The truth will out:

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Sunday Rant – 2224


Joe’s Comment – This was a week of working on various projects while trying to ignore the gong show happening south of the border.
My life long focus has been problem solving and researching.  I should have been a librarian.
An example of a current dilemma – if I don’t solve the lawn mower problem soon it will be a fire hazard yard when the sun dries the grass.
Three very special birthdays coming up this week.
All in all, I’m enjoying the mild weather, but I’m anxious to have some hot weather before the days start getting shorter….. a short three weeks from now.
This getting old business is a curiosity.  The years seem to go faster than ever the older I get.  And the number of problems to solve increases astronomically.
Some curiosities get curiouser and curiouser…..


Quick Dick McDick
Joe and I are concerned about QDMcD.
This rant is entirely about Saskatchewan political hissy fighting.
Although Quick Dick is spot on with his concern, we are more comfortable with his promotion of farm and ranch life, and lifestyle.
All the years Joe and I languished in the Big City (pick one, any one) wishing we had the wherewithal to pick up and buy a farm or a ranch, all those years…..
We never made it.  It is a complex business that requires 24/7 attention.
The romance of the land and independence and raising what you eat were the attractions.  Getting skunked by weather or ignorance or government bumbling is more probable than a love affair.
You can get political shenanigans on every street corner of the city.
Thanks for your “Toonie” Quick Dick.  Perhaps you are right – it is the duty of citizens to protect the foundation institutions of the government.  The blood sucking lying cheating whoring politicians (there are more than one) can’t be trusted with that sacred honor, as exemplified in every legislature everywhere everyday all over the world:

The Culture

Viva Frei
Our man in (New) Havana (Florida) comments on the outcome of the Donald Trump trial – 34 counts of guilty.  The ex-President is officially a criminal (until appeal).
Joe and I have a history of sharing our love of “The Law™”.  Along the lines of the old adage – “of course I love you honey, I sleep with you, don’t I?”
The judiciary in the U.S. of A. is broken.  Too many players on the take.  Too much politics (there should be NO POLITICS in Justice).  Now the whole world knows just how crooked America is, how despicable it looks, and how irrevocable the damage.  The Judiciary has fallen.  The Executive has fallen (85 + 75 = more voters than are registered in the U.S. of A.!)  The House fell many years ago…..
So much for “check and balance”.
We agree with Viva – the debasement of the American legal system is akin to the total debauchery of all authority during the COVID tyranny of the last 4 years.
We also agree with Viva that the foundations undergirding what the Founding Fathers hoped would be a virtuous and religious citizenry have been mortally damaged.  Truly, Joe and I see the so-called “Left” through new eyes.  What we are seeing is not pretty.
These fucking morons will destroy the country only to rule over the ruins.
It is time to cease accommodating the progressive wackjobs, time to stop tolerating their unending shrill hysteria about every real or imagined boogyman.
We are not fan boys of the pearl clutching hand wringing Viva Frei, but in this instance his clutching and wringing to beat the band is justified.
Most of our life Joe and I have longed to be American.
Not so much these days.
These events herald a life or death test of the greatest nation ever to have been.
Will their founding documents foment adequate grass roots resolve to fix the madness?  Will We The People rise to the occasion?
Joe says the world isn’t ending.  But the world is changing.  Hang on to your hats.
If ever there was a need for a multitude of Schindlers, this be the time:



Lierre Keith
What a coincidence!
It is Sunday morning: Joe and I finished reading Lierre Keith’s book, “The Vegetarian Myth” in the early morning.
Ms. Keith has created a source book.  We don’t agree with her political perspective or her misspeaking of various science facts.  We do agree with her passion and her dedication.
Chapter 4, “Vegetarian Nutrition”, is a well organized well annotated overview of the human body and the nutritional needs it has – the PHD – Proper Human Diet.
This chapter alone is worth the price of admission.
Much to our delight, Ms. Keith has a conversation with Rina Ahluwalia, founder of “5 Minute Body“.
This interview is an adequate precise of the book:


Damn it!
We really wanted to share this short musical bit.
Unfortunately, it is on X, and we have yet to master the embedding into WordPress.  Select, then right click on the address below and open it in a new window.
You will laugh out loud!


Joe’s Garage

Uncle Tony
Joe and I are warming to Tony as the years (and videos) pile up.
No explanation required (he’s a Chrysler fanboy).
However, in this video, he tells some truth that Joe and I hold as gospel.
The “facts” we’ve been told or have assumed since conscious memory just ain’t so.  There be dragons seems apt:

The Yellow Submarine
A long time ago, 30+ years, a jet boat sank in Lake Powell.
The folks at “Merlin’s Old School Garage” decided to bring the boat home and see what they could see.
Joe says the 460 Ford engine is the best choice for an all purpose jet drive.
This old Ford will surprise you!
Watch and see a submarine motor run again:

A young Canadian has invented a use for recycled plastic that includes concrete and some secret sauce.  The net result is building blocks that have a reasonable “R” factor, that link together, and are incredibly sturdy.
Joe and I would use these blocks.
The only drawback is how much do they cost?
A thought provoking invention:

