Sunday Rant – 4720


Joe’s Comment – The artwork of “Al Margen-Página” (roughly translated “at the edge of the page” or “on the border”) is a reflection of modern living, of modern times.  The subject of his work is what is wrong with modern society.  More examples here.
Needless to say I see something to reflect on in every image.
A complex combination of Salvador Dali and Dianne Arbus – surreal and marginal.
And dark.
Without a lie, I’ve lived all of the above (and more!) this week alone.
The cumulative stress of the world going mad (re: COVID hoax) is lifting the edge.
My refusal to wear a mask or avoid people is a small badge of courage – and increasingly inconvenient.
Bordering on insurrection.
Jail time ahead?
Strange times…..


Nuremberg Trials
On the 20th of November, 1955 the surviving captured Nazi leaders and government officials were put on trial at Nuremberg, Germany.
When the trials ended on October 1st 1946, the fate of 24 of the most important political and military leaders of the Third Reich had been decided.
The death penalty was the judgement for 12 of those on trial.
Here is an old British Pathé film of the accused entering their pleas into the court record:


Trump Accomplishments
The list is long and laudable.
Joe and I have not seen a more outstanding job done by any President in our lifetime.
We have learned a lesson.
Our first impression/speculation of how DJ Trump would lead, based on our limited perception of the man vs the public image, was way off base.
We stand corrected.
We pledge to throttle our “first impression” assessments in future to include in-person meetings only.  Otherwise, we will base our judgement on behavior and performance.
The list is found on the Jim Bakker Show website.
The entire article, written by Kami Klein, is very long.  Below is the list of the President’s accomplishments.  There are 15 headers total, with more detail and facts about each bullet.  An incredible list.  An impressive performance.
The list is for the first three years only!
For more detailed information, go to the “Promises Kept” website.


  • Since President Trump’s election, more than 7 million jobs have been added to the economy.
  • For the first time on record, there are more job openings than unemployed Americans.
    • There are more than 7 million job openings, outnumbering job seekers by more than 1 million.
    • Nearly two-thirds of Americans rate now as a good time to find a quality job, empowering more Americans with rewarding careers.
  • This year, the unemployment rate reached its lowest level in half a century.
    • The unemployment rate has remained at or below 4 percent for the past 21 months.
    • The unemployment rate for women reached its lowest rate in 65 years under President Trump.
  • Under President Trump, jobless claims hit their lowest level in half a century.
  • The number of people claiming unemployment insurance as a share of the population is the lowest on record.
  • American workers of all backgrounds are thriving
    • The unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and those without a high school diploma have all reached record lows under President Trump.
  • The booming economy is putting more money in Americans’ pockets.
    • Wages are growing at their fastest rate in a decade, with year-over-year wage gains exceeding 3 percent for the first time since 2009.
    • November 2019 marked the 16th consecutive month that wages rose at an annual rate of at or over 3 percent.
    • Median household income surpassed $63,000 in 2018 – the highest level on record.
  • President Trump’s policies are helping forgotten Americans across the country prosper, driving down income inequality.
    • Wages are rising fastest for low-income workers.
    • Middle-class and low-income workers are enjoying faster wage growth than high-earners.
    • When measured as the share of income earned by the top 20 percent, income inequality fell in 2018 by the largest amount in over a decade.
  • Americans are being lifted out of poverty as a result of today’s booming economy.
    • Since President Trump took office, over 2.4 million Americans have been lifted out of poverty.
    • Poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans have reached record lows.
    • Since President Trump’s election, nearly 7 million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps.
  • Americans are coming off the sidelines and back into the workforce.
    • The prime-age labor force has grown by 2.1 million under President Trump.
    • In the third quarter of 2019, 73.7 percent of workers entering employment came from out of the labor force rather than from unemployment, the highest share since the series began in 1990.
  • President Trump’s pro-growth policies are helping businesses of all sizes thrive like never before.
    • Small business optimism broke a 35-year old record in 2018 and remains historically high.
    • The DOW, S&P 500, and NASDAQ have all repeatedly notched record highs under President Trump.
  • President Trump is following through on his promise to revitalize American manufacturing, with more than a half-million manufacturing jobs added since the election.
  • President Trump has prioritized workforce development to ensure American workers are prepared to fill high-quality jobs.
    • The President has worked to expand apprenticeship programs, helping Americans gain hands-on training and experience with no student debt.
    • Since President Trump took office, over 660,000 apprentices have been hired across the country.
    • President Trump established the National Council for the American Worker, tasked with developing a workforce strategy for the jobs of the future.
    • Over 370 companies have signed the President’s “Pledge to America’s Workers,” pledging to provide more than 14.4 million employment and training opportunities.
    • President Trump signed an Executive Order prioritizing Cyber Workforce Development to ensure that we have the most skilled cyber workforce of the 21st century.
  • President Trump signed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act in 2017 – the largest tax reform package in history.
    • More than 6 million American workers received wage increases, bonuses, and increased benefits thanks to the tax cuts.
    • $1 trillion has poured back into the country from overseas since the President’s tax cuts.
  • President Trump is revitalizing distressed communities through Opportunity Zones, which encourage investment and growth in underserved communities.
    • More than 8,760 communities in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and 5 Territories have been designated as Opportunity Zones.
    • The White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council has taken more than 175 actions to encourage investment and promote growth within Opportunity Zones.
    • The White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council is engaging all levels of government to identify best practices and assist leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs in using the Opportunity Zone incentive to revitalize low-income communities.
  • The President is ensuring that America is prepared to lead the world in the industries of the future, by promoting American leadership in emerging technologies like 5G and AI.
    • The Administration named artificial intelligence, quantum information science, and 5G, among other emerging technologies, as national research and development priorities.
    • President Trump launched the American AI Initiative to invest in AI research, unleash innovation, and build the American workforce of the future.
    • President Trump signed an Executive Order that established a new advisory committee of industry and academic leaders to advise the government on its quantum activities.
  • President Trump has made supporting working families a priority of his Administration.
    • President Trump signed legislation securing historic levels of funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, helping low-income families access child care.
    • During his Joint Address to Congress and each State of the Union Address, the President called on Congress to pass a nationwide paid family leave plan.
    • The President signed into law 12-weeks of paid parental leave for federal workers.
    • President Trump’s tax reforms provided a new tax credit to incentivize businesses to offer paid family leave to their employees.
    • The President’s historic tax reforms doubled the child tax credit, benefitting nearly 40 million American families with an average of over $2,200 dollars in 2019.


