Sunday Rant – 2317


Joe’s Comment – Just how far from rational do things have to get in order for the forces of good to rally to the cause?  There is madness in the world that must be left behind.  Both daughters seem confused.
Hail, Britannia, you’re on your knees……

Get Smart
The door to your future has a lock.
Education is the key.
There is a website that can help, be your future learning new skills or pursuing a passion.
The website is called “Skillshare“.
Worth checking out.

Energy IQ
Joe and I took an online test.
It purports to give you an idea of your energy usage as a Canadian.
You would think that a loud mouth like me and a gear-head like Joe would have an energy profile over the moon – much higher than the average Canadian schmoo.
Here is how we rank – lower than the Canadian and any Provincial average –

Give it a try.
The quiz is on the Canadian Geographic website here.
Joe says we rated so low is because we are always working on toys instead of playing with them.

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Sunday Rant – 2217


Joe’s Comment – Only the wealthiest nations can flatter themselves with “Green” thoughts of “preserving” our life giving commodity, i.e. Earth (or Mother Gaiea if you will).  The Earth came from cosmic dust and will return to cosmic dust.  What is necessary is not “protecting the environment”, but managing resources intelligently.
Our grandfather fought in World War I.  He and grandmother raised a family of eight children during the Great Depression.  They recycled, they grew their own produce, they bought with cash (credit cards were way off in the future).  They respected the environment and tended to their family and community without government regulation choking the living Hell out of common sense.
From that perspective, Joe says he also liked it better when there was no goddam environment.

Touch of Reality
From the snooze and loose department –

Manchester Madness
A terrifying and terrible act by the forces of evil.
A weak-kneed, cowardly response by the “political” class.
Worry about “Islamophobia”?  Quite right old chap.  Must protect the guilty.
Ho-hum.  Just another day.
Remember the shame of Rotherham, the decade plus long child prostitution ring run by Pakistani low-life?  The response was shock and horror among the English hoi polloi.  The actions of the political class and their police was to hide it from public view.  And to punish anyone who dared try and do something, anything, about it.
This is a Battle of Britain not fought with Spitfires and Hurricanes at 20,000 feet above the cities and farms of England.
This is a Battle of Britain fought face to face with an evil corrupt merciless ideology.  The West’s fawning supplication to “The Religion of Peace™” is truly abhorrent.
Doesn’t matter if any other religion has behaved immorally past present or future.
Doesn’t matter because bad behaviour does NOT condone copycat bad behaviour.
There is evil.
There is good.
The absolute bullshit of “Religion®©™$” is a mask worn by too many to justify their behaviour, their actions.
How low will the West sink?
Sacrifice a thousand years of Common Law, the rule of law? – Check!
Sacrifice the unborn? – Check!
Sacrificing teenage girls? –  Check!
A short video from David Wood (thanks Kevin) which logically addresses the how and why.  A logical analysis of illogical behaviour supported by “the word of Allah”:

Joe beseeches: if you must be religious, do it alone in your basement.  You are not unique in your mental aberrancy but that is no reason to feel normal.  Or to seek the companionship of like minded worshipers.
Treat it like the shame it is – your abdication of humane behaviour justified and dictated by a “higher authority”, an unseen unheard master, author of blood soaked documents unquestioned.
The devil made me do it is NOT justification; nor is doG made me do it acceptable.
There are two expressions that merit comment:
First is the “Golden Rule” – Do unto others that which you would have others do unto you.  This is OK in a very limited sense – it supposes common values and cultural / societal norms.  There is a better rule – the “Platinum Rule” – Do unto others that which they want done unto them.  Better, but not perfect, for similar reason.  The problem?
Active and Passive voice.  It is NOT your position or duty to “do unto others”.  Those who break the basic “laws” of humanitarian behaviour are why we have law.
Joe says every person who was allowed to be born will eventually die – no need to attack and punish others for what you fail to understand, for what you think is decreed by your imaginary master, or simply because you are envious and want to take what is not yours.
I say for doG’s sake, quit abusing the children.
Isn’t it enough we have burdened them with insurmountable debt, unattainable expectations, overwhelming guilt about being human, and the sins of their fathers (mothers too)?  Let the children be children.
Pink Floyd – Sorrow:

We Ain’t Black!
Joe and I used to joke that all folks be black, ’cause Lucy, “Out of Africa”, kumbaya, et cetera.
We found it comforting that although WE can’t jump or dance, we are related by genetics to those who can.
Late breaking news – NOT!
Fossil finds in southern Europe pre-date ANY African humanoid fossils found to date.  See here, and from earlier discoveries, here.
“Graecopithecus freybergi” is difficult to pronounce, but “El Graeco” has a nice Latin ring to it, doncha think?  More manly than Lucy.  Happy go lucky fellow, da? –

This is causing a turmoil in certain circles.
Joe says it is a fascinating study, but one glaring and obvious fact remains: if you are alive (and human) today, your lineage is unbroken.  End of story.

Joe’s Garage
Joe and I have been putting a few $$$ aside for a treat…..
Or maybe not a treat, but a penance.
OK, maybe not a penance, but a testament.
Should we manage to complete the project……..
As The Bard said,
To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…” (Hamlet)
Or, in a less arcane representation, –

But we digress.
In the style of old, this is the attitude we have formed regarding new –

Following this train of thought, and a bucket list desire to own a “birth year” vehicle, and our penchant for Ford, Joe and I introduce our newest oldie – a 1949 Ford F47 pick-up truck, with a Mustang II front clip and a 351 Windsor sitting where a flat head should be….

The rest of the story is in the box –

The interior is an unwritten lyric, a melody unsung.
The interior is not stock for the simple reason it is not there. –

The usual challenge of dealing with ICBC (an NDP “better idea” from yesteryear) because the original registration is not available.  The last vehicle took one year to get sorted out to the satisfaction of the bureaucrats in Victoria.
Joe says the 351W might be replaced with a sweet little fuel injected 300 six we just happen to have waiting in the wings…..

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Sunday Rant – 2117


Joe’s Comment – Physics makes all problems seem more manageable.  More physics, please!

Quote o’ the Week

Joe has to remind himself of this brutal fact every single day.
We do not like it when we are stupid.
Some pain might be a good indicator…..

Gavin Goodness
A trio of perspectives in the form of verbal diarrhea from a Canadian ex-pat.
Gavin McInnes is a Canadian in a Strange Land.
A VERY outspoken man.
Joe likes him because Gavin’s mouth is in gear long before his PC brain (if it exists) organizes his politics.  Hence, Gavin goodness.
Joe and I have read The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.
We have read The Road to Serfdom by Fredrick Hayek.
We have a firm idea of what wealth is, and what money is.
Gavin schools us all on what jobs create wealth and what jobs are social fabrications which garner $$$ but very little if any wealth is created.
A short monologue to foment reflection:

Rating Women
Mr. McInnes pontificates on political / social / cultural issues.  Recently, the Harvard men’s soccer team got in hot water for “rating” the lady’s soccer team on a “1 to 10” scale.
Gavin couldn’t resist contributing to the argument:

Worst Generation
Guess what?
Joe and I agree.
The “Baby Boomers” have got some splanin’ to do:

Joe often finds himself seeing a problem from a unique perspective.
This leads to a response that may not resonate as intended.
It isn’t something he has to train for, or cultivate – it is his standard response.
This has caused major disconnects in his life, and an uncountable volume of misinterpretations, both personal and in a social context.
Finally, a cartoon which captures his mind in action!

Applied Lawyering
Joe cracked up over this cartoon.
It isn’t clear just with whom the cross-breeding may have been attempted….
Side splitting is what it is –


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