Sunday Rant – 0619


Joe’s Comment – Belief is powerful juju.  I am a believer.  But not in Lemmings.  Reality check coming up!


China – 0, Japan – 1 (Won!)
Great news about rare earth minerals.
Rare earth metals and compounds are essential for modern technology.
Called “rare”, they are actually distributed widely, but high density concentrations, economically extractable, are few and far between.
China has been screwing the world because they have large, economically viable formations.  The Chinese have been holding the consumers of rare earths materials ransom for $$$, for leverage, for trade advantage, for whatever they can get away with to pursue their global long range plan – hardly “free trade” with no competition and a commie pinko state behind the curtain.
Enter competition!
The Japanese have found a huge deposit of rare earths on Minamitori Island, in concentrated, exploitable abundance.
An abundance that is estimated to exceed 700 years of demand.
This will break the Chinese blackmail cartel, and will decrease their economic benefit.  Long live an approximation of free trade!  Bravo J A Pan and Co.
A three-fer.  Here’s a picture of what $500 billion looks like –


Inside Europe (the latest Battle of Britain)
This documentary made Joe snore.
Joe doesn’t do politics with any finesse.
More like watching a pig sing opera.
I watched the entire muck-about, most of which was on David Cameron’s watch.
The layers and layers of political negotiations cannot be dismissed as meaningless: the estimated current population of the European Union is 550 million souls.  Their well-being lies in the balance.
Nevertheless, the behind the scenes story of the build-up to the Brexit referendum and the consequent political gyrations are what has led to today; 3 years after and no Brexit reality:


Stefan Molyneaux at EU Parliament
Another Canadian of note.
Joe and I have listened carefully to many interviews by Stefan Molyneaux.  We link to his work often.
This exposé of the unholy bond between the “tech giants” and various governments, the profane prejudiced politics of the “progressive” movement, and the potential misuse of the power of social media are all subject to Mr. Molyneaux’s criticism:


James Delingpole
Joe and I have frequented the website and read some articles by James Delingpole.  He is an English polemicist, with a libertarian conservative weltanshauung.
When Stefan Molyneaux journeyed to Brussels to speak at the EU parliament (above video) he had an opportunity to converse with Mr. Delingpole at length on Mr. Delingpole’s podcast.
Here is the interview in full:


One Sheesh Kaaba(b) Please!
We haven’t lost our mind about Islam lately.
Don’t think we haven’t meant to.
Used to be, we spent a lot of time ranting about “The Religion™ of Peace©”, quoting various and sundry facts, linking to honest and scientific research, generally doing our best to overcome our “prejudice” – that Islam is no friend of the West, of the rule of Law, or of the freedom and liberty of the individual.
It isn’t ’cause we’ve converted.
The truth is we haven’t taken the time to study the colossal mental illness of this “religion” for a variety of reasons; paramount the fact that we have a life.
Our interest, our incipient polymathic tendency, has not abated.
Rather, it is the fact of a day here in Vernon BC has only 24 hours.
The metric 36 hour day hasn’t been discovered (yet), although Joe and I sometimes use that particular Universe to catch up.
Our little pea brain can only grapple with so many big ideas at once.
Pity us!
While stumbling around the Internet, Joe and I found and watched this video by the “Apostate Prophet”, about the Kaaba.
You know, the big black not quite obelisk-ish building at the center of Islam (don’t you dare think 2001: A Space Odyssey – it ain’t no such thing).
This jives with Dr. Bill Warner‘s studies about Islam, the (so called) prophet Mohammad, and the civilization of the time.
Joe and I are inclined to believe that “the golden age of Islam” is a story about dung told by dung flingers.  If anything, they should be condemned for destroying the artifacts of those peoples they conquered.
Like modern times, if the golden age did anything, it brought together the better minds of those they defeated into the slave culture of Islam.  If there was anything “golden” (Dr. Warner says there was only flecks of gold!) we suspect it was the product of those captured souls.
Interesting presentation, and if true, Islam is more of a sham than even we thought:

