Sunday Rant 2117


Joe’s Comment – Physics makes all problems seem more manageable.  More physics, please!

Quote o’ the Week

Joe has to remind himself of this brutal fact every single day.
We do not like it when we are stupid.
Some pain might be a good indicator…..

Gavin Goodness
A trio of perspectives in the form of verbal diarrhea from a Canadian ex-pat.
Gavin McInnes is a Canadian in a Strange Land.
A VERY outspoken man.
Joe likes him because Gavin’s mouth is in gear long before his PC brain (if it exists) organizes his politics.  Hence, Gavin goodness.
Joe and I have read The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.
We have read The Road to Serfdom by Fredrick Hayek.
We have a firm idea of what wealth is, and what money is.
Gavin schools us all on what jobs create wealth and what jobs are social fabrications which garner $$$ but very little if any wealth is created.
A short monologue to foment reflection:

Rating Women
Mr. McInnes pontificates on political / social / cultural issues.  Recently, the Harvard men’s soccer team got in hot water for “rating” the lady’s soccer team on a “1 to 10” scale.
Gavin couldn’t resist contributing to the argument:

Worst Generation
Guess what?
Joe and I agree.
The “Baby Boomers” have got some splanin’ to do:

Joe often finds himself seeing a problem from a unique perspective.
This leads to a response that may not resonate as intended.
It isn’t something he has to train for, or cultivate – it is his standard response.
This has caused major disconnects in his life, and an uncountable volume of misinterpretations, both personal and in a social context.
Finally, a cartoon which captures his mind in action!

Applied Lawyering
Joe cracked up over this cartoon.
It isn’t clear just with whom the cross-breeding may have been attempted….
Side splitting is what it is –


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Sunday Rant 2017


Joe’s Comment – When we retired from TELUS in 2002 the future looked secure.  Since then the value of the Canadian dollar (hence our pension) has eroded by over 30 %.  Please send us your recipes for cat food.


Mother’s Day
Joe and I had a wonderful childhood.
We were a mama’s boy.
Mom was a beauty –

To all mommies everywhere, thank you from all of us who are alive.
You are how we got here.  We celebrate that fact.
Joe and I thought the FLOTUS’s address to military moms was heartfelt and meaningful, and captured the spirit of motherhood and Mother’s Day:

The Booger Man Can

Who woulda thought that grandson Rourke is doing a healthy thing eating his boogers?  You know, nose nuggets.  Snot shots.  Mucus M&M’s.
Joe and I for one cringe at the thought.
The scientific and medical community has a different perspective.
Home made immunization is what it is…..
A picture of the Booger Man (in disguise).  He is smarter than he looks –

Yer Feelings
Why your feelings may take second seat to what actually happens:

Other Privilege
Joe and I are warriors for words.
So many words have multiple meanings, and so many words have changed meaning – subtly or grossly – for better or worse.
We are not a Spring chicken: we’re done with that.  Sometimes a word Joe and I use the way we used to use it has changed popular meaning.
One such word is “privilege”.
Joe and my most oft used definition is as “authorization or license” such as driving or owning firearms (in Canada).
The word has been hijacked.
Here is an introduction to different types of privilege:

Speaking of Privilege
Joe and I understand the underlying message for today in this painting by Luke Fildes titled “The Doctor“, painted in 1891 –

