Sunday Rant – 4217


Joe’s Comment – Proof the postmodernist belief that there are no differences between men and women is unfounded.

Passion vs Reality
When Joe and I were instructing workshops re: entering / re-entering the workforce, one of the points we made over and over again was passion is NOT a skill set.  It is wonderful to feel passion.  Contrary to popular belief, feeling passionate about something doesn’t guarantee success at anything.
Mike Rowe stars in a Prager U. video about this very subject.
Mr. Rowe’s video was (briefly – his fans are in the millions, and include Joe and I) suspended by YouTube for reasons that are incomprehensible without knowing the language of Orwellian doublespeak!
Anyone out there believe that YouTube doesn’t have a political agenda?

Inspiration a la Carte
Coach Lou Holtz (very successful football coach) inspires the graduates at the Franciscan University of Steubenville with a humorous and compelling speech about the three rules he lives by:

Mexican Primer
The opinion piece at this link paints a very grim picture of Mexico.
Corruption at all levels of government.
Tribal / cabal mentality – coercion is accepted if not applauded.
Unlike the United States of America, the first “Mexican Revolution” (somewhat misnamed) has had a host of sequels.  Seems the written word of their Constitution has as little value as logic does with the post-modernist advocates of today.
Transparency International Organization has attempted to measure corruption –

Joe and I read an interesting article at “West Hunter” titled “Chained Nixies”.
A quote from the article –
Peer Vries pointed out that Great Britain, after a while, was getting far more labor power from steam engines that it could ever have gotten from coerced labor. In 1840 England had 17 million “steam slaves”: 121 million in 1870, and 411 million in 1896.
Just a little earlier the main power sources were water and wind: watermills and windmills. As late as 1850 water power was “the leading source of mechanical power on both sides of the Atlantic.””
The article includes the following graphic, which details the use of water power (before steam) in the eastern United States circa 1840.  Each water wheel is estimated at approximately 10 horse power –

The conclusion is that the “industrial power” of the North by using water power alone was seven times greater than all of the slave power of the South.
Following the water wheel and windmill came the steam engine, which usurped horses, men, water wheels, windmills, and little tiny children slave laborers (oh! the humanity!) in great numbers.
The industrialization efficiencies of machinery are what ended slavery.
More efficient, more powerful, cheaper, tireless, with much less maintenance.
Joe says if machinery and the industrial age hadn’t happened, slavery (manpower) would still be the rage…..

Lies About Slavery
Joe contends that he has been a slave most of his life.
I say true: he has been a slave to his imagination and emotion; a story of human bondage.
This discussion is about the contentious issue of humans enslaving other humans against their will.  This is an ancient human practice.
Any increase in the standard of living for genus homo sapiens sapiens can only be accomplished  via change (labor / invention / technology).
Change may precipitate from any or all of the trio of conflicts: man vs nature / man / self.  Restricting the metaphor to slavery, there are three distinct varieties – man enslaving other men (and women too – don’t be so damned touchy!), nature enslaving men (ditto), and men enslaving themselves (double ditto).
The topic of humans being enslaved by other humans, the current political “straw man” (especially in the USA) re: slavery is White Western racism, being one sided and against African populations is, in Joe’s words, male bovine excrement.  Not because it isn’t partially true, but because the whole story is untold, therefore it is blather.
Enter this essay by Jack Kerwick titled “Slavery: Racially Incorrect Facts“.
As Mr. Kerwick points out, Europeans didn’t get involved in the slave trade until the 15th century.  From 1400 to 1900 it is estimated that over 3 million Europeans were pressed into slavery by North Africans (i.e. Muslims), who had been enslaving other humans from the dawn of their religion.  Other cultures and other eras were slave states, dating back to the earliest written history, but the issue was not considered immoral, only a fact of life.

Classic VDH
Joe and I are fans of Victor Davis Hanson, an historian and professor emeritus at CSU Fresno.  His work is always extremely well researched and referenced.  His opinions are worth considering.  The following presentation given at the Regan Ranch Center in the spring is worth a careful listen.  Joe says he is semi-omniscient:

Mental Illness in California
What in the world are these progressive asshats smoking?
The wackjobs in Sacramento have recently changed the law regarding intentionally infecting someone with HIV – it is no longer a felony!
Read it here.
Joe and I think this is beyond reason.  HIV is as good as a death sentence.  To intentionally NOT tell a sexual partner you have HIV, or to NOT tell blood donor clinics that you have HIV is an act of manslaughter says Joe.
Of course, if you value someone’s feelings over a moral obligation to harm no other person, we have no use for you.
If you think that way, you are an accessory to manslaughter.

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Sunday Rant – 4117


Joe’s Comment – Natural ability. It makes Frank a dick.  Is natural ability something to admire or simply one of the tools in your toolbox?
I say life is not a cameo role: what you build with your tools is the goal.
Work hard, better yourself, build a better reality for those around you.
Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that Frank is, after all, a dick.