The COVID Cult – Thomas Woods
What are the direct and indirect costs of the COVID Lockdown fascist farce?
In this presentation, Mr. Thomas Woods states “There are other concerns in the world, other than COVID”.
Such a statement got our attention, for this is akin to our personal weltanschauung – Mr. Woods sees the big picture.
Presented at the Mises Institute’s “Symposium with Ron Paul” on Saturday, 7 November 2020, in Angleton, Texas.
The video below is from BitChute:

The same video, from YoubeTube.  Joe and I wonder if or when our intellectual and moral superiors will ban/remove/limit either video, for the sake of the future of mankind or some other progressive nonsense:

It now seems plausible that the continued government hype about COVID is a not so smokey screen for the “Global Reset” fantasy – where all personal property is confiscated, and personal freedom is dictated by a unicorn level fantasy of “carbon neutral” existence.
What utter bollocks.
We expect that in the US of A and to a lesser but equally passionate level here in the true nord forté et gratis, any and all attempts at such a blatant rotten bastard commie tyranny grab will be met with ample and copious quantities of 00 shot and a hail of everything from 22 short through 9mm up to .50cal – and everything above and below these mentioned.  Joe and I expect that the armed forces in both countries, the National Guard in the States, and every red blooded doG fearin’ man and woman will bare their incisors in anger, and repel any such attempt by psychopathic elites world wide.  Including our own rabid psychopathic Canadian political and elite class.
A short education on just what the “Great Reset” is, who the fuck is behind it, what the benefit could possibly be.
Every time Joe hears the phrase “carbon neutral” or “climate X,Y,Z”, he starts ranting about people who aren’t satisfied with living their own lives but must dictate to others.  In the words of the loud irreverent passionate Jericho Green, “I try to be done with the Left, but they just won’t let me!”
A report from Rowan Dean at Sky News Australia:

Quoting Mr. Dean –
Powerful individuals, groups and large global organizations are at the forefront of a plan labeled ‘The Great Reset’ which intends to use the fear generated by the coronavirus to reshape the world and achieve net zero emissions.
The Australian taxpayer spends a fortune sending top politicians and public servants year in year out in luxury style to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos to help map out global economic structures.
It is a global commitment they have made to use the panic and fear generated by the corona virus as a means to reshape all our economies and laws and move to a new form of capitalism that focusses on net zero emissions.
To use all the tools of COVID to tackle climate change.
If implemented successfully, The Great Reset will undeniably and deliberately have extreme and possibly dire repercussions.
“You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy” is just one of their marketing slogans.
The plan involves replacing shareholders of big companies with stakeholders, who happen to be left-wing bureaucrats and climate change zealots. Replacing Mum and Dad small businesses and private enterprises with big tech and big business.
Remember, it’s not only a great reset, it’s a great deception.”
Joe and I wonder just how stupid these great men and women think an average mud pecker like us might be…..
Knowing what the likes of Lenin and Stalin and Mao and Hitler and Pol Pot and the pull-start crazy imams of the middle east have accomplished, we expect they aren’t really cognizant of why we ignore them (more and moreover, at our peril).
For Joe and I, it is simple – “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” – Mark 12:17.  Which implies leave the things that are Joe’s and Dave’s rendered to Joe and Dave.  This DOES NOT give them carte blanche to render Joe and Dave (and the other 35 entities in our cranium).  Render as in reduce à la slaughterhouse.
If this becomes a “render or be rendered” conflict, the resourcefulness of the legions and legions of mud peckers around the world will join in one voice, a voice against tyranny.
Money is a maintenance item.
Wealth and power are a fleeting illusion.
Freedom and Liberty are the wellspring of Life.
Apples and oranges, Sparky…..
A word from the World Doctors Alliance to sum up this insanity of isolation and masks and testing regarding a strain of the common flu.
Joe says how much more evidence is necessary to convict governments and social media that they are guilty of a form of genocide based on money and fear?
These doctors and all others they represent are risking their reputations and livelihood to bring the truth to the public.
They are being fiercely opposed by government forces, powerful organizations, and social media.
Joe says they must be on to something.
Thanks to Brian S. for sending the link:


Two Sunday Rants, two Glenn Beck segments.
Fancy grapefruit, fancy that!
Mr. Beck is building a museum of incredible historic material and data which embodies the spirit of free men and women fighting for freedom and liberty.
The “behind the scenes” history that most folks just haven’t seen or heard.
Bravo Mr. Beck!:


Pat Condell
Joe and I appreciate the work of Mr. Condell.
He does not compromise.
Further, he takes the enemy at their word.
A fresh breath in a world of doublespeak and treachery:



Repeat Offenders
Joe decided to include this header to showcase websites we frequent for humor, Intel, argument, and wackjobbery.
This week is a Canadian website from Edmonton, belonging to one Glen Filthie.
Here’s a sample of his wares – we snagged a comment from his page –

More gems from Mr. Filthie –

His website is “Filthie’s Thunderbox“.  Check it out for unbridled Canadian Alberta humor.
Joe says he is “Mud Pecker of the Week”.


Joe’s Garage

Joe loves this kid.
He does whatever he wants with his vehicles / possessions.
If that means beating them to death with hammers or driving abusively until the vehicles self destruct, so be it.
His wife is complicit: she wails on the object of interest without mercy, willingly!
He is sending a clear message that many young men cannot understand – that his possessions are his to do with as he wishes as long as what he does complies with existing law.
Joe says that is absolutely spot on Libertarian behaviour.
A vehicle (or any material possession) has no intrinsic value.
This is a very cool video.
The boys drive from Indiana to the gulf of Florida, towing a truck “legalized” as a boat.  They intend to “go fishing”.
Consternation and frustration for the local government officials and officers.
Some want to shut them down.
Others want to watch.
A very few get what he is doing.
One cool kid:

SR-71 Blackbird
Way back in time, not so far away, in our cubicle working for the Okanagan Telephone Company engineering office in Vernon, BC, Joe and I had a poster of the marvelous replacement for the U-2 spy plane on our cubical wall.
The SR-71 could fly higher, faster, and farther than the U-2 without fear of interception.  The rockets and missiles that might be deployed to intercept were simply too slow to reach and catch the Blackbird.
The SR-71 was simply the fastest highest flying aircraft in the world for decades.
The following story from an ex-Blackbird jockey, Major Brian Shul (retired) is a favorite we have posted before:

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Sunday Rant – 4620


Joe’s Comment – Ah!  The execution of a well thought out plan……
Some weeks are prettier than others.