The message is not hidden.  What you see is a distraught mother, a worried father, a sick child, a seriously pensive Doctor, furnishings and surroundings of a time period long past in our country.  What you don’t see is the government or a government representative for the simple reason that in that time there was no government death grip on health care.
Fildes’ own son succumbed to tuberculosis.  Shortly afterward, Fildes abandoned his work with the Socialist magazine “The Graphic” and pursued a different artistic style to portray life in his time.
The government has no business in health care for the simple reason that the government CANNOT successfully author a “RIGHT” to a scarcity.  That is, there is no “right” to health care.  The government, if it does enact such legislation, can in no way satisfy the undertaking.  These “rights” are rhetorical feel good emotional salves.
Don’t take Joe’s word for this.  Or mine.
Kevin D. Williamson explains the hollow fruitless and expensive path to misery and fiscal ruin by careless and emotional lawmaking that cannot be obeyed.  The article is in The National Review and is titled “The “Right” to Health Care“.
A quote from the article:
……Here is a thought experiment: You have four children and three apples. You would like for everyone to have his own apple. You go to Congress, and you successfully persuade the House and the Senate to endorse a joint resolution declaring that everyone has a right to an apple of his own……..
Question: How many apples do you have?
You have three apples, dummy. Three. You have four children. Each of those children has a congressionally endorsed, U.N.-approved, saint-ratified right to an apple of his own. But here’s the thing: You have three apples and four children. Nothing has changed…….
Health care is physical, not metaphysical. It consists of goods, such as penicillin and heart stents, and services, such as oncological attention and radiological expertise. Even if we entirely eliminated money from the equation, conscripting doctors into service and nationalizing the pharmaceutical factories, the basic economic question would remain.
We tend to retreat into cheap moralizing when the economic realities become uncomfortable for us. No matter the health-care model you choose — British-style public monopoly, Swiss-style subsidized insurance, pure market capitalism — you end up with rationing: Markets ration through prices, bureaucracies ration through politics. Price rationing is pretty straightforward: Think of Jesse James and his “Pay Up, Sucker!” tattoo on his palm. Political rationing is a little different: Sometimes it happens through waiting lists and the like, and sometimes it is just a question of money and clout. American progressives love the Western European medical model, but when Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi needed a pacemaker, he came to the United States to have it implanted……”
It is not all doom and gloom.
“……After we are done lamenting the unfairness of it all, what do we do?
Ideally, we’d plant some apple trees. We would find ways to invest in medical care with an eye toward making it more effective and less expensive. There is no substitute for abundance. And the great enemy of abundance is the bias against profit. There is something deeply rooted in us that instinctively thinks we are being abused if someone else makes a profit on a deal. That is a dumb and primitive way of thinking — our world is full of wonders because it is profitable to invent them, build them, and sell them — but the angel is forever handcuffed to the ape.”
In the best Clint Eastwood fashion, the question then becomes “Well, punk, are you feeling angel or ape?”

Holding the Bag
What happens when law and order takes a vacation, when drug use is rampant, when unemployment figures reach double digits, when crime is on steroids, when “immigration” grinds you down?
What happens is the regular person, the “average Joe”, the people next door, the small folks who make up the middle of society, they all take it on the chin.
What do the rich do?
They “take a powder”, they vamoose, they scat, they make like the birds and flock off.  The wealthy are leaving major centers in significant numbers, quoting unacceptable risk levels as a motivator.
Here is an interesting article at Diogenes’ Middle Finger for your edification.
Chicago is high on the list, which is topped by Paris, and includes Rome and Athens.  Millionaires are managing their risk by leaving the “hot spots” of crime and social unrest.
Joe says this is survival of the fittest in action.
I say the fucking politicians should be held accountable for dreadful social policy.

Who Am We?
Joe thinks the storm in a tea cup is beyond the ken of most folks regarding the environment, the welfare of Gaia, the future of humanity, et cetera.
Joe also thinks that the average person believes (upper case BELIEVES) that all the end-time tales will occur in their lifetime.
For a reminder, our friends from Skunk Bear explain just how important the antics of humans are in the cosmos, and how much influence we have on the future of Earth:

Joe’s Garage
The old-time gear heads in the American South have a unique way of making the best of equipment they run.
The following excellent video shows how to make a 10 bolt Chev open differential into a posi WITHOUT spending a ton of $$$.
All you need is a welder and some beer:

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Sunday Rant – 1917


Joe’s Comment – What’s behind door number three?  Being fooled is an emotional art performed by those vulnerable to believing.  Joe says keep your eyes open and your logic infallible.
Which leads to…..