Dinesh D’Sousa
This man has a clear mind and iron logic to back up his positions.
Joe and I are fully on board:

Victor Davis Hanson
Another figure Joe and I admire for his clarity, honesty, and depth of knowledge.  His analysis of the California culture / duality is spot on:

Candace Owens
A short but revealing interview of Candace Owens by Andrew Klavan.
She is a recent convert (several years in the making) to the conservative philosophy of Western Judeo-Christian civilization.  Egad!  She’s a black woman!:

More of Candace’s history and trajectory into the limelight in this interview with Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report):

Some folks are suspicious of her quick “conversion” to conservative thinking.
Joe and I like most of what she says, her energy level, her optimism, and the target of her focus – to change the perception(s) of the black / minority / Democrat individual by engaging them in dialogue, argument, debate, discussion using facts, logic, history, ideas, reality.
She has an interesting YouTube channel called “RedPillBlack” with a number of thought provoking and humorous videos.  Check it out…..

In Passing
Tom Petty was always easy to listen to – not annoyingly leftist, mostly personal perspective, relationships, and point of view.  A few of his better gifts to the hoi polloi:

One of Joe and my favorites, still on a few of our playlists:

Try to Keep Up
Joe and I found this discussion between Camille Paglia and Jordan Peterson to be delightful.  Delightful and machine gun paced.
They cover a lot of territory in a short time:

Joe’s Garage
Once again, the report from Joe’s garage is there is nothing to report.
Only so much Joe to go around….
On the subject of post war Fords, there is something worth posting.
Here is a ’51 Ford coupe tricked out as a concept: a ’50’s Ford version of a ’50’s European Gran Turismo era car – the GT51:

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Sunday Rant – 4017


Joe’s Comment – Life is a mix of the bunny hop with responsibility.  Some days all you can do is put your left foot in and shake it all about….. and try not to feel guilty.

Joe and I are John Stossel fans.
He is a Libertarian who questions everything that our culture offers.  Or demands.  Or coerces.
Joe and I are fans of “University” courses offered via the Internet.  Often the course content is offered free or for a small stipend.  Our favorite lecturer du jour is Jordan Peterson of the UoT.  We listen to some of his material almost every day (there are hundreds of hours on line).  The jerk-weasels at YouTube tried to shut him down because of his perspective, but it was rescinded.  That’s a different story from this.
UoC Berkeley has offered free course material for a number of years.
Then came regulation(s) from the gubbermint meant to do justice…..
We wish the government would include themselves the fuck out of the “equality of outcome” business.
This is an introduction to a wonderful website called “LBRY” (library).  Until the gubbermint shuts down the Internet, equality of opportunity just might have a chance:

Farming with the EPA
Does anyone anywhere still think a farmer has control of his farming practices?
The Obambi administration passed EPA regulations at a Federal level that disabuses the idea of farmer John being in tune with his environment and making the correct choices to maximize his crop yield without oversight.
Take a gander at the situation John Duarte faces – millions of dollars of fines based on an insane interpretation  of regulation overreach by bureaucrats:

There are no connections between the harassment of John Duarte and his political affiliation.
Here is a map of Federal lands in the U.S. of A. –

Try and tell Joe or me that you own your land.
The amount of government intervention in every North American’s life keeps growing with every year, with every parliamentary session, with every politician trying to make a name for himself.
This bodes ill for freedom.

Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman does it again:

Joe’s Garage

A minimum of progress on the ’49 F47 truck – ordered a pulley for the alternator because the flathead is original equipment with a 5/8 inch V-type drive belt and pulleys.  The 12VDC alternator we are going to use is a single wire GM alternator that comes with a 1/2 inch V-type pulley.  The crankshaft pulley was mounted and torqued to specification.  The correct 5/8 inch V belt was ordered.  Not too common a piece in 2017.
Maybe the F47 will be a winter project for those cold snow-filled windy days just around the corner.
Show Off Machinists
Here’s something that caught Joe’s eye – a 1/3 rendition of a V-10 engine, e/w supercharger.  All built without a CNC machine.
Incredible skills on display:

Droveria’s Wall
The concrete wall project was formed a week ago and poured last Monday (thanks for the hand, Lyle N.! – couldn’t have finished without you).
Today, Sunday, Joe and I stripped the forms.  A full week of wetting down the exposed concrete, then loosening the forms on Friday to wet down the wall faces for a few days.  Concrete cures over time, and if properly hydrated will have a very high strength.  A typical graph of the process –

Joe says our forms worked well.  We had the plywood around from years ago.  A dozen lengths of 2 X 4’s, a handful of deck screws, and some ready rod were all the materials we bought to make the forms.  Outside of Portland cement and Navijak (concrete aggregate), we only added water.
Here’s what we built.
First picture, removing the spreader spacers and unbolting the ready rod clamps –

Next step cut away the excess ready rod and pull the forms away –

Finally, trim the ready rod stubs after all the forms are removed and voila! –

Next step, water proofing and back-filling.  We start on Monday…..

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