Sunday Rant – 3319


Joe’s Comment – A wonderful week.  Fine weather, demonstrable progress on several projects, good people around.  Life in the Okanagan summertime!


Prager U
A new PU vignette featuring philosophy professor Paul Copan, explaining why the statement “true for you but not for me” is valid.  Or not valid (where you head at homey?)  Watch and he’ll tell all (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher):

Another Prager U that Joe and I took advantage by seeing.
Our live-in grandson is 8 years old.
As an 8 year old he is very confident (as long as the sun shines – nighttime is another story) and self assured.
Also argumentive.
To the point of insurrection.
As the video description states, family psychologist John Rosemond offers some useful tips on how to get the little barbarians to listen:


Jericho Green
Joe says let’s have a Jericho Green rant every single week.
Sometimes two.
That works for us.
This well done rant is racist in many folks eyes.
That makes Joe and me racists too, and damn proud of it.
We love his tag line.
I try to be done with the Left, but they just won’t let me!“:


Paul Joseph Watson
PJW has been marginalized by Google/Facebook/Twitter/younameit.
For Joe and me, that is a badge of honor.
The World® needs more witty ascorbic intelligent British polemics.
PJW, since being ostracized, has only become more witty ascorbic and intelligent:

PJW’s YoubeTube channel has a lot of “shithole” videos if all y’all want to be seriously depressed.
Joe says sooner than later the low IQ and mentally ill people will have to be addressed as a group identity that cannot fend for itself, a group which is a catastrophe of human misery.  That will be the test of our Western Cultural© superiority.  How do you care for those unable to care for themselves?
As a contrasting perspective, here’s co-founder Mat Best of Black Rifle Coffee Company telling his story of personal development.
Self sufficient, self motivated, successful, gung-ho.
Joe asks the question: did Mat Best become best via the Army Rangers, or was it his destiny to excel?  Watch and judge:

More stories at the Black Rifle Coffee Company YoubeTube channel.


Joe’s Garage

Rocket Lab
Things just keep getting better.
If anyone ever thought that centralized government with central planners and centrist experts could be a solution to all problems (say in the tumultuous days of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century for example) they get a pass.
It was an idea worth a try, a noble attempt to stem suffering and conflict and war and et cetera to the nth.
Zoom ahead to the 21st Century.
How could anyone in the world continue to have this “flat earth” one answer to all issues belief?
In light of the advances, both technical and cultural, since WWII, the greatest achievements have been made in a (more or less) highly competitive (more or less) free market (more or less) capitalist paradigm.
Here’s one example.
Rocket Lab is a company which provides launch services for smaller satelites and payloads.  They are enjoying success by offering proven reliability and frequency of launch: quick and efficient turnaround.  They also offer a program called “Rideshare” which partners payloads from different customers to reduce cost.
The workhorse of their launch vehicles is named “Electron”.
In an effort to improve turnaround times and reduce cost, they are experimenting with a recovery process which will enable re-use of the Electron first stage rocket.
The competitive environment which has spurred technological development in the West relies on an open market, private property, and freedom of association.  More importantly, it requires government to stand back and let the genius of what Adam Smith described as individual ambition serve the common good.    The following video is an enactment of how the system will work.
Cheap, simple, reliable.  That’s the way forward:

The above was snagged from The Silicon Graybeard, article here.

Major William Edwin Dyess
An interesting documentary about a man who didn’t exist.
As in “Top Secret” super covert can’t acknowledge the existance of.
Joe thinks this stuff is scary and special all at the same time:


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Sunday Rant – 3219


Joe’s Comment – Amen brother Calvin.  Oh! for the life of a nihilist.  Sounds carefree and gay (not the sex kind).
It didn’t fit.
I’m leaning toward responsibility and bearing life’s burden with a cheerful demeanor.  Try it.  Feels good.


Dr. Patrick Moore
This Canadian hero wins our highest award, the “Johnny B. Goode” certification.  You know, from the song:

“He could play a guitar
just like ringing a bell
Go, go,
Go Johnny go, go, go!
(repeat exactly as required)
Johnny B. Goode.”
Patrick Moore’s “bell” rings more clear, with more precision and terseness each and every discussion, presentation, conversation.
Canadian heroes in the first and second world wars came out of the wood-work to help the civilization re-set the gyro of human culture.
When the conflicts were over, these great Canadians rejoiced, disbanded, and returned to their pre-conflict lives.
Dr. Patrick Moore is one of the Canadian heros who literally came out of the woods to do the same during crazyness in a (more or less) peace time world.
The crazy hasn’t abated.
He’s still ringing his bell.
Here’s a recent example of a conversation with Friends of Science:, where Dr. Moore exposes the “journalists” for the criminal error of biased reporting.  The reference to Dr. Susan Crockford as an expert on polar bear data is rudimentary to finding fact.  When in question, find someone who knows!:

Another from the same interview:

The Friends of Science symposium “Polar Bears and Solar Flares” was in April 2019.  Here is the presentation by Dr. Susan Crockford.  By the way, Dr. Susan Crockford works from the University of Victoria, another Canadian hero: modest, unaccustomed to the spotlight (so says Joe), passionate about her work, and more importantly, telling the truthfacts:

Another featured guest at the symposium was a favorite of ours, Dr. Willie Soon.
Dr. Soon’s energy, passion, and humor crack Joe up seriously.
His research and data analysis is world-class and world-leading:

This event was hosted by Friends of Science in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, at the Red and White Club.
Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, Act 2, Scene 2, Launcelot.
“Truth will come to light”.
The remaining days of scaring the children with CO2/Climate Change horror stories are numbered.
Joe and I are happy.


Jared Taylor
Joe and I could be labeled racists by some people’s definition.
Because we listen to Jared Taylor enunciate facts.
Hell, we’re already IQ elitists.
Racism is only a shot away (Rolling Stone reference):

It’s twue!  (Madeline Kahn says so….):

Jared Taylor has been enunciating the facts for decades.
He receives beaucoup de opprobrium for his efforts.
Seems the gentile class just don’t wanna hear the facts.
Joe and I want to hear the facts.
Then we want to think our thinks.
Only then do we make assumptions, judgements, and predictions.
Because no one is looking out for us like we do.
After all, we’re only human:

Another Jared Taylor video, being interviewed by a Polish journalist.
What he says is factual.
Are these facts also truths?
Can a duck fart?
Is there an obligation to speak facts and truths freely; freedomly speak?  Surely “free speech” protects every speaker’s right to broadcast their thoughts and beliefs, whether factual and truthful or not.  If there is a “right” to “free speech” which protects any speaker from legal prejudice, surely speaking fact and truth is not verboten: those who do speak truth and fact are also protected.
If the facts are truths, and free speech spreads the facts, which are true, then will not the truth set us free?
If the truth shall set us free, why don’t we speak truth all the time?
Conversely, why was this interview banned?
Joe and I need a cup of tea to think this through:


Child Abuse
Joe and I are adamant: child abuse is an unforgivable offense.
Cousin Delsie sent me a link to the one and only Jericho Green.
This guy talks like Joe!
Which prompts Joe to ask when will the good people of our society run out of cheeks to turn?
There is a world of difference between respect and abuse.
As Jericho points out (so tactfully) if America is such a terrible country, why not leave, emigrate/migrate to where it is better?  And if we don’t protect the children from lying liars, they will become unwitting lying liars, too.
No lie…..
Waiting for a reply:


Jeffrey Epstein
Joe and I can’t feel much empathy, sympathy, remorse, or elation at the “suicide” news.
It is common knowledge that sexual predators whose victims are children are short-lived when jailed in a general lock-up environment.
This unworthy was in solitary, and under “suicide watch”.
Perhaps Joe and I misunderstood the meaning of suicide watch: perhaps it means they watch until the prisoner commits suicide.  Hadn’t thought of it that way had you Sparky.
When this thoroughly unscrupulous immoral letch was apprehended, and his story became front page news, we thought his days numbered.
The forces of evil are quick to turn on their own.
Joe wonders if Las Vegas odds-men had a number on Epstein’s remaining days?
While the truly irredeamable evil people live, no “witness” is safe.
Paul Joseph Watson says somewhat similar sentiments:

Our crass conspiracy-leaning suspicious little pea brain (Joe says it ain’t him, and I sure as hell ain’t him, too) can’t help but put one and 4 together to make eleven-forty-sixty-two –


Jordan Peterson
Dr. Peterson makes another Prager U video for our edification:

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Sunday Rant – 3119


Joe’s Comment – Has there ever been a language as versatile and multi-faceted as English?  I stared at this cartoon for “a few whiles” (an expression coined by my son Donald) before I realized that the potato behind the steering wheel is baked.  You know, cooked, with chives and butter and maybe “twice-baked“.  WTF?  Then it congealed in my little pea brain – “baked” is also an expression used to describe a seriously stoned/disfunctional pothead.  It took me a moment to connect the dots.  Very clever cleaver of words!
The cartoonist is Lorie Ransom.
Here’s another of hers that made me look twice, think, snort and grin.  What a mischievious mind she has! –
Another witty Lorie Ransom play on words –
It could be the case that other languages enable (indeed, encourage) humor and multiple meanings and tomfoolery to the nth more than English.
If there are, which are they?
For some reason I can’t think this is possible in German…..