Victor Davis Hanson
Dr. Hanson discusses the aftermath of the election (still unraveling) with Australian John Anderson:


Glenn Beck
Joe and I like Glenn Beck.
He has been a “canary in the coal mine” for as long as we have been aware of him in the public square – gotta be close to 20 years now.
The latest departure from normal in America (or the Law as white folks would describe) – where all the rules for elections are described in detail in the Constitution, and all the States have defined in their Constitutions – are being ignored, changed without due process, maligned, or obfuscated for some nebulous “common good”, has really lit Mr. Beck’s fuse.
We like it.
This is not the Glen Beck who, in the past, broke down and wept in the public eye.
This is a furious Glen Beck!
Joe and I are furious too, that the political elite, the uber wealthy, the connected and powerful, those who have bested the Monopoly® game of life – they don’t need a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, because the sons-a-bitches never go to jail in the first place!
Jeffrey Epstein not withstanding…..
Joe and I have never, and we mean never!, promoted ourselves as the “voice of reason”.  Our Achilles Heel is we get emotional, we get passionate, we get furious about what we see as abuse of the innocent, the weak, the infirm, the challenged folks that cannot fend for themselves against the bully strong.
We’re gonna watch this video more than once, to make sure we get the ideas in order, to align our own sense of injustice (if possible) with the right, the sane, the order of law.
Every decent citizen must find a voice and become their best version of St. George, for here be dragons!
From the story of St. George –
When the dragon’s appetite was not satiated, the people of the city began sacrificing human beings to it.”
“Then was an ordinance made in the town that there should be taken the children and young people of them of the town by lot, and every each one as it fell, were he gentle or poor, should be delivered when the lot fell on him or her.”
Unlike modern times (as depicted in our outrage above), the king’s daughter, the princess, drew the lot to be sacrificed.
If you don’t see this happening in the world around us, give yer head a shake.
And then along comes Jones George –
“Thus as they spake together the dragon appeared and came running to them, and S. George was upon his horse, and drew out his sword and garnished him with the sign of the cross, and rode hardily against the dragon which came towards him, and smote him with his spear and hurt him sore and threw him to the ground. And after said to the maid: Deliver to me your girdle, and bind it about the neck of the dragon and be not afeard. When she had done so the dragon followed her as it had been a meek beast and debonair.”
St. George was following his faith.
You may recognize the St. George Cross; one of the flags comprising the Union Jack.
Folks have to pick a side in the coming unrest – that means following your faith:

There is a scene in the movie “Second Hand Lions” that captures the sentiment, the path, the necessary, in a brief exchange between Uncle Huck and young Walter:

To reiterate –
Walter: Around my mom all I hear is lies.  I don’t know what to believe.
Huck: Damn, if you want to believe in something, then believe in it.  Just because something isn’t true that’s no reason you can’t believe in it.  There’s a long speech I give to young men.  Sounds like you need to hear a piece of it.  Just a piece.  Sometimes…. the things that may or may not be true are the things that a man needs to believe in the most.  That people are basically good.  That honor, courage, and virtue mean everything.  That power and money, money and power mean nothing.  That good always triumphs over evil, and I want you to remember this, that love…. true love…. never dies.  You remember that boy.  Remember that.  Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, you see.  A man should believe in those things because those are the things worth believing in.  Yeah.  Got that?
Walter: That was a good speech.
Huck:  You think so?  Thanks.
If you call Joe and I hopeless old Romantics, you be wrong.
If you call Joe and I a “Pollyanna“, you would be much closer.
After 71 years of ups and downs (not too many), ins and outs (not enough of either), ’round and ’rounds (we get dizzy), the fact remains we are blindingly optimistic about the future of life, specifically in the Western cultures.