Joe’s Paradox
Sometimes it takes more than a Spring, a Summer, and an Autumn to correct the tomfoolery and SNAFUs I manage to accomplish in one lousy Winter….
It’s a mystery and a wonder –

Machines And Music
Joe liked this video for the incredible machinery.
I thought it was an innovative and cheeky interpretation.
The Harp Twins (Camille and Kennerly Kitt) play Iron Man:

Dance and Music
Joe and I are not dancers.  Didn’t get the dance gene.
The odd toe tap and finger snap is our response to the rhythm, our “feet to the beat”.
That said, we don’t think there is a male equivalent to this sweet motion:

Election Warning
Joe and I are going to vote on Tuesday, May 9th.
It is a BC election: not much similarity between Federal and Provincial parties here in the Socialist Republic of Bring Cash.  That means what is blue is red and and what should be red is bile and what is green is green and what is orange is rotten.
Meanwhile, just to tune the voting antenna, a bit of background on Canada’s voting mistake that keeps giving and giving priceless moments of mediocrity.
Make a wish, Joe!:

For a summary of party platforms in BC, here is a high level general assessment from the Globe and Mail.
Here is a “20 hot topics” party platform comparison from the Vancouver Sun.
Liberal Party here.
NDP here.
Green Party here.
Joe says the best thing about it is there is no PQ equivalent.
He’s such a party pooper.

Cee Oh Too
Once more into the breach.
How much longer can the truth be subverted to political objectives?
An outspoken Malcolm Roberts from down under lays it out in short sweet truths:

The current news media is saturated with Bill Nye loosing his bloody mind in public.  His positions on gender and global warming / CO2 / anthropogenic climate influence are truly cringe worthy.  I think Dolph knows better –

Just Sayin’
Joe shakes his head at the moonbats who insist there should be no borders, no walls, no restrictions on the movement of people between nations.
Joe says these folks haven’t read much history.  That is how it was long ago when marauding bands of _____________ (fill in the blank) would come to your land, kill or enslave the men, kill, rape (or is that rape, kill?  maybe they did it both ways) and/or enslave your women, enslave or kill your offspring (some raped children too), carry off all your possessions / wealth, and generally cause a disruption.  Somewhat illegally.
Not exactly “zero sum”, is it?
The following video is astounding for several reasons: it is an example of how good fences make good neighbors, and an example of under-reported evidence to support what all the law enforcers are saying –

Murder Incorporated
The incorporation part of the moniker is in certain counties in the United States.
According to the article written by Tyler Durden at this link, 51% of all murders in the USA are committed in only 2% of the counties.
Joe says this is an important piece of information for anyone visiting, working, traveling or immigrating to the good old United States of America.
Take a gander at this graph –

There are 3,143 counties (or equivalents) in the USA.  Some quick calculating (use all fingers and toes) there are 63 counties (2%) responsible for 51% of the murders, and 157 counties (5%) responsible for 68% of all murders.
Another interesting and vital fact is that 50% of the least dangerous counties have zero (0, nada, zip, ne rien, zilch, none, keiner) murders.  The historic average from 1977 to 2000 was zero murders in 78% of counties.
Joe and I find this information pertinent.
The article doesn’t parse race, religion, population density, multicultural and diversity numbers, but does have an observation about gun ownership.  A quote from the article:
Gun Ownership
According to a 2013 PEW Research Center survey, the household gun ownership rate in rural areas was 2.11 times greater than in urban areas (“Why Own a Gun? Protection is Now Top Reason,” PEW Research Center, March 12, 2013).   Suburban households are 28.6% more likely to own guns than urban households. Despite lower gun ownership, urban areas experience much higher murder rates. One should not put much weight on this purely “cross-sectional” evidence over one point in time, but it is still interesting to note that so much of the country has both very high gun ownership rates and zero murders.
This study shows how murders in the United States are heavily concentrated in very small areas. Few appreciate how much of the US has no murders each year.  Murder isn’t a nationwide problem.  It’s a problem in a very small set of urban areas, and any solution must reduce those murders.
Another interesting fact is if you remove the worst 5% of counties, the US murder rate per 100,000 souls falls to 2.56%.

Joe’s Garage
The following is self explanatory:

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