Thomas J. DiLorenzo
Joe and I found Professor DiLorenzo’s 2016 book “The Problem With Socialism” an excellent primer on the switch-and-bait obfuscation incorporated by advocates of “equality” as a political platform objective: egalitarian means socialism which means taking from some to give to others by means of force, by coercion.
Not to say Joe and I are heartless curmudgeons.
The statistics of “wealth distribution” in a society (the West or any other political manifestation of government) are clear: there is an heirarchy.
Heirarchy is a natural phenomenon; no two snowflakes are identical.
Joe and I equate a large portion of success to IQ or G Factor or smarts or moxie or whatever you might call the superiority of some over others in brainpower.
The Bell Curve of IQ is an unfortunate reality: some are not equipped to prosper.
In North America Joe estimates that number to be approaching 60 million souls.
Add to that the unpredictable lottery of birth into varied circumstance; poverty or wealth, privilege or discrimination, wellness or illness, freedom or bondage (take your pick of antonyms at the link).
However much you pretend this isn’t a heartbreaking reality, however much you wish for a political solution, however much you want the problem to go away, there it is.
As Mongo said, “Mongo only pawn in game of life”:

Joe says there are a lot of pawns out there.  If you are a believer in “Identity Politics”, there is no question that EVERYONE is a pawn.  What balderdash…..
Joe asks the question: what humane policy can be implemented to aleviate the suffering of the less fortunate?  A policy whose good intention does NOT destroy the more fortunate in its attempt at solving the egalitarian knot; it is the nature of life.
There, but for the grace of doG, walks us: smart enough to know you’re damned if you do and damned if ya don’t.
We don’t have a certain solution, but we believe that socialist policies is the worst possible remedy to the fact that human life is tragic; inequality cannot be fixed by force.  Inequality is a fundamental of life.
This video is a recent Thomas DiLorenzo presentation from July 17th, 2019 at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, titled “Ten Things You Should Know About Socialism”.
He gives an overview of the ideology, the theory, the implementation, and the result of a century of political experimentation:


Homage to Adam Smith
Often referred to as the “Father of Economics” or the “Father of Capitalism”, his writings in “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” (1776) and “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” (1759) foretold the growth of wealthy nations of people when unfettered by excessive government oversight or restriction, creating and trading in what he called a “free market economy”.
This video presented by the Free To Choose Network is titled “The Real Adam Smith: Ideas That Changed the World”:


Kevin O’Leary
A Canadian businessman who has dabbled in politics and entertainment (Shark Tank) explains who Donald Trump is and why he has been successful.
Here he is being interviewed by Nick Gillespie of
Joe thinks Nick is a prick.
Joe thinks Kevin is one sharp businessman who left Canada physically and financially due to the incompetance of Chief Rainbow Socks and his Merry Band of Pranksters.
A twofer.
Joe and I should have spent more time thinking about $$$ and less about whatever the hell we thought about.  Then we’d have a better understanding of what the man is talking about:


Daniel Crenshaw
This well-spoken ex-Seal recently elected to Congress has true horsepower.  Joe figures any country whose government can attract people of this caliber will be the envy of the world.

Joe and I watched all of the WCS 2019 presentations found on the Centenial Institute YoubeTube channel.  Michelle Malkin, David Horowitz, Brigitte Gabriel, Larry Elder, Charlie Kirk, Donald Trump Jr., are some of the featured speakers.
Time well spent.


Learned Feudalism
Joe and I stumbled over a discussion of “learned feudalism” while browsing the Internet.  The document was written in 2010, a transcription of a speech, and appeared on the website The Smallest Minority.  The actual presentation was a speech by George Will, given at the Milton Friedman Prize Dinner Keynote Address, May 17th, 2010 at the Cato Institute.  You can listen to Mr. Will’s speech here.  Well worth the time to listen.
(Joe and I have taken to including redundant descriptions for many links that we post/embed, for the simple reason that links come and go, especially those about “hot button” topics especially especially those with political overtones.  The extra descriptors can help a person find the information via a different search.  That’s our theory, take it or not.)
A couple of noteworthy concepts and quotes struck Joe and me as foundational.  An example regarding the nature of debt –
The feast on the flesh of the future is what debt is. To get a sense of the size of our debt, in 1916, midway in Woodrow Wilson’s first term, the richest man in America John D. Rockefeller could have written a personal check and retired the National Debt. Today the richest man in America, Bill Gates, could write a personal check for all his worth and not pay two months interest on the National Debt. Five years from now interest debt service will consume half of all income taxes. Ten years from now the three main entitlements, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security plus interest will consume 93% of all federal revenues. Twenty years from now debt service interest will be the largest item in the federal budget.”
We have never heard a more apt and deserving definition of debt.  Sometimes debt is considered necessary and can be justified.  Debt incurred specifically and wholy for political gain is a form of abuse – abuse of children, often yet not born.  A “a gluttonous feast on the flesh of the future” is precisely that.
Another striking concept which Joe and I have experienced up close and personal is how to limit the power and/or overstep of government.  James Madison, a Founding Father, alluded to the effort invested by the Constitution authors to define the limit of government.  The quote from the speech –
We are going to come now to a time when America’s going to have to revisit Madison’s Federalist Paper 45, and his statement “the powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.”
Few and defined.
The cost of not facing this fact of not enforcing the doctrine in some sense of enumerated powers, is that big government inevitably breeds bigger government. James Q. Wilson, one of the great social scientists in American history, put it this way: “Once politics was about only a few things. Today it is about nearly everything. Once the legitimacy barrier has fallen, political conflict takes a very different form. New programs need not await the advent of a crisis of extraordinary majority, because no program is any longer new. It is seen rather as an extension, a modification or an enlargement of something the government is already doing. Since there is virtually nothing the government has not tried to do, there is little that it cannot be asked to do.”
And so we have today’s death spiral of the welfare state: an ever-larger government resting on an ever-smaller tax base. Government impeding the creation of wealth in order to enforce the redistribution of it. We’re not fooling, however, the American people. The Wall Street Journal this morning announced with a sort of breathless surprise that about 80% of the American people disapprove of congress. Raising a fascinating question: who are the 20%?
Heady concepts.
Spoken in 2010.
Like many events in life, simply speaking about an issue does NOT make it so, or make it happen.  At best it can inform then inspire then lead to comprehensive change.
Is change going to be possible without violence?
Joe is not optimistic.