We won’t forget the words of the late great Charles Krauthammer (from the introduction of his book “Things That Matter”) describing the (unfortunate but real) impact of a political system on a people (from Sunday Rant – 2914) –
“………. the same reason I left psychiatry for journalism. While science, medicine, art, poetry, architecture, chess, space, sports, number theory, and all things hard and beautiful promise purity, elegance, and sometimes even transcendence, they are fundamentally subordinate. In the end, they must bow to the sovereignty of politics.
Politics, the crooked timber of our communal lives, dominates everything because, in the end, everything – high and low and, most especially, high – lives or dies by politics. You can have the most advanced and efflorescent of cultures. Get your politics wrong, however, and everything stands to be swept away. This is not ancient history. This is Germany 1933.
………….Turns out we need to know one more thing on earth: politics – because of its capacity, when benign, to allow all around it to flourish, and its capacity, when malign, to make all around it wither.
This is no abstraction. We see it in North Korea, whose deranged Stalinist politics has created a land of stunning desolation and ugliness, both spiritual and material. We saw it in China’s Cultural Revolution, a sustained act of national self-immolation, designed to dethrone, debase and destroy the highest achievements of five millennia of Chinese culture. We saw it in Taliban Afghanistan, which, just months before 9/11, marched its cadres into the Bamiyan Valley and with tanks, artillery and dynamite destroyed its magnificent cliff-carved 1,700-year-old Buddhas lest they – like kite flying and music and other things lovely – disturb the scorched-earth purity of their nihilism.
Politics is the moat, the walls, beyond which lie the barbarians. Fail to keep them at bay and everything burns…….’”
This is reality.
Joe and I have spent very little time in our gear-headed life thinking about politics.
In our case, too little, too late.
Mia culpa for each of us.
Nostrum culpa for all of us (Joe and I are the “front man” for the other 35 in our head)…..
It doesn’t have to be that way for younger folks.
Just sayin’.
We’ll add to this rant with a lovely video from Daisy Cousens, a clear-headed rational thinker if ever there was.
Her analysis of the election results is the Republican Party made gains in the House and Senate, and all down the ticket, state and city.
The Electoral College has still to speak, which will determine the new president.
Ms. Daisy explains perfectly the difference between the conservative voter and the progressive voter.  Go Daisy go!:

Rounding up the commentary, here is Jason Siler of Blue Collar Logic with his observations of Democrat hocus-pocus:


Rex Havens
Joe and I enjoy the wit and delivery of this comedian.
He is a rare one – no foul language.
Instead, he has a machine gun delivery, a Dennis Miller like “connect the dots” reference matrix, great insight, and a buoyant spirit.
What’s not to enjoy?
Here’s Rex Havens with “Your Wife Is More Complicated Than You”:


Joe’s Garage
Armistice Day (Remembrance Day)
On “Poppy Day”, Joe and I spent some time reflecting on the absolutely soft life we have lived, thanks to those who defend our country, our culture, our Western way of living.
Two videos we found to be realistic and down to earth – actual warriors who have earned recognition for their remarkable skill or extreme heroism – demonstrate that despite their overwhelming superiority, they are very human.
First is Carlos Hathcock, the sniper with the most accredited kills in the Vietnam War.  His exploits have spawned books and movies:

Master Sergent Roy P. Benavidez was shot all to hell more than once.  In a skirmish in the Vietnam War, Master Sergent Benavidez, with multiple wounds, went above and beyond to save the lives of eight fellow combatants.
President Ronald Reagan decorated him with the Medal of Honor.  In a speech the Master Sergent reveals his humility, his sense of humor, and his humanity:

There are many many more examples of fearless heroes who have responded to grave situations with acts of bravery beyond the average person’s frame of reference.  Some make the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives to defend us.
We can only express our gratitude, and sincere appreciation.
Lord knows Joe and I are bold with the words, but we know we could never hold a candle to these heroes.

Flatheads Forever
Joe and I have owned many vehicles over the years that were (and are) powered by the venerable Ford V-8, the “flathead”.
Here is an interesting video – one cylinder head removed but running:

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Sunday Rant – 4520


Joe’s Comment – Leo Cullum has described my mood with these cartoons.  I can’t seem to shake the affect the early snow several weeks ago had on me – a portent of nasty to come.
Tonight it is forecast to dip well below zero Celsius.
Part of me is saying let’s get the crappy weather over with, while knowing damn well it will be 6 months before my dread of freezing abates.
Another part of me is ignoring the weather and every other subject in a type of hibernation self defense oh look! shiny thing! sort of way.
Loss of perspective and focus and dedication to task.
I’ll rally the troops any day now…..
Meanwhile, hurry April!