Why trust Joe and I on this subject.
An eminent scholar, Dr. Tom Holland, Produced a BBC documentary titled “Islam: The Untold Story”.
He was promptly inundated with hate mail and death threats from the followers of Allah, and threatened by the establishment to mind his P’s and Q’s.
A telling quote from Dr. Holland – “Liberalism is essentially Christianity-lite, and you can include atheism and secularism in that bracket too—these are basically Christian heresies. The ethics involved are really New Testament ones,” and adding later, when asked about resistance to his views on Islam, that “when I write about Islam my anxiety, and the reason I always pull my punches, isn’t that I’m afraid I’ll be killed, it’s that I’m afraid to be drummed out of the liberal club.”
After watching the video below, judge for yourself if Tom Holland is a crackpot or a brave writer / researcher:


Link o’ the Week
Joe and I literally snort snot laughing at the Photo Shop handiwork of Earl of Taint.
The morphing of American and world political / cultural current events is unique on the Internet.
Some examples –

Much, much more at the link above.


Joe’s Garage

This Old Tony
Joe and I watch a lot of TOT.
The day to day life of a Vernonite requires the use of many modern devices and tools that we not only don’t appreciate, but most of us wouldn’t have a clue about how they work let alone how to make.
Enter Tony (this Old one).
Joe has rebuilt and/or reconditioned automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, differentials, engines, sub assemblies such as starter motors, instrument panels, and many other machine or tool devices.
All of the mentioned have gears: they employ gears internally or externally.
Gears / gear reduction are a commonplace method (along with pulleys) to multiply / divide torque or speed in machinery.
I have never wondered about how a gear is made.
Joe has.
Here’s This Old Tony to demonstrate building a simple (!!!) spur gear:

If this isn’t complex enough, there are more complicated gears such as helical cut and beveled spiral gears.
Technology is truly a miracle.

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Sunday Rant – 0519


Joe’s Comment – I suppose it’s all in how you frame a question.  Ask poorly and you shall endlessly clarify.  Calvin and I are trapped in our self erected cages of reality with a crippling dearth of communication agility.
Maybe our questions aren’t that well expressed.
Or interesting…..


David Gilmour
What spectacular guitar work.
Joe listens with his mouth agape.
I fidget, flustered and frustrated, wishing I’d learned to play guitar (knowing damn well I don’t have the discipline).  That’s how good we like it.
Imitation is a sincere form of flattery, although somewhat juvenile.
If only we could imitate….
This beats all for us:


AI, AI, Ohhhhh!
Whenever Joe thinks about Artificial Intelligence, visions of Terminator™ dance in his head.  Joe starts humming one of his favorite songs –
“And on his farm he had a ‘bot, AI, AI, Ohhhhh!”
Whenever I think about Artificial Intelligence, I wonder what the hell the speaker or authority or researcher is talking about.
The way we see it?
Intelligence does not exist without cognizance.
Ergo, response and behaviour may be correct for a situation, but it may only be an approximation of an infinite iteration of “software”.
Monty Python’s Flying Circus’s “Universe” song from “The Meaning of Life” sums the bugger all perspective:

In the following 2017 TED presentation (Portland Main), Peter Haas details his fear of AI concepts based on his work in the industry.
Joe says the most terrifying assertion in his presentation is AI algorithms often make decisions that are NOT anticipated by their creators.  That means the code developers have no idea what the advanced algorithms are “thinking”.  Watch and ponder:

Not frightening enough?
Still think the human mind (maybe yours, eh?) will be in control?
Let us debunk that concept right pronto, amigos.
Jay Tuck makes a TED presentation (2017) titled “Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us” to disabuse you of incorrect assumption:

On the other side of the coin (or is it a coin (binary choice)? perhaps it is a continuum from infinitely bad to insanely and orgasmically good?) there be people like Maurice Conti, Chief Innovation Officer at Telefónica’s Alpha.
If we attached a characteristic to him it would be “futurist”.
The video below describes what Maurice calls the 5th age of humanity – from hunter gatherer (millions of years) to agriculturalist / agrarian age (thousands of years) to industrial age (hundreds of years) to information age (decades) to Augmented Age (it’s everywhere, it’s everywhere!).
The Augmented Age is the amalgam of AI (artificial intelligence), HI (human intelligence / cognition (i.e. technology), and nature (reality).
Joe and I give this presentation the “full attention” grade:


Prager U – Stephan Harper
Joe and I were very impressed when Stephen Harper was interviewed by Ben Shapiro.
We are again impressed with this Stephan Harper analysis of why Donald Trump won the 2016 election for President.
The ideas he states are also the theme of his book, “Right Here, Right Now“.
His coinage of the term “conservative populism” to describe a four point approach to resolving the needs of the “somewheres” warrants reflection:


Prager U – Brexit – Nigel Farage
Joe and I are pro Brexit.
We are pro nations.
In our not-so-humble estimation, a “Nation” is the natural progression: from individual – family – community – city – state , and finally, nation.
Here is Mr. Farage discussing the autonomy (or lack of) in the façade called “the European Union”:


Maxime Bernier
Joe and I are sad.
Maxime Bernier has created, not from whole cloth but via a long Conservative career, a “People’s Party of Canada” that by it’s very nature (free market, limited government, less regulation) is a challenge to the established Conservative Party.
Joe thinks that we are doomed to another Liberal party federal abortion with the immaculately coiffed Chief Rainbow Socks at the helm.
doG help us, every one.
doG help even those pure hearts who vote Liberal, for their emotional attachment to “what is just” and their toxic jealousy of the truly successful leads them to think that equal outcome trumps equal opportunity on every level.
We (Joe and I) are sad.
Not because Mr. Bernier is an opportunist.  In the following video with Dave Rubin interviewing Maxime Bernier, his position on world affairs, his weltanschauung and platform for Canadian prosperity is well conceived and reasonably communicated.
In heavily accented Anglais.
Two strikes.
One, challenging the established Conservative Party will split the conservative vote.  To think otherwise you might be a closet Liberal.
Two, Western Canada is not in favor of another French-Canadian federal politician, no matter how conservative.
Joe and I hope we are wrong.
Does that make us an incipient Pollyanna?
We have a somewhat H.L. Mencken perspective concerning our fellow citizens –
We believe there is a balance, but the balance by definition will not be fair to each and every citizen, denizen, subject, what have you.
A natural outcome of the human condition.
Quoting Thomas J. DiLorenzo (The Problem With Socialism), “The uniqueness of every human being – our different physical abilities, mental abilities and interests, different aptitudes, preferences ad infinitum – mean that we naturally tend to specialize in something, to focus on what we do best.”
Hence, in a neutral, benign and impotent system, the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the superb, the finest, those who are better and best will prevail.
Leaving the dregs of the crop, the worst of the worst, the mediocre, the coarse, those who are worse and worst to fail.  May mercy be shown to them.
And mercy will be, in a Western Judeo-Christian culture.
But we digress.
A balanced government allows the most gifted to flourish while not assuming the responsibility to provide for the least blessed among us.
That job is the natural responsibility of the family, the community, and the social compacts that have co-existed in our Judeo-Christian Western culture for centuries.
What our future fate will be is tenuous.
For more on that subject see the “Sunday Sermon” below the fold.
Joe and I will consider voting for Mr. Bernier, but we are NOT happy with the state of the conservative cause in dear old Canada:


Rex Murphy
A Canadian hero.
A presentation by Rex Murphy at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, January 20th, 2019.
Mr. Murphy is a national treasure and a true Canadian patriot:


Lauren Southern
Joe and I are fans of Lauren.
She and Faith Goldy are Canadian women who epitomize a unique sort of feminism.
Maybe a Canadian specialty.
She has been out of the news since her exposé of the atrocities in post apartheid South Africa.
Her published findings were not received charitably, for those truths she uncovered shamed the political elites in and outside the country.
Life goes on.
The following presentation is a culmination of her discoveries about the mass “migration” from Africa to Europe.
It is a mix of indignation about the leftist political bias of the European Union and empathy for certain of the “migrants”, an anger about the misguided “charity” and fear of the dark side, compassion with the many misguided “migrants” who bought a fantasy hook, line, and sinker, only to find that there is no way to return home, and no succor, no future, and the milk of human kindness will not flow from a “freshening”.
She continues her query to discover whom, precisely, is the mastermind of this colossal cluster fuck.  Who prospers?  Who benefits?
She knows plenty.
There is a documentary in the works: “Borderless“.  Check out the link.
If you have the fiscal wherewithal, please support her project.
Listen if you will:


Cure for Cancer
Joe and I read with admiration and gratitude that an Israeli group believes to have found a process to eliminate (cure) cancer.
You can read about it here.
The heading on the article reads
We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer.”
They call their technology MuTaTo (Multi Target Toxin), which is roughly equivalent to a cancer antitoxin.
From the article –
The potentially game-changing anti-cancer drug is based on SoAP technology, which belongs to the phage display group of technologies. It involves the introduction of DNA coding for a protein, such as an antibody, into a bacteriophage – a virus that infects bacteria. That protein is then displayed on the surface of the phage. Researchers can use these protein-displaying phages to screen for interactions with other proteins, DNA sequences and small molecules.”
Needless for Joe and me to say, this is biochemistry orders of magnitude beyond our ken.
However, much like a TV set or a computer or a cell phone, you won’t have to know how it works to reap the benefit.
While the rest of the Middle East is at each other’s throat, Israel time and again proves that they are hanging 10 in the surfing contest called technology.
Joe and I have lost interest in travel.
At one time we wanted to “see the world”.
More specifically, we wanted to see the wonders created by the human mind over the centuries.  The pyramids.  The museums and galleries of Europe.  The technological miracles of the West.
With the Internet we can see all (thank you, Miss E. Thrasher).
Joe says if we were younger we’d move to Israel and join the movement.

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Sunday Rant – 0419


Joe’s Comment – The cartoons of Bob Mankoff graced the pages of The New Yorker magazine for 20 years.  I love them!
This one reminds me of the wise advice of Jordan Peterson to master the language you speak.
I have much in common with Harry Haller (Steppenwolf).
My history of misinterpreting people is legendary and lengthy.

Run Like Hell
And why not?
If there is better guitar-ing than this please send it along to Joe Mekanic.
Joe will promptly explain why you are wrong:


Warning to 2019:
Better stand back.
Joe and I swear if 2019 ever hints to us that we must run slower, weaker, shorter, blasé-er, we will trample this year like a rampaging elephant herd running amok in a village of earthen-floored stick shacks populated by terror stricken wide-eyed dirt people .
We ain’t kiddin’.
Damn the torpedoes.
Get out of the way.
Full speed ahead!


Marijuana Truths
Joe and I do not imbibe (consume, smoke, ingest, rub or roll in) the dreaded Mary Jane.
Not to say we haven’t a history.
Our fondness for “a few beers” was and is much preferable in terms or relaxation.
Over the years we have read about the dangers of THC consumption.
Most users we encounter now (and in the past) seem mild-mannered and harmless, although the pungent rank smell about those who toke is odious.
Imagine our surprise to learn marijuana use in schizophrenic individuals has a high incidence of violent behaviour.  The numbers of schizophrenic homicide perpetrators has an anomalous over representation if they are cannabis aficionados.
Data from countries, states, provinces, and cities is accumulating.
Seems “weed” is not the harmless miracle substance the Left and the marijuana advocates encourage browbeat you to believe.
A recent article by Alex Berenson in Imprimis  (monthly free speech digest published by Hillsdale College) titled “Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” is an overview of the historical and current evidence about the use of MJ.
Joe and I were startled by this quote from the article –
…..”But a mountain of peer-reviewed research in top medical journals shows that marijuana can cause or worsen severe mental illness, especially psychosis, the medical term for a break from reality. Teenagers who smoke marijuana regularly are about three times as likely to develop schizophrenia, the most devastating psychotic disorder.”
The following paragraphs shocked us further –
…..”A Swiss study of 265 psychotic patients published in Frontiers of Forensic Psychiatry last June (2018) found that over a three-year period, young men with psychosis who used cannabis had a 50 percent chance of becoming violent. That risk was four times higher than for those with psychosis who didn’t use, even after adjusting for factors such as alcohol use. Other researchers have produced similar findings. A 2013 paper in an Italian psychiatric journal examined almost 1,600 psychiatric patients in southern Italy and found that cannabis use was associated with a ten-fold increase in violence.
The most obvious way that cannabis fuels violence in psychotic people is through its tendency to cause paranoia—something even cannabis advocates acknowledge the drug can cause. The risk is so obvious that users joke about it and dispensaries advertise certain strains as less likely to induce paranoia. And for people with psychotic disorders, paranoia can fuel extreme violence. A 2007 paper in the Medical Journal of Australia on 88 defendants who had committed homicide during psychotic episodes found that most believed they were in danger from the victim, and almost two-thirds reported misusing cannabis—more than alcohol and amphetamines combined.”
Joe and I already knew of research that associated use by teenage children with IQ damage – 10 to 15 lovely wonderful much desired points taken away – is too much for an approval from Joe and me.
That, coupled with the risk identified for mentally ill people, paints a much different picture than what the media and government legislation purport.
An interesting TED presentation by Daniel Amen (2013) who has specialized in a brain scan technology called SPECT (Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography) is very illuminating, if highly criticized by some :