Joe and I have always kept Brazil as a fantasy destination in our “what if” fantasy mind.  Maybe it’s Christ the Redeemer blessing the city of Rio de Janerio that attracts our interest –

or the Hollywood romances of the ’30’s and ’40’s, or that fantastic song “Brazil (Return I will to Old)” which tickles our fancy.  Here’s one of our favorite renditions by The Real Tuesday Weld:

Perhaps a Frank Sinatra version (he released it several times over many decades) with that irresistible big band sound:

Or maybe the version from the Terry Gilliam directed movie “Brazil”, which blew our 1985 mind to little fragments.  So wistful, so haunting, so melancholy, so dark:

Well Sparky, that dream is dead.
Brazil is a hell hole.
A woman is killed every 2 hours in Brazil, and assaulted every 15 seconds (return I will NOT).
A three year old summary from Bloomberg about the Brazil problems.
Things may be turning about.
Gun laws have been relaxed.
Gun crime is (slowly) dropping.
Brazil has a huge death by firearm problem.  Here is a report which suggests that allowing citizens to own firearms for self defence will be affective:

This seems to be the result of electing Jair Bolsonaro president.  He has been called the “Donald Trump of the tropics”.
Here’s a report that states guns are saving lives in Brazil.  Seems like guns have a purpose after all.  For example (one of thousands):
The question is: how would you defend your life, your family, or your property against an armed hostile criminal force?  A force that was larger than you and yours?
Joe says it is a no brainer for most people to cipher.
Especially females, who are (generally) smaller and weaker, and more beautiful (that last point is arguable).  From Slow Facts website, “Gun Control Puts Women at Risk“.
An interesting analysis of the geography of Brazil, and the unique challenges faced by 200 million Brazilians:

Joe comments that Brazil has an average national IQ  of 87.  The U.S. military will not accept an enlistee with an IQ lower than approximately 83.  That seems to be the cut-off where value in is greater than value out.
Just sayin’.
Joe says let’s play that The Real Tuesday Weld version again…..


The Meaning of Life (manly man edition)
Joe says this is NOT a Monty Python sketch, movie, or episode.
This is vital information about how to motivate men.
Joe and I saw a movie or read an article or heard a speech some time somewhere, an idea from which stuck in our head.
The idea goes something like this:
People want love.  If they don’t find love, they want purpose.  Lacking purpose, they just want something to do“.
We found this very compelling.  Very fatalistic and depressing, too.
Along comes Dr. Jordan Peterson with an excellent primer to energize the search for meaning; for purpose:


Joe’s Garage

Sutton Hoo Treasure
Our rambling stumbling surfing of the Internet occasionally turns up treasures for the mind and the eye which we weren’t particularly seeking.
Joe says that is a win-win.
Or in our case, a win-win-win.
The following video presents what is known and what is speculated about one of the British Museum’s most treasured collections – the artifacts from the burial mound at Sutton Hoo, estimated to be from the mid-seventh century.
A story of kings and wealth and dynasty:

Lord Christopher Monckton
A British hero who has been fighting the good fight against the IPCC for decades.
He fights them with data, science, and their own documents.
It is no wonder they try to exclude him from their cozy U.N. supported love-fests whose goal is global governance and “wealth distribution”, i.e., the destruction of Western economies.
He is akin to the Energizer Bunny (he never stops).
This is his presentation at the ICCC13 (13th International Conference on Climate Change) from July 2019.
Other presenters/presentions here:


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