Treason and Malfeasance
Joe and I were rooting for President Trump.
It only seems fair to us that the only political leader we have known in our lifetime to actually deliver on more than a Pareto Number of his platform promises would be given a chance to continue doing what he said he would do.  How refreshing would that be?
We believe he’s earned it.
However, to some, he hasn’t earned anything, because Orange Man Bad.
Facts don’t care about your feelings.
The corollary is also true: your feelings don’t listen to facts.
We watched a large number of President Trump’s rallies leading up to the election.  He referred to some of them as “protests” instead of rallies at some venues because in certain blue states, large gatherings were verboten by governor’s mandate.  Strictly a health (COVID boogyman) consideration of course.  Couldn’t be politics.
We saw tens of thousands of people come out to cheer him on, irregardless of whatever the Governor decreed.
Other venues were cancelled by local government at the last minute – but concerned citizens came to the rescue and provided ample space.
Up to five rallies a day, literally a hundred thousand people or more came out daily in all sorts of weather.
His base was energized.
They still are, perhaps more.
He is a living breathing Energizer Bunny®.
Not so for the Biden/Harris dumpster conflagration.  Turn out on the few rare occasions when JB was cogent enough to appear and utter a sentence, or the few KH rallies, the crowds were meager or not existent outside of the press.
We also saw shenanigans on the election evening.
Polls being shut down.
Official observers not being allowed to observe.
Mysterious packets of “ballots” arriving in the dead of night with hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden and not one vote for Trump.
Some facts are beyond dispute.
Trump garnered the largest minority vote in over 60 years.
A huge turnout across the public spectrum.
And the press is calling it for Biden, despite the data.
It ain’t over until the Electoral College says it’s over, despite what the main stream media is promoting.
Joe and I are chilled by the prospect of America coming apart because neither the left or the right has faith in the election process.
We will watch and wait and see.
Here is Jason Siler of Blue Collar Logic with some points to ponder:

Another interesting take is that of Larry Correia, proprietor of the website “Monster Hunter Nation“.  His article, “The 2020 Election: Fuckery Is Afoot“, makes a compelling case for the Supreme Court to get a hustle on and stop the clock.  Here is his list of “red flags” his accountant mind registered –
I’ve been trying to keep up with the firehose of information about what’s going on during this clusterfuck of an election. Last night I was on Facebook talking about the crazy high, 3rd world dictatorship level voter turnout levels in the deep blue areas of these swing states was very suspicious. Somebody gas lighted me about how “I’d have to do better than that”, so this was my quick reply, listing off the questionable bullshit I could think of off the top of my head:
The massive turn out alone is a red flag.
But as for doing better…
– The late night spikes that were enough to close all the Trump leads are a red flag.
– The statistically impossible breakdown of the ratios of these vote dumps is a red flag.
– The ratios of these dumps being far better than the percentages in the bluest of blue cities, even though the historical data does not match, red flag.
– The ratios of these vote dumps favoring Biden more in these few battlegrounds than the ratio for the rest of the country (even the bluest of the blue) red flag.
– Biden outperforming Obama among these few urban vote dumps, even though Trump picked up points in every demographic group in the rest of the country, red flag.
– The poll observers being removed. Red flag.
– The counters cheering as GOP observers are removed, red flag.
– The fact that the dem observers outnumber the GOP observers 3 to 1, red flag (and basis of the first lawsuit filed)
– The electioneering at the polls (on video), red flag.
– The willful violation of the court order requiring the separation of ballots by type, red flag.
– USPS whistleblower reporting to the Inspector General that today they were ordered to backdate ballots to yesterday, red flag.
– The video of 2 AM deliveries of what appear to be boxes of ballots with no chain of custody or other observers right before the late night miracle spikes, red flag.

Any of those things would be enough to trigger an audit in the normal world. This many flags and I’d be giggling in anticipation of catching some thieves.
And it isn’t that I have to do better. I’m just an gen pop observer who happens to be a retired auditor with a finely tuned bullshit detector. This is going to the courts.
In the words of Steve Bannon, “there are no conspiracies; there are only coincidences”.  Joe and I will agree; there are too many coincidences.