Although Dr. Amen is shilling in the above TED presentation, with regards to our rant about marijuana (which substance has been “legalized” in Canada for various uses), from the above video we captured this tomographic image –
The common homily is “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
This particular picture is worth a thousand words warning about drug use and abuse.
We are assuming (of course!) that a healthy brain is preferable.
Joe and I are jealously protective of what few IQ points we have.
And….. we’re not so sure of our mental health.
As with the homily about horses and water, you can lead Joe and me to dope, but you can’t make us use it.
This is in concert with our (theoretical) Libertarianism.
We’ve seen all good people (aka YES) through our eyes.
Do what you want with your you, you crazy diamond.
We may not approve.
Indeed, we may voice concern or objection.
But we won’t stand in your way.
Joe and I have our own path to follow:

Or, said another way, (YES again), from their song “Leave It”, stealing the first stanza –
I can feel no sense of measure
No illusions as we take
Refuge in young man’s pleasure
Breaking down the dreams we make
Real”     (Song here)
To Joe and I the sum of these thoughts is equal to this incredible cartoon graphic from German super cartoonist (and philosopher) Martin Perscheid –
Be sure to enjoy yourself on your path through life.
Be assured pleasure has it’s penalties.
Life is fraught with danger and peril.
Keep focused on the goal.
Your goal.
Don’t be a YOLO fool.  (You Only Live Once).
YOLO a philosophy guaranteed to deliver as advertised.


New York, New York
Sadly, so sadly, Joe and I read about laws passed legalizing 3rd term abortion in the state of New York.
New York and Canadian abortion law are now equivalent.
The state is complicit in murder.
And proud of it.
State sponsored abortion on demand is an abomination.
A child is NOT “a collection of cells”, a parasitic growth, a health risk.
A child is a new person, a unique human being, who just happens to be conceived and nurtured in a mammalian manner.  The mother is the host.  Hopefully a gracious loving host.
Joe thinks the modern feminist movement uses the abortion “right” to hold hostage half of humanity.
Here is Jason Siler of Blue Collar Logic to deliver his perspective:


John Stossel
In the U.S. of A. parents choose a school for their children (in some states).
Why you might ask, some, not all states?
That is an interesting question Spanky!
It has a little bit to do with politics and a lot to do with the First Amendment.
Or is it the other way-round…..
This short video by John Stossel illustrates, via interviews with young students, how the education they are receiving is biased.
Biased from and by exclusion of fact.
Exclusion of “the rest of the story”, specifically information about the economic system which has made the Western countries, especially the United States, the wealthiest in the history of world nations.
John Stossel is a dyed-in-the-wool Libertarian.
As such he could not know this situation without offering a solution.
Libertarians are that way.
Here is Mr. Stossel’s offer to solve American schoolroom bias:

A companion Stossel video which expounds on the true nature of enemies of capitalism.
Two of which are government employees in cahoots with capitalists who manipulate the system to create or protect monopolies:


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman has not released a video since November.
Joe and I have been suffering withdrawal.
A month without Intellectual Froglegs is a less than perfect collection of days.
Some changes have occurred, some events have transpired, some recognitions have been honored.
As noted at his website, the forces of the progressive moguls at YoubeTube and Vimeo are relieved of duty – Mr. Gorman has forsaken any relationship of note.
Here’s the latest update titled “Democrats on a Bus“:

Note: The above link is NOT YoubeTube or Vimeo and as such doesn’t embed a video frame in the text.
Joe is working on how to fix that.
Stay tuned.


Paul Joseph Watson
Joe and I think a weekly exposure to the rantings of PJW is just what the patient requires.
Mr. Watson reviews “modern art” in a most ruthless and ascorbic style:

Joe and I watched it twice.
OK, three times.
Fookin’ hilarious!


Alzheimer’s (something something…. I forget)
How about a cure for Alzheimer’s right there in your mouth?
Read this.
Then go brush your teeth and inspect your gums.
You are welcome.

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