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Sunday Rant – 2124


Joe’s Comment – I’m still waiting for the spontaneous smiles hot sunny weather brings to my face.  Is “quid pro quo” a legitimate meteorology term?
I’m thinking mild winter, rainy unsettled spring.
Karma of the climate.
The perfect year with the perfect climate is an absurd hope, but I never stop thinking about the what ifs such weather would bring.
Oh well, what the hell…..
Today a new machine arrived in my yard.  I have been anticipating it for some months.  In my endeavors I often have to move items that weigh over half a ton, and are cumbersome or bulky to move.  For example, a diesel engine with transmission might be close to 1,300 pounds, and is an unbalanced load.  I have at least three of them lying around.
I now have the means to move such monstrosities with impunity!
What, pray tell, is the nature of this magic machine?
Her name is Veronica, and she is an Hitachi Zaxus 35U-2 excavator (with thumb), capable of lifting just such weighty and/or bulky items with aplomb –   So far, I’ve driven Veronica a total distance of 45 feet, and an elapsed time of maybe 65 seconds.
So far, so good.
Veronica replaces two BobCat machines.  First, a 322 excavator (an Internet pic) –
The 322 is a lovely small machine.  It will track down a 4 foot wide corridor with room to spare.  Unfortunately, even when the boom and the dipper stick (arm) are retracted and tucked fully, the maximum lift distance (bucket extended to fully tucked) is limited (maybe a foot or so), and the maximum lift weight turned out to be a fully dressed Ford flathead motor – approximately 600+ pounds.
Not enough for the bigger items in my shop and yard.
The other BobCat I replaced is a 743 skid steer (my 743 pic) –
A skid steer is an amazing invention.  Turn on a dime.  Faster than a speeding excavator.  Thrifty to operate (unless it breaks – another story altogether).  Many attachments available for various purposes.  Alas, I don’t spend much time turning on a dime, or competing with an excavator, or worrying about operating costs.
What I need most of the time is akin to a crane or gantry or a tug/tractor.  I lift and move heavy and/or bulky items.
Because I work alone most of the time, the skid steer is not a good choice for heavy lifting.  In order to attach or release an item, you must risk crawling out of the operator’s seat under a raised boom.  Not so troublesome with two workers, an operator and a “swamper”.  Potentially dangerous or fatal when operating alone.
Hence the desire for a larger excavator.  You can dig and fill.  You can push and pull.  Best for me, you can lift.  Veronica also has a thumb, so picking and placing items or lifting them can be accomplished without leaving the operator’s seat.
That is the rationale.
The words of Robert A. Heinlein come to mind –
Which segues into the words of Bertrand Russell –
Time will tell…..


Rex Murphy, Jordan Peterson
Mr. Peterson pays tribute to Rex Murphy with a short video of their time together exploring Newfoundland.  Much appreciated.
The first view Joe and I have had of the birthplace of our paternal grandfather  – Bay Bulls Arm – was in this video.  Granddad was a fifth generation Newfoundlander.  His great great great grandfather, William, born at Upper Island Cove (date unknown), was christened on December 11th, 1779, in Harbor Grace.  William Drover and Mary Cox were the proud parents, immigrants from Ringwood, England.  Our Drover lineage predates the formation of Canada……
Newfoundland is a unique land with unique people.  Rex Murphy was exemplary of those hearty folks.  His unique perspective from a unique period was a Canadian treasure, impossible to replace.  Thank you Dr. Peterson!:

Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan and Canada’s agrarian ambassador to the world shares a quick minute or two while seeding a field with canola.
Not too many folks are directly involved in any sort of farming  in Canada.
Joe and I thank Quick Dick for posting these videos.
Now if more people would watch these videos, especially children, there would be a gradual understanding and appreciation of where food comes from:

The Culture

Ann Coulter and Scott Adams
Joe and I found this short segment grinworthy and very entertaining.
We aren’t that fond of Mr. Adams – his S.T.E.M. knowledge is minimal which allows his logical strength to make absurd conclusions on occasion.
Joe and I are long time fans of Ms. Coulter.  We have one of her books.  She is known for her independent and entirely autonomous conclusions.  For instance, she predicted a Donald Trump win in 2016 in the face of much cajoling and laughter.  She laughed last.  An interesting exchange with an overtone of mutual admiration:


Sally K. Norton and Kelly Hogan
Every time somebody interviews Sally K. Norton, Joe and I watch with interest and concentration.  We learned more than we already knew.  And Kelly Hogan is a steady calm advocate too.  A worthwhile discussion:


The following shorts are of Vladimir Shmondenko, a Ukrainian powerlifter who goes by the alias Anatoly.  Fantastic pranking!:

Joe’s Garage

SpaceX Reinvents the Rocket
The basic concept of rocket propulsion and rocket design has matured.
And the engineers at SpaceX made it happen.  Gotta love high value employees:

More Bendin’ with Bendon
Joe can’t get enough of this channel!
In this video, a Peterbilt that was in a roll over gets the twist.
Boy, does it get the twist.
The end result is fabulous:

Another Peterbilt that needs a magic touch.
Joe wonders if it is an inherent problem with the marque…..:

Valvoline Research Lab
The Oil Geek takes a trip to Valvoline’s research lab.
Lots of can’t tell ya, but also lots of reaffirmation that somewhere somehow some way, there are still engineers and engineering happening, at the best level possible – with real honest to doG hardware!
Joe and I learned some stuff for sure:

Nicole Johnson’s Detour
This gal makes Joe a bit envious.  She is sassy, and able, and good looking.
That’s not what Joe envies.
She uses her assets to garner rides in absolutely fabulous or outrageous or spectacular or rare or famous vehicles.  A couple of examples:

Next, Nicole gets an opportunity to drive a big Willy.
Hilarity ensues.
This crazy badger built a 1.68:1 scale Willys – modeled after the 1942 war time machine.  Joe and I approve!  We are always impressed by the talented people who create pieces of art just because they can:

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