Canadian hero Gad Saad (The Saad Truth), with tongue in cheek, makes his perspective clear.
If sarcasm were bricks, Dr. Saad has a couple of pallets full, ready and waiting:

From the comments under Dr. Saad’s video, Karen Staughan piles on.  The sarcasm is strong in this one –
Joe and I remain skeptical.
And somewhat fearful.
Is this what happens when half the people in the country don’t pay taxes?
Is this to be expected when half the people in the country receive government assistance?
If what our coincidence antennae are reporting is true, big problems lie ahead for our brothers and sisters in America.
May cool heads prevail, and raw data be transparent.


Jason Fung
A Canadian liver specialist who has had an incredible impact on reversing diabetes type II with a combination of diet (low carb) and fasting.
In this video, he analyzes the value of counting calories.
It ain’t the calorie content he insists, it is the reaction your body has to the type of calorie you are stuffing with gay carefree abandon down your pie hole.
Joe and I concur.
A gallon of gasoline has many calories:


Ron Paul
Mr. Paul is a doctor and an ex-congressman from Texas.
What Joe and I admire is his Libertarian stance; he was an outspoken Independent in Congress, and he is still an outspoken Libertarian.
Dr. Paul explores the concept that “submission” is the underlying goal in the world-wide government push to control the people – COVID is a handy raison d’etre to accomplish the change.


Humorous Interlude
Joe and I spend a lot of time by our own self.
Actually, we spend most of our time by our own self.
We peruse past Sunday Rant editions with a critical eye.
Our natural inclination is to get quite serious.
As Joe says to various and sundry we encounter who have a scowl or frown on their face especially if female (it is never me who says it), “smile or I swear I’ll kill myself”.
Most times it garners a grin or outright laugh when the subject of our comment realizes they have been walking around “with a smile turned upside down”.
Quick note: a few years back a similar comment landed us in jail  – caution to the wise.
Occasionally the reaction requires us to do the Ricky to Lucy – some ‘splainin’ – although a quick and not so quick search of the Internet confirms that Ricky Ricardo never said that to Lucy in any episode of their TV series I Love Lucy.
That requires some ‘splainin’ right there (it is called the Mandela Effect).
Back on subject, Joe and I thought some humor is appropriate.
Life isn’t all Blitzkrieg or Sturm and Drang.
Joe says if yer not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.
Here is Jeff Allen explaining “The Wife’s Code”:

To tickle your remaining non-funny bones, here’s Bengt Washburn with “Too Ugly for Comedy”:


David Woods
Joe and I hold Mr. Woods in highest regard.
A self confessed psychopath with a criminal record and jail time in his past, he is a Christian warrior in the battle to educate the adherents of Islam about their false prophet.
Here is his take on a Pakistani girl’s school teaching the womanly skill of beheading:


Joe’s Garage

If the Hindu’s Are Right (or Oh! To Be a Tool and Die Maker)
It is a tenant of the Hindu faith that reincarnation is part of samsara, the product (good or bad) of Karma®.
If so, Joe and I are trying to improve our Karma score, for next time around, we would chose to be a cartoonist by night, and a tool and die maker by day.
Or vice versa…..
This weekly rant relies on cartoons to project a mindset, or idea, ad nauseam.  The category of “cartoonist” has broadened in our mind to include memes and clever graphics / animations / compositions of wit and humor with a message.
We love a good cartoon or meme!
How about the tool and die end of our desire?
Here is an example of brilliant design, economy of motion, and efficient execution.  This video shows how chain link fence is made.
Simply brilliant!:

How about the Eigenharp?
There are musical compositions that can be written, can be theorized, but not played via historical / classical instruments.
Along comes the Eigenharp.
Electronically produced music that reproduces classical instruments plus a lot of functionality that can only be done with computer simulation.
Very unique and versatile:

Singles (The Cylinder Type)
Joe and I have owned a large number of self-propelled vehicles of all sorts, and a number of stationary engines with dedicated functions, too.
The number of single cylinder engines we have owned is small.
The simplicity of a single cylinder internal combustion engine is a feature which delivers longevity and maintenance.
However, the ultimate amount of torque and horse power of a single cylinder engine is governed by it’s physical displacement, the mass of it’s components, the speed it can cycle….. or is it?
Here is a video of single cylinder engines that have large displacement.
Some of them are antiques over 100 years old.
And they are still functioning.
Joe wonders how well he and I will function after 100 years, if we make it that far:

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